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#2 Made In China

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The busy little cyber bees from China are up to something serious. First, we had an epic battle for the number two position at the very top of the smartphone empire, which is very likely to be won by the so-called Chinese Apple Xiaomi. Now, the silver medal among search engines goes to China.

It is official, Baidu is the second most popular search engine in the world. Although, Google is still the indisputable ruler with more than 60% of the market share, Bing is no longer number two. Baidu is reaching for the significant 20% ratio. The 20% leftovers, more or less, are reserved for Bing and Yahoo.

What is this supposed to mean? Made in China will rule the cyber-world. We used to say, it is only a matter of time. Well, the time has come. The time is now. Hollywood has already moved to China. No need for the major IT players to hesitate, when it comes to picking a new terrain. Any word of advice?

You should learn some Chinese. You know, some basic vocabulary. It will definitely come in handy. The next thing you know, you will be holding a Xiaomi smartphone and you will googling something in Baidu. Does it really matter, as long as it gives you what you really want? How do you say hello in Chinese?

Paul Walker Lives

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Have you seen the latest Furios #7? Well, you should. This one is so different. Extremely emotional. Although, it has already earned more than one billion dollars worldwide, it is going to be remembered because of the tragic death of its leading star Paul Walker. He had to live for a moment longer.

How? The CGI took care of it. The busy little bees, who brought us Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings and Caesar in The Planet Of The Apes, made sure that Paul appears throughout the movie in a smooth way. For this specific and challenging purpose they were using the images of his younger brothers.

In addition, they had really done miracles with the computer generated images. You cannot really tell a difference, because Paul was killed in the middle of the production process. We were fully aware that Paul was not around in person, but the magic of the big screen was too overwhelming.

For what is worth, we do not feel tricked. If we can trick the death itself, even for a couple of minutes, then we have done something really great. The digital world will make sure that Paul is immortalized. Our hats off and our tears out for this epic battle between our mortal shells and immortal wishes.

VHS Nostalgia

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Do you still have some old VHS tapes? This may be a little bit hard to believe, but you may be sleeping on money without knowing it in the first place. On the other hand, if you think that this is nothing more than one more recycled recycle-and-get-rich scheme, then you just could not be more wrong.

There are no precious metals in them, that is for sure. Their content is the most valuable thing they have. Forget about the digital era, the nostalgia rules. Believe it or not, some people are ready to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a “true” feeling that only the outdated ancient tapes can give them.

You know how it goes, don’t you? The older your things become, the more valuable they are. We are not necessarily implying that you should invent a time machine, but better think twice before you throw away some old dusty things. You never know what is going to happen with them in the future.

Just make sure they are still functional. The very reason why we had to invent the CDs was the fragile character of the VHS types, in the first place. Do you remember? Here is our word of advice to you. Keep enjoying all the digital benefits, but do not throw away all technical antiques so easily. Right?

How To Make $2,4 Million In 24 Minutes?

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We do not have to ask you 24 times, do you want to hear the answer to this question, do we? Well, it turns out that all you have to do is to read the right tweet at the right moment. The next thing you know, you will be a few million dollars richer. Here is what happened to one Wall Street busy little bee.

The true story goes that this lucky guy somehow got a tweet about Intel’s intention about buying the company called the Altera. As a direct result of this Twitter news, the market value of the Altera skyrocketed in the matter of hours for almost 30%. Can you guess what was left for this guy to do?

First, you buy, and then you sell the shares, which gained some additional financial weight in the meantime. In this case, we are talking about the pure profit of more than millions of dollars. We are not quite sure, but this tweet about Intel and Altera is probably the most expensive in the Twitter history.

We are not implying that you should keep your eyes focused on the stock exchange related tweets 24/7. The moral of this story is quite a simple one. You should never question, nor challenge the true power of social networks. The best and the worst news always go through the social network channels, first.

The Goldman Sachs + Google = Twitter?

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Are you desperately trying to get rich? Here is a word of advice for you. Make the Goldman Sachs to talk about you. What you are going to get in return? Well, your shares are going to skyrocket like crazy just like that. This is exactly what happened with Twitter. How about the 5%, for a change?

However, there is a catch, as always. You need to find 300 million users, who are going to be active on your social network on a daily basis. That can be worth $30 billion, more or less, give it or take. Who is going to pay for this astronomical amount? Who else than Google itself? For what exactly?

When you plan to conduct a takeover such as this one, then you expect an unparalleled profit in return, aren’t you? The funny thing is that we have forgotten to ask Twitter itself what it thinks about the new owner. What is there for Twitter to gain? Twitter is doing just fine, already. Is that true?

Are you supposed to sell your business as soon as it gets into the time-of-its-life-zone? On the other hand, Google just could not get enough of buying everything and anything that moves in the cyberspace. We sure hope that someone takes care of the math in Google. Buying is supposed to be a synonym for earning. Right?

