Twitter Bot Prize Runner

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Are you a little bit tired of all those annoying reward and competition invitations on social networks, especially on Twitter? Well, you are definitely not the only one. So, what can you do about them? You want those free giveaways, but you do not want to waste time participating.

Here is a solution. One busy little surfing bee has created a Python script, which generates an automatic prize runner on Twitter. This is a genuine and a pretty effective Twitter bot, which collect all available free prizes and rewards online. So, how effective it really is?

According to its creator testimony, after being a part of almost 165,000 competitions and free trials on Twitter, his bot was able to get back home with more than 1,000 rewards. This is definitely not an impressive figure, but who cares, when a computer does all the job for you. Right?

So, let us create new bots for each and any social network. Then we can sit and relax, while waiting for rewards to be collected efficiently and with no costs at all. What you are going to do with all those gifts and prizes, at the end of your long cyber day? Well, offer them for free online.

Can You Tweet Me Some Money?

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Here is a great news for all promising startups. From now on, you can use additional channels for gathering the invaluable investments, which are essentials for your business idea realization. How? Well, it has been about time. You can use social networks for these purposes.

Twitter, and other major social networks, got the official green light from the US Government that the SME and small startups can use their infrastructure for money collecting goals and promotions among potential investors. So, this is a clear win-win for all parties involved. Right?

Does this mean that Kickstarter and other fund raising platforms are going to run out of business, inevitably? Well, this is hard and very unlikely to say. It is one thing to promote, but it is a completely different thing to make some business entity or an individual to invest directly in your idea’s realization.

Let us see, how this one is going to work out for Twitter, Facebook and other major social network players. This is just one more confirmation that social networks are among the most influential online cyber-creatures. However, it is not going to be enough to get tweets or likes for your business. You need the full-scale “green” support.

How To Get A Cyber Date In Iran

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Do not you just love it, when the countries or organizations with a notorious reputation for censorship or anti-modern-cyber-values get caught in their own controversy? This is exactly what happened to ISIS and now Iran. Do you need a quick reminder of what are we talking about?

The ISIS fighters allegedly go against all evils of the Western civilization. However, they admit that it is impossible for them to live without the Internet. On the other side, you have Iran, which is uncompromisingly against social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Here is their controversy.

Iran has just launched the official matchmaking website. What is that supposed to mean – the word official? The state of Iran is behind this dating website. Well, this is something new. On the other side, Iran has quite a few ambitions with its website. This is supposed to be a role model for all Muslim states.

Oh dear, does it really have to be this way? Was it really so hard to find a compromising solution with Facebook or some other similar website for this specific purpose? If your own country can guarantee you a perfect match in love, then you are truly a lucky citizen. Big Brother. Big Love.

My Ways, And Social Highways

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Here is an intriguing question to ask about the very nature and the future of social networks. How come Twitter is not as big and powerful as Facebook is? We dare to say, Twitter will never match Facebook in any of the bigger-stronger-better categories, for a simple reason. It does not want to.

Twitter plays its game smoothly. Each of the mainstream social networks has its own plan and target groups, it tries to reach this way or another. That is why Twitter should not compromise about some things crucial for its identity. The same is to be applied to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others.

The trouble begins when you try to become something or someone else. We all recall what happened with the ridiculous design experiments both Facebook and Twitter conducted in order to attract additional customers. At the end of the day, you could not tell who is who, for sure.

Specialization is the key. Mark our words, one fine day you are going to cry for the days of the social future past. Stick to what you know the best. You can have it all, and you should be happy with your current loyal customers. Otherwise, you can end up like MySpace. Can you recall who it was?

Facebook When We Were Young

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Facebook is the most popular and indisputably the biggest social network in the world. Even if, by any chance, you find a way, to sign the entire population of China for your new social platform, you are not going to shake Facebook’s throne. Yet, how about the future of Facebook? What is going to happen?

What was that saying, about young, future, and the world? Well, according to the findings of the GlobalWebIndex, there is a reason for Facebook to worry about its future. Besides the 9% drop at the beginning of this year, Facebook is not being perceived as the popular choice among the young.

How young exactly? Well, we are talking about a particular group between 16 and 19. It turns out that for these teenagers, Facebook comes after YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, at their priority list. What is this supposed to mean? Facebook is a middle aged network?

What is going to happen to all those teenagers once they get old? They are going to stick to their youthful choices, or they are going to embrace Facebook? Either way, Facebook has to apply some teenage-friendly changes, but which ones? The Snapchat is still not for sale. At least, this was the case, two times before.

What’s Your 140 Characters Life Story?

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Our precious little blue bird is all about innovations and eye-catching improvements. This time one of the most recognizable Twitter symbols has put to the test. The 140 characters limit is no more. Well, to be a little bit more precise, this change of a traditional limit of characters will affect only direct messages.

For the good old tweets, which do not include direct messages, the business will be as usual. How is this change going to affect Twitter users? Are you going to be grateful and thrilled, or you are not even going to notice it, in the first place? We have to say that this is a dangerous game to play.

Why? Well, have you noticed a problematic trend among the major social networks? One fine day, in not so distant future, you will not able to tell a difference between the most widely used social platforms. They keep borrowing and copying the recognizable features from each other.

At the end of the day what do you get as a result? One more or less the same thing, which comes in the different packages. Our word of advice for Twitter would to keep up with the good work. There is no need to change a thing about its winning team. Can you put that in 140 characters?

@WhiteHouse vs @POTUS

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Where to look, when you want to catch up with the latest Barack Obama’s tweets? So far, there has been only one place, or better to say an account, to do so: @WhiteHouse. Now, after six years the President Obama has a chance to establish a more personal touch with
this social network.

The new Twitter account is called @POTUS. So, who or what is this POTUS? Just take the first letters of the following words: The President of The United States. Well, if Obama likes it, who are we to complain? Although, it sounds a little bit unorthodox, doesn’t it?

It is hard to believe that all other options, which include the word President, are occupied. Right? For what is worth, this @POTUS is going to write his own tweets. It comes without saying that there has been an entire team of writers behind the @WhiteHouse. Right?

Oh dear, we are so lazy. Can you do us a favor and check on Google what is happening with his Russian colleague? Can you imagine the clash of Twitter titans @POTUS and @PUTIN? We are quite sure that these two are not following each other. Maybe, it is about time for that to change.