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On Her Majesty’s Secret Cyber Service

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Although, it may remind you of a men’s magazine, the GCHQ is actually a very serious and influential British secret agency. So, what do these GCHQ Bond guys actually do? There are so many things they take care of online, for your eyes only. The primary target of the GCHQ’s activities is to influence and shape the public opinion.

How? Well, imagine James Bond with an IT degree. He spends day after day behind his computer fixing the number of likes for an important video on YouTube. Really? Are you disappointed a little bit or enormously? Unfortunately, there is nothing romantic about this new picture about our old hero. And, there is nothing we can do about it.

Forget about spontaneous and honest opinions and comments on the Internet, Facebook and numerous forums. Before you even blink someone has taken care for you what to think. Not to mention an entire army of professional forum commentators and contributors, who are trying to convince that they live in your neighborhood.

There are some dark cyber clouds over the Great Britain, as we write about this story. The government is eager to introduce new and severe laws about anti-hacking measures.The very privacy is under constant pressure and threat. The UK has to fight hard to be cyber safe and OK. We sure hope the GCHQ will not comment badly on this one.

Facebook “Like” and “Buy”

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Are you surprised? For some people it was only a matter of time before Facebook will become even more profit oriented. For what is worth, it seems that the ads are not enough to satisfy growing Facebook appetites for additional business opportunities. Now, you have it. Facebook with a purchase option.

In other words, the “buy” button has allowed Facebook to become more like Amazon. You can do a little bit of both making friends and enjoy shopping. For the time being, Facebook is satisfied with the test version of this option. However, it is only a matter of time when they are going to launch it full scale.

How are we supposed to feel about this one? Are we going to love or hate this option? That is the trouble with all major IT players. They keep looking for new options to earn extra. The question definitely worth asking for is at what cost? Do all of our Facebook friends need to know what we just bought.

Now, hand in hand with our privacy data our credit cards related information will move freely through Facebook cyber space. We all know that sooner or later it all comes down to money itself. However, is there a line we should not cross? Or, everything is allowed in the merciless game of big numbers and small people.

Unlimited Kindle

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Well, it is about time for Amazon to introduce something like this. A monthly subscription, which allows you access to literally hundreds of thousands of books and audio-books. What about the price? You will have to pay $9,99 for this intriguing opportunity. So, what can we expect in return?

More than 600,000 titles, that is for sure. And, we are talking about the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, The Lord of The Rings, and many others. As you can see, this is a fair game on behalf of Amazon. They are not giving you access to books that no one reads, but rather to some of the most wanted titles of all times.

Each of the books on Amazon will include an appropriate Unlimited notification. This is a nice opportunity for you to examine what exactly you can expect from the newly introduced feature. In addition, you are granted to the one month free trial. From the business perspective, how are we to interpret this Amazon’s decision?

The business has gone good or bad since you have decided to introduce a monthly subscription? Hard to tell, but we are certain that Amazon is quite good when it comes to math calculations and profit forecast. This one will definitely be a success for Amazon. The question is, what kind of a success is acceptable for Amazon?

Facebook Loves Shakira

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Well, that is not entirely true. We love Shakira, and Facebook only transfers our emotions in the right direction. More than 100 million people love Shakira on Facebook, which makes her to be the most popular celebrity on this social network with no true challenger. On the other side, she understands and appreciates what Facebook has done for her career.

The last World Cup in Brazil was a turning point for Shakira in terms of popularity on social networks. Her song “La La La”, which was an unofficial anthem of the Brazilian World Cup” brought her 100 million Facebook fans and more than 25 followers on Twitter. Not to mention that the video for this song has been seen on YouTube more than 250 million times.

This is an excellent example how you can use the popular social networks to your advantage, especially if you are an international music star such as Shakira herself. It is also worth mentioning that Shakira is very grateful to her Facebook fan base support. She expressed her gratitude with a Facebook special retrospective about her life and music.

What is the moral of this story? Well, if you have an amazing musical talent, it would be very nice to include some social networking skills. The combination of this talent and skills can easily turn out to be a win-win formula for your skyrocketing career. With no exaggeration, we can say the Internet can be the only band you will ever need.

Yahoo Ending

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Huh, this one is going to be a tricky one. We are talking about digital funerals in Japan. Are you still confused? Well, it is not an easy thing to explain this unparalleled and quite an extraordinary service for the recently deceased users. So, if you are a person, who wish to have a digital tombstone, all you have to do is to sign for a Yahoo Ending service.

What can you expect to get in return? All of your previous messages and recordings will be automatically sent to your loved ones, especially for this unfortunate event, which could not be avoided. In addition, you are absolutely free to do or include as a part of this service after your death. It may seem a little bit bizarre, but for the Japanese it is quite practical one.

If you put aside your personal feelings about this extremely controversial opportunity, we can examine one more important legal issue. What is happening with numerous and different online accounts of deceased people? Can we inherit them? Do we have a right to use them afterwards? As you can see, this is not as simple as it might have appeared to you at the beginning.

