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Hello, Firefox Hello

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Who or what is Firefox Hello? That is Mozilla’s Skype. Do we really need one more Skype in an endless sea of more or less similar apps? Well, it seems that there are some busy little bees in Mozilla, who have decided to offer something different and interesting at the same time. So, what is Firefox Hello all about?

Imagine a chat or call feature integrated into your Firefox browser. Would not that be a lovely thing to have and use? No need to log or install a special app. Now, you got the whole picture. This kind of a Hello can really shake the IT ground. You are offering something, which is simpler to use.

You do not have to guess twice that Microsoft is not going to be thrilled with this sudden and quite an unorthodox competition. This is undoubtedly an intriguing and original concept. Let us wait and see, how it is going to work in the real cyber life. There are quite a few practical questions to be solved.

How you are going to contact your friends? Can you save your conversations? There are so many things we are eager to test ourselves. Either way, this is a strong encouragement for all of you dreamers out there. Who could have thought that it would be possible to talk and chat in your browser? Keep dreaming.

Neubauer Bau Tetris

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If you know some basic words from the German vocabulary, then the last name Neubauer definitely rings a bell. Jonas Neubauer is the four-time world champion, when it comes to the Tetris game. Now, let us find some obvious symbolism in its last name. Neu is new, and Bauer is a builder.

Tetris is all about building blocks. So, it could not possibly ask for a champion with a more suitable name. For this young man Tetris is more than just a game, it is a way of living. Yes, it sounds like a boring phrase, but there are a couple of things we can sure learn from this humble world champion.

In the first place, he never rushes the blocks down. For him, every single block has its perfect position, which is a unique match. All you have to do is to find it. Neubauer looks at blocks in his head in the slow motion mode, as if he is in the Matrix movie. This is something we can try to use in our lives.

The message is quite a simple one. Each element, thing and person has its perfect position in our life. All what is required from us is to find it. Neubauer practices this unique life philosophy every single day. This is something definitely worth remembering. It is about time for you to match your blocks.

Legal Torrent An Important Moment

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Who says that torrents have to be necessarily bad and copyright unfriendly. BitTorrent has done an intriguing thing by launching the new service Bundle. This is completely legitimate service for selling the author’s work, in the first place music. The results are more than impressive and surprising.

The honor of trying this service for the first time was given to former Radiohead Thom Yorke. His album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes has already been sold in more than one million copies. The symbolic price of only $6 and strong Radiohead brand with the BitTorrent support have proven to be a successful combination.

The most surprising thing is the BitTorrent users reaction to this legal offer, which asked for a payment. It seems that torrent users are after the quality content, regardless of the fact you have to pay for it or not. BitTorrent has probably thought for a moment, why not taking an advantage of the situation?

There is no need to fight torrent websites. When you offer something interesting for more than an affordable price you simply demotivate the people to download it for free. Maybe, we are witnessing the beginning of the new torrent era. If you cannot beat them, join them. How hard can it be? Right?

Attach Me Some Money Please

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It is only a matter of time when we would be able to use Facebook for payments. The intriguing thing would be to send money by including it in a message you are sending to your friend. It is an extremely simplified way of looking at delicate things, but it eventually comes down to this feature.

The only drawback, we are currently aware about, is the opportunity to use only debit cards, but not the credit cards, as well. On the other hand, you just cannot avoid asking yourself a simple question. Why Facebook needs to mess up with the payment trouble in the first place? Is it worth it, for real?

It comes without saying that Facebook is a fascinating money making machine. For what is worth, we do not have to guess twice that Facebook is doing just fine in business terms. The advertising opportunities are increasing at an unprecedented speed and volume. Now, that is not enough, obviously.

It seems that social networks and the major online services keep pushing the limits of our patience. Sooner or later, someone will have to say enough is enough. Both privacy and profit begin with the same letter, but they end up quite differently when it comes to the quality of our life. Are you going to like this one?

(R)Evolution Desk

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The busy little bees in the Harvard Innovation Lab have done quite a remarkable job. Sometimes, we take all cyber benefits for granted. It is almost as we have been surrounded with so many shiny and cozy gadgets from the beginning of time. The truth is, we live in the world that has gone through a tremendous change.

Take one of the most common things you both see and use on a daily basis. Your own working desk. You have a nice looking picture, which can be described as Desk 1974 vs Desk 2014. Are you surprised or amazed? Or both? So, what happened to our good old and crowded working desk?

Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself, do you? Over the time, each of the things you can see on the photo’s left side was “eliminated” by the newly developed devices. This is how each of the real things you can touch with your fingers was digitized into the appropriate icon.

At the end of the day, all what can be found on your modern desk is only your laptop, or even less only your smartphone. With so many functions, which it can provide successfully, your smartphone is definitely the small world within. Can you dare to guess how your desk will look 40 years from now?

