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Don’t Mess With Amazon

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When you play in the major IT league, every single detail matters. Ask Amazon, it certainly has so much to tell you all about it. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know for sure that you simply cannot be loved or respected by all Internet users. There will be some haters and admirers. So, what can you do about it?

Well, Amazon has decided to do something about it. If you do not like Amazon, the chances are poor that you will be able to express it online. It is really an intriguing decision to acquire all potentially harmful domain names. Are you still confused? Well, as soon as we provide you with some nice examples you will understand it.

How about “” or “” or “”? This list can go on and on. Amazon has acquired most of them. So, if you want to express your negative feelings or thoughts about Amazon, you will have to find some other way. Is this effective and thoughtful move?

What do you think? You cannot make all the people on the Net to love you, and you cannot possibly acquire all the websites or domain names you do not like. Or maybe, you can try to do something magical with your customer support. How about that for a change? How hard could it possibly be? Right?

Vienna Tower of Power

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What is the tower of power in Vienna? It is the petrol station of the future with no petrol at all. This station will charge the electric cars and motorcycles. In addition, it will use the energy obtained from the solar batteries including one small windmill generator. All of that in the very heart of the oldest continent.

We have to emphasize the most intriguing feature of this fascinating object. This power station is not supposed to be used only for charging, but also for the educational purposes, as well. This is supposed to be a nice small university in the field for the green energy technologies and green job trainings.

As you can see, for the ground shaking things about our environment you do not need to be a rocket scientist or a multimillionaire to do it. All you need is a simple, but effective ideas and tons of positive energy and enthusiasm. You can be surprised how much you can achieve with these elements.

What we need right now from this natural and sustainable power station is to successfully multiply itself, not only all over Austria and Europe, but also on other continents, as well. This is the best possible way to bring some true green colors for our planet. We can use this tower of power to recharge our minds with green ideas.

Atari: The Untold Story

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Here is a story that can easily steal you a tear from your eye. For the middle-aged gamers the Atari games are the most important part of their childhood. We are talking about the very dawn and early beginnings of our well-known gaming empire. So, are you eager to know what happened?

Well, the story goes something like this. On one construction site in the New Mexico the workers have accidentally discovered an entire graveyard of Atari video games. Probably, they were buried there during the great “depression” of the video games market back in 1983. How many games have been found?

One urban legend has it that more than 700,000 Atari games hit the ground during this extremely difficult period for video games. The wild guess of construction workers was up to 20,000 games. However, so far they have been able to dig out no more than 2,000 models. What they plan to do with them eventually?

It is a great thing that the absolute majority of them will end up in a museum where they truly belong. The rest of them will hit the auctions on eBay. What happened to the hundreds of thousands of Atari games, which still wait underground to be discovered? Maybe, the next big construction site. No one knows, for sure.

Copyright PG-14

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There is a war on terrorism. There is a war on cyber terrorism. And, there is a war on online privacy. This last one is under the exclusive jurisdiction of Hollywood itself. Now, it seems that Hollywood has realized that the things have gone too far. Some kind of a truce has to be reached this way or another, sooner or later.

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), which launched this copyright crusade, is willing to draw a line. It is better to educate than arrest the 14 years old online pirates. Right? The public opinion is apparently not thrilled with the MPAA’s merciless efforts to ensure the declining profits.

In addition, the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) initiative has proven itself to be a formidable enemy. All of these unexpected “enemies” made the MPAA to eventually change its attitude about the online piracy. This time, they are aiming for our soft side. The kids are not an exception with this latest effort.

There is a movie, which is supposed to raise our awareness about an entire army of common workers and contributors behind the shinning and tempting lights of Hollywood. Maybe, the celebrities can survive the desolation of online piracy, but these hard working men from our neighborhood certainly cannot.

Chrome Password Maker

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How thoughtful from Google, indeed. The new version of Chrome will come with a password generator. Is this really necessary? Well, if you are asking this question, then you already halfway into a serious trouble. Are we exaggerating? All reliable Internet security surveys have the same main conclusion.

The absolute majority of our passwords we use on a daily basis for some of the most sensitive personal data associated with us and our loved ones are ridiculously simple, predictable and even naive. There is a funny list of hard to believe and easy to crack passwords. Are you among them? Be honest about this one.

On the other hand, Google has a nice example of Apple and tragically compromised iCloud. We use dumb passwords, and then when something eventually goes wrong, we like to blame someone else. Whatever the real reason may be, this is definitely a win-win situation for both Google and its users.

We do not want to spoil the party, but there is one more trouble we have forgotten about. How we are going to remember all these generated passwords? We need to save them somewhere. Right? He have to protect that “somewhere”, wherever it may be. Do not keep all eggs in one basket. Do not forget that.

