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Google Truth Or Dare

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If you are in the SEO business for real or you are trying to position your website the very best you can, then you know how Google can spoil a party each time it changes the ranking algorithms. Is it really necessary? For Google itself, it obviously is. More bad news to come, cyber boys and girls.

Google is extremely unsatisfied with the current ranking state of affairs. What does it mean? Well, things are about to change. Again. Right now, Google is thinking about the truthfulness criteria for the new ranking policy. Oh dear, what this one means exactly? It is supposed to be an improvement.

Somehow, we have a feeling that Google is about to adjust the search results landscape in order to earn more. This is a legitimate thing to do, isn’t it? Google created the whole searching game, and Google can set the rules to suit its business goals the best. Nothing wrong with or about it. Right?

We just want to use the right name for this most recent change. The new money making machine. That is not the only truth about the new truth oriented criteria in the Google search ranking engine, but it is the most accurate one. Let us how much truth we are going to find in it. For real.

The Fall Of The Digital Roman Empire

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist historian to know that our modern Western civilization follows the footsteps of the once mighty and prosperous Great Roman Empire, do you? However, the modern Italy fails to catch up with the modern digital age in an appropriate way. Why?

Well, it is hard to explain or believe why one third of the Italians has never used the Internet. Unbelievable indeed. On the other side, without any hesitation the EU had described Italy as the weakest link in its cyber chain. Compared to all other EU member states Italy really seems like a cyber newbie.

It is definitely worth mentioning that the EU is very ambitious, but also extremely rigorous when it comes to the new cyber rules. The EU has the new Internet standards. As an EU member you begin with at least the 30 Mbps Internet connection speed for at least one half of your entire population.

The final goal is to ensure 100 Mbps for the 85% of all Internet users. Unfortunately, Italy still struggles to convince its biggest Internet providers to switch from the outdated copper cables to the latest generation of the optical fiber elements. How sad for the glorious descendants of the Roman Empire.

Fat Is Not A Feeling

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How are you feeling? When it comes to your feelings on Facebook, you really quite a few options. You can feel like this or that. There are so many emoticons to choose from. Yet, we just do not get it, who came up with an idea to include the “fat” emoticon? What is that actually supposed to mean?

Do you feel fat all the time or only today? No wonder there was a huge pressure and an impressive petition against this fat emoticon on Facebook. So many people have to deal with the all kinds of eating disorders on a daily basis. You are in the middle of your painful diet, and you certainly do not need this.

Facebook has done the only logical thing left. It has complied unconditionally with its users’ request. Although, Facebook is all about pictures and friends, it all comes down to emotions, sooner or later, this way or another. Therefore, expressing them adequately is definitely a big deal. Right?

Is there an emoticon that allows you to say that you feel loved or even better supported? Or, isn’t it much simpler to spend some extra time, and put it in a couple of words or sentences? Why we have to be so “industrialized”? Emoticons may save you some time, but they will not save your emotions.

The Right Solar Impulse

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There is an aircraft called the Solar Impulse 2. This solar-plane has a great ambition. The plan is to go around the globe without a single drop of fuel. Actually, any kind of the conventional energy sources. The sun is all that you get, and the sun is all what you need to perform this task larger than life.
So, what are we going to use it for? We are not going to fly around the globe each day, are we? On the other side, you should be fully aware that quite a few cyber eyes watch and follow the Solar Impulse 2 with a great attention. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and even Amazon, now have airborne ideas.

Just imagine what this plane can do. The Solar Impulse can easily become the Internet Impulse. Right? All of these IT giants are eager to come up with a solution of ensuring the Internet access to the remote and undeveloped parts of our world in an efficient, but above all in a cheap way. Do you get it now?

We can only wish for some good weather and plenty of sunny days for the Solar Impulse 2. Maybe, we are witnessing the beginning of the true solar-energy-revolution. Who knows, maybe the next thing waiting in the line is a solar-car, which can solve our oil addiction problem, for good. Who knows.

Facebook = Internet?

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If you find some “cyber natives” in Asia and Africa and ask them, do they use the Internet, you will not get a positive answer. However, you will be surprised and even stunned to find out that the same people are already the veterans, when it comes to the Facebook itself. How could that be?

Well, the project is the answer itself. All major IT players, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others, are eager to introduce the Internet torch to the most remote and inaccessible parts of our planet. Unfortunately, they after the new users. What is that supposed to mean?

It seems that Facebook is more about the profit itself, than the philanthropy. For the people and potential users in South America, Africa and Asia, there is a good and a bad news. First, the good news. Thanks to Facebook and its project you can use the Internet for the very first time.

Now, the bad news. You can only use the Internet for Facebook and its associated services. We will give you the incomplete taste of the World Wide Web, but at the same time we are not crazy to support our competitors, such as Google or Twitter. Limitless was supposed to be a synonym for the Internet.

