Twitter To The Rescue

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Twitter is eager to offer a helping cyber hand to Indonesia. The tsunami trauma still has fresh scars in this country. No wonder people are literally obsessed with the early warning system. So, how about a social network, which can jump with an invaluable piece of information when you need it the most?

Twitter has figured out that it would be a great thing to use some of its existing users’ information, such as research and disaster institutes. All users with a direct interest can get the life saving messages in no time. Our hats off to Twitter for this clever and precious feature for Indonesian region.

The social networks are definitely up to something good and philanthropic. For what is worth, Facebook gave its contribution to the missing persons problem. As you can see, each of the main features can be used for something truly useful. Finally, something we can use against the social network critics.

So, let us see who should join the rescue party, as well. Both Instagram and Pinterest can also do something about missing persons by publishing their pictures on a large scale. YouTube can use some how to survive in the wilderness videos instead of commercials, every now and then. Right?

Much Ado About Social Network Nothing

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It perfectly does not make any sense. Your life is not going to change at all. Yet, you simply cannot ignore thinking or admiring some of the amazing facts associated with the most popular social networks. Here are some of the most intriguing ones that can be a perfect fit for the believe it or not category.

It will take you at least dozens of years to examine all new content, which gets uploaded on YouTube in one single day. The funny thing, though, is that this social network was originally intended to be nothing more than a usual dating website. Are you a regular Twitter user? Are you eager to become one?

One in three Twitter users earns more than $100,000 a year. Unfortunately, this shiny statistic can be applied only for the USA users. When it comes to the pictures oriented social networks, it is worth mentioning that the Instagram gets more than five million of new picture uploads on a daily basis.

On the other side, more than 97% of Pinterest fans are women. Last, but definitely not least, more than three million blog posts say one big hello to the world. That is why we feel happy and privileged, if you are reading one of our new posts today. Social Networks – you just cannot live without them.

The Streaming Wars

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How we are going to call this one? Was this a fair thing to do? Do you recall one of our most recent stories about the mega streaming hit called the Meerkat? Well, this app has allowed us to share our life with the world through a simple Twitter link. As expected, its shares skyrocketed immediately.

The busy little bees in Twitter have quickly figured out that something important is happening at their very doorsteps. So, what they have done? Nothing original and breathtaking, but extremely effective. Twitter has launched its own version of the Meerkat called the Periscope. What are the results?

It is worth mentioning that this app made in Twitter is more Twitter-friendly, so to speak. Twitter has made sure that only the Periscope has the full scope of integration with all of their features. Can they do such a thing? For what is worth, it is their social network, and they can do whatever they like with it.

On the other side, the creators of Meerkat can play by the unfair Twitter rules, or look for some other social network, such as Facebook, for example. There is the third option, as well. They can come up with a social network or a platform of their own. The streaming wars have just begun. More to come.

Live Smart TV – For You And Me

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The latest egocentric madness, it is out there in the cyberspace, and it is called the Meerkat. So, what does it do, and what is so crazy and addictive about it? Well, let us put in simple words. This app allows you to broadcast your life online with no limitations. A link goes to Twitter and your life is good to go.

This app smells like money. Lots and lots of money. The investors have already recognized a true potential of this quite an unusual app. The money is already raining all over this app. We are talking about three million dollars of support in the first initial phase. A great future, you can tell it already.

On the other side, there are some legal details, which are threatening to spoil the whole party. It is actually quite simple. You are filming yourself and your friends, but what is happening, if by a chance you are in the middle of a game or some music event? Now, you see. It is not that simple as it seems.

The creators of the Meerkat have already figured out that in order to move with their plans, they need to hire lawyers. They are obviously quick learners. You have been warned. Keep your eyes open all the time. You never know when you are going to appear online, with or without your approval.

The Nude Revenge Is Off The Table

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Apparently there were too many busy little birds complaining about the embarrassing revenges of the ex boyfriends and girlfriends, which include the nude photos. It seems that Twitter has decided to follow Google’s footsteps in the slippery field of online nudity. So, what do we have as a result?

From now on, if you want to share some pictures, which include naked human bodies, you will have to explain to Twitter why are you doing this. Above all, you will have to prove that you have a naked person’s permission to do so. However, there is a catch with this little blue bird’s rule.

Twitter definitely doesn’t favor any kind of nudity both direct or indirect. Especially, when you obviously plan to hurt someone’s feelings in such a way. Now, we are left with no other option than to ask the most logical question. Why bother with two rules in the first place, when you need only one?

Let us put it this way. There is no nudity on Twitter. The end of story. Move on and do it somewhere else. You are giving me one specific rule, but then you are making it to be completely useless with the next more general one. It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? Or maybe, Twitter is protecting us against our exes.

Aren’t You Redesigning A Little Bit Too Much?

