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The Cyber Davos

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What did you expect that the world’s largest economic forum in Davos is going to be only about the economy. Well, it is and will be, but from one quite different perspective. The modern world of business is based on the cyber foundation. Therefore, we were not surprised with so many cyber VIP faces to be seen in Davos.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many others, you name it, Davos has it. The most distinguishable names in the prestigious IT world demonstrated their skiing and prediction skills. You do not get a chance, so often to hear it first hand, what is going to happen to our brave new cyber world of the future.

For what is worth, if you already deeply involved with your business in some of the numerous IT spheres, there is nothing for you to worry about. On the contrary, the El Dorado of the 21st century is on the World Wide Web. If you want to get rich beyond your most optimistic dreams, here is a chance for you.

We do not want to spoil the fun, but we were surprised by the absolute absence of dark clouds in Davos, when it comes to our cyber future. It seems that our privacy and essential humanity have nothing to fear of. Right? Or, wrong? Maybe, we are already too blind to see what is happening. Right? Or, wrong?

Game For Your Life

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Do you believe? It has been almost 20 years, since one busy little gaming bee earned a Ferari as a reward from the Quake game creators. Nowadays, the gaming industry has challenged the Hollywood industry itself. The production budgets for some of the most popular games include a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is how we have ended up with the gaming professionals. Do they all drive Ferari cars? No, they can afford private jets. Some of the most popular names in the professional gaming business earn up to $500 millions, while playing in the numerous gaming tournaments and competitions. Is that all?

We believe that it was one of the latest Blizzard gaming events, which had to take place on a football stadium in South Korea. What are we talking about? 30,000 or even 50,000 people cheering up at the stadium while watching a video game competition. If this is not truly amazing, then what is?

So, what is the moral of this story? If you cannot live without video games, there is a way to make a living out of it. Why not? The gaming world is truly made of gold for all of its participants. Why not taking an advantage of it? It turns out that there is a new formula of success: gaming = earning. Right?

Google + Space X = ?

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What do you get when you combine Google funds and SpaceX infrastructure? The Internet access at every single point on the planet, no matter how far or inaccessible it is. We are not sure how much this Internet from the space is going to cost, but the thingsnare going to change in an unprecedented way.

It is not a secret that there are quite a few dark spots on our globe, when it comes to the Internet access. As a matter of facts, more than 60% of our global population, which is more than 4 billion potential users, do not have even the basic access to the World Wide Web. Google plans to change all that.

Why the SpaceX? Well, it turns out that balloons and drones are simply not enough for Google ambitious plans. Yet, it is worth mentioning that Google has to invest one billion dollars in the SpaceX space Internet initiative. Is it going to be worth it for Google itself? What do we know for sure in this matter?

The new army of 4 billion potential Internet users does not come from the richest part of our planet. For what is worth, Google and other major IT players need only one dollar per month to make this deal of our cyber century in one of the most profitable ones. The space odyssey for Google begins.

Earth And Water?

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The World Economic Forum in Davos was a nice opportunity for the major IT league players have an unofficial sweet talk about our brave new digital world. That is how, we had a chance to see the smiley faces of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Vodaphone distinguished representatives. What happened?

We are literally a couple of breaths away from the fabulous moment when will be able to consume the Internet in an unprecedented and unparalleled way. It will become an absolute and an invisible necessity just like earth and water. Do you feel like and privileged like never before?

The catch is that the Internet and all technologies associated directly with it will be deeply integrated into everything we see and touch. The new system of our promising future is supposed to run smoothly and discreetly without making us aware of what is going on, in the first place. Groovy?

There is a reasonable fear, though, that these cyber wizards are after some additional precious things besides earth and water, just like in the memorable movie 300. What is going to happen with our minds and souls? It seems that there is nothing left for us to be said, then: This is Sparta!

Facebook Amber Alerts

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The story like this one can easily do both broke your heart and steal all of your tears. At the same time, this is a nice reminder what is the main role of technology. It is supposed to improve the very quality of our lives. Right? And in some cases, even to save lives. So, what is the Facebook Amber Alert all about?

Thanks to the Facebook notification system, all users from the certain area where a person is reported missing will get an appropriate message. We are talking about a picture of a missing person, including all relevant data, which are supposed to ease the process of finding and eventual rescue.

Our hats off to Facebook for this extremely helpful feature. It is worth mentioning that Facebook itself has hired a former FBI agent for these tasks. On the other hand, this is something you simply cannot ignore easily while you are using your Facebook account. In this matter one piece of information can save someone’s life.

Finally, we have found a proper use for the brave new world of social networks. Who says that they can be used only for ads and entertainment. You have been warned. Spread the word about the Amber Alerts. Devote a little bit of your time to these life saving notifications. You can save someone’s life. On The Road

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Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have launched the initiative. What is that all about? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out yourself without our help, do you? Almost 60% of our planet’s population do not have even the most basic access to the World Wide Web.

