Android Wear In Watch-2-Watch Episode

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The busy little bees in Android are working on a new set of features, which will allow you to communicate directly with the use of two smartwatches. What is that supposed to mean, exactly? Well, for what is worth, you are going to be less dependent on your smartphone.

For quite some time a smartwatch has been regarded as a smartphone’s sidekick, and nothing more. Maybe, the time has come to change all of that. Thanks to these new features under construction, you can call, text or send pictures from your to some other smartwatch.

So, how are we supposed to feel about this unparalleled breakthrough in science? You may also want to know, what is the very reason for our bitter tone in this story? Well, here is quick reminder. Smartwatches are probably invented with a purpose of allowing us to leave our gigantic smartphones behind us.

Now, we are turning our smartwatches into new smartphones. At the end of the day, what is going to be a difference between these two, besides their screen size? And, the price itself, of course? You do not know. Probably, the inventors of smartwatches do not know, neither.

FB Moneypenny

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Correct us, if we are wrong, but is not Mrs. Moneypenny supposed to be M’ secretary and “close” colleague of James Bond? One serious rumor has it that this is supposed to be a name for a new Facebook virtual assistant, which at the same time, will be an inevitable part of its Messenger app.

So, how we are going to activate it? Maybe, we will have to say, my name is Bond, James Bond. In order to activate Google VA you need to say something like Google Hello, or similar. Right? So, there is a new member to a club of virtual mobile lady, such as Siri or Cortana.

For what is worth, we sure hope that Facebook knows what it is doing or planning to do. This is not going to hurt it a bit, but it can raise some questions about Facebook’s ability to shine like a star, with whatever it does or develops.

At least, you will have an opportunity to feel and probably talk like a true James Bond. But, please be aware, you may easily fall in love with your virtual secretary Moneypenny. In addition, Facebook may easily award you a secret mission. Are you afraid?


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Google is in its bigger-better-stronger mode, for sure. The second quarter has seen a profit increase of more than $2 billion compared to the same period in 2014. In addition, Google websites contributed to this increase with their own increase of 13%, including Nexus devices with a 17% increase.

The so-called Google click advertising was also a part of this money raining success with a 18% increase. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the number of busy little bees has also increased from 48,584 in 2014 to 57,148 in 2015. So, Google has nothing to worry about? Is that right?

When you get caught in a big game of huge numbers, then even the smallest financial earthquake can have the devastating consequences for your cyber-empire. What is going to happen when Google gets into the zone of single-digit percentages of its remarkable growth? We do not even dare to think or imagine.

In the meantime, Google has quite a few reasons to enjoy in its unparalleled success. On the other hand, we – the users have no other choice than to tremble while expecting what is going to be next Google’s priority, a new service or a new profit. There is no win-win situation for us and Google in this scenario.

YouTube YouTime

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Google knows its job, all too well, apparently. This may comes as a huge surprise, but in the first of the current year compared to the same period of the previous year, we spent more than 60% of our time on YouTube. What is this supposed to mean for us and Google?

Well, YouTube is still going to be Google’s golden goose for quite some time. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that our average we spend for using YouTube on our smartphones and other mobile devices has literally doubled in the meantime.

Therefore, the introduction of the new services, channels and features, should not be a surprise at all for Google. This how we have ended up with the YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming new channels. And, it comes without saying, much more is yet to come.

This story could not be possibly treated as a complete one with no mentioning of the important financial consequences for Google. The math in this particular case comes with a simple formula. More time we spend while using YouTube means more opportunity for Google to earn from the numerous ads As simple and as annoying as that can be.

Google Earth – NASA Mars

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When Google is not too occupied with its advertising money raining business, it can still reminds us here and there, why we used to like it so much. This time, the busy little bees in Google have decided to team up with the NASA friends, in order to give us something truly amazing.

What is Google for our planet in terms of apps, that is NASA for the fascinating planet Mars. Or, let us put it in this way. The NASA Mars app is actually Google Earth for Mars. With it, you have a nice opportunity to enjoy yourself in the virtual walk on the Mars’ surface.

Our hats off to this mutually beneficial teaming up. Is there a better way to recruit the future NASA brainiacs? On the other hand, Google can hold its marketing horses for a while. We certainly do not need any more ads in space and on Mars, as well.

Here is a question, we just could not possibly avoid asking. Is there a way to include more planets in this breathtaking app? This can be one small step for the apps, but it would undoubtedly one giant step for all space exploration fans at home.

Tizen Ante EU Portas

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Samsung has done quite a remarkable job with its Android “version” called Tizen in both India and Bangladesh with more than 100,000 units sold. Now, Samsung is after much harder and obviously more profitable target called Europe. Is this the same thing? Can Tizen do something amazing?

Finally, what is the catch with Tizen and Samsung? This is an old story. Samsung is powerful enough to ask for more independency in terms of its mobile OS. However, we have some serious doubts that Samsung can make a truly successful version of its own IOS. We should not forget Google itself, as well.

So far, Google has been silent about Tizen. Maybe, Android creators know something we do not. It is not an easy thing to develop and promote a successful and reliable mobile OS. You can ask grandpa Microsoft, because it certainly has a lot to tell you about this, with its still struggling Windows Phone.

For what is worth, Samsung is optimistic about the upcoming Tizen European “tour”. Actually, so optimistic that even a Tizen version for Samsung smartwatch is being prepared as we write. Maybe, Samsung knows something both Google and we have missed to notice. What could it possibly be?

Is Mobile Glass Half Empty Or Full?

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What is the situation in the mobile world? Who is who, who is dark, and who is blue? Thanks to Samsung Galaxy S6, Android has improved its position in the US market. This is the reason, we have an increase from 62.1% in 2014 to 64.9% in 2015. As a direct result, we have a decrease for IOS from 33.3% to “only” 30.9%.  

What is happening with grandpa Microsoft, in the meantime? For what is worth, it plays its game with 3.5% of market share. It is worth mentioning that Europe has also seen “dramatic” changes. It turns out that the UK market, including France, Germany, Spain, and Italy have helped Apple.

This is how, we have ended up with a decrease from 57.4% to “only” 52% for Android in Europe. A few percentages here and there, more or less. So, what is the big deal, you may ask. Well, when you deal with hundreds of millions of devices on a yearly level, then every single percentage matters.

Unfortunately or luckily, you can never be quite sure, whether or not your mobile glass is half full or empty. Maybe, it is better this way. Let them fight for our hearts and minds, and most importantly our wallets. Until the next year, and until the next glass, we need to examine. Cheers!