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We do not know what is your situation, but we just do not get it. What is the catch with all these changes? Hey Twitter, we asked you something. Isn’t it a little bit disappointing that Twitter resembles more and more Facebook with each passing day? Aren’t we exaggerating with this painful claim?

Twitter really does its best not to prove us wrong. For the busy little bees in Twitter the very future of this social network lies with the video content. You can tweet and share short videos, as well. Very soon, you will be able to purchase the full-length movies. So, what are all of these supposed to mean?

From our point of view,  it turns out like Twitter likes to borrow too many things from other social networks. Why? Twitter is doing just fine, isn’t it? There is no need for timelines and account pages, where you cannot tell a difference between Twitter and Facebook. Or, maybe it is. Are we missing something?

Someone has to remind Twitter that the very reason for its skyrocketing success has been associated with its we-offer-something-different-and-unique approach. If you cannot tell a difference at the certain point in time between numerous social networks, then is going to be all the same which one you use. Right?

Google + Twitter = ?

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Do not worry, there is no takeover or merging of epic proportions between these two giants, which can ruin all the fun. Our intention was not to mislead you with this post’s title. We just did not know how to put it properly. So, what is happening or about to happen with Google and Twitter?

For what is worth, these two busy gigantic cyber bees have decided to include tweets as the official part of Google search results and engines. So, what is the catch and why it is so important? For Google it means less work, which needs to be done. Now, the process is fully automatized. And for Twitter?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize how this change will impact Twitter’s users and profit, do you? Then, how come they did not do it before? If it is an obvious win-win situation for both parties, why waiting and hesitating in the first place? Well, as always it is all about the control.

This is not the first time, Twitter has allowed Google to index its content in its search engines and results. Back then Twitter wanted to ensure better control over its content, as it probably wants now. It is more than obvious that you can have it both the skyrocketing exposure and tight control. Time to choose.

Saudi Arabia And Twitter

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Yes, cyber boys and girls, there is no in both this story nor its title. We were used to seeing the problematic “vs” abbreviation between the major social networks and some of the countries, such as China, Turkey, North Korea or Iran. However, this is simply not the case with the Saudi Arabia.

Well, what is the catch with this one? It turns out that Saudi Arabia, despite your prejudices, have nothing against the social networks, especially the Twitter among others. On the contrary, Twitter has found one very unlikely, but extremely helpful purpose for the current situation in Saudi Arabia.

You have probably seen it in the numerous movies. The knights are shouting, the king is dead, long live the new king. Well, the people in Saudi Arabia feel the same way about their new king. It is a matter of personal honor in Saudi Arabia to pledge your allegiance to the new king. Here is a trouble.

How to do such a thing? You cannot travel all over those deserts and ask for an appointment with the king himself, can you? This is how Twitter came to be extremely helpful. Literally millions and millions of people tweeted about it. Twitter has obviously helped all those people find a proper way.

Look Who’s Talking Now

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What’s up cyber boys and girls? The next thing you know the WhatsApp app can talk now. Are you surprised? Or maybe, this is something you have seen it coming our way, sooner or later? Either way, one thing is undoubtedly clear with this one. We have all wanted for this to happen with the WhatsApp.

And now, we have it, in all of its glory. On the other side, there are some pessimistic questions, we just cannot avoid asking. Is this what all social networks are coming down to? Isn’t it too obvious to neglect? All social networks from the major league are more or less the same. Do we really need this?

What is the difference between Skype and WhatsApp? They have different logos and use different color themes. Do you remember when Twitter was all about photo stuff? You could not tell a difference between Twitter and Facebook at one point. Without any exaggeration, it would be very hard to tell a difference.

You are going to wake up one day, and you are going to get lost completely in the endless jungle of social networks. One day, it would be all the same, which one you are going to use. Sorry WhatsApp, but we are definitely notninnthe mood for our hats off thing. Maybe, some other time. Good luck!

Twitter vs Instagram

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Do you want to publish an Instagram picture on your Twitter profile, by using a link in your tweet? Good luck with that. From now on, if you want to use a picture on Twitter, just do it, directly and selfishly with no Instagram’s helping hand. So, what is the catch with this one? Why is Twitter acting this way?

For some reasons we can dare to make a wild guess. For the other ones, we leave you to be a judge of what is going on and why. Let us make this long story short, shall we? It all comes down to the number of users you are trying to reach. For what is worth, you can handle pictures on your Twitter account.

However, Instagram gives you more options. So, Twitter is afraid that it may lose too many users due to the pictures trouble. On the other side, Facebook supports its interests in the best possible way. This is how, we have ended up in this quite unusual, but a perfectly logical love triangle.

What is going to happen, eventually? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to give a nice and accurate estimate, do you? The users, who are sharing their thoughts with the world, will use Twitter. Visually oriented users will give an advantage to Instagram. Could it be more obvious and simple than this?