Twitter India = Twitter + WhatsApp

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So, what do you say about this one? You know how it goes with the Twitter guys, don’t you? There are busy little bees, or we can say little birds, when it comes to experiments. They try so many new things and features, but only very few of them live long enough to become the standard ones for a daily use. So, what is this one all about?

Well, the users in India had a nice opportunity to become the “test subjects” for a short period of time. They were granted with a unique opportunity to use both Twitter and WhatsApp as one app. Imagine that you have WhatsApp buttons in the corner of your Twitter account, and your imagination will do the rest.

Why India? Why WhatsApp? Well, it is not an easy task running a successful social network. In a blink of an eye, your users may forget about you and move to your competitor’s network, for good. It comes without saying that you have to innovate and surprise your users with the new nice things every step of the way.

It is not a secret that Twitter is loosing its US based users. On the other sides, it maintains to keep the balance thanks to the increasing numbers from Asia, especially India. Now, you have the whole picture. Twitter has a new priority, and it has to fly there immediately. Everything for a new user. Right?

Mark Zuckerberg vs Iran

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Perhaps, at the very first glance, this sounds as a prank, but you can rest assured that the things are extremely serious in this matter. For what is worth, the Iranian court would like for Mark Zuckerberg to pay them a visit, which will be much more than a simple courtesy. Mark is held directly responsible for the privacy violations caused by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

It seems that Iran has declared war on almost all major social networks. As you probably know you can forget about tweets while in Iran. Not to mention YouTube, as well. With this “invitation” the Iranian black Internet list is almost complete, and unfortunately, under these circumstances there is not much for you to do online while staying in Iran.

Maybe, Mark will eventually visit Iran one fine day. Hopefully, as a tourist. On the other side, it is a funny thing how some governments can be extremely resourceful and innovative in a negative way when it comes to the censorship activities. It is supposed to be easier to introduce the democratic reforms, than it is to try challenging the overwhelming power of the internet.

It is also worth mentioning how the same government officials like to use these social networks for their own advantages. Imagine an election campaign with no use of Facebook or Twitter at all. It is more obvious that all governments all over the world basically do not have nothing against the social networks. They just want from us to use them the way they have planned for us already.

Twitter Asia

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Finally, some good news for Twitter. We have already emphasized the growing concerns in Twitter about the number of users, which simply refuses to increase. It seems that a solution for this Twitter’s problem lies in the most unlikely places of them all – Asia. Until the end of this year one in three Twitter users will tweet from Asia itself.

Here is more. By the year 2018 Twitter will have twice as many users from Asia than from the entire North America. In addition, India and Indonesia will take the 3rd and 4th position among the countries in this year with the biggest number of users. It is more than obvious that Twitter has headed east in search for new markets and users.

However, there is a catch. Although, the US based users of Twitter represent only the 22% of all users, they generate more than 72% of all incomes for Twitter. If Twitter wants to cumulate new impressive numbers when it comes to the new users, it will have to dig in Asia. However, for the necessary profit Twitter will have to stay a little bit longer in the USA.

One more fact is definitely worth mentioning in this story. Twitter desperately needs to attract new users, if it is to prove the trust of its investors. The declining number of Twitter users has seriously damaged the value of this social network. The new army of users coming from Asia can restore the confidence of investors and bring back Twitter to the real life of business success.

New Font – Old Troubles

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We have already said it, and now we are going to repeat it again. The guys at Twitter are busy little bees. Always eager to come up with something new to improve your user’s experience. This time the change related to the font itself was on their menu. For what is worth, they have switched from Helvetice New to Gotham.

It comes without saying that this is an ungrateful job. You are doing your very best to hit the right nerve of the customer’s satisfaction, but instead you are ending up with endless complaints. On the other side, Twitter is really testing the very limits of customers’ patience with its “innovations”.

Have you noticed what is happening with Twitter’s design? Your account’s page on Twitter is almost identical to the one you have on Facebook. What is the real difference? Recently, Twitter has become more about pictures than tweets themselves. So, what is happening and why they do what they do, at the moment?

Every social network wants to rule the world. They are in the constant hunt for the new users. And the users themselves, are spoiled and with the highest expectations and demands like never before. Maybe, there is the other way. Maybe, Twitter should go back to its basics for a change. If you do not like the world, make it to suit you. Who said that? Tweet about it.

Facebook & Twitter vs Balkans Flooding 2014

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The Balkans region has suffered from the worst flooding in the last 100 years. More than one million people from Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia lost their homes. The economic damage is immense and catastrophic. Hundreds of people lost their lives and there are so many people, who are still missing. However, there are some bright points in tragedy definitely worth mentioning.

There is one significant difference between the flooding, which happened 100 years ago and the current one. Nowadays, we can count on the modern technology as our most trusted and powerful ally. It seems that social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter were the most important source of information for all people in real need.

It seems that Facebook and Twitter users were extremely quick in their responses and information sharing. Countless lives were saved thanks to the reliable and quick information about the people, who required the immediate evacuation and medical care. Now, these social networks have one opportunity to serve the noble cause by providing information for the necessary donations.

So, what is the moral of this story? For once Facebook and Twitter do not have to be used only for entertainment or political protests. There are so many positive things we can do with our advanced technology. We can even define the merciless forces of nature. It has been proved that the strongest defense and most important cure on the Balkans during the floods was actually our own voice spreading through Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter Mute Button: It’s Official

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One of the rumors has it that Twitter seriously considers an eventuality of introducing a “mute” button for its users. This is supposed to allow you to rest a little bit when it comes to notifications about your extremely active Twitter friend. We can only say, well, it is about time that someone actually thought of that in Twitter.

