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Viber Forever Free

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You have to fight each and any single day. The overwhelming abundance of available apps can sometimes be an annoying thing. With so many options and apps to choose from, no wonder you feel completely lost and even frustrated. Viber is one of these cyber temptations.

You have probably wondered, what is going to happen with this extremely popular app? Who is going to own it next among the major IT league? What is very likely to change? When is going to disappear and completely transform under the crumbling advertising pressure?

Well, we have some good news for you. From what we know for sure, Viber is going to stay just the way it is, for as long as you want to be. We do not know how, but Viber is going to resist all financial temptations. There will be no ads. Most importantly, you won’t have to pay for it.

Maybe, we are just too optimistic, and the busy little bees in Viber are naive after all. We are going to wait and see, what is the most probable scenario when Viber gets its first “indecent proposal” for a different kind of business takeover. Until then, enjoy as much as you can.

YouTube Space Ooh La La

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Google is going to conquer a new YouTube Space in Paris. As you already know this YouTube Space is nothing more, but a smooth and stylish game of prestige Google likes to play all around the world. When you take into account the most recent changes about this social network, it makes sense.

Right? This is the right kind of a game, we should talk about. At first, Google likes to knock us off our feet, with its charm, funny colors, and useful inventions. Then, the time comes for us to pay a bill for all the fun we have had. How? Well, the advertising machinery takes care of it.

We are not sure, how the French users are going to accept this creative space, after a painful exposure to the annoying ads on YouTube. Can you compensate all frustration and anger, with this spot, designed for eye-catching video contents? Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Unfortunately, there is not enough YouTube Space to cover all YouTube ads. And, we are, where we are, right now. If you are reading this post in Paris, make sure you ask the right questions in YouTube Space. How about a video about the influence of ads, for a change?

WhatsApp 900M onthly

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Is it really true? WhatsApp has just hit 900 million active users on a monthly level. On the other hand, its new owner Facebook is after a more serious figure of 1,5 billion users. Either way, a Facebook family has embraced almost one third of the entire planet with its social web.

This time of a year before, WhatsApp was struggling with only 600 million users. Now, we are talking about a stunning 50% increase of users. Is this impressive or what? We thought that Mark Zuckerberg was a little too generous or reckless, when he paid almost $19 billion for this network.

Oh dear, it was completely worth it. Nowadays, if you are not on Facebook, which is not very likely, then you are using WhatsApp. For what is worth, this is a clear win-win for Mark. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp has its stronghold and most loyal fan base in so-called developing markets.

We are talking about India and Brazil. These countries are going to rain money, literally, in the years to come. This simple fact makes WhatsApp to be priceless. Our hats off to Mark and Facebook. Our best guess that the next stop is one billion active users monthly. We cannot wait.

My Name Is M, Service M

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Well, it was about time for Facebook to join the VA (Virtual Assistant) Club. It is worth mentioning that Facebook’s ambitions in this field are quite impressive ones. The new service, simply called the M, is supposed to be an integral part of the existing Messenger app.

In addition, Facebook’s M will do so much more and better compared to Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Microsoft’s Cortana. How? Well, from what we have heard Facebook M will do some things for and instead of you. This is a little bit hard to describe and explain.

Our guess is that you will give an “order” to M, and M will buy a book or reserve a ticket for you. How will other people react to and interact with the cyber M in our daily chain of order, is left to be seen. Maybe, Facebook plans to run the whole system with the recorded messages?

To be quite honest, we do not know. For what is worth, this is a simple and addictive idea, but you have to make it work. Otherwise, you are still dreaming with your eyes wide open. Right? Mr. M is waiting for us, somewhere is the endless Facebook space. Let us see it at work.

Twitter Bot Prize Runner

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Are you a little bit tired of all those annoying reward and competition invitations on social networks, especially on Twitter? Well, you are definitely not the only one. So, what can you do about them? You want those free giveaways, but you do not want to waste time participating.

Here is a solution. One busy little surfing bee has created a Python script, which generates an automatic prize runner on Twitter. This is a genuine and a pretty effective Twitter bot, which collect all available free prizes and rewards online. So, how effective it really is?

According to its creator testimony, after being a part of almost 165,000 competitions and free trials on Twitter, his bot was able to get back home with more than 1,000 rewards. This is definitely not an impressive figure, but who cares, when a computer does all the job for you. Right?

So, let us create new bots for each and any social network. Then we can sit and relax, while waiting for rewards to be collected efficiently and with no costs at all. What you are going to do with all those gifts and prizes, at the end of your long cyber day? Well, offer them for free online.

Finding The Right Apple Music Beat

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We have heard quite a few things, both good and bad, about the most recent Apple’s crown jewel called Apple Music. Now, with almost 11 million new users in a single month, Apple Music can challenge all criticism in an open battle. Is this impressive, or what?

Well, we need to explain a couple of things, here and there. It is definitely worth mentioning that Spotify had more than 12 million subscribers in June. Compared to it, Apple Music is relatively a newbie, in this field. That is why, these numbers look really impressive.

Apple is particularly happy with a fact that 2 million users have decided to use a family package. This means $15 per month per each of these users, who can include 6 additional users. On the other hand, an individual package includes only one user and it costs $10.

So, what is the moral of this story? Based on these figures, Apple Music has a bright future. Right? Apple Music gives you 30 million songs to stick around. Yet, we are wondering? Are we talking about a trial period, which is going to expire in three months or less? How many users will stay around?

Facebook Stars Live

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Facebook can get you closer to the stars. For what is worth, we need to be a little bit more precise. We are not talking about astrology, but rather the intriguing world of Hollywood, music, and sport industry. All of that in the real time, with the real stars.

So, what are these Facebook stars all about? Well, this new celebrity oriented function is called Live, and it is a part of Facebook Mentions. It is worth mentioning that the main emphasis is going to be on the video content, provided by these more or less famous stars.

In other words, we are going to have a special celebrity YouTube channel integrated in Facebook. Maybe, this is not the most accurate definition, but it is the closest we can get to it. We are expecting a win-win with this one, but the only question is, for whom, exactly?

Facebook and our beloved starts are going to hugely benefit from this one. Yet, what is going to happen with the so-called third party, us, the users? We have just found one way to worship our mortal stars. How lovely indeed. Thank you Facebook for this one, we really needed it.