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How To Make $2,4 Million In 24 Minutes?

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We do not have to ask you 24 times, do you want to hear the answer to this question, do we? Well, it turns out that all you have to do is to read the right tweet at the right moment. The next thing you know, you will be a few million dollars richer. Here is what happened to one Wall Street busy little bee.

The true story goes that this lucky guy somehow got a tweet about Intel’s intention about buying the company called the Altera. As a direct result of this Twitter news, the market value of the Altera skyrocketed in the matter of hours for almost 30%. Can you guess what was left for this guy to do?

First, you buy, and then you sell the shares, which gained some additional financial weight in the meantime. In this case, we are talking about the pure profit of more than millions of dollars. We are not quite sure, but this tweet about Intel and Altera is probably the most expensive in the Twitter history.

We are not implying that you should keep your eyes focused on the stock exchange related tweets 24/7. The moral of this story is quite a simple one. You should never question, nor challenge the true power of social networks. The best and the worst news always go through the social network channels, first.

The Time Of Your Facebook Life

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When it comes to this one, the doctors and therapists are unanimous. If a depression is your inevitable best friend, then you should avoid the social networks, especially Facebook, at all costs. Why? Actually, this is a very simple and straightforward situation. There is no dark side of the Facebook Moon.

What you have is an opportunity to examine only the top positive moments in a person’s life on Facebook. As soon as you do such a thing, you will end up comparing your current misery with someone’s shining moments. You do not have to guess twice what is going to be the most probable outcome, do you?

You are actually putting some additional gasoline onto the damaging fire, which is literally killing you from inside. So, what are the alternatives? Is forgetting about Facebook a recommended part of your own therapy? We do not want you to get any funny ideas from this dark clouded story.

This is not a story about envy, neither. All what we are trying to say is to have a more realistic approach when you are examining someone’s life and achievements on Facebook. At the end of the day, Facebook just cannot make it up for your real life pains and troubles. Do your best not to forget that.

Disconnecting People By Facebook

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Are you willing and ready to admit it? Facebook controls only one part or your entire life. Regardless what you may think about it, Facebook has a special place in the bizarre news section. More than once, we have had a chance of hearing some hard to believe things associated with Facebook.

Here is a quick reminder. For quite some time we have been thinking what to do with the live accounts of people, who are no longer with us. On the other hand, our relationships are tremendously and dominantly shaped by this most popular and most influential social networks in the cyber world.

Very often, we tend to share it with the world, when we are in love. On the other side, Facebook is the first one to know when our love ends badly. What is the next logical step in this emotional direction, which includes Facebook? It is a romantic thing when you propose on a social network.

But, how about a divorce? Believe it or not, one US court is dead serious about acknowledging a Facebook message as a legitimate divorce statement. Is this too much? The next thing you know, you will have to consult Mark Zuckerberg as a marriage counselor. Till Facebook do us part. Is that right?

Much Ado About Comments

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Finally or lately? The feelings are a little bit ambiguous about the latest option, which allows you to attach a comment to a tweet. You have so many users, who are thrilled about this missing element of their complete online happiness. However, there are some dark clouded voices you cannot ignore.

The trouble with the curve in this story is the notorious Twitter identity-moonwalk. In order to innovate and always bring some new eye-catching stuff, Twitter inevitably needs to compromise and “borrow” some features, we used to see on other social networks. In most of the cases, the Facebook itself.

It comes without saying that there quite a few busy and ambitious little birds in Twitter, who are doing their very best to reach to the very top. Nevertheless, somewhere on the way they simply got lost in translation? Why? The secret about the social networks is all about a uniqueness.

Just take the Snapchat as a flagship example. The copy/paste approach is not something we would strongly recommend you to do in the challenging world of social networks. Let us wait and see how this commenting thing is going to work for Twitter. You can tweet and comment about this post right now.

Snapchat! So, What?!

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It is the third time the new rising star among the newbie extremely popular apps has reached its critical point. The Snapchat is at a borderline, again. There is no way back. If you take the wrong turn, the app’s oblivion is the only thing you can find. If you take the right one, your value is skyrocketing.

The busy little bees in Snapchat have turned down the generous Facebook takeover offers, two times. The first one was around one billion dollars, while the next one included three times more money on a table. Time has proven the Snapchat to be right. Its market value has skyrocketed to the very dollar stars.

However, this time the Snapchat meets a completely different kind of challenge, which has nothing to do with the finances or indecent takeover offers. This app has become a synonym for the inappropriate content, you want to show to someone, and then before you even know it to delete it permanently.

We know for sure that this brilliant app is much more than a now-you-see-me-now-you-do-not tool. Nevertheless, the unwanted challenge is already there. The entire reputation is at stake. Something needs to be done in order to ensure new users and more importantly new investors. Any ideas?

