To Be Or Not Free, That is The Question

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It seems that the US major IT league players hit the European wall when it comes to regulations. You know Europeans, don’t you? They are all about regulations and rules. And, this is how we have the current situation with strict demands to remove “in-app” and “free” associated with apps. Why? What happened in the first place? Well, some phone bills were too hot to handle.

And, as you might have expected the wave after wave of critics eventually caused some legal consequences. Nowadays, as a result, both Google and Apple will think twice before they use a description “free” for any of the apps offered. Is this too rigorous? Or, it is something simpler and easier to understand and even justify?

Well, if you are a parent with children, who cannot imagine a single day without their smartphone, you have every reason to question “unauthorized” payments. Your children play, and you are the one to pay. What is wrong with this picture? Your approval is missing. Your kids do not have a clue what is going while they are playing their favorite games.

Apparently, an app is free, but the additional levels or features are not. Who can tell a difference, when there is an eye catching bolded title “free”? Now you got it. This is what this regulation mess is all about. Let it be, but let also clarify what is really free from A to Z. These rules could be nicely applied back in the USA. What do you think about that?

Improving Your Android

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself without any extra research that Android is indisputably the most popular mobile OS in the world. Yet, it is worth mentioning that your Android can always do better, faster and more. How? Well, there are definitely some things worth mentioning and applying. Which one to choose is entirely up to you. Here are our suggestions.

Some of them will surprise you. The others will look as if you have heard about them hundreds and hundreds of times. Here is the first one. Your Android smartphone or tablet can be a powerful device. However, be aware about its limitations. Do you really need all of the apps you installed? Every now and then, it would be extremely useful to simply remove apps you do not use at all.

Regular updates are the best and simplest ways to ensure the full functionality of your Android. In most of the cases, these processes are fully automatized. However, it would be nice for you to manually check from time to time, if some of the app updates are available. When we talk about regular activities, which are associated with your Android, we should mention the Clear Cache option, as well.

Clear Cache can refer to both your device general settings and specific app adjustments. Sometimes, it is better to start all over again in order to ensure better functionality of your device. There are so many things that can improve your Android. Whichever you are to choose you will not make a mistake. Just make sure you are applying some of them.

Google Smarty Pins

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Putting trivia on Google Maps. This is how it is called and what it eventually does. It is supposed to be fun and educational. Almost like a game. Or is it something more than just a game? Are we doing someone else’s job while answers Google’s questions. On the other side, does Google the great really needs our help on this one?

For what is worth, we have an opportunity to play, learn, and eventually, what seems to be the most important thing use the Maps themselves. This one is all about the miles. You start with one mile. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible before you reach the zero mile.

For each wrong answer you will lose some miles. For the right one you get some extra miles. If you make the right guess in the first 10 seconds with no hints you can count on some rewarding miles. As you can see there is more than enough to focus your attention on the map.

We sure hope that this is an innocent story. The last thing we need is a game that collects data for the advertising purposes. This is the last stronghold of our privacy. Our location. We should not give up on this one so easily and without a fight. Play it, but remind Google if you have to.

Google vs The Skynet

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Here is a one, which can easily fit into the category the most serious pranks for the first April fools’ day. For what is worth, Google believes that its founding fathers should be spared when one day the machines take over our planet. Google executives should not be on the Terminator’s hit list.

Why? Well, Google guys believe that they have done more than enough for the well-being of the entire mankind. On the other side, there is a paradox in this one you are not likely to spot immediately. Maybe, Google has some other good deeds, which qualifies it for a Terminator’s best friend.

You have witnessed some of the very intriguing recent business moves in Google’s kitchen. What are they cooking with the takeover of robotics and satellite production facilities. Not to mention the impressive experiments with the Artificial Intelligence. Do these events ring any bells for you?

Maybe Google will face a similar situation doctor Frankenstein once experienced with his own creation. Skynet and Terminators to follow can easily tank their very existence to Google itself. Under these circumstances, it is not likely that the machines will turn against their creator. But, what about us?

Google = Top 50

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The World Startup Report had asked an intriguing question with its latest research, which included more than 50 leading IT companies all over the world. What is really a success and how to evaluate it adequately? Some of the findings can easily fit into the category I-knew-that-already, but the others are definitely a huge surprise.

Let us start with the most important and obvious finding. Google is worth as all other top 50 companies combined together. The silver medal goes to Chinese Alibaba. It is worth mentioning that more than one half of the companies, which are proud members of the top 50 club, have reached the one billion boundary in terms of worth.

However, not a single one of them comes from Europe. It seems almost impossible to build a billion dollar worth IT company in Europe. There is one more conclusion definitely worth remembering. Maybe, communication is the key, but in terms of profit e-commerce rules, for sure.

If you are having some interesting entrepreneurship ideas, you are knocking on the right door. The rest of it will depend on your patience, endurance and a little bit of luck. In this type of business, you only have to succeed once. That is more than enough. Ask Google. Good luck!

