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Hey ICQ Where Have You Been?

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The ICQ is back. For all of you a little bit younger cyber bees, this is not some kind of an IQ test. Once upon a cyber time, this was an extremely popular chat and talk stuff. So, what happened in the meantime? We are not quite sure, but nowadays when you blink the app world just moves on without you.

For what is worth, the ICQ is back stronger than ever, improved and with some mind blowing design. On the other hand, we have to ask, it this going to be enough to win the hearts and minds of your once thrilled users? Lots of things have changed in the meantime. There are some new kids on the block.

New rules and new expectations now run the cyber world. Although, the ICQ team has done a nice homework by setting it up for all major platforms, such as Android, IOS, and Windows Phone, we are light years away from the true success. Our fingers are crossed for this chat flower, that is for sure.

However, the creators will have to go through the labor pains every newbie app has to experience sooner or later. If the ICQ guys can survive this unpleasant feeling and get over with their ego, then the sky should be the only true limit for them. Right? Let us see, if there is some ICQ magic left.

The Golden Question

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If you are up to a serious and six-figure job in Facebook, then you know what you have to do, don’t you? You have to go through Mark Zuckerberg. A job interview with him can bring you both a perspective career and an impressive salary. But first, you have to do something. There is a golden question.

The catch with this one is that you have to make Mark to ask himself this question, rather than to answer it yourself. How? Well, for what is worth, Mark always himself the following question, when deciding whether or not to open a Facebook door for a new perspective candidate. Are you ready?

Before making the final call, Mark asks himself is this the person I would work myself. In other words, if you want Mark Zuckerberg to be your next boss, then you have to make him like you as his hypothetical boss. It is not an easy task, is it? You have to act as a boss to your next boss for an hour.

Now, you know the so-called golden question and you are ready to wear a Facebook T-shirt all day long at your work. However, in order to become an invaluable asset for any company as a worker, you have to imagine what would you do as a CEO. Not an easy thing to be in two places at the same time.

Facebook Legacy

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It is official cyber boys and girls. From now on, Facebook allows its busy little bees to deal with their profiles after they move to the heaven. You probably remember how serious was a debate about the very future of the deceased Facebook users’ profiles, don’t you? What was the problem?

This was both an ethical and practical problem. Facebook has come up with the best possible compromising solution. Just like in the real life. You can come up with some kind of a digital testament. You need to decide, who is to take care of your Facebook profile once you are gone from this world.

On the other side, it is worth mentioning that Facebook was surprisingly thoughtful in this situation. Once you inherit someone’s profile, you will be able to accept new friendship requests and upload new pictures. However, you can forget about deleting the old ones, including the new posts.

Is this fair enough? Apparently, it has to be. First, we need to test these solutions in the real life. Then, we will be able to decide, whether or not some additional changes are necessary. Either way, we have to say, our hats off to Facebook for this what-after-scenario. Facebook inheritance law. How this sounds to you?

Fat Is Not A Feeling

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How are you feeling? When it comes to your feelings on Facebook, you really quite a few options. You can feel like this or that. There are so many emoticons to choose from. Yet, we just do not get it, who came up with an idea to include the “fat” emoticon? What is that actually supposed to mean?

Do you feel fat all the time or only today? No wonder there was a huge pressure and an impressive petition against this fat emoticon on Facebook. So many people have to deal with the all kinds of eating disorders on a daily basis. You are in the middle of your painful diet, and you certainly do not need this.

Facebook has done the only logical thing left. It has complied unconditionally with its users’ request. Although, Facebook is all about pictures and friends, it all comes down to emotions, sooner or later, this way or another. Therefore, expressing them adequately is definitely a big deal. Right?

Is there an emoticon that allows you to say that you feel loved or even better supported? Or, isn’t it much simpler to spend some extra time, and put it in a couple of words or sentences? Why we have to be so “industrialized”? Emoticons may save you some time, but they will not save your emotions.

The Nude Revenge Is Off The Table

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Apparently there were too many busy little birds complaining about the embarrassing revenges of the ex boyfriends and girlfriends, which include the nude photos. It seems that Twitter has decided to follow Google’s footsteps in the slippery field of online nudity. So, what do we have as a result?

From now on, if you want to share some pictures, which include naked human bodies, you will have to explain to Twitter why are you doing this. Above all, you will have to prove that you have a naked person’s permission to do so. However, there is a catch with this little blue bird’s rule.

Twitter definitely doesn’t favor any kind of nudity both direct or indirect. Especially, when you obviously plan to hurt someone’s feelings in such a way. Now, we are left with no other option than to ask the most logical question. Why bother with two rules in the first place, when you need only one?

Let us put it this way. There is no nudity on Twitter. The end of story. Move on and do it somewhere else. You are giving me one specific rule, but then you are making it to be completely useless with the next more general one. It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? Or maybe, Twitter is protecting us against our exes.

