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Instagram Bigger Than Twitter

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Instagram is all about the numbers right now. Based on its unofficial, but more or less reliable statistics, there are more Instagram than Twitter users. Let us be a little bit more precise. More than 300 million Instagram users versus a little bit more than 280 Twitter birds. How could this be possible?

Well, we are a little bit lazy when it comes to googling about the history of social networks. But, we are pretty much sure that Twitter is older than Instagram. Now, we can go back to our most important question. What went wrong with Twitter? Well, to tell the truth Twitter was doing just fine.

However, in the same time Instagram has done better. As a matter of fact, since the March relatively new guy in the neighborhood has been able to achieve an impressive jump of new users from 200 to the current 300 million. On the other hand, Twitter was fighting hard to record new 40 million users.

Twitter has a new homework. The trouble with the curve is screaming for some thorough analysis in this case. What was so special about Instagram, and obviously so ordinary about Twitter? For what is worth, we sure hope that Instagram counts only the truly active users. Otherwise, what is the use?

YouTube You Animate

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It is not yet official, but this rumor is definitely worth mentioning. YouTube is about to introduce a GIF animation video option. So, what is this supposed to mean? Perhaps YouTube is trying to cheer us up after the devastating ads blow? Some kind of a balance to restore our faith in good and free features.

Yet, YouTube will have to do much better than that. Our confidence is seriously shaken by the ads ultimatum. You know how it goes at the moment, don’t you? If you want to watch your favorite videos without ads or delays you have to pay for it, this way or another. This way new option looks like a compensation.

For what exactly? For our trust and troubles, that is for sure. When it comes to the social networks, you simply cannot apply the rule – my way or the highway. It simply does not work in the long run. Before you know it you start losing users, and some brainiac comes up with an alternative for your platform.

Let us see how this one will work for us. Would it be enough to forget about all ads related torture, we have to deal with on a daily basis? It is up to you to decide. After all, there is always an option to save your privacy and dignity by terminaing our user’s account. Who would do such a painful thing?

Gangnam Patch

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We are not quite sure, if the PSY had some development ambitions, but YouTube had to adjust its counter, either way. Here is the catch. YouTube has been launched with the initial 32-bit counter capacity of two billion views, give or take a couple of hundred thousand. So, what happened with this song?

Well, in the meantime the Gangnam Style became the global phenomenon with more than one billion hits on YouTube. We were thrilled and enthusiastic about this news. At the same time, we have forgotten about a little bit. It turns out that this number was far from over. What happened?

YouTube for the very first time in its history hit the counting limit. They had to adjust the system, because of the PSY. Can you imagine? Is this worth mentioning, or what? It seems that the YouTube creators thought that the two billion views was the ultimate border line no one will dare to cross one day.

This is how we have ended up with the 64-bit patch for YouTube. However, it is highly unlikely that some other song can jeopardize the throne of popularity the Gangnam style claimed not so long ago. Relax and enjoy in your favorite song. For what is worth, you cannot block or confuse YouTube. Not any more. 


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The new 2015 is going to be a challenging year for Facebook. There is so many new things and intriguing announcements that we have every reason to be worried a little bit. So, who has more reasons to worry, the Facebook itself or we, the users? Well, this is a tricky question. What is Facebook up to?

On the one side, Facebook has shown its nice face by informing us that the new Privacy Policy is going to include simpler vocabulary and expressions, which do not ask from you a law degree. On the other side, we will have to live with the video ads in our news feed. What are we supposed to say?

What is the point with these changes Facebook is trying to make? It is supposed to be more transparent, while at the same time we will be invaded by a wave after a wave of video ads. How lovely and unavoidable at the same time. How will this influence the number of Facebook users is yet unknown?

╬ťaybe Facebook is about to bite more than it can chew. The users certainly have a limit, when it comes to the patience and ads tolerance. Without any exaggeration we can say that the 2015 will be the year of social networks. Either we will change something or disappear completely in the sea of ads.


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Here are some indicators to tell you whether or not your country qualifies to be treated as the Facebook-land. Just follow the statistics, and see where you fit in. The first thing you need to check is the number of people, who are using Facebook. The global average of 40% is simply not enough. You need more than that.

Everything more than 50%, or ideally 52%, of the entire population on a national level qualifies your country as the FBland. On the other side, this cyber-country can be called the land of the young for a proper reason. When you combine all users from 18 to 35 years of age, you get 60% of all Facebook users.

It is worth mentioning that the top three topics to discuss in the FBland are what to eat, drink and wear. It is a little bit disappointing to see that the most sophisticated tool of social communication has eventually come down to the things we talked about with our friends while still living in caves.

Enjoy your FBland citizenship, but do not forget to check out what is happening in the real world, every once and a while. We sure hope we will not end up in the FBworld one day, as the only world we know and accept. Do not allow for the FBland to become your only homeland. Like this one, as well.

