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The Pirates Strike Back

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The fire storm is again on the cyber pirates. It seems that the history in this case repeats itself. Is there any difference now? The Pirate Bay is down again. Yet, there are some new waves around. It turns out that the pirates have institutionalized  themselves, at least to say. They are all political now.

What is that supposed to mean? Well, for what is worth, there is more than one so-called pirate political party in the EU parliament, and all over the Europe. The one very persistent in defending the Pirate Bay comes from Germany. They are suggesting a different type of solution. More talks, less law.

One of their points worth mentioning is that the music industry has realized the importance of the changes. This is how the streaming was born. Now, it is about time for the movie industry to do its part. There has to be some kind of a compromising solution. The following things should work together.

Which ones? The Internet, freedom and copyrights. How? That is up to lawmakers and Hollywood to figure out. Otherwise, we will have an epidemic of the pirate websites in a more or less strictly controlled environment. We can even make a movie about that. What a lovely idea for the next blockbuster.


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The new 2015 is going to be a challenging year for Facebook. There is so many new things and intriguing announcements that we have every reason to be worried a little bit. So, who has more reasons to worry, the Facebook itself or we, the users? Well, this is a tricky question. What is Facebook up to?

On the one side, Facebook has shown its nice face by informing us that the new Privacy Policy is going to include simpler vocabulary and expressions, which do not ask from you a law degree. On the other side, we will have to live with the video ads in our news feed. What are we supposed to say?

What is the point with these changes Facebook is trying to make? It is supposed to be more transparent, while at the same time we will be invaded by a wave after a wave of video ads. How lovely and unavoidable at the same time. How will this influence the number of Facebook users is yet unknown?

Μaybe Facebook is about to bite more than it can chew. The users certainly have a limit, when it comes to the patience and ads tolerance. Without any exaggeration we can say that the 2015 will be the year of social networks. Either we will change something or disappear completely in the sea of ads.

Wi-Fi Metro

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Finally, some good cyber news from Russia. We have become a little bit tired of pessimistic and troubling things that had their main cause in the Ukraine crisis. From now on, you will be able to use free Wi-Fi in all lines of the Moscow metro, while driving. This is something unique for the metro Wi-Fi.

Why? As you probably know, all across the world you can use the Wi-Fi only at metro stations, but not in the trains themselves. Our hats off to the Russians for this cozy and nice move, that is for sure. On the other hand, there is one dark cloud over this groovy metro thing we simply cannot ignore.

One of the recent privacy and safety related changes in the Russian system of the public Wi-Fi system is a requirement for all users to register with their full name and address in order to use it. This is something very similar to the Chinese restrictions in this field. Forget about anonymity while on the public networks.

It is a great thing to be able to use the Internet wherever you are. On the other hand, a little bit more about privacy would be strongly appreciated. You can give something on one side, and then take something on the other. Why? Because, this gives you one huge zero as the end result. Right?


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Here are some indicators to tell you whether or not your country qualifies to be treated as the Facebook-land. Just follow the statistics, and see where you fit in. The first thing you need to check is the number of people, who are using Facebook. The global average of 40% is simply not enough. You need more than that.

Everything more than 50%, or ideally 52%, of the entire population on a national level qualifies your country as the FBland. On the other side, this cyber-country can be called the land of the young for a proper reason. When you combine all users from 18 to 35 years of age, you get 60% of all Facebook users.

It is worth mentioning that the top three topics to discuss in the FBland are what to eat, drink and wear. It is a little bit disappointing to see that the most sophisticated tool of social communication has eventually come down to the things we talked about with our friends while still living in caves.

Enjoy your FBland citizenship, but do not forget to check out what is happening in the real world, every once and a while. We sure hope we will not end up in the FBworld one day, as the only world we know and accept. Do not allow for the FBland to become your only homeland. Like this one, as well.

Google Kids

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It is not a new thing, and Google is not the first IT giant to deal with the “PG 13″ limitation for the cyber world. Facebook had to come up with a series of special rules, which included the young users. Especially the ones younger than 13 years of age. The time has come for Google to do something about it.

Yet, it is not quite clear whether or not the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or shorter the COPPA is the main motivation for this love and care about the kids in Google? For what is worth, we are very likely to experience the special versions of Google Search, Chrome and YouTube services.

In addition, Google counts on parents’ support and guidance in this story. All of these are supposed to be in the best interests of the busy little bees, who spend so much time in front of their computer, laptop or smartphone screens. Then, how come we are a little bit worried about the dark marketing cloud?

What are we talking about? Google marketing machinery is a merciless and extremely profit oriented system. We are not implying that kids will be the direct targets, but their parents will be involved, for sure. Now, we will reveal directly to Google our kids’ preferences. What a nice way to earn more, isn’t it?

