Deregister iMessages, Register A Truce

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What is this supposed to mean? The tide is turning and the things are changing. On the other side, you just cannot fight this bitter feeling inside yourself. Why? Because, all of your troubles could have been resolved easily, if some busy little bee in Google or Apple had a little more consideration for your situation.

Still confused? One of the worst cyber sins in the world of smartphones is to move from Android to IOS or vice-versa. You have probably heard terrifying stories about users, who have gone through a living hell during these transition periods. The providers treated them as traitors, mercilessly.

As a result, you had missing data, deleted messages, lost contacts, and similar. You had to leave your ex IOS life behind you while moving to Android,.completely. And again, vice versa for a transition from Android to IOS. Why this sudden change? What is Apple telling us with this surprising kindness?

We are lost to tell the truth. Now, it turns out that it is not such a big deal to move from one mobile platform to another. Correct us if we are wrong, but we think that Google is doing something similar for the Android users, as we speak, or better to say write. Let us call it a truce, shall we? How hard can it be.

Spacex Strikes Back

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Elon Musk is never bored, that is for sure. After giving us a fair warning about the Terminator real threat, he is up to something new. He plans to claim a piece of the sky, or the entire air space for his flying machines. It comes without saying that is going to be extremely crowded up there. Right?

We have some announcements in this field. Amazon and Facebook will launch drones. Google is thinking about balloons. Well Elon Musk’s Spacex will introduce micro-satellites. This miraculous solution is supposed to ensure that even the remotest areas on our planet experience the benefits of the Internet.

Great. We do not have to worry about the Internet. The only thing to worry about, though, is that something will eventually fall on our heads or houses from the blue sky. We will have literally millions of busy little mechanical bees flying around us. Who will control and coordinate this flying abundance?

Oh dear, this is really going to be something. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Elon Musk has a nice chance to materialize and unite some of his worst fears and brightest ideas. Maybe, he is our very next John Connor. The indisputable leader in our uprising against the machines.

Nadella Nutella

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So far we have had the announcement wars between Apple and Google. Who is better, stronger or smarter. It turns out that Microsoft has decided to join the party. Satya Nadella has something to say. Let us hear him out. Maybe he has something of life changing importance to share with us. Ready?

For Nadella the Apple is all about apples. Or, in other words, this is a hardware company, primarily and dominantly. Apple is all about its devices. Take iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, as an obvious example. On the other hand, Google is a mean marketing machine. All about Google eventually comes down to ads, and ads only.

So, what is happening with the grandpa Microsoft? It is supposed to be all about software. Right? Well, according to Nadella this cannot be true. Why? Because Microsoft puts you as a user in the very center of its universe. Is this good enough for you? Do you believe a word he says? Is this too much to hear?

Well, if we are to follow blindly the IT Triumvirate, there is nothing to worry about. With so many companies dying to please all we have to do is relax and enjoy. They will take care of it all instead of us. Then, do you hear this song in the background. It goes something like, why does my heart feel so bad?

Google + NASA = ?

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Google in space. Not metaphorically, but literally. You probably know that Google has acquired some of the companies, which specialize in satellite and drone production. Just like Facebook, Google itself is interested in spreading the word of the Internet even to the most remote points of our globe.

Yet, with this one, it has gone a little bit further. For what is worth, Google will rent and then eventually invest in one of the NASA’s facilities. We are talking about a symbolic start, with the long term and significant consequences. For the beginning, Google needs a place to launch its satellites into space.

What can we expect next? Again, there is this pessimistic parallelism with the SkyNet and Terminator concept. For the time being, we should not worry that much. The worst thing that can happen to us is for Google satellites and drones to bomb us with ads, rather than the real rockets. Acceptable?

We sure hope there is some adventurous spirit left in Google among all of the ads and marketing oriented things. Maybe, we will live long enough to witness a discovery of some new Google called planet. Why not? The one to find can call it as one likes the most. The final countdown for Google has just begun.


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Music is the key. It has always been. Ask YouTube. There is a new service in our cyber town, and it is called the YouTube Music Key. This key is supposed to unlock the music door for “only” $9,99 a month, or $7,99 in beta version. So, what are you supposed to get in return for this money?

Well, first of all, you can listen music or watch your favorite video ads free, which is definitely a great thing. On the other side, you can enjoy music with or without the Internet. Even when your screen is licked the music will play in the background. Let us not forget to include the Google Play Music.

More than 30 million songs are supposed to make this choice of being easy for you. Will the YouTube Music Key work for real? That is not the right question to ask. How much is enough for Google to earn, and for us to pay, in order to make both sides happy? Now, you see what is the trouble with this one.

Who knows, maybe this musical trouble will give birth to some brand new music service. This way it sounds almost like a blackmail. Either you will pay, or it is the ads highway. Let us wait and see, what the users themselves have to sayy about this one. That is the only thing that truly matters. Right?