About The Things That Talk

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Every once in a while, you hear something which makes you to wander a little bit and question the existing dominant concept. Tim Cook warned us to be careful about the so-called free online services. There is nothing free in life. Especially, the cyber life. So, what is that supposed to mean, exactly?

For Tim, if you are not a customer, then you are a product. When you do not buy, but rather use something for free, you trade with your own privacy and privacy related data. When you buy an iPhone for a change, you are buying a material thing of cyber flesh and blood including the true customer’s feeling.

On the other hand, Mark Zuckerberg simply could not afford himself a luxury of keeping silent on this one. Although, Tim has not mentioned Facebook directly or indirectly, the implication about the Facebook among other free online services was pretty much strong to be ignored. What are Mark’s thoughts on this one?

Mark has a question for us. Just because we are buying a product such as an iPhone, does it mean we are treated with more respect or somehow different than a talking product him or herself? We are truly blessed, indeed. With so many IT giants, which care for us, we have nothing to worry about, don’t we?

A Life Without Facebook

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Is there such a thing? Is it possible to live a life without Facebook, or some other social networks? As always, it is all on you and you yourself. No one can give us an answer to these questions except ourselves. It is more than obvious that we have allowed Facebook to take care about our social life.

In exchange for what exactly? Well, for what is worth, for a little bit more of your own privacy. Some things you pay with your money. For others you pay with a piece of information about you or your loved ones. Seems like a fair trade, isn’t it? On the other side, you can conduct a small social experiment.

Close your account on Facebook. Spend some time without it. See what is happening with your social life and especially with your friends. You will only need a couple of minutes to fully restore it or create a new similar one. Be among the first to tell us, what is going on in your life without Facebook.

We are not implying in any way that you should exaggerate with these things, such as the Internet or smartphones. Otherwise, you will end up living in a cave. Is it possible to find a healthy and productive compromise with the machines. Or, is the cyber war inevitable? Terminators with a Facebook logo.

Facebook At Work

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What in a world is that? Let us try to define this cyber newbie in the world of social networks. This is supposed to be a Facebook’s version of the LinkedIn. Or, let us put it this way. Finally, we will have a corporate friendly Facebook. You will be able to use it during your regular working hours.

The most important thing about it, you will not be fired for using it. As a matter of fact, it is designed to improve your work efficiency and productivity. That means your company will have a Facebook page, which will work as an additional cyber working space for your colleagues. Are you already enthusiastic?

Maybe, you should not be? You are instructed to use the Facebook only for the strict business purposes and only with your colleagues. In plain English, this would be your business Facebook page. Is this really necessary? What can we expect from this Facebook LinkedIn? Well, it depends.

Maybe, Facebook is biting more than it can chew. What is next? Facebook will create a version for families or couples? Facebook is turning into a social tree, which branches itself in the most unimaginable ways. For the sake of all of us, we sure hope that the Facebook knows what it is doing with this one.

A Book With Too Many Pages

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Facebook can be a nice book to read, but unfortunately it has too many pages. Some of them are completely unnecessary and even dangerous. So, remove them. Or, close the book, if there is no other choice. Have you noticed how wonderful the alternative Facebook life can? What could be a reason for that?

It is actually quite simple. We tend to upload pictures of our prime moments. Who could have thought that this world is such a miserable place after seeing all of those smiling faces? On the other hand, the most secure way to ruin real friendships is through the virtual reality. Here is how it works.

If you do not like something of mine, we are not friends anymore. Do we have to mention, how dangerous place Facebook can be? We should not forget to mention that social networks always ask too many privacy related information with no proper justification. There is one more thing we should include.

We sure hope you have not risked your career by using Facebook on your work. There is so much to be done, in order to ensure that certain things are to be used in a complete accordance with their primary purpose. After all, the books are not supposed to be read backwards. Is not that a simple truth?

FB News Feed, Less Ads Bleed

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What do you Facebook is actually willing to listen to its users. As a result, we are very likely to go through some significantly more humane treatment of the ads on this social network. This is a little bit refreshing and surprising at the same time. So, what is this supposed to mean? What are your thoughts on this one?

At the same time, we should use this one as an obvious indicator of our future action. There is no major online service, which gladly and willingly turns against its feeding sources the almighty ads. On the other side, you cannot fight the overwhelming pressure of your frustrated and tired customers.

Maybe, this is a small, but extremely important victory of the users, who are still resisting. And, we are not yet fully aware of it. It would be a nice thing, if we could raise a cyber revolution with this one. We certainly cannot eliminate, but we should decrease the number of ads circulating online.

Otherwise, we can end up being blackmailed. This is exactly what is happening with YouTube. If you want to watch your favorite video with no ads, then you have to pay for it. Google is leaving you no other choice. Maybe, there are not enough people to complain there. We cannot say for sure.