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The Cyber Thorn Called Revenge Porn

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Sometimes it is good to change your rigid and notorious policies, if someone’s life can be less miserable thanks to these measures. That is exactly what Google is doing with the so-called revenge porn material, which is undoubtedly one of the worst things you can experience online.

So, what is Google’s plan here? Well, for what is worth, Google has issued a special form for these painful and embarrassing cases. You have to request removal of a damaging video or explicit pictures, with your note that they are made public without your knowledge or approval.

It comes without saying that the very best protection in these cases is to simply keep it to yourself and your partner. Do you really need to digitize your intimacy at all costs? This is a truly lucky circumstance that Google is willing to offer a cyber-helping-hand in these cases.

So, what is the moral of this explicitly disturbing story? Love is supposed to be a secret and above discrete thing. If you have no other than to break up, then take it like a true gentleman or a lady. There is really no need to share your intimacy with the whole world or Google. Right?

The World Wide What?

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It will only take five minutes of your precious online time. Look for the Founders Forum’s video that matches our post’s title. The world without the Internet. Oh dear, it is a dreadful thought. No one can live without it. Not even the fighters of the Islamic State, who are fighting the evils of the Western Empire.

It is lovely and certainly enjoyable to make funny videos, which will examine our cyber-reality we take for granted from a completely different perspective. However, it is not recommended to drop a thing here and there. What about the sweet, but annoying thing called privacy? Any thoughts?

Did you know that frustrated and worried Germans are buying the outdated typing machines like crazy. Why? They are deeply concerned about their endangered and irreparably compromised privacy. There are some voices that are discussing the extremely controversial idea.

Going out of the caves was a bad idea. Seriously? Just give it a serious thought for a moment, will you? No privacy concerns. No pollution. No bureaucracy.  No financial problems. No smartphones. Wait, what was that? No smartphones? No, we do not have a deal. Forget about this cave thing.

You Email – You Pay

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Here is an outstanding idea, which illustrates how some busy little innovative bee truly understands all the troubles of our brave new cyber world. How about an email This is a new email service provider, which give you something unprecedented and unique like no other.

So, what is the catch with this one? Well, this email service charge people for all emails they are sending to you. It may sound a little bit unorthodox, but you can rest assured that there quite a few people interested to use it. So, what is the purpose of this email, which works like a cash machine?

We have every reason to believe that someone is going to think twice before sending you an email, which is not necessary. Some people get hundreds of unwanted emails on a daily basis, literally. Sometimes, you can lose hours by managing your inbox, which is ready to explode.

This does not have to be a one way street. Your friends can use this service, as well. Now, you will think twice before sending a meaningless email. What is going to happen to the money itself? You are to choose. The inventors are suggesting a charity. Our hats off to this brilliant solution.

The Biggest Advertising Shock – The Adblock

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We live in the great-brave-new-cyber-world, but what is there for us, for real? Do you have this weird cyberpunk feeling that our very purpose is to be used as a food for the machines, this way or another? No wonder one of the biggest cyber terrors comes from the advertisers themselves.

Can we live in the world free of ads? Is an efficient and reliable adblocker only an urban myth? Just look around you what is going on with some of the most popular services you have ever had a chance of using. YouTube gives you a new option pay to play. Are you going to accept it?

There is no win-win for an average user in an imminent epic conflict with the advertising machine. There is only a lose-lose scenario. Why? If you want to enjoy yourself an ad-free content, then you have to pay for this luxury. Otherwise, you are going to pay with your time or your nerves.

We need to wait and see, how the advertising empire is going to strike back. For the time being we put all of our hopes and dreams in the promising thing called ad-blocker. We sure hope that we are not going to live through the Matrix movie for real, where instead of machines you fights ads.

Who’s To Prevail? Gmail!

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What’s an annual conference without innovations to impress and statistics to show off? At this year’s Google conference, we could hear some impressive things about this ever growing cyber empire. Chrome has already reached one billion users. What is with Gmail?

Well, this email service still “struggles” somewhere around 900,000 million. Yet, only three years ago Gmail had “only” 425 busy little bees in its cyber-hive. If this is not enough for you, then you should check the competitors. As far as Google is concerned Grandpa Microsoft is still in 2012. Why?

Because Outlook has no more than 475 million users. On the other hand, the biggest surprise of them all is a proud email pioneer called Yahoo. It is really hard to believe that Yahoo had a little bit over 100 million users in December, 2014. So, the math itself just could not be more obvious.

On the one side, you have Gmail service, while on the other side, you have the rest of the email world. When all other available email services combine forces they cannot match Gmail. This is not a game of Monopoly, but rather a merciless cyber survival. Who is going to be last service standing?

Internet of Things – New Gold Rush Begins

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Nothing like the smell of the newly printed dollar bills inspires innovation and development in the cyberspace. By the end of 2020, the IoT – Internet of Things market is going to triple in size. Let us put it in the other more understandable way. There $1,700 billion reasons waiting for you.

Yes, cyber boys and girls, the Internet of Things concept is already in the trillion dollar zone. That is why you do not have to guess twice what is the moral of this story, do you? Those, who want to become instant millionaires, have no other choice than to catch up with this IoT, one way or another.

In case you are a little bit confused about the proper definition for the Internet of Things, we have a word of advice that can ease your pain. Every single device with a direct integrated access to the Internet or a living being with a smart implant qualifies to become a part of the IoT family.

Now you see that a comparison to a gold rush of our modern times does not seem bad at all. We sure hope that our health and life duration expectancy are going to improve significantly thanks to these smart things. We believe that all corners of the world will have a decent Internet access. Too much to ask?

Chrome One Billion At Home

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It is official. This year’s Google Conference announced that Chrome has reached a one billion milestone. More than one billion Chrome users. That is really impressive. However, that is not impressive to claim the throne of the browser’s empire. Is one billion enough for Google?

Well, here is an illustration. In 2012, Gmail had around 425 million users. Nowadays, we are talking about an army of almost 900 million busy little Gmail birds. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that Chrome is not going to stop or take a break at this eye-catching number.

On the other hand, Google is already deep into the prep process for the mobile tsunami. The growing number of smartphones has made Google to adopt a new policy. Mobile friendly way or the highway. Your website will have to show its friendly mobile face, or you can forget about favorable search results.

That is why it is nice to have one billion faithful online followers, but is more important to ensure the mobile supremacy. Otherwise, before you know it some new kid on the block can jump in your browser seat. This is not a mission impossible. There are no underdogs in the cyber world.