BlackBerry Back In Black

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Someone is not telling us the truth. Supposedly, BlackBerry is in a safe way to its full and glorious recovery. So, what went wrong? It seems that its new models Passport and Classic cannot ensure even the basic business survival. To make things even worse, the software solutions failed, as well.

According to some estimates, BlackBerry needs to sell at least two to three millions of Passport and Classic models including at least $500 million from the software deals. Honestly speaking, this sounds almost like a mission impossible for BlackBerry under the current set of events and development.

This is so disappointing and a truly heartbreaking story. Why? Well, it is not an easy thing to see one of the very first mobile pioneers struggling for a basic survival. Now, we see how insignificant was the most recent deal with Google. In exchange for some effective security software solutions BlackBerry has teamed up with Google.

BlackBerry users can access the Play Store and its absolute abundance of available apps. Is it too late, already? What is next? BlackBerry will have to join the other recycled mobile pioneers, such as Motorola or Nokia. Is this BlackBerry’s inevitable destiny? Our fingers are crossed. Is that enough?

Remote Friendship

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Chrome Remote Desktop is out there, ready to be installed and used. So what? What is the big with this one? Well, this app’s version is specially designed for iPhones. With the new Chrome Remote Desktop you can use your iPhone to access your desktop or Mac computer safely and remotely.

This is a quite unusual hand of friendship offered by Google to all Apple users. So, what is happening with Google? Why all of a sudden this explosion of friendly gestures and team up offers? We have to remind you what happened to the BlackBerry, as well. Google got the access to a security software.

On the other hand, the BlackBerry can reward its users with the access to Google Play Store and its fabulous collection of countless apps. This is surely a win-win for both parties. Is Google playing some game or exercise a strategy we are not fully aware about? We will have to wait and see the end results.

It seems that is much easier and definitely more profitable to make cyber love, than to fight the endless and expensive cyber wars. It sounds like a cliche, but all of the major IT giants actually play in the same team. However, they tend to forget it all the time. Every now and then, they get a nice reminder.

Facebook Pay

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Oh dear, just the thing we need the most and we cannot live without. Facebook allows you to send and/or receive money. We already have Apple Pay and Android Pay. Everywhere you look on the social networks and mobile platforms there will be money, raining money. Right? How lovely, indeed.

So, how is this Mark-Zuckerberg-sends-you-money thing is supposed to work? Well, all is in the Messenger’s capable app hands. First, you have to connect your credit card with your Facebook account. The next thing you know your money is gone. Your friends can like as much as they want once they get it.

So, what is wrong with this picture? Why this fully transparent bitter tone? You do not have to be a rocket scientist nor a Facebook addict to know that this social network has some serious security and privacy issues, do you? Just imagine what the introduction of numerous financial transactions will do.

We dare to say that hackers all over the world cannot believe their ears and eyes what is happening with the online payment systems in the cyber space. We are putting all eggs in one basket, and we hope that we will be lucky enough to avoid all cyber menaces. Good luck with this childish attitude.

AndroidPay In May

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Apple Pay is already there. Now, Google wants to join pay-with-your-smartphone party. This is how we will get an Android Pay option on our Android smartphone. You do not have to be a rocket scientist for smartphones to know that this is not going to be the same thing as your existing wallet app, do you?

Do we really need these new payment options? Are we the only ones, who feel a little bit skeptical about it? Yes, it is great to leave your credit card at home, when you go out to do some shopping. However, there are two things we just cannot avoid bringing up in a very negative way for both Apple or Android Pay.

The first one is that we are going to become even more dependant on our smartphones. We are already sleeping with our smartphone under a pillow. And now, we are going to put our wallet in it, as well. On the other side, we are putting all of our eggs in a single basket. What do you expect as a result?

From the security point of view, this is a Christmas gift for all the hackers of the world. You are putting your entire life and all of your money in a single device. Lovely. Good luck with that, because you are going to need it a lot when the hackers start knocking at your smartphone’s Pay door.

Google Truth Or Dare

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If you are in the SEO business for real or you are trying to position your website the very best you can, then you know how Google can spoil a party each time it changes the ranking algorithms. Is it really necessary? For Google itself, it obviously is. More bad news to come, cyber boys and girls.

Google is extremely unsatisfied with the current ranking state of affairs. What does it mean? Well, things are about to change. Again. Right now, Google is thinking about the truthfulness criteria for the new ranking policy. Oh dear, what this one means exactly? It is supposed to be an improvement.

Somehow, we have a feeling that Google is about to adjust the search results landscape in order to earn more. This is a legitimate thing to do, isn’t it? Google created the whole searching game, and Google can set the rules to suit its business goals the best. Nothing wrong with or about it. Right?

We just want to use the right name for this most recent change. The new money making machine. That is not the only truth about the new truth oriented criteria in the Google search ranking engine, but it is the most accurate one. Let us how much truth we are going to find in it. For real.

