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Finally, something thoughtful from the hell’s advertising kitchen of the major IT league players. It may be a little bit hard for you to believe, but Gmail has actually decided to simplify its procedure for eliminating ad related emails. Can we relax now? Are the worst days of advertising harassment behind us?

Well, it is hard to say. For what is worth, you will be able to spot a rescuing link much easier. You do not have to go through the entire advertising email, which is making all of this avoiding thing to be completely meaningless. With this one you are only one link away from the safe ads free territory.

What happened to Google? Why is Google so friendly and kind all of a sudden? Has our privacy become more important than its own profit? That is highly unlikely. Google is an old smart advertising fox, which always knows better. Right? This generosity will prevent us from marking ad emails as spams.

Now, you have realized what is Google up to with this one. You have to sacrifice something in order to achieve the bigger goal. So, Google can live with the fact that you will link-out the undesirable ad emails. However, in return these emails will be left to live with no spam status to follow. How clever, indeed.

Zofari For The Advertising Safari

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Yahoo has teamed up with the Zofari. Who is Zofari and what does it do? Well, Zofari is a mobile and extremely promising recommendation system. It works based on your local preferences in order to provide you with the most reliable and relevant information about restaurants, shops, and similar.

It seems that the bigger a certain online service becomes, the greedier it becomes about the advertising profit opportunities. Facebook and Google have quite a notorious reputation in this field. On the other side, Twitter has decided to include video ads as a part of its regular services.

We have to ask ourselves, is this what the entire development effort and ingenuity has come down to? Make an app or an online platform. Make sure you attract millions of users. Use the impressive numbers to your advantage through the merciless advertising system. Is that simple and brutal? Apparently it is.

For what is worth, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see what is Yahoo up to. A piece of extremely lucrative mobile pie is more than obvious on its mind. We sure hope that this one is not going to hit Yahoo like a boomerang. Do we really need to get some restaurant recommendation while sending an email?

Internet Explorer Explores New Names

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Seriously? This is huge and so unlikely for Microsoft. Our perception of Microsoft is that it is a grandpa, who is not used to change the things so dramatically. Changing a name for Internet Explorer means breaking up with the tradition or extremely compromised reputation. Which one of these two?

Well, it depends on your point of view. The IE is still the most popular web browser in the world. On the other hand, it is also the most popular destination for the absolute majority of hackers and cyber attacks. The second dark side of the popularity generates this idea about the new name.

It is more than obvious that Microsoft tries to ensure a new life for IE 11 with a new name. Nevertheless, we should be fully aware that Microsoft’s users can easily turn out to be the most serious obstacle for these efforts. Why? Well, it is not a secret that they are loyal, but also extremely stubborn when it comes to new versions transition.

Microsoft is being stretched away against its own will. It wants to focus its technical support on the new versions of Windows and IE. Yet, the users are still using older versions with no signs that they are willing to move to the next big things in the close future. What a puzzle for Microsoft. Can it be solved with a simple name change?

Facebook: The Satire Empire

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What is happening with Facebook? There are in the middle of a privacy related controversy. A serious cloud of a European lawsuit is over them. The new Messenger requires the completely different and extremely controversial set of rules and policies. And now, on the of all of this an additional gift to honor its users and their intelligence.

So, what happened? Well, from now on Facebook will clearly mark all content, which includes the satire note this way or another, partially or completely. Do we really need something like this feature? Are we going to include similar warnings for metaphors and other convenient writers’ tools? What is this supposed to mean in the first place?

Are Facebook users that dumb that you can conduct all kinds of social experiments without their knowledge and approval? In addition, do we really need some help to tell a difference between a satirical text and the one written in a let us call it normal tone? We suppose that there are more than enough people on Facebook, who can do just fine without this type of assistance.

This time Facebook has obviously gone too far. There is no other choice than to remind it about what means to respect and care for its users, with or without a lawsuit. This unfriendly attitude, which can be translated as you cannot live without Facebook, will have to go through some changes. We sure hope peacefully and without a satire, that is for sure.

Cyber Dreamers

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It is official boys and girls, run for your cyber lives! We spend more time in front of our screens, than in our beds. According to the results of the recent survey, the average person lives more in the cyber, than in the real or dream world. And, there is nothing we can do about it. Should we panic?

You can laugh. You can cry. But, you cannot hide from it. Someone had said, that if we would like to see what our future would be like, it is enough to see what our children are doing. The statistical data know no mercy. Our poor children barely eat and breathe under the heavy burden of their smart gadgets.

On the other hand, you do not have to worry about the books. They have a bright future. In a different digital form, though. The good news is that the same children we have already criticized literally eat books on their smartphones and tablets. At least we will have alienated, but nicely educated children.

It is time to ask our million dollar question. What is the moral of this story? Well, we are already facing a pandemic of the cyber addiction problem. You can either live in a cave or join the party. There is no love without the exaggeration. Especially in the cyber world. Do not forget this simple fact.

Monkey Business

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You do not have to be a legal expert to know that the best possible way of testing a certain law is to wait and see what will happen with it in the real life. For what is worth, Google got itself a new ally in its quest against the so-called oblivion law. It seems that Google and Wikipedia have the same sensitive nerve with this one.