Facebook = Internet?

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If you find some “cyber natives” in Asia and Africa and ask them, do they use the Internet, you will not get a positive answer. However, you will be surprised and even stunned to find out that the same people are already the veterans, when it comes to the Facebook itself. How could that be?

Well, the project is the answer itself. All major IT players, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others, are eager to introduce the Internet torch to the most remote and inaccessible parts of our planet. Unfortunately, they after the new users. What is that supposed to mean?

It seems that Facebook is more about the profit itself, than the philanthropy. For the people and potential users in South America, Africa and Asia, there is a good and a bad news. First, the good news. Thanks to Facebook and its project you can use the Internet for the very first time.

Now, the bad news. You can only use the Internet for Facebook and its associated services. We will give you the incomplete taste of the World Wide Web, but at the same time we are not crazy to support our competitors, such as Google or Twitter. Limitless was supposed to be a synonym for the Internet.

What’s Up Bloggers?

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By the time you are reading this post more than 20,000 of the new ones will be published all over the world. On a daily basis, a gigantic wave of more than 3 million new posts swims the cyber shores. Every single day. One in three websites is a blog. Three in four regular website users read blogs.

So, what is the moral of our story? You should become a blogger yourself? You should appreciate more our hard work? Blogs rule the cyber universe? All and none of these. If your business or a website does not have a blog, then you should get one. Write it yourself. Why not? You do not read blogs.

Change this bad habit. One blog per day cannot do you any harm, and who knows, it may actually do you some good. We live in the cyber world. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that, do you? So, what makes it for a blog to be in the cyber universe? Its inner voice, or its newspaper?

Last and definitely not least, let us not forget the influence component. You can move and touch literally millions of people with a couple of written words. Unfortunately, in some countries being a blogger can be an extremely dangerous sport. Yet, that should not prevent us from writing. Right?

Three Sisters, Coffee, Cookies, And Apps

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Is this a title for a new summer comedy-romance movie hit? Or, an intriguing story about the most unusual and unexpected app developers. Well, for what is worth, the three sisters have decided that they just had enough. And, the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app was born. So, what is the catch with this one?

Well, the absolute majority of dating apps is eager to introduce you to the complete strangers. The Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to have a second more thorough look of your friends. The right person is right beside you, but you failed to see him or her. This app can solve this problem for you.

So, how it works? First, you put some data about you and your personal preferences. Then, your friends jump into the app. The right fit for you is just around the corner. The three sisters have realized that this is what we lack the most, when it comes to the modern dating itself. An additional pair of eyes.

At the same time, this is a great story about the modern development process and the opportunities it provides. There are no limits innthe creation of apps. All you have to do or have is an idea that rocks. These three girls have proven it in the best possible way. What are you waiting for? It is your turn, now.

Take Me Down To The Facebook City

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“…Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty…”

Mark Zuckerberg is building a Facebook city. However, this is not going to be a city for Facebook users, but rather for its employees. Some 10,000 of them, including their families will be this town’s residents. We are not sure about the rents. Maybe, you are not going to pay them, in the first place.

Maybe, this is supposed only one, but very important part of your future Facebook salary. Is this a good or a bad news for Facebook employees? Well, it depends how much you appreciate your individuality and privacy. Taking your work at home, in this way gets a completely new meaning. Right?

On the other hand, this can be an invaluable relief for an entire army of Facebook employees, who has to deal with troubles finding an appropriate apartment next to their Facebook office. You do not have to worry about Mark himself, because he is already there. His house is already there.

The future city will be built around his $10 million worth super luxurious house. Maybe, he will even have his own street or a boulevard. Or, what you think about a possibility to live in a Like street? We sure hope Mark knows what he is doing with this one. The next thing you know, there will be a Facebook state.

“…Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty…”

Is MySpace Still Your Favorite Place?

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Do you have a feeling that MySpace went missing for at least twenty or thirty years? Facebook has just blown the tenth candle on its birthday cake. Do you get it cyber boys and girls? In our cyber universe the different physic laws about the time and space are to be applied. You cannot do a thing about it.

Nowadays, MySpace looks like a thing borrowed from an IT museum. Not so long ago this was an extremely popular social network. As a matter of fact, this was one of the very few truly global social networks. Or, maybe we are exaggerating a little bit. Back in those days Mark did not have a clue what to do with his life.

Mark who? Zuckerberg, of course. Then, something went wrong. It turns out that people cared more about their pictures than music. And, before you knew it, Facebook replaced MySpace on the throne of popularity with a merciless ease. So, what is happening with MySpace? New owners. New plans.

Did you get an email recently? MySpace is sending quite a lot emails. It wants to remind you that its features are still alive and kicking. Some of its content associated with you are still out there. Why do not pay a visit to your old MySpace account? Or, maybe you are too much consumed by Facebook.