Google Fairy Tail

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Nowadays, there are so many people in a desperate hunt for a new job due to the troubles caused by one of the worst economic crisis in history. That is why the following story is going to look so unreal for real. Here are some reasons that make the Google to be on top employer’s dream wish list for so many people.

We sure hope that all of these benefits are true and not some employee’s fantasy. Let us start with food, drinks and snacks. There is an absolute abundance of these in Google with an emphasis on healthy ones and they are all free. In addition, you can take your pet with youfor both to inspire and calm you down.

On your way back there is a company’s bus to take youhome. Each of them comes with a free WiFi by default. There is a 80:20 rule, as well. This means, you are allowed to spend 80% of your time on your priority projects. The remaining 20% is for you to explore the next big things for the company.

The funny thing, though, is that among all of these inspiring stories we have not heard not a single one about the salaries. We know that top executives receive astronomical sums, but what is happeningwith the guys, who use Google’s bus each day, take their pets with them, and eat snacks during working hours?

Bitter Apple’s apples

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Is this some kind of an Apple’s unwritten rule? Whenever some guys get really boredin Apple they throw a couple of extremely poisonous apples at their competitors. For what is worth, it is Steve Wozniak’s turn. The only difference, though, is that he likes to tease Samsung, while Tim Cook and Steve Jobs prefered Google above all.

Wozniak has picked the Samsung Gear smartphone as his next target. He has found that this Samsung’s crown jewel product was unbearably and depressingly inadequate for him. He did not use not for one single day, and he already offered it on eBay for a sale. What was his argumentation?

Well, he wants something with a respectably big display on his hand, which can provide him with enough vital information. This way, Samsung Gear is nothing more, but an expensive toy for Wozniak. Are we to follow his advice and criticismblindly? Is there a catch in this story?

The trouble Wozniak will inevitably face in the near future is rathera simple one. While he is throwing rocks at Samsung Gear, the Apple’s iWatch waits for him just around the next corner. We sure hope that Apple will not suffer from the boomerang effect in this case. That would hurt them a lot, that is for sure.

From Russia With Love

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No, this one has nothing to do with the painful crisis in Ukraine. In other words, Russia is very serious when it comes introducing a “Chinese model” for its own Iternet purposes. So, what is this all about and why it is so important for the very future of the Internet as we know it today?

Well, in less than two years from now, whoever wants to mess with Russian privacy, data will have to install servers on Russian territory including the full Russian control over them with no exceptions. Or in other words, if you want todo business in Russia, you will have to be and stay there literally and virtually.

Let us be even more specific, shall we? Google and Facebook, for example, will have to have servers on Russian territoryfor users from Russia. In addition, there will not be possible to export privacy related data without an explicit approval. This will definitely reshape the Internet landscape as we know it today.

The “Balkanization”of the Internet is definitely on the way, and there is nothing we can do about it. Can we? Can you really nationalize the Internet? It sounds ridiculous, but there are some guys all over the world with enough political and financial power to do something about it. The clock is ticking.

Google Lego Works!

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Good news! The Google modular smartphone has shown some signs of life. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why it is called a Lego smartphone, do you? Imagine a smartphone where you can be able to create your own configuration just like you do with Lego bricks.

Would not that be something special and unseen? The trouble with the curve in this field, though, is how making it to be fully operational and above all to work properly at all time. This could really be the next big thing in the world of smartphones. In addition, the modular concept can completely reshape the smartphone’s landscape.

Although, we are far away from a situation – we only need to change a couple of things here and there – this is undoubtedly huge. For the very first time, the project Ara has shown some remarkable and indicative signs worth mentioning. What can we say? Go for it!

It comes without saying that the Lego-direction is a tough one for Google. However, in the long run it can pay off with the unimaginable profit for Google. If this one is to work for Google, they can really forget about financing requirements and do their advertising thing for a hobby.

Google: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

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This is all what Google has to say about our most recent concerns about privacy threats. We needed the official legal help and court orders to ensure that harmful personal data can be removed from Google’s search engines. What is Google’s answer to all of these accusations and concerns? You cannot possibly imagine what Google has to say about this one, can you?

What you are about to hear, is definitely not an original concept, but it makes you wonder. For Google the advantages introduced by new technologies are far greater and important compared to the potential privacy threats and negative side effects. Seriously? To make things, being even worse for our situation Google think we should be grateful for all things we take for granted.

This one is not going to end up well. For neither us nor Google itself. The privacy war seems to be an inevitable one. For what is worth, Google has no intention to change its policy or attitude about all kinds of privacy issues. From our point of view, it all comes down to – if you want to use my gadgets and apps, which can come in handy, you have to give up your privacy.

Let it be. Let us see how far Google can go with this one unharmed. Eventually, we will have to sit down and face each other. Google will have to answer for its “crimes”, and we will have to reevaluate our dependence on its features. It’s a shame either way, not so long ago the colors of Google’s logo were the very symbol of freedom. What happened in the meantime?