Although, Google does its best to convince us about the negative side effects of this law in a polite way, Wikipedia has no problem in allowing itself a luxury of being totally direct with its critics. For Wikipedia the right to ask for a removal of the web content, which is no longer valid, is absolutely meaningless.

As you probably know, Google was forced to remove certain links from Wikipedia based on the requirements of this law. On the other side, Wikimedia fights a battle of its own with the famous photographer David Slater. Apparently, Wikimedia uses one of his photos from the journey he had made in Indonesia.

One of the monkies had stolen his camera and made an accidental selfie. David wants to earn some money out of it. However, Wikimedia claims that the monkey is the rightful owner of this famous picture. Do the lawmakers have the time for the monkey business is left to be seen? Until then, enjoy in your cyber oblivion.

How Bizarre Are You?

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There is nothing wrong with this question. Nowadays, the Internet has become a genuine magnet for all kinds of bizarre phenomena, which attract the unparalleled numbers of online visitors. So, what is the catch? What is their big secret? How come bizarre events make bizarre amounts of online money?

Do we have to remind you? Do you remember one of the most successful Kickstarter projects, which included nothing more than a potato salad? On the other hand, are you ready to accept the next Twitch star – an aquarium fish? This fascinating fish plays the Pokemon game all day long. So what?

Well, more than one million of people are watching the every single move this fish makes daily on Twitch. You can google about it, if you want to find out more. What are we saying the Google itself has acquired Twitch for almost one billion dollars. It seems that it was completely worth the significant amount in question.

You can laugh about it. You can say whatever you like. However, one thing is more than certain. You cannot ignore it, that is for sure. So, what options do we have? Should we join the fun or find something more appropriate for our profound taste? Whatever you choose to do, this is the win-win situation for Twitch and Google.

Rethink Blink App

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Why do you know one young teenage girl from Illinois might have found a way to ease your troubles online. Especially on the social networks. Her app is simple, as it’s supposed to be. What is even more important it aims straight to the very heart of the modern communication problem. Let us see what she has done, shall we?

Rethink app does what its name so obviously suggest. You are supposed to rethink before you send or publish something on the social networks. Yes, it is that simple. And no, we keep forgetting to apply this simple rule. Just imagine how better our life could have been, if we were to rethink our online actions at least once.

This girl has a promising future, that is for sure. She has already intrigued Google with this one. Her app can easily end up the reign of online harassment and misunderstandings. It makes you rethink your messages or posts before they get published. In addition, it asks you a simple question: are you sure?

Smart and kind people do not need this kind of an app in the first place. On the other side, we can certainly expect more of these kinds of initiatives in the near future. You know how they say, don’t you? The children will save the world, including the cyber one, as well. All we have to do is to follow their advice. How hard can it be?

MS Golden 90s

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Once upon a time there was a website. As a matter of fact, that was one of the very first 1,000 website in the world. When our precious Internet was just a baby making its first unsecure steps. Do you feel that 20 years from the introduction of have passed as if they were 20 minutes. Are we exaggerating?

We cannot be quite sure about this one. However, one thing is more than certain. Nowadays, Microsoft definitely feels a great deal of nostalgia and we dare to say a little bit frustrated. Why? Well, Microsoft just got itself a nice reminder of its former glory and power. There are new IT boys in town and they do not respect to grandpa Microsoft.

What can you do about it? You cannot live from the former shining glory, can you? It seems that Microsoft has found itself a comforting friend from the once glorious 1990s. You know who is the new Microsoft’s partner, don’t you? Nokia was also a proud pioneer and it has so many difficulties to redefine its position under the new circumstances.

We sure hope that something will come out of this reminding action directed by Microsoft. What we expect to see are some breathtaking new devices and features with the well-known MS logo. The new impatient IT kids should be taught a lesson in how things were done back in 1990s. We need new.moves with the old shoes. Right?

IE 8 On Its Own

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It seems that the technical support for the main Microsoft’s features remains its Achilles’ heel. We all remember the epic struggle to ensure support for the XP. Now, the Internet Explorer 8 is under the pressure. For what is worth, the Microsoft support team will be around for IE 8 for no more than 18 months. Why? What happened?

Well, Microsoft is already focusing its attention to the next version. And, that is the trouble with the curve in this case. Microsoft is eager to introduce the next version. On the other side, the outdated versions are left behind with no proper defense. This creates the security Eldorado for numerous hackers. No update – no protection.

Microsoft is obviously urging us to use IE 9 and 10, while the IE 11 is still in its kitchen. However, the number 8 is still present on 20% of all desktop computers. In addition, almost 6% of all Internet traffic goes through this web browser. And, this is how we got ourselves the XP trouble version for MS Internet Explorer.

So, what can we do about it? Why do not we apply the proven methods from the XP scenario? Microsoft can provide additional months or years of technical support for IE 8, if we are loud and stubborn enough. Therefore, warm up your fingers and share your concerns with friends on forums and MS official site. Why not?