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Windows 10 – Facebook 10

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In order for Windows 10 to be a mind blowing success, as grandpa Microsoft hopes it to be, it will need all the help it can get. So, how about Facebook as an ally? It is not a secret that grandpa Microsoft and cyber-youngster Facebook always had a special relationship.

This time and for this particular purpose, much more is needed. Therefore, grandpa Microsoft paid a great deal of special attention to the Facebook-friendly-nature of its new crown jewel called Windows 10. Both desktop and mobile platform are more than ready to fulfill this task.

So, it is an obvious win-win for both parties? Right? The way we see it, there is nothing that can possibly go wrong with this ad-hoc promotional partnership. Right again? There is one small dark cloud, which threatens to ruin the Windows 10 party. Can you dare to guess, what it could be?

Somehow, we have this funny, but very strong feeling that grandpa will oversell Windows 10 in a desperation. This can easily hit it like a boomerang. We may express certain doubts and concerns under the pressure to acquire new Windows 10 at all costs. Let us see what is going to be. Eventually.

Messenger – FB = ?

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Here is an intriguing change, when it comes to the latest Facebook pride and joy called the Messenger. From now, in order to use the Messenger you are not required to have a Facebook account in the first place. So, how are you supposed to use it then?

Well, for what is worth, you can use your phone number to register and begin with a regular use. This is something, we have an opportunity to apply with new Viber users. Right? On the other hand, you are required to include your name, and above all your photo.

Is this a smart thing to do? Maybe it is, because it is hard to imagine that Messenger could possibly have a successful independent app’s life without the Facebook itself. On the other side, this is a clever move to attract new users. From the Messenger to the fully functional Facebook account, there is only one step.

Somehow, we have this strong feeling that Facebook knows exactly what it is doing with its invaluable app. Let us just wait what the users themselves have to say about this intriguing new opportunity. Finally, all of these is about and for them. Right.

YouTube YouTime

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Google knows its job, all too well, apparently. This may comes as a huge surprise, but in the first of the current year compared to the same period of the previous year, we spent more than 60% of our time on YouTube. What is this supposed to mean for us and Google?

Well, YouTube is still going to be Google’s golden goose for quite some time. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that our average we spend for using YouTube on our smartphones and other mobile devices has literally doubled in the meantime.

Therefore, the introduction of the new services, channels and features, should not be a surprise at all for Google. This how we have ended up with the YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming new channels. And, it comes without saying, much more is yet to come.

This story could not be possibly treated as a complete one with no mentioning of the important financial consequences for Google. The math in this particular case comes with a simple formula. More time we spend while using YouTube means more opportunity for Google to earn from the numerous ads As simple and as annoying as that can be.

Facebook South Africa

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Facebook has just opened its very first office in Africa. In South Africa, to be a little bit more precise. So, what is the big deal, you may ask? Well, in case you have not heard or read about it, the future of social networks, smartphones, and the entire IT industry, which strongly depends on the constant growth of new users is in the so-called third world countries.

In other words, if you want to find yourself new users and new income opportunities, you have no other choice than to travel to South America, Africa, South or East Asia. It is also worth mentioning that more than 50% of advertising profit for Facebook comes outside the USA and Europe. So, now you got it.

At the same time, when you examine these kinds of “unorthodox” business opportunities, you have to fight your own prejudices all the time. One of them is hidden in a simple question? Who and how is going to log on Facebook, when there are not enough computers or a stable Internet infrastructure in Africa?

Well, for what is worth, more than 80% of all Internet users in Africa use their mobile phones as the primary and only surfing tool. In addition, this extremely underrated and underestimated market has the biggest potential for the unparalleled growth and development in this field. Now, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

To Stream, Or Not To Stream, Facebook Is Now

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For a brief moment we thought that one more streaming war was coming our way. One serious rumor has it that Facebook has been considering its own streaming music services for real. Yet, this ground shaking news was nothing more than a false alarm. So, what is the catch with this most recent streaming euphoria?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that something is important is happening in the profitable world of online music, do you? Just follow the money, and you will realize it in no time. We should be fully aware that this streaming buzz can be a double-edged sword for some IT players, who already have a strong brand.

Just look what is happening with Apple Music service. There are no sweet melodies for Apple in this field. Maybe, Facebook has examined the Facebook Streaming thing for a certain period of time. However, when you run a cyber empire, you just cannot allow yourself a luxury of conducting the unsuccessful and expensive experiments.

What about other streaming volunteers? Google is quite occupied with YouTube this and YouTube that constant improvements and changes. On the other hand, grandpa Microsoft trembles about the extremely uncertain fate of its newest OS baby Windows 10. Maybe, it is better to leave it be. Right?

The YouTube Superstar

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According to the Swedish Expressen, we have a true YouTube superstar, who lives and most importantly earns like a true Hollywood star. His name is Felix Kjellberg, although he is better known by his YouTube name PewDiePie. So, what is so special about this YouTube guy? Well, he runs a company.

His company is called the PewDiePie Productions. In 2014 alone, this company’s profit reached almost $7.5 million. This is something truly amazing. What is even more impressive, is the number of subscribers of his YouTube channel. Can you dare to guess the number?

We are talking about an entire army or maybe it is better to say the entire country of 37 million people. To tell you the truth, we still haven’t checked his channel, but rest assured we certainly will. Because, we need to see ourselves what is so special and unforgettable about it.

So, what is the moral of our YouTube millionaire story? Should we all become video bloggers? Not each and any channel on YouTube becomes a golden goose in no time. The same can be applied to blogs, as well. If you know the secret, then do not hesitate and share it with the rest of the world asap.

Who Deleted Me On Facebook?

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The very name of this app says it all, doesn’t it? On the other hand, is this something you really want to know? From the moment you instal this app on both Android and IOS devices, including a Chrome extension, you can check what is happening with your Facebook friends.

Who has deleted you as a friend on Facebook? Who, among your friends, is no longer active on this social network? This app knows and says it all. You can see, who has no excuse for removing you from his or her list of Facebook friends. OK, now that we know, what are we supposed to do about it?

Are you going to use this app’s screenshots as an evidence in a potential dispute against your former Facebook friends? It is really hard to understand and justify. Isn’t it easier to write an SMS or Email, or to make a phone call? Do you need to ask an app, what is happening with your friends?

Maybe, the social networks have reshaped our social landscape, but we are accepting so many bizarre things associated with them. Is this app one of them? That is entirely up to you to decide. We have this ever present fear that one day, our only friends will be our precious gadgets.