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Facebook Amber Alerts

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The story like this one can easily do both broke your heart and steal all of your tears. At the same time, this is a nice reminder what is the main role of technology. It is supposed to improve the very quality of our lives. Right? And in some cases, even to save lives. So, what is the Facebook Amber Alert all about?

Thanks to the Facebook notification system, all users from the certain area where a person is reported missing will get an appropriate message. We are talking about a picture of a missing person, including all relevant data, which are supposed to ease the process of finding and eventual rescue.

Our hats off to Facebook for this extremely helpful feature. It is worth mentioning that Facebook itself has hired a former FBI agent for these tasks. On the other hand, this is something you simply cannot ignore easily while you are using your Facebook account. In this matter one piece of information can save someone’s life.

Finally, we have found a proper use for the brave new world of social networks. Who says that they can be used only for ads and entertainment. You have been warned. Spread the word about the Amber Alerts. Devote a little bit of your time to these life saving notifications. You can save someone’s life. On The Road

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Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have launched the initiative. What is that all about? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out yourself without our help, do you? Almost 60% of our planet’s population do not have even the most basic access to the World Wide Web.

So, what can we do about it? Well, you can put your imagination to the test. Google is playing with the satellites, Facebook on the other side thinks about drones and these kinds of initiatives. The first stop on the initiative is the Latin America. Youncan guess where they are going to move next?

Africa is the most logical next stop. Then, the Internet for everyone initiative will pay a visit to the various part of Asia. Let us face it, there is a little bit of both in these activities: philantrophy and profit oriented goals. How can you possibly profit in some of the most undeveloped parts of our planet?

Well, it is actually quite simple. You have more than 4 billion of potential new customers. All you have to do is to offer affordable Internet services and cheap smartphones, and voila. You can earn even more than with the 2 billion of existing customers. If it is going to work for real, does it really matter?

Facebook At Work. Trouble At Home.

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Maybe, it is about time for someone to tell Facebook the bitter and unavoidable truth. There is already an app called the Facebook at Work. We have been using it for quite some time. That is a regular Facebook in the office or our working environment. So, what is the thing with the real Facebook at Work?

According to the findings of the most recent surveys more than one third of companies does not allow the employees to use Facebook while working or at work. Now, Facebook wants to come up with a compromising solution, which will help the stubborn employees and merciless employers. Is it possible?

Facebook believes that is possible to create fully functional small cells, especially and exclusively for the working users. What is the harm if you are using Facebook only for business purposes and only with your colleagues? Maybe, this was the very idea behind the Facebook LinkedIn fusion. Right?

On the other hand, this is a dangerous thing. We are eliminating an unstable and fragile border line between a professional and private life. At the end of the day, you are very likely not to end up as an enthusiast of working friendly social networks. Sometimes, enough is enough. What is next?

Online Sinners And Winners

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We know what you did in 2014? How? Well, for what is worth, an average Internet user on a global level made from 18 to 20 “online sins” in 2014. Now, he or she wants to correct, diminish, or if possible completely delete them. Well, cyber boys and girls it is not so easy. That is more than sure.

You posted drunk photos. You criticized your boss or colleagues. You said some nasty things about your ex. All of these online sins, and so many more are recorded online. Now, all you can do is to regret about these reckless moments. Or, there is still something you can do to minimize the damage.

It is not a secret that Gmail experiments with the reversible type of messages. If you have some second thoughts about what you sent, you can cancel or delete your email despite the fact the other party has already opened it. The same goes for some apps, which guarantee you the similar results.

It is a sad true that we easily avoid to do the simplest thing, and save us from all the trouble. We are all humans, more or less. You have made a mistake. Admit it. What is the big deal about it? Write about it. Be honest. There has to be someone, who will appreciate your honesty and efforts.

A Year Of Books By Mark Zuckerberg

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Finally, we know. Mark Zuckerberg has made us such a big favor that we will be forever in his debt. After so many sleepless nights, we have discovered what he is going to be up to in 2015, when it comes to the new breathtaking challenges. He is going to read books. How often, exactly?

Well, for what is worth, Mark will expand his horizons every second week. At least, this is what he has promised to us. We can relax for a while. He is not going to learn Chinese, like he once did, or something similar and exotic. So, do we know what is going to be his number one choice in 2015?

“The End of Power: From Boardrooms to Battelfields and Churches to States, Why Being In Charge Isn’t What It Used to Be”, by Moisés Naím. As a result, you can simply forget about finding this book on Amazon. Is Mark to be blamed for this sudden interest in this book? It is up to you to decide.

What about some conspiracy theories? Is there some kind of a secret deal between Amazon and Mark? Hard to tell, but some books are going to become immensely popular in 2015. On the second thought, Mark could have written a book of his own. Right? What could he write about? Any ideas?

