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Can You Tweet Me Some Money?

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Here is a great news for all promising startups. From now on, you can use additional channels for gathering the invaluable investments, which are essentials for your business idea realization. How? Well, it has been about time. You can use social networks for these purposes.

Twitter, and other major social networks, got the official green light from the US Government that the SME and small startups can use their infrastructure for money collecting goals and promotions among potential investors. So, this is a clear win-win for all parties involved. Right?

Does this mean that Kickstarter and other fund raising platforms are going to run out of business, inevitably? Well, this is hard and very unlikely to say. It is one thing to promote, but it is a completely different thing to make some business entity or an individual to invest directly in your idea’s realization.

Let us see, how this one is going to work out for Twitter, Facebook and other major social network players. This is just one more confirmation that social networks are among the most influential online cyber-creatures. However, it is not going to be enough to get tweets or likes for your business. You need the full-scale “green” support.

How To Get A Cyber Date In Iran

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Do not you just love it, when the countries or organizations with a notorious reputation for censorship or anti-modern-cyber-values get caught in their own controversy? This is exactly what happened to ISIS and now Iran. Do you need a quick reminder of what are we talking about?

The ISIS fighters allegedly go against all evils of the Western civilization. However, they admit that it is impossible for them to live without the Internet. On the other side, you have Iran, which is uncompromisingly against social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Here is their controversy.

Iran has just launched the official matchmaking website. What is that supposed to mean – the word official? The state of Iran is behind this dating website. Well, this is something new. On the other side, Iran has quite a few ambitions with its website. This is supposed to be a role model for all Muslim states.

Oh dear, does it really have to be this way? Was it really so hard to find a compromising solution with Facebook or some other similar website for this specific purpose? If your own country can guarantee you a perfect match in love, then you are truly a lucky citizen. Big Brother. Big Love.

Your Psychological FB Profile

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Here is the funny thing about the way we behave online, and complain offline. We tend to cry out loud about our compromised privacy. Yet, we are supplying restlessly so many pieces of private information all over the Net. Then, we are eager to find someone to blame, for all of our privacy troubles.

There is no such a thing as a harmless or irrelevant information, you made it available online. This just could not be more true in the case of social networks. What you can find out about a certain person, by examining his or her Facebook profile is simply hard to believe.

In addition, there are some researches, which have proven that you can create a very accurate and reliable psychological profile, based entirely on the data from your own Facebook profile. So, what is the big deal you may ask? Well, things are not that simple with the profiling, nowadays. This can be very unpleasant.

Do not think about the annoying ads for a moment. That is the simplest thing profiling can do. The next time, you get turned down for a particular job position or a new credit card, because of the data derived from your profile, you will realize the importance of this story. Keep it to yourself. Not all of it, but the most sensitive things.

My Ways, And Social Highways

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Here is an intriguing question to ask about the very nature and the future of social networks. How come Twitter is not as big and powerful as Facebook is? We dare to say, Twitter will never match Facebook in any of the bigger-stronger-better categories, for a simple reason. It does not want to.

Twitter plays its game smoothly. Each of the mainstream social networks has its own plan and target groups, it tries to reach this way or another. That is why Twitter should not compromise about some things crucial for its identity. The same is to be applied to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and others.

The trouble begins when you try to become something or someone else. We all recall what happened with the ridiculous design experiments both Facebook and Twitter conducted in order to attract additional customers. At the end of the day, you could not tell who is who, for sure.

Specialization is the key. Mark our words, one fine day you are going to cry for the days of the social future past. Stick to what you know the best. You can have it all, and you should be happy with your current loyal customers. Otherwise, you can end up like MySpace. Can you recall who it was?

What’s Your 140 Characters Life Story?

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Our precious little blue bird is all about innovations and eye-catching improvements. This time one of the most recognizable Twitter symbols has put to the test. The 140 characters limit is no more. Well, to be a little bit more precise, this change of a traditional limit of characters will affect only direct messages.

For the good old tweets, which do not include direct messages, the business will be as usual. How is this change going to affect Twitter users? Are you going to be grateful and thrilled, or you are not even going to notice it, in the first place? We have to say that this is a dangerous game to play.

Why? Well, have you noticed a problematic trend among the major social networks? One fine day, in not so distant future, you will not able to tell a difference between the most widely used social platforms. They keep borrowing and copying the recognizable features from each other.

At the end of the day what do you get as a result? One more or less the same thing, which comes in the different packages. Our word of advice for Twitter would to keep up with the good work. There is no need to change a thing about its winning team. Can you put that in 140 characters?

Google+ Minus

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Once a proud and powerful, some may even say a completely unnecessary social network, has come down to be hidden under a category called – Google Notifications. Does this story come with a moral we can actually use? What went wrong with Google Plus? Complex questions usually have simple answers.

You just cannot have it all. It is not natural nor recommended. Imagine a situation where Facebook offers a new email service. Perhaps, this is not the happiest comparison, but you can see our point. This also does not necessarily mean that Google is all about Gmail.

For what is worth, we would appreciate some available time left to tell a difference between the most popular services. Time before what, exactly? Cannot you see it already? The great-cyber-fusion or merging, or call it what you like is on the way. Under the surface, but it does not take a break.

Soon enough, we will not be able to tell a difference, who is who, and what is what, in the cyberspace. The major IT players keep forgetting that specialization is the key. In addition, the cyber pie is unimaginable huge that there is no way you can starve. Yet, for some cyber guys the world has never been enough.

YouTube YouBuy

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YouTube is going deeper and deeper into the commercial waters. One of the latest news is that from now on, you will be able to purchase things directly through the newly introduced video ads. How? Well, it is actually quite simple. All you have to do is to follow a certain link integrated into a video ad.

So, what is this supposed to mean? YouTube is a money making machine. That is not a secret nor a huge surprise. However, the most recent Google moves about it send us a clear message that the best online things in life will no longer be free. YouTube is going to be lost among all those ads.

There is an available option, though, to experience a beautiful YouTube world, which is ad-free. However, if you want to enjoy your favorite videos, there is a price you have to pay for this rare sense of true freedom. Therefore, you either pay, or suffer the terror of ads. As simple as that.

Maybe, Google is giving an additional motivation to some young and still anonymous inventor, who is eager to introduce a free alternative with no ads. At the very beginning, all those services are nice and free. Then, one fine day, they decide to turn their ugly fully commercialized side.