The First Tango In Paris

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What happened with the last tango? Go and see the movie. If you are eager to find out what happened with the Google’s post, stay here and read this post. To tell you the truth, we are not quite sure. We have heard some rumors that the Tango can be found in the Google Play Store. Yet, you still cannot buy it.

Why? Ask Google. The Tango project was supposed to be something really special. For what is worth, all elements are here for your special so-called customer’s experience. The most important feature of them all is the 3D ride. With Tango you can map your environment by using the special 3D tool.

However, some things are obviously lost in translation. The trouble with the curve in this matter is the way in which Google likes to operate. Whatever they do, it has to be not big, but rather gigantic. Which does not have to be necessarily a bad thing, as long as it works. Every delay sends a troubling message.

The last thing Google needs is to add one more item for the graveyard of projects, which suffered from megalomania. Just take the Google Glass as an obvious example. You cannot build an empire made of huge and ear-catching announcements, can you? Some of these things have to actually work, for real.

What’s Happening With Google Glass?

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This is a simple question, but we are not sure that you can get a straight and simple answer for it. Did Google Glass take the wrong turn? Has this been an extremely expensive toy from the very first moment? Only Google knows the whole truth. We can only speculate based on the road signs.

First of all, we will have to wait 2015 in order to have a decent chance to get it. One very serious rumor has it that 9 out of 16 development teams have already left the project. The Google Glass community, which was supposed to deliver tons of apps, has suddenly gone quiet and with no new announcements.

Three key figures in the Google Glass project are left the Google itself. Oh dear, this already sounds like a total disaster scenario for any IT giants. Who knows, maybe Google can afford itself a luxury of playing with the dead end street projects such as this one, every now and then without serious consequences.

Yet, something bigger is here at stake than the profit itself. How about the prestige? How many Projects X is cooking in the Google’s kitchen and we do not have a single clue about them? Probably more than we can think of. What happened to the once clear and prosperous vision of the Google Glasses?


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Wait, give us a sec to check have we used all the letters correctly. There Is No Such A Thing As The Cheap iPhone. And what is absolutely certain in this story, it will never be. Even the cheapest iPhone 5C compared with the other iPhone models is not cheap at all. So, what is this telling us about Apple?

It seems that Apple itself is pretty much determined to produce only the golden apples. On the other side, it has become more than obvious that the very future of smartphones lies in the developing markets such as South America, Africa and Asia, including the affordable smartphones, as well.

The hundred bucks smartphone is simply not on the Apple’s menu list. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what Apple is trying to achieve, do you? Less customers, more money. Without the uncompromising exclusivity Apple will not be in a position to determine its prices freely.

Google has a completely different philosophy. It believes that the future comes in huge numbers. Just take Moto G as an indicative example. Even the grandpa Microsoft has given up on the top class smartphone customers. At the end of the day, the numbers will prove our smartphone heroes right or wrong.

The Signs of Peace

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Who says that the cyber wars will never end? For quite some time both Apple and Google have had very rigorous policies about ensuring the loyalty of their own customers. How? Actually very simple, by preventing you to have or use both platforms. Yes, cyber boys and girls you had to choose between Android and IOS.

To switch from an iPhone to Samsung, or vice versa very often meant a living hell for the users themselves. They were left with no other choice than to leave an entire world and history behind when doing so. The message was quite a clear one. Either you stay, or you will not be able to play as once you used to.

First, Apple has allowed us to move all of our messages to Android. The iMessage is no longer a locked system reserved exclusively for Apple users. On the other side, Google answered to this kindness with the opened door for free data transfers between these two most popular mobile platforms.

This is a nice thing. You cannot ensure the loyalty of your customers with threats, can you? What we need to do with the wave of this newly discovered love and tender emotions is to copy and paste the solution to the patent wars trouble. How hard could it be? Apple and Google have shown us the way.

Selfies vs Dronies

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what dronies are all about, do you? In addition, we have already written about the mini drones, which can be launched from the wrist of your hand. It does its job just like a boomerang. It goes, makes a photo, and gets back to you eventually.

So, what is a dronie? An independent phenomena or a new form of selfie? It seems that our insatiable Narcissism makes us look for the new ways of expressing our “uniqueness”. The more unusual the angles are, the happier we become about the results themselves. Do we really need such a thing?

Obviously, we do. And, that is only the beginning of our troubles. Can you imagine the drone sky of our near future? It is going to be crowded with so many drones that we will apparently live and work under a giant shade. Are we exaggerating? Let us start with the commercial Amazon drones. Here is more.

Google and Facebook drones providing Internet to all courners of our world. The entire armies of selfies and dronies addicts. Literally million of busy little mechanical bees will fly all over our heads. It is going to be a living nightmare. So, enjoy your dronies while you still can. One day it would be too late.