FB News-Feed Makes Your Wallet To Bleed

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It is very thoughtful of Facebook to allow us enjoy great video clips through the news-feed feature. The trouble with a curve in this matter is that this option comes with the high price. Data transfer will show its ugly side when you get a bill at the end of the month. What are we supposed to do about it?

Well, it is actually quite simple preventive solution. All you have to do is to check out the settings in your phone and choose the option that the news-feed of your video clips run only when you have a WiFi connection secured. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves do we really have to find out about it the hard way?

It is not an easynthing to come up with something new. However, you have to take so many details into serious consideration. The price associated with your service or feature is definitely one of them. Has the Facebook development team simply missed it. Or, maybe they thought it is not such a big deal, after all.

So, what is next? You have been warned. The ones, who are late, will have to pay a little bit extra for the pleasure of watching video clips with the help of silent, but expensive news-feed. The rest of us will be more careful when it comes to our shiny gadgets and their tempting features. There are some prices we should not pay with our ignorance.

Are You Tweeting To Me?

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It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice. Does this one sound familiar to you? We can easily apply this famous quote to a situation between Twitter and Twitpic. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to know who is important and who is just being nice in this story? You know the answers.

One fine day Twitter has decided that Twitpic will no longer exist. Just like that. Because they can. Because they do not like them any more. This sad story comes with a moral. It is a cozy thing to secure your business existence by providing complementary service for the huge systems. Twitter is definitely one of them.

While it lasted Twitpic was certainly thrilled to upload user’s pictures on Twitter. Their mistake was to allow themselves a luxury to get too close to the fire. They were simply burned. It comes without saying that the Twitpic is more than an appropriate name for their line of business. Yet, it is too close to Twitter itself.

The judges do not like when you are potentially confusing the customers. Twitpic was completely aware of it. That is why they have accepted to disappear without a protest when Twitter asked them to do so. The potential lawsuit in this matter is the lost battle for Twitpic from the moment one. It begins and it ends with a name.

Are You Afraid of The Internet Darkness?

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This picture is…at least to say… Unfortunately, as you can see we cannot find the right words. You can keep staring at this picture for hours. If you think that it is amazingly similar to a picture that illustrates the coverage of the global electrical power network, you are not far away from the truth.

On the other side, you can draw as many conclusions as you like. The North America and Europe can definitely breathe easily. Australia and South America are a little bit disappointing. South East Asia is a nice surprise. We think that the New Zealand is kicking. Africa is a sad story. What else?

We have forgotten to mention that this map was created based on the data of all available devices, which are connected to the Internet in the world. You can trust it. It is more or less accurate. The main thing is your location when you read this post. How do you feel? Lucky or unlucky? Blessed or cursed?

What can we do to change this situation? Should we all move to shiny and bright areas? This picture makes you wonder and ask some interesting questions. Can you really think of ourselves as being the great civilization with all of this Internet darkness around us? Are you afraid of this dark?

Twitter Caught In The Crossfire Of Ads

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Twitter is doing just fine. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that yourself. A little bit of drama with the Facebook over their game of the social networks throne here and there, but not such a big deal. On the other side, the great success comes with the great doubts and sleepless nights.

You know how it goes, don’t you? On the one hand, you have something called the user’s experience, no matter what it actually may mean. On the other hand, there is a constant pressure of the green wave, which makes you to question the users’ position all over again. What happens eventually?

We do not know where it is, but it’s definitely somewhere out there. The magical line or better to say boundary about the ad’s effectiveness you cannot dare to cross. Otherwise, the profits you are so desperately trying to reach will turn against you. This is the major threat for all social networks.

Eventually, it all comes down to what the users themselves have to say about certain changes and improvement of the features. We sure hope that the busy little marketing birds in Twitter know what they are doing. We know where the money is coming from. DO we know how much is enough?

Twitch With A New Switch

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Amazon has acquired Twitch for one billion dollars or to be a little bit more precise for $970 million. Wait, wait, hold on for a second. What is wrong with this picture? We thought that the new owner of Twitch is Google. That was supposed to be an extremely useful business move for YouTube above all.

What went wrong? Nothing. Everything is just fine. As a matter of fact, Google never bought Twitch in the first place. That was only a rumor? A clever business trick to get the top price? We can keep guessing and Amazon can keep smiling. Google has planned to integrate Twitch in its YouTube system.

What can Amazon do with it? When you acquire a platform with 55 million users and more than 15 billion minutes of content, then sky is the limit. Let us not forget to mention that an average Twitch user spends no less than 100 minutes per day using it. Yes, this is a true golden goose.

The only question is, can it give a billion dollars worth golden eggs to its new owner Amazon? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that Amazon is really up to something huge with this one. With so many gamers online, it can certainly ask for an advice how to play this game successfully.