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Viber Forever Free

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You have to fight each and any single day. The overwhelming abundance of available apps can sometimes be an annoying thing. With so many options and apps to choose from, no wonder you feel completely lost and even frustrated. Viber is one of these cyber temptations.

You have probably wondered, what is going to happen with this extremely popular app? Who is going to own it next among the major IT league? What is very likely to change? When is going to disappear and completely transform under the crumbling advertising pressure?

Well, we have some good news for you. From what we know for sure, Viber is going to stay just the way it is, for as long as you want to be. We do not know how, but Viber is going to resist all financial temptations. There will be no ads. Most importantly, you won’t have to pay for it.

Maybe, we are just too optimistic, and the busy little bees in Viber are naive after all. We are going to wait and see, what is the most probable scenario when Viber gets its first “indecent proposal” for a different kind of business takeover. Until then, enjoy as much as you can.

How To Boost Your WiFi With A Beer Can?

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Does it have to be a beer can? Can we use a Coca-Cola can? Oh dear, so many questions and so much of rocket science. We are not quite sure whether or not your WiFi prefers beer or cola, but one thing is certain. The material used for cans has a strong boosting impact on your signal strength.

You should have known by now that we are not a traditional know-how tech blog. However, every now and then, we just cannot help ourselves admiring the simplicity and effectiveness of some practical ideas. If you want to know more, just Google Beer-Can-WiFi-Booster.

On the other hand, we can tell you first-hand from our own rich experience that managing your office or home WiFi network can really be quite a challenge. Even if you call for a professional support to the rescue, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the number of things that can limit your WiFi.

So, what is the moral of our today’s story? You should drink beer, if you want to ensure the flawless WiFi in your home or office. Well, this is not necessarily true. However, you should keep an open mind for ridiculous ideas, which can have amazing positive effects. Right?

New Logo, Old Google

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Great. Just the thing, we needed the most. Right? Google has changed its logo. One more time. And, we feel better already. And, our brave new cyber-world has become a better place. Maybe this is a good and an inspiring thing for Google, but for us the mortals, the business will be as usual.

Google marketing machinery is going to be as merciless as always. Our privacy is going to be under a tremendous pressure, as always. Actually, nothing is going to change with a new logo. As a matter of facts, we have every reason to worry that something more serious is taking place in the background.

Have we forgotten about the Alphabet change? Google has grown so much that it has to take a new organizational form. Maybe this is not such a good comparison, but the good old SkyNet in the latest Terminator movie has a new name. It is the same villain, but in a new package.

Can we apply the same to Google? We do not dare to say it, but we are not convinced not to think about it, every now and then. And, we are where we are right now, with this new logo. Enjoy it, cyber boys and girls, while you still can. Who knows what is going to happen next? Right?

Google OnHub On Priorities

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Google is working on something useful, you are certainly going to be grateful for, called OnHube.  So, what is this Google newbie OnHube all about? Well, in plain English, this is a smart router. Why should you need a smart router in your home, in the first place? Well, here is an obvious reason.

This smart router can organize your WiFi infrastructure and traffic at home. You probably have dozen of devices, which require the Internet at all time, but not with the same intensity. This is a problem Google has volunteered to fix. Google will set WiFi priorities on your behalf.

You will get the most optimal Internet speed for your most used devices, when you need it the most. When you put it like this, it really sounds like a good plan. Yet, it is in our nature to introduce some of the dark clouds of doubt. What is going to happen with our privacy?

It is a well-known fact that our home is our last line of defense. It would be a dumb thing to allow smart devices to occupy our homes. Who says that Google is not going to use this smart router for advertising purposes. Thank you, but no thank you Google, we are good just the way we are.

The World Of Mbps

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Have you ever wondered about a continent or a country with the fastest Internet on our planet? Probably you were, more than once. Yet, when it comes to this intriguing field, you just cannot avoid huge surprises. The first one is the global average speed of “only” 5 Mbps.

Now, you should know that there is only one country, which can guarantee an average speed greater than 20 Mbps for its citizens, and that is South Korea. What is even more interesting is a fact that only six countries in the whole world have an average above or very close to 15 Mbps.

Here they are: Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, and Swiss with “only” 14.9 Mbps. On the other side, the snail Net lives, as you might have expected it, in South America and Africa. So, what are we supposed to think about these statistics? Are they good or bad?

Well, we are missing one invaluable piece of the complex puzzle for our final judgment. What is going on with all those billions of people, who still do not have any kind of the Internet access, in the first place? We are worrying about the top Net speed, despite the dark Internet corners of our planet. Seriously?

The 15% Of Cyber Darkness

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It is a little bit hard to believe that in a country, which gave us so many recognizable symbols of the brave new digital age, almost 15% of people does not use or have the proper access to the World Wide Web. Yes, cyber boys and girls, we are talking about America.

Why? This is the most important question to ask about those 15%, who still live in the cyber darkness. Compared to 2000, when almost 48% of Americans was not using the Internet, this is a huge improvement. However, it is obviously not enough.

On the other hand, this is not something you can change over night. Yet, you just cannot help yourself wondering and asking the same question, all over again. Why? Well, for one third of those infamous 15%, there is simply no point in using the Internet. Seriously?

The other third simply cannot afford such a “luxury” called the Internet. Finally, the remaining third is too old to learn new tricks. Those are undoubtedly some pretty pessimistic answers. Only one third can be “cured”. How sad, indeed. Let us collect some money for the US citizens, who still want to use the Net.

The Age of Net Ads

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The busy little bees in Warc have done a nice homework. We knew that the Internet both rock and rules. However, we did not know that the Internet is so powerful, already. There is only one field to exercise your muscles of influence. Can you guess what it is?

Well, we are talking about its majesty the advertising itself, what else? According to the most recent estimates of numerous Warc analysis, we have every reason to expect that Internet advertising is going to overthrow the unquestionable primacy of the TV advertising in 2016.

This is going to be a tremendous change, undoubtedly. The advertising ground is going to shake like never before. Once the Internet advertising sets its foot in the profit door, there is no way of stopping it. It is going to win, take and rule it all, for the advertising eternity.

So, what is this supposed to mean for the future of advertising? Well, you should orientate your funds toward the cyber-space, that is for sure. This is the only advertising investment, which is going to pay off, for sure. Your good old TV is thinking about retirement. This is how it has to be.