the Internet Hits Its First Billion

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We are not referring to dollars, but rather to one billion new users. is supposed to be a non-profit and yes-philanthropic organization. With it, not a single person on our planet should be left without an adequate Internet access. How to achieve such a noble thing?

Look for both Facebook balloons and drones, which are supposed to deliver the Internet even to the most remote parts of our world. This really sounds great. We were ready to say our hats off to charming Mark Zuckerberg. We were, but there was a catch, which ruined the whole party.

It turns out that translates as, or in simple words, you will get a free internet access to open a Facebook account. Just when we began to question this social network’s altruistic motive, we got an uninvited and painful answer. Nothing is for free. Obviously.

Under the crumbling avalanche of numerous critics, Facebook has announced that will be transformed into an open network with no favorites or privileged services as it is supposed to be, in the first place. So, what is happening with Google internet balloons?

“Google Review Policy Is Crap”

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There is no need for you to lift your eyebrows in an unnatural way. These are not our own words. This is actually a quote borrowed from one of obviously extremely frustrated Google Map editors. Now, it all becomes to make a perfect sense to us. Do you have a clue, what are we talking about?

Here is a quick reminder. Do you remember how one particularly embarrassing Google Map Maker used to look alike? You have a picture in our blog post, which tells a story of thousands of words. Right? Yet, there were some consequences for this inappropriate form of expression.

For what is worth, Google has cancelled the Map Maker option. If you can control it, then you are left with no other choice than to kill it. Google Map Maker in theory sounds like a lovely thing, where everyone is free to contribute. However, in the real life the things are little bit different. 

The so-called editors or moderators can do something on their own. We have already mentioned the shameful example. So, here is our one million dollar worth question. Who will guard the guardians? Or, maybe these “guardians” of Google Maps were a little bit bored. Nothing more.

20,000 Microsofts Under The Sea

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When it comes to our dear grandpa Microsoft, you should leave your prejudices aside. At least for a while. We know that your first idea is software, and nothing but the software itself. However, grandpa Microsoft can be extremely and surprisingly active in the hardware field, as well.

Can you imagine a cable with a Microsoft logo on it deep under the ocean? This is a shameless simplification of one very serious project, but it is not too far from the truth. For what is worth, Microsoft is a part of the NCPCN (New Cross Pacific Cable Network).

What is this and what does it do? This cable is going to create miracles for the US West Coast, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. At the same time, in order to improve its cloud capacities Microsoft has to deal with all of these cables. It sounds funny, but that is the bitter cyber reality.

Without any exaggeration we can say that the old Microsoft tree has powerful and long roots in all oceans all over the world. You already know where is the next frontier? Do we need cables on Mars, or is it enough to use satellites? If you own a submarine, be careful where you go.

Google Click – Google Buy

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The revolution is at our door. However, this is not going to save nor change the world. Google has just found a new way to make new money. Can we possibly hope to gain something for us out of this money-making-invention? Well, if you are in the shopping mood, then this is a win-win for you.

From what we heard and we can say for certain, this new Google thing can revolutionize online shopping. How? Well, from now on, all you have to do is click a direct Google buy button, which is associated with a certain product on a search page. You do not have to visit the main product’s page.

You see it. You like it. You buy it. As simple as that. This means that we will be able to buy directly in the Google Ads, we see at the top of each search page. This will definitely speed up the entire process, and make it to be much simpler. What is with the users and buyers themselves?

It has not been a secret that whatever you do or click on Google, it rains money to Google, this way or another, directly or indirectly. However, this is a completely new level. We have already said that this is the revolution. Have you heard what a revolution does to its children?

YouTube Hollywood

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Let us face it, cyber boys and girls, it has been only a matter of time before YouTube includes movies and series at the same scale as its famous videos. In other words, all YouTube premium users will get a chance to use some kind of a YouTube TV. Is it going to be truly worth it, after all?

This is undoubtedly a tough question to ask. In a certain way, YouTube has no many options left. Why? For a simple reason. Both Amazon and Netflix are literally breathing down its less competitive neck. On the other hand, are we really getting used to pay YouTube for once free contents each month?

However, this can easily turn out to be a double-edged-sword for YouTube Hollywood plans. Why? Well, somehow we have a funny feeling that all of these major IT players are pushing the very limits of our patients. It is hard to believe that YouTube is not doing great in financial terms at the moment.

What is the thing with all these ads? YouTube just cannot get enough. Seriously? Maybe, it is simply meant to be. It is about time for a newbie to jump into this game. Let us enjoy the honeymoon with a new video service, when everything is free to use and watch. At least at the very beginning, before it becomes madly popular. 

Emoticon Provoticon

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We live in the crazy world, that is for sure. However, sometimes despite your best efforts, you just cannot prepare yourself for what is coming. If you recall, Apple launched an entire avalanche of controversy with its introduction of racial emoticons. What were they thinking?

Now, our good old grandpa Microsoft, who is a synonym for IT tradition and good taste, did something we could not expect, even in our wildest dreams. How about a middle-finger-emoticon? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know how this one actually looks, and what does it say, do you?

Seriously? Of all the things in the world. Only a heartbeat away from the glorious Windows 10 official promotion. Of all the IT players. Grandpa Microsoft throws a middle finger in the game. Well, we need a drink before even trying to come up with a comment, which makes sense in this situation.

So, what is next? We are going to use graphic-movie-like emoticons, where a person shoots at someone, or causes pain in the most hideous way. Is there a limit what we can do or use? Do you remember, it all started with a simple, but overwhelming smile? What happened in the meantime?

Free And Open Internet

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Is there such a thing as a free and open Internet? Well, it has to be. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble. For what is worth, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to comply with some of the serious complaints against the exclusive and closed character of, which is not what is supposed to be.

The catch with the was to introduce the World Wide Web to the most remote areas on our planet. Especially in South America, Africa and Asia. So, what went wrong with this philanthropy oriented concept? Well, Facebook got lost in its own translation somewhere on the way.

How? We have realized that something is deeply wrong as soon as the disturbing report start arriving about the newbie online users, who said that Facebook and Internet are the same thing. In other words, the gave them a chance to use only Facebook and its associated services.

In order to avoid the inevitable change of name from the into Mark Zuckerberg has promised us that these areas will get more freedom to choose. The Internet is supposed to be a synonym for freedom. Right? There is a good reason for it.