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Twitter Bot Prize Runner

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Are you a little bit tired of all those annoying reward and competition invitations on social networks, especially on Twitter? Well, you are definitely not the only one. So, what can you do about them? You want those free giveaways, but you do not want to waste time participating.

Here is a solution. One busy little surfing bee has created a Python script, which generates an automatic prize runner on Twitter. This is a genuine and a pretty effective Twitter bot, which collect all available free prizes and rewards online. So, how effective it really is?

According to its creator testimony, after being a part of almost 165,000 competitions and free trials on Twitter, his bot was able to get back home with more than 1,000 rewards. This is definitely not an impressive figure, but who cares, when a computer does all the job for you. Right?

So, let us create new bots for each and any social network. Then we can sit and relax, while waiting for rewards to be collected efficiently and with no costs at all. What you are going to do with all those gifts and prizes, at the end of your long cyber day? Well, offer them for free online.

Finding The Right Apple Music Beat

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We have heard quite a few things, both good and bad, about the most recent Apple’s crown jewel called Apple Music. Now, with almost 11 million new users in a single month, Apple Music can challenge all criticism in an open battle. Is this impressive, or what?

Well, we need to explain a couple of things, here and there. It is definitely worth mentioning that Spotify had more than 12 million subscribers in June. Compared to it, Apple Music is relatively a newbie, in this field. That is why, these numbers look really impressive.

Apple is particularly happy with a fact that 2 million users have decided to use a family package. This means $15 per month per each of these users, who can include 6 additional users. On the other hand, an individual package includes only one user and it costs $10.

So, what is the moral of this story? Based on these figures, Apple Music has a bright future. Right? Apple Music gives you 30 million songs to stick around. Yet, we are wondering? Are we talking about a trial period, which is going to expire in three months or less? How many users will stay around?

Facebook Stars Live

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Facebook can get you closer to the stars. For what is worth, we need to be a little bit more precise. We are not talking about astrology, but rather the intriguing world of Hollywood, music, and sport industry. All of that in the real time, with the real stars.

So, what are these Facebook stars all about? Well, this new celebrity oriented function is called Live, and it is a part of Facebook Mentions. It is worth mentioning that the main emphasis is going to be on the video content, provided by these more or less famous stars.

In other words, we are going to have a special celebrity YouTube channel integrated in Facebook. Maybe, this is not the most accurate definition, but it is the closest we can get to it. We are expecting a win-win with this one, but the only question is, for whom, exactly?

Facebook and our beloved starts are going to hugely benefit from this one. Yet, what is going to happen with the so-called third party, us, the users? We have just found one way to worship our mortal stars. How lovely indeed. Thank you Facebook for this one, we really needed it.

YouTube’s OK, But FB’s Better

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It is not a secret that Facebook is dead serious about streaming business and services. However, the most recent notifications for its users, are something completely different. So, what is Facebook up to this time, and why? Have you tried to upload a video directly on Facebook page?

Yet, there is this simple question. Why should you do such a thing, in the first place, when you have YouTube? Well, Facebook allows you do use your constitutional right in this field, but at the same time, it has the nerve to suggest you otherwise.

Can Facebook find a successful alternative for YouTube? If we are talking about the Facebook itself, then you are free to upload it directly. On the other side, it is a little bit too late to launch a serious video channel, which can be a decent competitor to YouTube.

That is the trouble with the major IT league players, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. They want to have and do it all. Unfortunately or luckily, the users themselves are not eager to seeing all of services on one website or in only one channel. Feel free to do what you like with your video.

The End Of Google+ Terror

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It is official. It is understandable. And, it was about time. YouTube has nothing more to do with Google+  network. Not so long ago, Google had this annoying habit to influence our movement through its cyber channels with Google+ membership. What is this supposed to mean exactly for us and Google?

Maybe, Google has finally admitted a defeat in this field. “Google Facebook” was only a dream. It turns out a very short one. You simply cannot force people to love your services, can you? This idea, where you have some nice services, such as YouTube, but you are forcing us to register first on some that are not so nice, such as Google+, was simply disastrous.

The critics, including the numerous users “volunteers”, were merciless. They are describing this unsuccessful social network as the-city-of-ghosts. You just cannot have it all and do it all, can you? An invaluable lesson to be remembered.

In the meantime, the show must go on, even for Google. This kind of failure Google money machinery will not even register. However, the bitter taste of defeat is going to be present for quite some time. There was once a Google dream called the Google+.

Windows 10 – Facebook 10

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In order for Windows 10 to be a mind blowing success, as grandpa Microsoft hopes it to be, it will need all the help it can get. So, how about Facebook as an ally? It is not a secret that grandpa Microsoft and cyber-youngster Facebook always had a special relationship.

This time and for this particular purpose, much more is needed. Therefore, grandpa Microsoft paid a great deal of special attention to the Facebook-friendly-nature of its new crown jewel called Windows 10. Both desktop and mobile platform are more than ready to fulfill this task.

So, it is an obvious win-win for both parties? Right? The way we see it, there is nothing that can possibly go wrong with this ad-hoc promotional partnership. Right again? There is one small dark cloud, which threatens to ruin the Windows 10 party. Can you dare to guess, what it could be?

Somehow, we have this funny, but very strong feeling that grandpa will oversell Windows 10 in a desperation. This can easily hit it like a boomerang. We may express certain doubts and concerns under the pressure to acquire new Windows 10 at all costs. Let us see what is going to be. Eventually.

Messenger – FB = ?

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Here is an intriguing change, when it comes to the latest Facebook pride and joy called the Messenger. From now, in order to use the Messenger you are not required to have a Facebook account in the first place. So, how are you supposed to use it then?

Well, for what is worth, you can use your phone number to register and begin with a regular use. This is something, we have an opportunity to apply with new Viber users. Right? On the other hand, you are required to include your name, and above all your photo.

Is this a smart thing to do? Maybe it is, because it is hard to imagine that Messenger could possibly have a successful independent app’s life without the Facebook itself. On the other side, this is a clever move to attract new users. From the Messenger to the fully functional Facebook account, there is only one step.

Somehow, we have this strong feeling that Facebook knows exactly what it is doing with its invaluable app. Let us just wait what the users themselves have to say about this intriguing new opportunity. Finally, all of these is about and for them. Right.