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The Crazy A

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So, how do you like to call it? The “@”. It is such an inevitable symbol we take for granted by default. For the absolute majority of nations and cultures the monkey is the very thing to cross the mind. In numerous forms and variations, of course. The monkey tail, very often. Or, the little monkey, which is a simpler form.

For some people this is a crazy letter A. Yet, it seems that we are completely unaware that this is an ancient symbol. Long before the computers begin to roam the planet this funny letter was doing its homework. Where and for whom? Believe it or not, the monks in the sixth century used it for some other things.

The @ was used to make a clear distinction between the Latin phrases such as “ad” and “AD”, which was a huge deal back then. Why have we decided to use it again centuries later for something quite different? This is at least to say a mystery, but it works just fine. This is how the little monkey has become our best friend.

What is the moral of this story? Well, we could not find one that would be suitable at this moment. How about you? Any ideas? For what is worth, let us question some of the most recognizable concepts in our good old cyber world. We would be surprised for sure what is there waiting for us to find it.

The Most Expensive Games Of All Times

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There is a parallel Hollywood for gamers and gaming. They have virtual superstars, and what is even more important they have the fascinating production budgets. This is what captured our attention. Unless you are not a gaming fanatic, or even if you really are, there is no way you can guess what is going on here.

The production budget for the top three games includes more than one billion dollars. Yes, you heard this information well. The latest versions of the Destiny, GTA and Call of Duty had the one billion dollar budget, when combined together. The Destiny alone almost $500 millions. What does it mean?

This makes the Destiny to be the most expensive game in our history. There is no Hollywood blockbuster movie that can match the Destiny with its production budget. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that gaming is not an industry. This is an empire. And, here is one more interesting fact.

So far, we have witnessed a trend that Hollywood borrows stories from the most popular games for its movies. Now, for the very first time one gaming company will create a movie about its own game. The Blizzard is apparently very close to making a full length movie about the World of Warcraft. The games have begun, for quite some time.


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We are not surprised. We are not surprised at all. Let us be honest with ourselves for a change. It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with an idea such as this one. The only thing left to do now is to create the fully independent national Internet. Why Russian version of Wikipedia?

Well, this is a completely unnecessary question to ask. Pay attention to what is going on in Ukraine, and all will become crystal clear for you. On the other hand, this does not have to be necessarily bad. Who are we daring to say something blasphemous, such as this? Well, the situation is quite a critical one.

The Wikipedia has quite a few problems of its own. The moderators on Wikipedia have deeply involved in something that already has an official title the Wiki-wars. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has become one of the least likable places for your search of the truth. We are fabricating the truth on Wikipedia, aren’t we?

The Balkanization syndrome is all around us. The brave new cyber world will be its first victim, that is for sure. We will nationalize the Internet and all of its most distinctive features. We will try to come up with the local versions of all major online services. Oh dear, we are about to ruin the best thing that happened in our history.

Google + NASA = ?

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Google in space. Not metaphorically, but literally. You probably know that Google has acquired some of the companies, which specialize in satellite and drone production. Just like Facebook, Google itself is interested in spreading the word of the Internet even to the most remote points of our globe.

Yet, with this one, it has gone a little bit further. For what is worth, Google will rent and then eventually invest in one of the NASA’s facilities. We are talking about a symbolic start, with the long term and significant consequences. For the beginning, Google needs a place to launch its satellites into space.

What can we expect next? Again, there is this pessimistic parallelism with the SkyNet and Terminator concept. For the time being, we should not worry that much. The worst thing that can happen to us is for Google satellites and drones to bomb us with ads, rather than the real rockets. Acceptable?

We sure hope there is some adventurous spirit left in Google among all of the ads and marketing oriented things. Maybe, we will live long enough to witness a discovery of some new Google called planet. Why not? The one to find can call it as one likes the most. The final countdown for Google has just begun.

Facebook vs China

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Relax it has nothing to do with the recent privacy or censorship concerns. We are after some impressive statistics here. Did you know that Facebook has more users compared to the entire population of China? Let us be a little bit more precise, shall we? Facebook is somewhere around 1,35 billion users.

On the other hand, China has 1,367 billion people. We should take into account the fluctuations of users on Facebook itself. For what is worth, this impressive number of 1,35 billion includes only the users l, who log at least once in a month. The number of users, who log daily is considerably smaller.

Somewhere around 840 million. Yet, this is still much higher compared to the population in Europe with 750 million people. So, does this story of ours has a moral, in the first place? If so, what could it be? Well, despite all pessimistic predictions good old Facebook is stronger than ever. And that is not all.

Its new estimated worth is more than $200 billion. It seems that Facebook is going to stay around for quite some time. You can hate or love it, but you cannot simply neglect these impressive numbers. So, what is next? Remind us, how many people live on our planet at this moment? All of them future Facebook users.