You Are My New Best-Smart Friend

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Just like in the modern politics, the merciless business IT world recognizes and even favors some of the most unusual and unexpected partnerships and teaming up scenarios. One of them includes BlackBerry and Google. So, what is their friendship all about? We can show you lots of love here.

BlackBerry made the first move. It shared some of its cyber security secrets with Google. It seems that the BlackBerry has finally accepted the new cyber reality. You can still make some serious money by selling your software solutions and cyber security know-how. Is that right BlackBerry?

So, what did the BlackBerry get in return? We have to say that this was a win-win and a fair-fair exchange. I give you my best for your best. This is how BlackBerry was awarded to the full access of the Google ultimate riches – the apps themselves. Now, the users of the Blackberry  OS 10.3.1 are blessed.

This was one of the most serious downsides for BlackBerry. The lack of apps. On the other side, Google just cannot get enough of the top quality software and cyber security solutions. So, what are Apple and grandpa Microsoft going to say about this friendship? A friend of my enemy is my…

iWatch Made In China

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All iWatches are being made in China. More or less. However, some Chinese, who make the latest Apple smartwatches, actually do not work for Apple. Yes, you got that one right. We are talking about the fake iWatches. The resemblance and an impressive attention given to the details is stunning.

So, what are the differences between the original and fake iWatches? We have to mention the price itself. Of course, this is the number one reason to deal with the fake products in the first place. The cheapest model made-in-Apple asks from you at least $350. So, what is the offer not-made-in-Apple?

No more than thirty bucks. Seriously? The most hilarious catch is that you do not get an Apple product for this amount. The fake smartwatch does  not run the Apple IOS platform, but rather it includes Android. Now, when you hear this, you realize that this is a bigger problem for Google, than Apple.

How come? If the Chinese cyber pirates are selling the fake iWatches for no more than thirty bucks, can you imagine what are their initial production costs? On the other hand, why should you pay $300 for an Android smartwatch, when you can get “almost” the same for the ten times less? Right?

The Nude Revenge Is Off The Table

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Apparently there were too many busy little birds complaining about the embarrassing revenges of the ex boyfriends and girlfriends, which include the nude photos. It seems that Twitter has decided to follow Google’s footsteps in the slippery field of online nudity. So, what do we have as a result?

From now on, if you want to share some pictures, which include naked human bodies, you will have to explain to Twitter why are you doing this. Above all, you will have to prove that you have a naked person’s permission to do so. However, there is a catch with this little blue bird’s rule.

Twitter definitely doesn’t favor any kind of nudity both direct or indirect. Especially, when you obviously plan to hurt someone’s feelings in such a way. Now, we are left with no other option than to ask the most logical question. Why bother with two rules in the first place, when you need only one?

Let us put it this way. There is no nudity on Twitter. The end of story. Move on and do it somewhere else. You are giving me one specific rule, but then you are making it to be completely useless with the next more general one. It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? Or maybe, Twitter is protecting us against our exes.

Let The Music Play, With No Ads

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It is official cyber boys and girls. There will be a magical place, where you can listen and watch your favorite videos all day long with no ads at all. Unfortunately, this cyber paradise lost includes a certain price to be paid. To whom and why? The good old, and we dare to say greedy Google.

Is this really necessary? There are so many ways to earn money for Google. Why it has to include YouTube in its merciless money making machine? When you put it in this way, it does not look nor feel like an option, but rather as a blackmail. It is Google’s ads way, or some other cyber highway.

For what is worth, Google has done its thing. Now, let us wait and see, what the users have to say about it. Maybe, it is less painful to suffer the ad attacks wave after a wave, then paying for an ad-free zone. That is entirely up to YouTube addicts to decide. What will be the probable consequences?

Some will complain, the others will pay. Maybe, some busy little bee in his mom’s garage will come up with the new YouTube concept, which will also have a free start with no ads, until it becomes immensely popular. If Google is reading this, then he says, dream on you little bee, but that is not going to be.

The Chinese Model In Iran

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Iran is ready to open its cyber door for Google and other major IT league players. This is undoubtedly a good news. On the other side, for the sake of truth, it is worth mentioning that Iran is not going to allow it unconditionally. Yes, cyber boys and girls, there will be a couple of conditions, here and there.

This situation is very similar to the one we currently have in China. The green light for Google and other major online services have quite a few shadows, but the show goes on. Is this a victory for Google, or a defeat for the Iranian government? There is no win-win nor lose-lose scenario here.

If you are having some thoughts about the US cyber imperialism, then you have watched too many movies, obviously. The Internet has a mind and soul of its own. You can use it, but you cannot own it. Let us take one more quite an indicative example. Turkey and Twitter are not the best friends.

However, the Turkish politicians do not miss an opportunity to rely heavily on Twitter and other social networks during an election year. Then, when the political opposition wants to do the same, they feel hurt. To make the long story short, almost one hundred million people of Iran simply deserve better.