YouTube You Play

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Enjoy while it lasts. The very few last moments you can enjoy the free videos on YouTube. Does it really have to be this way? The lords of YouTube want more money. For what is worth, the profit derived from the countless commercials is obviously not enough. The monthly subscription comes to the rescue.

One serious rumor has it that you will be required to pay “only” ten bucks. For the content YouTube has to offer that is not a fortune you have to pay. However, there is an another annoying thing you just cannot avoid. So far, we could have chosen to suffer from the terror of ads, but with no payments.

Now, YouTube creates the exclusive content zones you can access only through the monthly subscription system. You are free to choose what you are going to do about this latest YouTube “ultimate”. Nevertheless, you can forget about the free and unlimited access to your favorite videos. What is next?

Well, it is about time for some busy little bee to come up with a sustainable YouTube alternative. We have just had enough of these YouTube additional ways to earn. Rest assured that we would be among the first to switch to this highly anticipated new YouTube. Look carefully for it.

Much Ado About Social Network Nothing

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It perfectly does not make any sense. Your life is not going to change at all. Yet, you simply cannot ignore thinking or admiring some of the amazing facts associated with the most popular social networks. Here are some of the most intriguing ones that can be a perfect fit for the believe it or not category.

It will take you at least dozens of years to examine all new content, which gets uploaded on YouTube in one single day. The funny thing, though, is that this social network was originally intended to be nothing more than a usual dating website. Are you a regular Twitter user? Are you eager to become one?

One in three Twitter users earns more than $100,000 a year. Unfortunately, this shiny statistic can be applied only for the USA users. When it comes to the pictures oriented social networks, it is worth mentioning that the Instagram gets more than five million of new picture uploads on a daily basis.

On the other side, more than 97% of Pinterest fans are women. Last, but definitely not least, more than three million blog posts say one big hello to the world. That is why we feel happy and privileged, if you are reading one of our new posts today. Social Networks – you just cannot live without them.

Monkey Business

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The busy little bees in India have ambitious plans, when it comes to the “Internetification” of the most remote areas and villages. However, one powerful and most unexpected adversary emerged, which threatens to turn the entire project into a true mission impossible. Can you dare to guess?

Believe it or not, monkeys are to blame for an unexpected halt of the Internet introduction all over India. It turns out that the Indian monkeys eat the optic cables as if they are bananas. On the other hand, the authorities are completely helpless in fighting this annoying menace. What is the reason?

It is worth mentioning that not only cows, but also the monkeys are treated as the holy and protected animals in India. You cannot do anything against the sacred animal, can you? The very people, who just cannot wait to use the Internet, are the most persistent monkey-right-advocates.

Is there a solution for this unusual and funny magic circle? Maybe, the Internet providers in India should consider balloons or drones, instead of optic cables? Monkeys cannot eat wireless. There is a strong will. So, there has to be a way. Right? Do you remember a monkey, who makes selfies?

YouTube vs Vessel

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Is this going to be a David vs Goliath special cyber edition? Can you even dare of challenging the almighty video content giant, such as YouTube itself? Well, for what is worth, the guys behind the Vessel certainly have the courage to do such a thing. On the other side, is the enthusiasm all you need?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know the right answer all too well, do you? And this where our first big disappointment comes from. The very structure of the Vessel includes two YouTube copy-and-paste models. The first one, just cannot get rid of the annoying commercials. And the other one?

Well, just $2.99 you can enjoy the ads-free content of your choice. Pardon our French, but what is the difference here? We are at least to say confused. It looks and works in the same way. The only difference is the price itself. This is why, we have an impression that what you get is nothing more than a cheaper YouTube version.

The Vessel has plenty of time and opportunities to prove us all wrong, hasn’t it? However, we just cannot fight this feeling that in order to challenge the big guys, you have to offer something equally big and impressive, as well. It means like the Vessel has a new homework for its busy little bees.

The Facebook For Eagles

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All the cyber major league players are fighting for a golden place under our sun. Literally. Facebook just finished the first series of successful testings with its solar drone. As you might have expected Facebook used an inspirational name – the project “Aquila”, which is a well-known Latin word for an eagle.

Well, for what is worth, this cyber-eagle has had quite a few successful flights during the test period. So, what does it mean? It seems that the project just got its wings. Or, maybe it is better to say that the Facebook’s idea of introducing the Internet to the most remote areas is fully operational.

There is just one tiny little dark cloud that makes you say there is a catch in this story. Some people in Asia were painfully and honestly naive when admitting that they do not have a clue what is the Internet, but sure thing they know everything there is to know about the Facebook itself. How could this be?

It  turns out that when Facebook says you will get the Internet for the very first time, what you actually get is only Facebook and its closely related apps. Or, in other words, we will get you the Internet, but you can use it only for Facebook. What happened with the gloriously proclaimed philanthropic goals?