Twitter R.I.P. Policy

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The tragic death of one of the most popular actors of our time Robin Williams had one quite unusual and unexpected consequence with the potentially huge impact on social networks. As you probably know Robin’s daughter simply had no other choice than to close her Twitter’s account after his death.

This and similar unfortunate and embarrassing events made Twitter to change its policy about its deceased users and their loved ones or families. From now on, when Twitter gets an official request on behalf of the deceased user’s family the account in question can be terminated with all of its associated content.

However, there is a catch in this one. For what is worth, Twitter reserves its right to decline these requests in certain cases. What could be the justification for these exceptions of the so-called “RIP Policy” has not been yet specified by Twitter itself. Oh, this will create the new El Dorado for lawyers.

What will happen with dead people’s accounts on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter? Rest assured that this question will echo for a long time on the Internet and in the court rooms. Who has the right to own these accounts, Twitter or the family of the deceased? Not an easy one to answer, that’s for sure.

Twitter Video Ads

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You can run, but you cannot hide. The commercials will eventually find you. And, there is nothing we can do about that. Just when you thought that social networks have finally made enough profit there is a fresh disappointment to prove you all wrong. It is Twitter’s turn to stab you in the back.

Yes, believe it or not, Twitter will introduce the video ads. It is only a matter of time before your favorite blue bird tweet a commercial for the nice day regards. Do they really need something like this? The numbers work just fine for Twitter. However, they need to increase the incomes with this business move.

On the other hand, we have to ask one simple question. In the long run what is going to prevail, more profit or less users? The top social networks are really pushing the limits of both patience and trust of their users. Just talk Facebook as an example. In the middle of the privacy controversy, Facebook launches even more problematic Messenger.

You can rest assured that there is a quiet and modest newbie social network just waiting for the old school players to make all mistakes and ruin all the positive vibes among their users. You can do whatever you like, but not as long as you want. That is the lesson both Facebook and Twitter will eventually learn.

Blogging In Russia

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There are some new rules in Russia as of August 1st. All popular bloggers with more than 3,000 followers will have to register with no exceptions. In addition, from now on they will be treated in the same way as the owners of private media in Russia. There will not be possible to be a popular and an anonymous blogger in Russia at the same time.

The fines are extremely “motivating”. We are talking about the amounts, which can easily reach up to $100,000. Not to mention that the inappropriate content can and will be removed with no special warning or a court’s decision. And, that is not all folks. These obligations are to include other social networks, as well.

What does this mean? Well, if you have more than 3,000 friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, you will have to think twice before you make a certain public announcement. It comes without saying that all information you present online will have to be thoroughly verified and checked first.

As always, the very best is being saved for the last. All Russian citizens will have an obligation to keep their private data exclusively on Russian servers or servers which are located and controlled on the Russian territory. Russia online plays according to its own rules. Let us wait and see for how long and successful.

Twitter India = Twitter + WhatsApp

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So, what do you say about this one? You know how it goes with the Twitter guys, don’t you? There are busy little bees, or we can say little birds, when it comes to experiments. They try so many new things and features, but only very few of them live long enough to become the standard ones for a daily use. So, what is this one all about?

Well, the users in India had a nice opportunity to become the “test subjects” for a short period of time. They were granted with a unique opportunity to use both Twitter and WhatsApp as one app. Imagine that you have WhatsApp buttons in the corner of your Twitter account, and your imagination will do the rest.

Why India? Why WhatsApp? Well, it is not an easy task running a successful social network. In a blink of an eye, your users may forget about you and move to your competitor’s network, for good. It comes without saying that you have to innovate and surprise your users with the new nice things every step of the way.

It is not a secret that Twitter is loosing its US based users. On the other sides, it maintains to keep the balance thanks to the increasing numbers from Asia, especially India. Now, you have the whole picture. Twitter has a new priority, and it has to fly there immediately. Everything for a new user. Right?

Mark Zuckerberg vs Iran

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Perhaps, at the very first glance, this sounds as a prank, but you can rest assured that the things are extremely serious in this matter. For what is worth, the Iranian court would like for Mark Zuckerberg to pay them a visit, which will be much more than a simple courtesy. Mark is held directly responsible for the privacy violations caused by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

It seems that Iran has declared war on almost all major social networks. As you probably know you can forget about tweets while in Iran. Not to mention YouTube, as well. With this “invitation” the Iranian black Internet list is almost complete, and unfortunately, under these circumstances there is not much for you to do online while staying in Iran.

Maybe, Mark will eventually visit Iran one fine day. Hopefully, as a tourist. On the other side, it is a funny thing how some governments can be extremely resourceful and innovative in a negative way when it comes to the censorship activities. It is supposed to be easier to introduce the democratic reforms, than it is to try challenging the overwhelming power of the internet.

It is also worth mentioning how the same government officials like to use these social networks for their own advantages. Imagine an election campaign with no use of Facebook or Twitter at all. It is more obvious that all governments all over the world basically do not have nothing against the social networks. They just want from us to use them the way they have planned for us already.

Twitter Asia

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Finally, some good news for Twitter. We have already emphasized the growing concerns in Twitter about the number of users, which simply refuses to increase. It seems that a solution for this Twitter’s problem lies in the most unlikely places of them all – Asia. Until the end of this year one in three Twitter users will tweet from Asia itself.

Here is more. By the year 2018 Twitter will have twice as many users from Asia than from the entire North America. In addition, India and Indonesia will take the 3rd and 4th position among the countries in this year with the biggest number of users. It is more than obvious that Twitter has headed east in search for new markets and users.

However, there is a catch. Although, the US based users of Twitter represent only the 22% of all users, they generate more than 72% of all incomes for Twitter. If Twitter wants to cumulate new impressive numbers when it comes to the new users, it will have to dig in Asia. However, for the necessary profit Twitter will have to stay a little bit longer in the USA.

One more fact is definitely worth mentioning in this story. Twitter desperately needs to attract new users, if it is to prove the trust of its investors. The declining number of Twitter users has seriously damaged the value of this social network. The new army of users coming from Asia can restore the confidence of investors and bring back Twitter to the real life of business success.

New Font – Old Troubles

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We have already said it, and now we are going to repeat it again. The guys at Twitter are busy little bees. Always eager to come up with something new to improve your user’s experience. This time the change related to the font itself was on their menu. For what is worth, they have switched from Helvetice New to Gotham.

It comes without saying that this is an ungrateful job. You are doing your very best to hit the right nerve of the customer’s satisfaction, but instead you are ending up with endless complaints. On the other side, Twitter is really testing the very limits of customers’ patience with its “innovations”.

Have you noticed what is happening with Twitter’s design? Your account’s page on Twitter is almost identical to the one you have on Facebook. What is the real difference? Recently, Twitter has become more about pictures than tweets themselves. So, what is happening and why they do what they do, at the moment?

Every social network wants to rule the world. They are in the constant hunt for the new users. And the users themselves, are spoiled and with the highest expectations and demands like never before. Maybe, there is the other way. Maybe, Twitter should go back to its basics for a change. If you do not like the world, make it to suit you. Who said that? Tweet about it.