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Can You Rain Me Some Internet?

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If you happen to be in Sri Lanka, and you need to get online, then you should look up in the sky. Why? Because, there is a Google balloon, which is looking forward to share some of 3G Internet with you. One balloon for the whole Sri Lanka, id does not bad, at all.

Covering an entire continent, such as Africa or South America, is a completely different story. Yet, for what is worth, this is a huge achievement. For instance, Facebook Net Drones can cover an area of only 50 miles, give it or take. What about the time in the air?

We have to admit that performances are more or less the same in this field. Up to 100 days or 3 months in the air, this is all what you are going to get. On the other hand, this is only the beginning. We need to cover more land and stay airborne for much longer time.

Once, we can solve these two problems, we are ready to make a history. The ultimate goal is to cover the entire planet with the decent quality of Internet connection. Until then, we are still living in the stone age of progress, despite our shiny gadgets.

Facebook Eagle For The New Internet Legions

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Facebook concept of Internet for all, and cyber-justice for all, has its silent and highly effective “executor”. Its name is Aquila, and it is a drone. It can spend up to three months in the air, by feeding itself entirely and only on the generous sun energy. What can we expect in return?

Well, an area of 80 kilometers will get the Internet access, more or less. The trouble is how many of these cyber-eagles you need to cover the are of an entire country, or the entire continent. Africa, for instance. Yet, for what is worth, this is a great start for a revolutionary idea.

In the meantime, Facebook has to solve a couple of more important problems in this field, which has nothing to do with the technology itself. We are talking about the true motives for Facebook’s involvement. Are you ready for a huge disappointment?

If you want to use this drone-connection, you will be “gently” urged to access only Facebook apps and services. Yes, cyber boys and girls, this new Internet freedom comes with a price to pay to its “generous” provider. Sorry Facebook, but no hats off for this one. You do not deserve it, this time.


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Google is in its bigger-better-stronger mode, for sure. The second quarter has seen a profit increase of more than $2 billion compared to the same period in 2014. In addition, Google websites contributed to this increase with their own increase of 13%, including Nexus devices with a 17% increase.

The so-called Google click advertising was also a part of this money raining success with a 18% increase. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the number of busy little bees has also increased from 48,584 in 2014 to 57,148 in 2015. So, Google has nothing to worry about? Is that right?

When you get caught in a big game of huge numbers, then even the smallest financial earthquake can have the devastating consequences for your cyber-empire. What is going to happen when Google gets into the zone of single-digit percentages of its remarkable growth? We do not even dare to think or imagine.

In the meantime, Google has quite a few reasons to enjoy in its unparalleled success. On the other hand, we – the users have no other choice than to tremble while expecting what is going to be next Google’s priority, a new service or a new profit. There is no win-win situation for us and Google in this scenario.

Facebook South Africa

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Facebook has just opened its very first office in Africa. In South Africa, to be a little bit more precise. So, what is the big deal, you may ask? Well, in case you have not heard or read about it, the future of social networks, smartphones, and the entire IT industry, which strongly depends on the constant growth of new users is in the so-called third world countries.

In other words, if you want to find yourself new users and new income opportunities, you have no other choice than to travel to South America, Africa, South or East Asia. It is also worth mentioning that more than 50% of advertising profit for Facebook comes outside the USA and Europe. So, now you got it.

At the same time, when you examine these kinds of “unorthodox” business opportunities, you have to fight your own prejudices all the time. One of them is hidden in a simple question? Who and how is going to log on Facebook, when there are not enough computers or a stable Internet infrastructure in Africa?

Well, for what is worth, more than 80% of all Internet users in Africa use their mobile phones as the primary and only surfing tool. In addition, this extremely underrated and underestimated market has the biggest potential for the unparalleled growth and development in this field. Now, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Who Deleted Me On Facebook?

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The very name of this app says it all, doesn’t it? On the other hand, is this something you really want to know? From the moment you instal this app on both Android and IOS devices, including a Chrome extension, you can check what is happening with your Facebook friends.

Who has deleted you as a friend on Facebook? Who, among your friends, is no longer active on this social network? This app knows and says it all. You can see, who has no excuse for removing you from his or her list of Facebook friends. OK, now that we know, what are we supposed to do about it?

Are you going to use this app’s screenshots as an evidence in a potential dispute against your former Facebook friends? It is really hard to understand and justify. Isn’t it easier to write an SMS or Email, or to make a phone call? Do you need to ask an app, what is happening with your friends?

Maybe, the social networks have reshaped our social landscape, but we are accepting so many bizarre things associated with them. Is this app one of them? That is entirely up to you to decide. We have this ever present fear that one day, our only friends will be our precious gadgets.

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Here is a story about a website, which obviously understands how the World Wide Web truly works. Among the absolute and the crumbling overwhelming abundance of everything and anything that can be found online, there is still a way to intrigue people in an unusual way.

The creator of the has obviously hit the right nerve. How? Well, it turns out that we are striving for a little bit of exclusivity. That is exactly what this unorthodox website is all about. Can you even dare to guess, how it works?

Well, first of all, you have to stand in a line, and prepare yourself for a long waiting game. Once you find yourself on this website, you can spend no more than 60 seconds. Yes, you got that one right. You wait for days, if not even weeks, just to spend one minute on this website.

Is it worth it? Well, you have to wait so long to see for yourself first-hand. The creator of this exclusive website is actually brutally honest. There is nothing special about it. Then, why so many people patiently wait in a line just to get there for one minute? This is obviously a great cyber mystery.

New Logo Old Faces

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Have you heard the latest news or seen it already with your own eyes? Yes, it is a change of epic proportions for Facebook. Yes, cyber boys and girls, Facebook have a new logo. So, beware of this tremendous change, which may influence your social life in quite an unprecedented way.

So far, we have had blue letters and the white background. From now on, we will see white letters and the blue background. The most important change is associated with the letter “a”. So, pay a particular attention to it. Do not worry, the essential letter “f” will remain all the same.

To tell you the truth, you should be extremely careful when Facebook changes its policies, for more than obvious reasons. With all due respect, these cosmetic changes in design will not change a thing of hos we use this social network. Are we exaggerating or telling the truth?

Some cyber-brands are so powerful that they can be completely redesigned with no fear that these changes may influence their success. The same goes for Facebook, as well. We would like to be spared from these life changing announcements in the future, if possible. How about you?