WhatsApp A Billion?

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What is up new with the WhatsApp? Well, for what is worth, this app has up to 750 million users on a monthly basis. Before one of the most bombastic takeovers in the IT world, WhatsApp was around 350 million users in a single month. Now, it is headed toward the one billion users.

What do you know, it turns out that Facebook did not throw $19 billions into the wind. Why? Because we are talking about almost 30 billion messages, which run through the WhatsApp blood stream on a daily basis. Now, imagine for a moment what one billion users can do. The 50 billion messages daily?

On the other hand, we have to ask the following pessimistic question. Is this a destiny of every promising startup? What are we talking about? You give your heart and soul to develop and promote a skyrocketing startup. For what? So it can serve only as a food for the IT giants? Nothing more?

What happened to the true entrepreurship spirit, which has built the IT empire, as we know it today? You have quite different examples. The founder or the founders of the Snapchat app do not even want to hear about the possible takeover. So far, Facebook has knocked two times at its door with billions of dollars. Third time lucky?


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Are we exaggerating, when we say that at the end of the day all major online services and platforms are going to look alike? We even dare to say that we are very likely to hit the wall of annoyance, in this matter. Why? Here is the most recent example. Twitter has some serious thoughts about videos.

They will either introduce a brand new video channel or include videos on their existing message platform. Either way we are not thrilled. Do you remember? Not so long ago, after introducing so many pictures in its default view, you could not tell a difference between a Twitter and Facebook start page.

Now, we are going to look for some YouTube video, and what do you know we will end up watching it on Twitter. Then, what is the use or the very catch, if we cannot tell a difference between the most popular social networks? On the other side, there are some stubborn guys, who are one of their kind.

How about Snapchat? Facebook has already knocked two times at its door. No use. They do not even want to look back to at least examine the takeover offers, which include billions of dollars. Literally. Let us wait and see, if this is going to be a Twitter’s video of success or a complete failure.

The Emotate

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What is Emotate? That is the first global emotional social network. The Emotate is all about emotions and colors. So, forget about pictures and likes this is something completely different. For the creators of the state of emotions Facebook and other social networks are obviously just not good enough.

Now, all what is left to be seen is the reaction of the potential and future users. Would that be enough for you to choose from 88 main emotional categories, which are made available on the Emotate? Well, it has to, because basically this is all what you will get. Is this a revolution or a dead end street?

At this point in time is really hard to say. It is not a secret that the current condition with the main social networks, we are using simply cries for some serious reconstruction work. Our emotions and above all social relationships have definitely taken the wrong turn under the current circumstances.

Who knows, maybe the indisputable reign of the like button is finally over. In the meantime, we have to keep experimenting and looking for a fully functional replacement. If your heart beats only on Facebook, then your emotional life has just hit the wall made of steel. You have been warned, haven’t you?

Find New Friends With The AutoHop

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Here is a nice way to meet some new friends while ensuring some serious savings, as well. So, how does it work and what do you need to do? The AutoHop is both a simple and an extremely helpful app. First, you need to register. You can sign as a driver or a passenger, depending on what you need or can offer.

Then, this app does its homework. It will notify you about people, who are interested to travel with you. On the other side, if you are looking for a transportation, you will get a notification about the available free seats in someone’s car. As you can see, this is a two-ways street. No wonder young people adore it.

If you believe that there are still some good Samaritans around and you do not have problems with establishing new contacts in the matter of minutes, then this is undoubtedly a win-win situation for you. We do not know for sure, but we can guess that recommendations are extremely important in this case.

So, what are you waiting for? It is about time to do some travelling or offer a helping hand, or better to say a helping drive. There are so many things we can share and help each other with by using this and similar apps. All we need is some good will and an honest smile. The AutoHop will take care.about the rest.

NewBorn Fame

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Or, maybe it is better to say – newborn madness. Can you imagine something like that? Babies making selfies. They do not even know what they are doing in the first place. Some busy little bee has created toys with mini-cameras by using Facebook and Twitter logo shapes. So, what do we have as a result?

Well, you have a cute baby, who plays around, and the next thing you know, he or she gets one of these toys. As soon as you presure these newborn toys the camera within does its job. This is how the babies publish their selfies online on Facebook and Twitter, without letting you know or asking for your approval.

This does not have to be necessarily bad or problematic. Let us face it. The social networks are the very places, where you want to share the happy news with the rest of the world. So, what is the difference? Yes, there is a dark cloud over our children’s privacy. What about the naked babies, as well?

What do we need to do, and what needs to happen next, so we can be able to draw a line. Enough is enough, and babies should not be involved in the controversial world of selfies. Right? What is next? Toys for our pets, which are shaped like bones with Facebook or Twitter logo on them. Seriously?