So, what can we do about it? Well, you can put your imagination to the test. Google is playing with the satellites, Facebook on the other side thinks about drones and these kinds of initiatives. The first stop on the initiative is the Latin America. Youncan guess where they are going to move next?

Africa is the most logical next stop. Then, the Internet for everyone initiative will pay a visit to the various part of Asia. Let us face it, there is a little bit of both in these activities: philantrophy and profit oriented goals. How can you possibly profit in some of the most undeveloped parts of our planet?

Well, it is actually quite simple. You have more than 4 billion of potential new customers. All you have to do is to offer affordable Internet services and cheap smartphones, and voila. You can earn even more than with the 2 billion of existing customers. If it is going to work for real, does it really matter?

Simpsons vs Minecraft

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There is something wrong with this post’s title. It is not entirely true. There is no such a thing as a conflict between the Simpson family and Minecraft game. Yet, how else we are supposed to get your attention to read it, in the first place. On the contrary, this is an example how two virtual worlds can work together.

In one of the episodes, Matt Groening has paid a tribute to this extremely popular game. We have to admit this is something completely different compared to the situation where the South Park crew was merciless in their interpretation of the World of Warcraft game. So, what happened exactly?

After the funny looking intro where the entire Simpson family was Minecraft shaped, the respectable army of Minecraft players asked for the Simpson characters in the game itself. As a result, a profitable deal has been reached between the Minecraft creators and the Twentieth Century Fox. Voila, now you have it.

We have every reason to believe that this is only the beginning of the Minecraftisation of our world. We can expect more cartoon and movie characters to join the Minecraft party. Our hats off for this nice move. Who knows, maybe this blog will be Minecraft shaled one day. Really, who knows, for sure.

A Year Of Books By Mark Zuckerberg

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Finally, we know. Mark Zuckerberg has made us such a big favor that we will be forever in his debt. After so many sleepless nights, we have discovered what he is going to be up to in 2015, when it comes to the new breathtaking challenges. He is going to read books. How often, exactly?

Well, for what is worth, Mark will expand his horizons every second week. At least, this is what he has promised to us. We can relax for a while. He is not going to learn Chinese, like he once did, or something similar and exotic. So, do we know what is going to be his number one choice in 2015?

“The End of Power: From Boardrooms to Battelfields and Churches to States, Why Being In Charge Isn’t What It Used to Be”, by Moisés Naím. As a result, you can simply forget about finding this book on Amazon. Is Mark to be blamed for this sudden interest in this book? It is up to you to decide.

What about some conspiracy theories? Is there some kind of a secret deal between Amazon and Mark? Hard to tell, but some books are going to become immensely popular in 2015. On the second thought, Mark could have written a book of his own. Right? What could he write about? Any ideas?

The Online Love Triangle

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Here is a story of one quite unusual and very intriguing love triangle, which takes place on the US web browsing market. First, we will present you some surprising statistical data, and then we will reveal the names of the main characters in our story. So, let us begin. No need to keep you waiting.

For what is worth, Google has never been in a worse situation since 2008, when it comes to the number of pages the US users visited by using this online giant’s browsing tool. On the other side, Yahoo has had the time of its life since 2009. So, what is the catch? Who is to blame or take the credit?

Well, there is a third party, as it is a case in emotional and intense love stories. Believe it or not, Mozzila’s choice to include Yahoo as its default search option has contributed to this game of percentages. What Google has lost recently, Yahoo has obviously gained, as a direct result of Mozzila’s change of mind.

Not so long ago, Mozzial and Google were in love. Maybe, they still are, but Yahoo is now the Mozilla’s number one choice. As you can see, in the clash of titans, including the cyber ones as well, sometimes the hardly noticeable and least expected details can spoil the fun for one of them. Right?

One Step Back

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Two Dutch university professors just had it enough. They have banned their students to bring laptops while attending the classes. Why? It may sound a little unorthodox to say, but this is actually for the well-being of the students themselves. Without laptops they will be able to focus and achieve better results.

It is more than obvious that the cyber temptations are simply too strong to resist them. You have to sit, listen and make notes for hours. Without checking your email or Facebook account, even for a minute. Let us face it. Who can do such a thing? Maybe, these two professors from the beginning of this story.

We are so enthusiastic about the concept of so-called cyber education. Forget about papers and pencils, embrace tablets and laptops. The possibilities are endless, just as the temptations are. Who or what will win in this merciless game for the better education? Is there a compromising solution here?

Maybe, the students will do something about it. Our traditional professors may be in great danger. Someone may easily try to replace them with cyber substitutes. Yet, the students shouted be aware that machines cannot make memorable quotes not create the dearest school days memories.