Hope For The Future

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Here is something that can easily catch you a tear in the corner of your eye. One of the biggest music legends Sir James Paul McCartney contributed to the Destiny video game with the intriguing and original music themes. Even more importantly, he did it with no material compensation of any kind.

Our hats off to Paul for this one. However, we have to mention the xetrmely bitter tone of his interview to the Guardian about this unparalleled cooperation. For what is worth, Paul is disappointed with the devices the modern kids use the listen the music, some of his creations among the others, as well.

For the legend of the Beatles the rules are quite simple. If you want to experience the ultimate musical feeling, you have to use the top quality devices for reproduction and recording. He admits that it hurts him to see young people, who are using smartphone and small headphones for these purposes.

We have a complete understanding of what Paul is trying to say. Yet, he should be more grateful and thoughtful. Thanks to the new digital technology his work and music have become immortal. Without the smartphones the modern kids would not even know who were the Beatles, and how they sound.

The Six Figure Interships

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Money makes the IT world come around. This is not a secret nor a huge surprise. Yet, it is definitely interesting to know that even the beginner’s steps in the cyber world are well paid and nicely rewarded. We will give you some preliminary information as the starting point for your own math and calculations.

The average intership salaries at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other IT giants range somewhere from $7K to $10K give it or take the housing and other additional benefits. So, how do you feel about this one? If you are in the IT sector yourself, this is a nice thing to comment about with your colleagues.

On the other hand, if you are working somewhere else where your computer is only a working tool, then it is quite normal to be a little bit envious about it. The programer’s codes are moving our world forward. This is not a Hollywood style job filled with excitement, but it is certainly well compensated.

These impressive figures are the clearest indication that the IT sector still suffers from insatiable hunger for new developers and experts. If intership salaries are so rewarding, we can only guess what is happening at the later stages? Who wants to be rich has to find the right cyber switch. Right?

A Life Without Facebook

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Is there such a thing? Is it possible to live a life without Facebook, or some other social networks? As always, it is all on you and you yourself. No one can give us an answer to these questions except ourselves. It is more than obvious that we have allowed Facebook to take care about our social life.

In exchange for what exactly? Well, for what is worth, for a little bit more of your own privacy. Some things you pay with your money. For others you pay with a piece of information about you or your loved ones. Seems like a fair trade, isn’t it? On the other side, you can conduct a small social experiment.

Close your account on Facebook. Spend some time without it. See what is happening with your social life and especially with your friends. You will only need a couple of minutes to fully restore it or create a new similar one. Be among the first to tell us, what is going on in your life without Facebook.

We are not implying in any way that you should exaggerate with these things, such as the Internet or smartphones. Otherwise, you will end up living in a cave. Is it possible to find a healthy and productive compromise with the machines. Or, is the cyber war inevitable? Terminators with a Facebook logo.

The Cyber Church

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We are not even going to dare to say something like the Church and the Internet or the Religion and Technology, because these will get us into the wrong direction and endless lines of text with no proper conclusion. Instead, we are going to comment some of the findings of the different Churches, which do not have to be necessarily negative ones.

Although, we are impressed with the increased number of cyber-monks and e-versions of some of the most important religious documents, some things simply do not go hand in hand. For example, you cannot ask for a place to hide from the modern life inside the monastery walls with a smartphone in your hand.

On the other hand, it has been proven for so many times that there is nothing wrong with the technology itself, but rather with the people who use it for good or bad things. One priest had a nice thing to say recently about the way we use our social networks. Their speed is their greatest negativity.

We should think twice before we share something with the thousands or millions of people online. What is wrong with this advice? Yes, you got that one right. Absolutely nothing. That is our point. A kind word is a kind word, regardless of its form. You can say it, write it down, or send it in an email. Does it really matter?

The Best Things Online Are Free

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Where is the question mark? Do you feel that the title of this post should be followed by a question mark? Why? Well, we have to tell only the truth here. That is our obligation. Therefore, it would be more accurate to say that the Internet is an endless ocean, where everyone can find his or her goldfish.

The only trouble is that some of these shiny goldfishes may ask you for some gold in return. The things are rapidly changing in the cyber universe. Once a synonym for the free and useful things Google has turned into the merciless marketing money making machine. YouTube plans to charge us, as well.

For what? For a content free of ads. Facebook is always looking for a nice moment to earn some extra cash. Do we have to mention the online commercial services, which made it clear from the first moment that they are only about making money online, such as eBay or Amazon, for instance?

So, what is going to happen eventually with our dearest online materials? Keep your eyes open and your fingers restless, because sooner or later you will hit a sign that from now on certain charges are to be applied. Enjoy while it lasts. What else could we possibly say or do in this matter? Right?