If we can express all of our feelings of joy and happiness online, why cannot we do the same with unfortunate events and losses? For some people the second scenario is completely unacceptable. Nevertheless, some things and habits will have to change sooner or later, this way or another. The digital wave is coming, and nothing and no one can stop it.

To Be Or Not Free, That is The Question

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It seems that the US major IT league players hit the European wall when it comes to regulations. You know Europeans, don’t you? They are all about regulations and rules. And, this is how we have the current situation with strict demands to remove “in-app” and “free” associated with apps. Why? What happened in the first place? Well, some phone bills were too hot to handle.

And, as you might have expected the wave after wave of critics eventually caused some legal consequences. Nowadays, as a result, both Google and Apple will think twice before they use a description “free” for any of the apps offered. Is this too rigorous? Or, it is something simpler and easier to understand and even justify?

Well, if you are a parent with children, who cannot imagine a single day without their smartphone, you have every reason to question “unauthorized” payments. Your children play, and you are the one to pay. What is wrong with this picture? Your approval is missing. Your kids do not have a clue what is going while they are playing their favorite games.

Apparently, an app is free, but the additional levels or features are not. Who can tell a difference, when there is an eye catching bolded title “free”? Now you got it. This is what this regulation mess is all about. Let it be, but let also clarify what is really free from A to Z. These rules could be nicely applied back in the USA. What do you think about that?

Google Smarty Pins

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Putting trivia on Google Maps. This is how it is called and what it eventually does. It is supposed to be fun and educational. Almost like a game. Or is it something more than just a game? Are we doing someone else’s job while answers Google’s questions. On the other side, does Google the great really needs our help on this one?

For what is worth, we have an opportunity to play, learn, and eventually, what seems to be the most important thing use the Maps themselves. This one is all about the miles. You start with one mile. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible before you reach the zero mile.

For each wrong answer you will lose some miles. For the right one you get some extra miles. If you make the right guess in the first 10 seconds with no hints you can count on some rewarding miles. As you can see there is more than enough to focus your attention on the map.

We sure hope that this is an innocent story. The last thing we need is a game that collects data for the advertising purposes. This is the last stronghold of our privacy. Our location. We should not give up on this one so easily and without a fight. Play it, but remind Google if you have to.

Kick Start Your Potato Salad

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There are so many KickStarter projects that can easily fit into the super-weight category. We are talking about millions of dollars worth life changing projects. They are definitely important, but this one is unadorably interesting. Zack Brown knows the secret of a successful KickStarter project.

Maybe, this one was intended to be no more than a joke. Nevertheless, the initial sum of only 10 bucks required for a simple potato salad gathered more than $35,000. This ratio of what was initially asked for and what was eventually achieved as a result is definitely a phenomena on KickStarter.

So, here comes our famous question. What is the moral of this story? Do we have to make a potato salad in order to get some extra cash? Is KickStarter extremely generous when it comes to crazy or funny projects? It is not very likely that you will get positive answers to the last two questions.

No matter how serious an economic crisis severe can be, it seems that the money itself is not much of a problem. You will get it sooner or later. The main thing is to come up with an idea that really works. Think about it the next time you wish for something. One last thing. Be careful what you wish for. You may get it after all.

Google vs The Skynet

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Here is a one, which can easily fit into the category the most serious pranks for the first April fools’ day. For what is worth, Google believes that its founding fathers should be spared when one day the machines take over our planet. Google executives should not be on the Terminator’s hit list.

Why? Well, Google guys believe that they have done more than enough for the well-being of the entire mankind. On the other side, there is a paradox in this one you are not likely to spot immediately. Maybe, Google has some other good deeds, which qualifies it for a Terminator’s best friend.

You have witnessed some of the very intriguing recent business moves in Google’s kitchen. What are they cooking with the takeover of robotics and satellite production facilities. Not to mention the impressive experiments with the Artificial Intelligence. Do these events ring any bells for you?

Maybe Google will face a similar situation doctor Frankenstein once experienced with his own creation. Skynet and Terminators to follow can easily tank their very existence to Google itself. Under these circumstances, it is not likely that the machines will turn against their creator. But, what about us?

Smart Bracelet

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Yes. Here comes a new member of our smart-this-smart-that club. Hold your horses this one has a very distinctive purpose, which is definitely more than just fun. to introduce you with a smart bracelet. It is for your kids and it is supposed to do so much more than just shining with nice colors.

Here is how it works. Your kid gets a nice looking bracelet. On your smartphone is an app to help you determine the exact location at any given moment. And, that is only the beginning. There is a microphone on the bracelet. Your kid can confirm his or her location. What if there is no answer back?

You can automatically and remotely turn on the microphone to hear what is happening around your kid. In addition, if the bracelet’s battery gets dangerously low, you will be notified immediately. The battery can work flawlessly for the period of 36 hours. More than enough for your kid to play outside, isn’t it?

The good news about the smart bracelet is that we can expect it very soon to hit the European market. For the time being only the kids in South Korea can use it. Here is one more possible application. You can use it for your pet, as well. The only thing left for you to do is to learn your dog to answer.