The best thing about this feature is that your Twitter connection will not be aware about his or her mute status. We just cannot help noticing how extremely it is similar to the “hide” option on Facebook. On the other side, this makes you wonder, what is the true difference between “mute” and “unfollow” option? The truth. That is the difference we are talking about.

It seems that is easier for us to use various options than telling in person what we really think and feel about a certain thing. This “depersonalization” introduced by the modern devices and apps really becomes an epidemic one. Do we really need apps or some feature to notify people about something that truly matters to us?

For what is worth, this is a good decision for Twitter to introduce its “mute” button, and a bad news for your Twitter friends, or maybe even for you if you like to tweet about everything that is happening in your life. On the other hand, Twitter and other similar social networks can give you a lot of things, but they cannot provide you with one – an honest real friend.

Twitter: 241 Million Users and 241 Billion Wishes

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Twitter has just hit 241 million users. However, it seems that guys at Twitter are not too much thrilled about this remarkable fact for any other social network in the world. Why? Well, Facebook has 1,23 billion users for a change. If the reason for the recent changes in Twitter’s design lies in this for them depressing fact, then Twitter is definitely on the wrong path.

It comes without saying that it has become too much obvious to avoid noticing how Twitter resembles Facebook more than it should be. As you could have seen yourself the pictures are becoming more and more important for Twitter, which is supposed to be an “exclusivity” reserved only for Facebook. If we cannot tell a difference, then it is all the same which one we use. Right?

Twitter is all about tweeting, isn’t it? Nevertheless, as soon as you open your account’s page without a blue bird logo you could have easily mistaken Twitter for Facebook. Without any exaggeration, this can easily happen to users, who are not too much experienced with social networks. So, what will happen next with Twitter? That should not be hard to guess, should it?

We sure hope that Twitter will not lose some of its impressive 241 million users while chasing Facebook’s figures in this matter. The trouble with the curve is that some other thoughtful guys make take an advantage and create a new Twitter, at least to say. There are hundreds of millions of people, who will certainly appreciate that. Twitter should have that on its mind.


No Love – No Office

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It seems that the epic saga about the conflict between Twitter and Turkish government is very likely to get an additional chapter. As you already know, due to the recent controversy about the corruption scandal in Turkey this social network found itself under the strong pressure from the regime itself. As a result, we have one of the most unprecedented blockades of social networks in the world.

We cannot say for certain what the intention of the Turkish government was, but for what is worth, there was an offer on Turkish behalf for opening an office for Twitter in this country. Twitter (un)expectedly turned down this “generous” official offer. And, now all parties are where they were before this incident escalated to this level.

The citizens of Turkey have no opportunities to tweet about the things they have the greatest interest in. On the other side, Turkish government exercises strict censorship in the 21st century. Finally, Twitter has to figure out how to distance itself from unwanted political connotation. Really a difficult task to make all parties happy and unharmed in this set of events.

We should also point out that YouTube is also extremely unwanted “guest” nowadays in Turkey. It comes without saying that is ridiculous to try censoring anything under the current development of technology. The information is just like water. Eventually, it will find a way to reach its targets and surface sooner or later. Twitter or any other social network in the world is definitely not an enemy any government will dare to challenge with.


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As it seems, the April will be extremely important for Twitter. There are so many changes in this one of the most popular social networks, announced for this month that so many people fear we will not be able to recognize it. One of the most serious criticism pointed out that Twitter is facing an extreme danger of becoming too much alike the Facebook itself.

Well, if you carefully examine the picture in this post, which is supposed to illustrate these changes in the best possible way, you can see for yourself that these criticisms are not too far away from the truth. Although, Twitter is all about text messages, the most dominant things on your new Twitter profile will be pictures, just like on your Facebook account, as a matter of fact.

So, what is the most likely thing to happen in this matter? On the one side, we can expect that the power of criticism will be so strong leaving Twitter no other choice than to cancel all of these changes. On the other side, Twitter’s users will accept the new design this way or another in the near future. You know how it goes, every change carries a certain weight and risk with it.

Perhaps, there is the third solution. Maybe, you are not supposed to change the team who is winning in the first place. Twitter and Facebook are fighting desperately so desperately for so long that they are erasing all differences between them intentionally or unintentionally, which is not quite clear. One thing comes without saying, we need genuine changes in both cases, for sure.

Twitter Retweet vs Share Button

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Sometimes small things can have a big impact on our lives. Especially if these small things we use or have contact with on a daily basis. It seems that the time has come to say goodbye to retweet button and welcome share button on Twitter. However, we have to say this Twitter’s test was not a long one. Why? Well, actually it is quite simple. Tweeter fans did not allow it to happen.

For what is worth, Twitter has admitted on its blogs that experiments are a part of its daily routine. Very often, something changes on Twitter and disappears on the following day almost unnoticed under our radar. This is definitely a great thing to hear about one of the most popular social networks. On the other side, it is also interesting to see how users can be very active when it comes to their favorite features.

According to one of the Twitter’s statements published earlier, they are very determined to maintain its genuine character. The last thing they would do is to allow themselves a luxury of resembling or trying to imitate Facebook. Share button is something you just can’t afford to see or use on Twitter. Under any circumstances, you should not confuse users about the differences between the leading social networks.

It comes without saying that maintain an epic size social network can be a tricky thing. On the one side, you have to give your customers something new and inspirational each time. On the other side, you have to preserve your unique identity and previous image. How you are supposed to do that, if you don’t change something from time to time? This is exactly what Twitter is doing at the moment.