What’s Up Bloggers?

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By the time you are reading this post more than 20,000 of the new ones will be published all over the world. On a daily basis, a gigantic wave of more than 3 million new posts swims the cyber shores. Every single day. One in three websites is a blog. Three in four regular website users read blogs.

So, what is the moral of our story? You should become a blogger yourself? You should appreciate more our hard work? Blogs rule the cyber universe? All and none of these. If your business or a website does not have a blog, then you should get one. Write it yourself. Why not? You do not read blogs.

Change this bad habit. One blog per day cannot do you any harm, and who knows, it may actually do you some good. We live in the cyber world. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that, do you? So, what makes it for a blog to be in the cyber universe? Its inner voice, or its newspaper?

Last and definitely not least, let us not forget the influence component. You can move and touch literally millions of people with a couple of written words. Unfortunately, in some countries being a blogger can be an extremely dangerous sport. Yet, that should not prevent us from writing. Right?

Reorganizational Survival

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It is not a secret nor an enormous surprise that Google and other major IT players from the USA have more than one serious trouble with the “old lady”. Why? Well, the EU can be extremely demanding when it comes to its regulations, which are supposed to protect the privacy of the EU citizens.

On the other hand, the EU customers can be extremely generous in terms of payment. That is why Google and its US colleagues have to keep a low profile. This is exactly what Google does in China with an amazing willingness. Complying with the strict regulations. When you have to, it is not hard.

So, Google has to deal with a demanding golden goose. Not a problem at all, if you have to deal with the mind blowing profits in the near future. That is why Google has decided to completely reorganize its European business structure. In a such a smooth and silent way that you have to admire it a lot.

We shall have to wait and see, if it is going to be worth all the trouble. For what is worth, the EU customers are firmly holding the second position of the most important customers right after the US ones. So, it is a win-win situation. No one is complaining. Everybody is winning. What is with the customers?

Who Am I? Who Are You?

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The busy little bees in Symantec have come up with some interesting, but not extremely surprising findings about the way we try to protect our privacy online. We do not disclose accurate information about our identity. Oh dear, what a surprise, indeed. We are cyber liars for a reason.

It is also interesting to know that younger Internet users between 18 and 24 years of age have the amazing appetite for not telling the truth while online. On the other side, the senior citizens above 60 do not miss an opportunity to tell nothing but the truth while using the Internet for various purposes.

So, what is the moral of this story? The first thing that gets in our mind is that we are allowed to fight fire with fire. The lords of the Internet are merciless and heartless when it comes to our fragile privacy. Why should we be any different? There is one serious limitation, though, about our truth online games.

When a moment come to conduct a transaction online, then you do not have other choice than to comply unconditionally and truthfully. So, here is the golden rule. Be honest with your best friend the Internet, only when you have to. In all other cases, imagine that you are someone else. That is it.

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Google’s pleasure of being able to acquire the .app web domain came with a “symbolic” price of “only” $25 million. Was it worth it? Well, we will have to ask the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which generously sold this domain to Google. What Google plans to do with it?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to guess, what is going to be the very purpose of this domain for Google, do you? One serious rumor has it that the new Google website with an .app extension is intended and reserved for the Android developers and contributors. We shall wait and see.

It seems that the days, when you could make a fortune by selling the rarest and most-wanted web domain names, are over. Nowadays, the major IT players are up to web domain extensions. Especially the ones, which can contribute to their business or increase the popularity of a prestigious brand.

We should not forget the four-letter web extensions, as well. One thing is more than sure, we are going to witness the epic and extremely costly battles for these eye-catching extensions. Now, it is the right moment to acquire some for an affordable price, and later to sell them for a fortune.

Don’t Get Naked In Front Of Google

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Here is a tricky situation. How are we supposed the classify this news? Is it a good one, or maybe bad? Google has launched an attack against the bloggers, who like to discuss or publish adult related content. For what is worth, some compromising solutions and options are offered to the adult bloggers.

You do not have to necessarily remove the content, but you have to put an eye-catching sign – adult, all over your blog. Otherwise, Google will put a giant cyber shade on your blog. That will spoil all the fun, for sure. So, what are you supposed to do? Google’s way, or some other blogging highway?

Google is obviously not willing to negotiate too much on this one. On the other hand, it would not be fair not to mention a couple of back doors in this matter. You can exclude the general audience by making this content to be a private one. In addition, you can say that you are doing it for the science or education related purposes.

It sounds funny, but you can rest assured that Google is going to buy it. So, what is the moral of this quite an unusual story? The nudity does not pay off with Google, or what? There is no use of reading between the lines of Google’s orders, isn’t it? At the end of the cyber day, it is always your final call.