Google Chrome And The Others

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Every now and then, it is a nice thing to examine the statistics. Why? Just to see what is going online, for real. Sometimes, we can be surprised with the findings. This is exactly what happened with the most recent survey about the most popular web browser. In this case your personal preferences do not have much of an influence.

Almost one person out of the two average Internet users chooses the Google Chrome with not much of a thinking. Now, you see that when we say Google Chrome and the others, we are not exaggerating too much. Not even for the Internet Explorer we cannot say that it breathes down the Chrome’s neck.

It turns out that Mozilla Firefox and Opera are the biggest disappointments. Mozilla is still struggling, while Opera has entered the dark zone of the statistical error. Who is to blame for things not being the same? Really hard to say. Web browsers are the Google’s heart and soul, especially for marketing purposes.

On the other side, if someone is serious about claiming the web browsers’ throne, he or she will have to revolutionize something in this field. Otherwise, there is no other option for the newbies in this field than to end up in the “others” category. That is a large category, and that is for sure.

The Craziest Things We Ask Google

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Thanks to the busy little bees from the Australian Search Factory we have a unique opportunity to examine the most unbelievable and unusual things people like to ask Google. Our poor old Google has to suffer all of these painfully annoying and surprisingly trivial questions. Who are we to judge after all?

Maybe, for someone it is extremely important to find out the real truth about the Santa Clause. Is Lady Gaga actually a man? It is a little bit hard to comprehend such a curiosity and fascination with the man’s nipples. The next thing you know, there is an international reunion of the broken hearts on Google.

This list can go on and on. Believe it or not, some people even ask Google how to use Google in the first place. We have one of the richest virtual libraries in the entire human history, and we want to know how to get away with a murder. Even worse, how to hide a body after committing a crime.

We do not deserve better as a species. We claim to be the most intelligent and advanced species in the entire history of our planet. How disappointing. Maybe, the next question should be: how to ask Google something smart and useful for a change? This question may easily confuse the Google. That is for sure.

YouTube, YouWatch, YouPlay

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Yes, these are the new rules on YouTube. The seconds that matter are now treated differently. If you want to access your favorite content on YouTube with no further delay, you will have to pay for it. Otherwise, you will have to suffer the long wrath of short video ads. Was this really necessary to impose on the YouTube users?

It looks like a fair choice, but it is not. Maybe, the service provider has to find a way to deal with commercial pressure with no need to damage its users in any way. This way the defeat before the crunching embrace of ads has been admitted. Even the Google itself cannot do a thing against the ads.

The consequences are more severe then you may think. What is next? Someone will offer us at some point in time the ads free Internet, but at what cost? Unfortunately, there is no such a thing as the free service on the Internet. You will pay either with your money or your privacy. You give money or you give data.

Both YouTube and Google should be fully aware that we are very close to the point of no return. One of the least acceptable consequences for both parties would be to witness a boycott of the services themselves. Or, we will how some new Tube takes its place free of ads. Until it grows and then we will have the same ad trouble again.


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Among so many important days in our eHistory, two of them stand apart for a proper reason. Let us mark and remember October 29th, 1969 and April 30th, 1993. Why? The first date witnessed the very first eMail being sent into the world. For what is worth, this eMessage failed to reach its destination.

Yet, the first try is all that matters now. The second date marks the day when the World Wide Web became alive. Both of these dates were essential for the history of the Internet as we know it today. However, we embrace the second one as the “official” birthday of the World Wide Web or the Internet itself.

When you look back and realize that decades, not only years have passed, what is your first impression or feeling? How much we have achieved in a relatively short period of time? Or, how quickly you can move in the world of the cyber inventions? Probably both. The great and brave world, indeed.

What is with the bitter tone? Maybe, it is about time for us to introduce the additional third date to celebrate our dear old Internet? How about a date when we decided to do something about our privacy on the Internet? Would not that be a sight worth witnessing first-hand? So, what are we waiting for?

From Zero To Hero, From Hero To…

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Has Google ever experienced so many grounds shaking personal changes in such a short time frame? Andy Rubin is out, and Sundar Pichai is in. Who is who, and why is this so important? Well, we are not up to using words such as the father, mother or grandpa when we describe the relation to the certain concept.

Yet, in this case, we have no other choice than to notice some very indicative and interesting things. After almost a decade Andy Rubin, who has introduced the Android as a humble startup, is now up to the new challenges outside the Google itself. On the other side, there is a new rising star.

Sundar Pichai is to embrace the numerous responsibilities for so many things, which will determine the very future of Google. Someone has given an excellent observation about these two main Google letters of different color. If you want to create something from nothing, Andy is someone to call for such a task.

On the other hand, if you wish to protect your empire and eventually spread it one step at the time, Sundar is the man you should call. So, what is going to happen next with the Google itself? It seems that the empire will remain still for a while. It is easier to invent the new concept, than to find a man to reinvent the world.