The Goldman Sachs + Google = Twitter?

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Are you desperately trying to get rich? Here is a word of advice for you. Make the Goldman Sachs to talk about you. What you are going to get in return? Well, your shares are going to skyrocket like crazy just like that. This is exactly what happened with Twitter. How about the 5%, for a change?

However, there is a catch, as always. You need to find 300 million users, who are going to be active on your social network on a daily basis. That can be worth $30 billion, more or less, give it or take. Who is going to pay for this astronomical amount? Who else than Google itself? For what exactly?

When you plan to conduct a takeover such as this one, then you expect an unparalleled profit in return, aren’t you? The funny thing is that we have forgotten to ask Twitter itself what it thinks about the new owner. What is there for Twitter to gain? Twitter is doing just fine, already. Is that true?

Are you supposed to sell your business as soon as it gets into the time-of-its-life-zone? On the other hand, Google just could not get enough of buying everything and anything that moves in the cyberspace. We sure hope that someone takes care of the math in Google. Buying is supposed to be a synonym for earning. Right?

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The Messenger has its own website. What is that supposed to mean? Why do you need a separate website, when there is If you recall, not so long ago the Messenger was a Facebook’s kid. Now, we are talking about the fully independent app, which is leaving its parent’s home. Why?

What is the catch with this one? According to some serious rumors Facebook is dead serious about allowing its users to send money through the messaging system to their friends. Is this the next big thing for the Messenger? For what is worth, we have nothing against it, that is for sure.

Maybe, Facebook wants to say to us, you can cool down with the pictures and posts, but put some extra pressure on the Messenger, because we need to earn a little bit more. You have probably heard that the Facebook is building its own private dream city for the growing army of employees.

There is only way to test the true power of the Messenger itself. You have to let it swim freely in the merciless cyber ocean with no assistance of its older brother Facebook. We sure hope that the entire Facebook empire is not going to come down to one more meaningless chat app. Eventually.

YouTube You Play

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Enjoy while it lasts. The very few last moments you can enjoy the free videos on YouTube. Does it really have to be this way? The lords of YouTube want more money. For what is worth, the profit derived from the countless commercials is obviously not enough. The monthly subscription comes to the rescue.

One serious rumor has it that you will be required to pay “only” ten bucks. For the content YouTube has to offer that is not a fortune you have to pay. However, there is an another annoying thing you just cannot avoid. So far, we could have chosen to suffer from the terror of ads, but with no payments.

Now, YouTube creates the exclusive content zones you can access only through the monthly subscription system. You are free to choose what you are going to do about this latest YouTube “ultimate”. Nevertheless, you can forget about the free and unlimited access to your favorite videos. What is next?

Well, it is about time for some busy little bee to come up with a sustainable YouTube alternative. We have just had enough of these YouTube additional ways to earn. Rest assured that we would be among the first to switch to this highly anticipated new YouTube. Look carefully for it.

Twitter To The Rescue

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Twitter is eager to offer a helping cyber hand to Indonesia. The tsunami trauma still has fresh scars in this country. No wonder people are literally obsessed with the early warning system. So, how about a social network, which can jump with an invaluable piece of information when you need it the most?

Twitter has figured out that it would be a great thing to use some of its existing users’ information, such as research and disaster institutes. All users with a direct interest can get the life saving messages in no time. Our hats off to Twitter for this clever and precious feature for Indonesian region.

The social networks are definitely up to something good and philanthropic. For what is worth, Facebook gave its contribution to the missing persons problem. As you can see, each of the main features can be used for something truly useful. Finally, something we can use against the social network critics.

So, let us see who should join the rescue party, as well. Both Instagram and Pinterest can also do something about missing persons by publishing their pictures on a large scale. YouTube can use some how to survive in the wilderness videos instead of commercials, every now and then. Right?

Much Ado About Social Network Nothing

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It perfectly does not make any sense. Your life is not going to change at all. Yet, you simply cannot ignore thinking or admiring some of the amazing facts associated with the most popular social networks. Here are some of the most intriguing ones that can be a perfect fit for the believe it or not category.

It will take you at least dozens of years to examine all new content, which gets uploaded on YouTube in one single day. The funny thing, though, is that this social network was originally intended to be nothing more than a usual dating website. Are you a regular Twitter user? Are you eager to become one?

One in three Twitter users earns more than $100,000 a year. Unfortunately, this shiny statistic can be applied only for the USA users. When it comes to the pictures oriented social networks, it is worth mentioning that the Instagram gets more than five million of new picture uploads on a daily basis.

On the other side, more than 97% of Pinterest fans are women. Last, but definitely not least, more than three million blog posts say one big hello to the world. That is why we feel happy and privileged, if you are reading one of our new posts today. Social Networks – you just cannot live without them.