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Twitter Video Ads

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You can run, but you cannot hide. The commercials will eventually find you. And, there is nothing we can do about that. Just when you thought that social networks have finally made enough profit there is a fresh disappointment to prove you all wrong. It is Twitter’s turn to stab you in the back.

Yes, believe it or not, Twitter will introduce the video ads. It is only a matter of time before your favorite blue bird tweet a commercial for the nice day regards. Do they really need something like this? The numbers work just fine for Twitter. However, they need to increase the incomes with this business move.

On the other hand, we have to ask one simple question. In the long run what is going to prevail, more profit or less users? The top social networks are really pushing the limits of both patience and trust of their users. Just talk Facebook as an example. In the middle of the privacy controversy, Facebook launches even more problematic Messenger.

You can rest assured that there is a quiet and modest newbie social network just waiting for the old school players to make all mistakes and ruin all the positive vibes among their users. You can do whatever you like, but not as long as you want. That is the lesson both Facebook and Twitter will eventually learn.

Facebook: The Satire Empire

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What is happening with Facebook? There are in the middle of a privacy related controversy. A serious cloud of a European lawsuit is over them. The new Messenger requires the completely different and extremely controversial set of rules and policies. And now, on the of all of this an additional gift to honor its users and their intelligence.

So, what happened? Well, from now on Facebook will clearly mark all content, which includes the satire note this way or another, partially or completely. Do we really need something like this feature? Are we going to include similar warnings for metaphors and other convenient writers’ tools? What is this supposed to mean in the first place?

Are Facebook users that dumb that you can conduct all kinds of social experiments without their knowledge and approval? In addition, do we really need some help to tell a difference between a satirical text and the one written in a let us call it normal tone? We suppose that there are more than enough people on Facebook, who can do just fine without this type of assistance.

This time Facebook has obviously gone too far. There is no other choice than to remind it about what means to respect and care for its users, with or without a lawsuit. This unfriendly attitude, which can be translated as you cannot live without Facebook, will have to go through some changes. We sure hope peacefully and without a satire, that is for sure.

The Messenger Works In Hidden Ways

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It seems that Facebook just can’t get enough of controversy, can it? The European lawsuit knocks on its door of compromised privacy, and Facebook recklessly challenges our nerves with the next one – the Messenger. The first obvious thing is a question that puts a finger in your eye you can’t avoid.

Why it has to be a separate app? The Facebook is merciless. If you want to communicate with your friends on your smartphone, you have no other choice than to install the Messenger. The catch is that this app has a completely different set of terms compared to the well-known Facebook legal docs.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that mobile phones are the unparalleled advertising Eldorado. Therefore, Facebook wants to play the same game of profit, but with the different rules. You can rest assured that the Messenger’s rules are nothing more than a wish list for Facebook itself.

For what is worth, you have been warned. As always, it is your choice and someone else’s voice. If you are a law student, you can prepare a lawsuit. However, you will first have to wait and see what will eventually happen in Austria. Can we set the limits for the Messenger in the first place?

Rethink Blink App

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Why do you know one young teenage girl from Illinois might have found a way to ease your troubles online. Especially on the social networks. Her app is simple, as it’s supposed to be. What is even more important it aims straight to the very heart of the modern communication problem. Let us see what she has done, shall we?

Rethink app does what its name so obviously suggest. You are supposed to rethink before you send or publish something on the social networks. Yes, it is that simple. And no, we keep forgetting to apply this simple rule. Just imagine how better our life could have been, if we were to rethink our online actions at least once.

This girl has a promising future, that is for sure. She has already intrigued Google with this one. Her app can easily end up the reign of online harassment and misunderstandings. It makes you rethink your messages or posts before they get published. In addition, it asks you a simple question: are you sure?

Smart and kind people do not need this kind of an app in the first place. On the other side, we can certainly expect more of these kinds of initiatives in the near future. You know how they say, don’t you? The children will save the world, including the cyber one, as well. All we have to do is to follow their advice. How hard can it be?

Facebook vs Facebook

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Facebook is eager, and let us say a little bit pushy, in order to make us to use its new FB Messenger app. If you are using your iPhone or Android smartphone, you will not be able to communicate with your friends as you used to unless you do not install the Messenger itself. The integrated FB app will not do its job anymore. Move to Messenger, that is the message.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use iPad, for example, then you can forget about the Messenger ultimatum for a moment. What is this much ado about nothing with the new Facebook Messenger thing? Well, Facebook wants to save both your time and nerves with a single app for a proper communication. Still not satisfied with this answer?

Maybe, Facebook is playing a dangerous game with its I-know-what-is-good-for-you attitude. Do not forget that not so long ago Facebook has been caught experimenting on us without our previous explicit approval or knowledge about it. Has Facebook become so powerful, or we cannot accept the fact to live without it even for a day?

Let us see who is who, and who or what is an absolute necessity? The Facebook as an app, or we as the users. What is happening with some of the most popular online brands in the world? Are they showing their ugly faces at the end of the rainbow? First Google, and now Facebook. Who is next? Once, they were so nice to us. What happened in the meantime?

Let’s Sue Facebook, All Together!

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One law student has come up with an idea to protect our privacy on Facebook on behalf of all of us with an appropriate lawsuit. For what is worth, we are invited to visit its official webpage at and sign a petition. What was the cause of this, a little unusual legal action?

You have probably heard that for some time Facebook has been conducting experiments without our knowledge or approval. You know how it goes, as soon as you hear or read somewhere that something is to be done in order to improve our user’s experience, it is the right moment for the red flag.

On the other hand, if you live in the USA or Canada, then you cannot support this lawsuit with your voice. It seems that the old continent is the only stronghold left to defend our endangered privacy. What can we expect from this lawsuit submitted to the commercial court in Vienna?

Well, to be quite honest, not much. It is highly unlikely that Facebook will be obliged to pay something or offer an official apology. However, the symbolic impact of this, one cannot be neglected. The crazy scientists in Facebook will have to think twice the next time they plan to conduct these experiments.

What’s Dating Without Spying?

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Just when you thought that you have seen it all in terms of unauthorized social experimenting there is a bad news to prove you all wrong. It seems that Facebook is not the only one to mess up with our minds and emotions without our approval. Here is another one. Its name is OKCupid. So, what happened?

This dating site has really pushed some limits we thought were untouchable. They were influencing our emotions in the most direct way you can possibly imagine. They are supposed to ease you a job of finding a soul mate online, and not influencing your choices in the unprecedented way.

So, boys and girls, all of you who cannot imagine your lives without your precious social networks, we have a question for you. What have we signed for and agreed about when we decided to use some social network? All of these terms and policies are apparently only the necessary formalities, aren’t they?

Who or what is next? What kind of an unpleasant surprise we need to experience in order to change something? Only God knows what is happening out there with our private data and profiles in the cyber space of brave new social networks. The experiments are on the way and there is some (no) thing you can do about it.