New Mobile Search Math

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It is official. It is Google’s mobile way, or the highway. From now on, your tweets will be included in Google’s search results. Oh dear, what is that supposed to mean? To make the long story short, Google has detected a new marketing goldmine. This one is going to be a mobile one.

It is only a matter of time before the volume of mobile searches exceeds the “traditional” ones. People are using their mobile cyber pets more and more, like never before. Live with it and accept it, because there is no other option available. That is only the beginning of the “mobile tyranny”.

In case, you fail to comply with the new Google rules, for the mobile world, you will see your search capital melting. The trouble is that in order to maintain your website’s current search ranking position, you have to make sure there is an appropriate mobile version. Or else… Your search results will suffer.

There is no use to cry over the spilled mobile milk. Right? It is Google’s field, and Google rules are to apply, whether you like it or not. On the other side, you have to embrace the mobile side, which does not have to be necessarily negative for your business. Are there enough quality tweets?

Have You Heard, There’s A New Bird?

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Twitter is all about new things and improvements. This popular social network certainly lives up to its reputation. However, this does not have to mean necessarily that all of these new features are flawless and a perfect match for the users themselves. That is why, we are not quite sure what to say or think about this one.

From now on, you can get private messages from all Twitter users, regardless of the fact you follow them or not. What is that supposed to mean for your privacy? Well, Twitter has made sure that you can block the unwanted contacts at any time. So, it is a clear win-win for both parties in this story Twitter and you?

The road to the cyber-hell is paved with the allegedly good intentions and inventions. We simply have no other choice than to wait and see, how this one is going to work in the real life. If you are going to spend all day long for blocking activities, then what is the use? Is there at least a word about a spam filter?

Maybe, the busy little birds in Twitter reason in the following way. Let us make dozens of new features and things. At least one of them has to be the right one. A true winner. Well, good luck with this private message feature. We shall wait and see, what is going to be. We rely on the tweets with good intentions, aren’t we?

How To Make $2,4 Million In 24 Minutes?

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We do not have to ask you 24 times, do you want to hear the answer to this question, do we? Well, it turns out that all you have to do is to read the right tweet at the right moment. The next thing you know, you will be a few million dollars richer. Here is what happened to one Wall Street busy little bee.

The true story goes that this lucky guy somehow got a tweet about Intel’s intention about buying the company called the Altera. As a direct result of this Twitter news, the market value of the Altera skyrocketed in the matter of hours for almost 30%. Can you guess what was left for this guy to do?

First, you buy, and then you sell the shares, which gained some additional financial weight in the meantime. In this case, we are talking about the pure profit of more than millions of dollars. We are not quite sure, but this tweet about Intel and Altera is probably the most expensive in the Twitter history.

We are not implying that you should keep your eyes focused on the stock exchange related tweets 24/7. The moral of this story is quite a simple one. You should never question, nor challenge the true power of social networks. The best and the worst news always go through the social network channels, first.

Much Ado About Comments

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Finally or lately? The feelings are a little bit ambiguous about the latest option, which allows you to attach a comment to a tweet. You have so many users, who are thrilled about this missing element of their complete online happiness. However, there are some dark clouded voices you cannot ignore.

The trouble with the curve in this story is the notorious Twitter identity-moonwalk. In order to innovate and always bring some new eye-catching stuff, Twitter inevitably needs to compromise and “borrow” some features, we used to see on other social networks. In most of the cases, the Facebook itself.

It comes without saying that there quite a few busy and ambitious little birds in Twitter, who are doing their very best to reach to the very top. Nevertheless, somewhere on the way they simply got lost in translation? Why? The secret about the social networks is all about a uniqueness.

Just take the Snapchat as a flagship example. The copy/paste approach is not something we would strongly recommend you to do in the challenging world of social networks. Let us wait and see how this commenting thing is going to work for Twitter. You can tweet and comment about this post right now.

Twitter To The Rescue

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Twitter is eager to offer a helping cyber hand to Indonesia. The tsunami trauma still has fresh scars in this country. No wonder people are literally obsessed with the early warning system. So, how about a social network, which can jump with an invaluable piece of information when you need it the most?

Twitter has figured out that it would be a great thing to use some of its existing users’ information, such as research and disaster institutes. All users with a direct interest can get the life saving messages in no time. Our hats off to Twitter for this clever and precious feature for Indonesian region.

The social networks are definitely up to something good and philanthropic. For what is worth, Facebook gave its contribution to the missing persons problem. As you can see, each of the main features can be used for something truly useful. Finally, something we can use against the social network critics.

So, let us see who should join the rescue party, as well. Both Instagram and Pinterest can also do something about missing persons by publishing their pictures on a large scale. YouTube can use some how to survive in the wilderness videos instead of commercials, every now and then. Right?

Much Ado About Social Network Nothing

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It perfectly does not make any sense. Your life is not going to change at all. Yet, you simply cannot ignore thinking or admiring some of the amazing facts associated with the most popular social networks. Here are some of the most intriguing ones that can be a perfect fit for the believe it or not category.

It will take you at least dozens of years to examine all new content, which gets uploaded on YouTube in one single day. The funny thing, though, is that this social network was originally intended to be nothing more than a usual dating website. Are you a regular Twitter user? Are you eager to become one?

One in three Twitter users earns more than $100,000 a year. Unfortunately, this shiny statistic can be applied only for the USA users. When it comes to the pictures oriented social networks, it is worth mentioning that the Instagram gets more than five million of new picture uploads on a daily basis.

On the other side, more than 97% of Pinterest fans are women. Last, but definitely not least, more than three million blog posts say one big hello to the world. That is why we feel happy and privileged, if you are reading one of our new posts today. Social Networks – you just cannot live without them.

The Streaming Wars

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How we are going to call this one? Was this a fair thing to do? Do you recall one of our most recent stories about the mega streaming hit called the Meerkat? Well, this app has allowed us to share our life with the world through a simple Twitter link. As expected, its shares skyrocketed immediately.

The busy little bees in Twitter have quickly figured out that something important is happening at their very doorsteps. So, what they have done? Nothing original and breathtaking, but extremely effective. Twitter has launched its own version of the Meerkat called the Periscope. What are the results?

It is worth mentioning that this app made in Twitter is more Twitter-friendly, so to speak. Twitter has made sure that only the Periscope has the full scope of integration with all of their features. Can they do such a thing? For what is worth, it is their social network, and they can do whatever they like with it.

On the other side, the creators of Meerkat can play by the unfair Twitter rules, or look for some other social network, such as Facebook, for example. There is the third option, as well. They can come up with a social network or a platform of their own. The streaming wars have just begun. More to come.