Google Glass Undercover Blues

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Maybe it is nice to be a Hollywood cop, but being a cop in Dubai is definitely an extraordinary experience. This is a place where dreams come true for every cop. First of all, you can use a Lamborgini as your police car. And, it gets even better. For the cops in Dubai Google Glasses are the standard equipment.

When you do not have any problems with the budget, you can afford yourself lots of useful things. Google Glass is definitely among them. Dubai has the true state of the art face recognition systems. With the introduction of Google Glass on the streets, the sky itself will be the only limit for Dubai police.

Dubai police force plans to introduce Google Glass for both detective and traffic police units. We have every reason to believe that the Google guys behind the Google Glass project are thrilled with this news. Finally, someone who is willing to use their product for other things than playing and fun.

On the other hand, the residents of Dubai have quite a few reasons to be worried about the possible implications associated with their privacy. The temptation is too big to ignore. You can use Google Glass to identify and track your political opponents during the protests, for instance. Will they do it?

The Anti-Facebook

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You know how it goes, don’t you? For every action there is an opposite reaction. And for every matter, there is supposed to be an antimatter. Right? Can we apply these rules to social networks, as well? It seems that we can. The new social network is called the Ello. It is absolutely ads-free. Is this enough?

Apparently it is. The number of new users is skyrocketing as we speak. They seem to like the very idea behind this unorthodox social network. On the other side, every now and then we can expect something like this to happen. When you are extremely popular, you can expect an “incident” here and there.

Is Ello only an incident? Something we need to use while being angry at Facebook. Or something more serious? We are not saying that Facebook itself will necessarily meet its inglorious end with the introduction of Ello. We are just asking, maybe the time has come for our good old social networks to evolve?

Who is shaping who? We the social networks, or the social networks we? Let us wait and see for how long the Ello will be able to say a Hello to its new users. Maybe that is all what we need to say one simple Hello to the people we know with no ads or complicated rules and with the full respect of our privacy.

Full Screen Android Ads

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Can they do that? Unfortunately, yes they can, and there is nothing we can do about it. Google is dead serious about this new way of running the ad stuff. It seems that the current Android ads are not effective enough. Unless you do not have it all over the screen, it is just like you do not have in the very first place.

The trouble with the curve in this story is definitely larger than the smartphone’s life. Maybe, this is the turning point. Either Google will find a way to earn even more or the entire greedy ad system will collapse. Enough is enough, and Google definitely does not need some extra profit desperately.

New technologies are supposed to bring new ways of earning. It is so discouraging to see how the leader in the field of innovations finds a way to earn more, which cannot be associated with the manners of a true cyber knight. So, what is going to happen next? How far we are from the full screen Android ads?

Well, as always it is all up to us. If we go silent on this one, then Google will come up with something even worse. Who knows? Maybe, the future ads will literally jump out of our smartphones. We the users, are the very reason for the smartphones to exist in the first place. The same goes for the ads, as well.

Cyber Kids – Off The Secure Grids

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Do you know what your children are doing online, all the time? This question is supposed to make you think about another problem for a change. Reckless cyber kids do not present a threat only to themselves, but also to their parents, as well. As always, Kaspersky Lab has some depressive statistics.

It seems one in five cyber troubles we experience can be associated with our children and their online activities with no proper supervision. You know how it goes, don’t you? The unexpected and unwanted phone bills, loss of data, annoying online ads, malware, and other “results” of the kids’ activities.

On the other hand, we could not help noticing an intriguing paradox in this story. Our kids are extremely cyber literate. Even before they learn to walk and speak, they know how to play video games and surf online. And yet, they are surprisingly unaware of all cyber threats and potential risks.

Who is to blame? Well, the parents themselves should do some cyber security 101 for beginners. On the other side, the kids should learn some extra stuff about the cyber world. If they can learn how to play their favorite games, they can certainly learn how to avoid some of the most common cyber threats.

My Kingdom For A Horse Or WiFi

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One thing is more than certain. If Richard III is to appear suddenly, he would not have a single dilemma what he needs the most. Instead of a horse, he would have gladly traded his kingdom for a WiFi access code. How about you? In your hour of need, what you are willing to give for a WiFi password?

According to the at least to say controversial survey conducted by the F-Secure, some people are willing to give away their own children in exchange for the WiFi. Yes, the question was hypothetical, but it does not mean it is less problematic. Do not even ask what people are willing to give away voluntarily.

That is not the worst part of this intriguing story. We are ready to access the Internet in a surprisingly reckless way. We do not even want to know about the safety of these networks. All we need is the free Internet, regardless of the potential dangers and real costs. Does it really have to be this way?

Until we change, there are no other options available. It seems that the biggest threat related to our cyber security is hidden in our minds. How hard could it be? To connect or not to connect that is the question. What a lovely cyber security dilemma. Completely worthy of our good old Shakespeare.