Don’t Get Naked In Front Of Google

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Here is a tricky situation. How are we supposed the classify this news? Is it a good one, or maybe bad? Google has launched an attack against the bloggers, who like to discuss or publish adult related content. For what is worth, some compromising solutions and options are offered to the adult bloggers.

You do not have to necessarily remove the content, but you have to put an eye-catching sign – adult, all over your blog. Otherwise, Google will put a giant cyber shade on your blog. That will spoil all the fun, for sure. So, what are you supposed to do? Google’s way, or some other blogging highway?

Google is obviously not willing to negotiate too much on this one. On the other hand, it would not be fair not to mention a couple of back doors in this matter. You can exclude the general audience by making this content to be a private one. In addition, you can say that you are doing it for the science or education related purposes.

It sounds funny, but you can rest assured that Google is going to buy it. So, what is the moral of this quite an unusual story? The nudity does not pay off with Google, or what? There is no use of reading between the lines of Google’s orders, isn’t it? At the end of the cyber day, it is always your final call.

The Positive Hero And The Negative Zero

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Sometimes, having more than one billion visits per day is just not enough. This is the one you are definitely going to have a difficulty in accepting or believing. Here it goes. Google is not satisfied with the YouTube’s performance. Yes cyber boys and girls, we are in the show-me-the-money zone for YouTube.

How could this be? Well, it is actually quite simple. If you are going to be Google’s kid, then it is not enough to be successful or popular. You have to be profitable in the most unimaginable way. For what is worth, YouTube fails to achieve this standard in Google’s eyes. So, what is going to happen now?

Do not worry your videos are safe and sound. However, we are still having difficulties believing in this story. Maybe, Google looks for a convenient way to get away with its extremely unpopular intention of introducing the ads. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Google and YouTube? Seriously?

Poor them, let us give them some money in order to survive. Who knows, maybe Google has some strange standards for a successful business, which differ strongly from the perception of an ordinary mortal being? OK Google, do your thing. Whatever makes you truly happy and YouTube profitable.

Google vs Nude Blogs

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Is nude rude for Google? Apparently, it is or was. Huh, there is no easy way of saying and explaining this one. So, let us start from the beginning. No one knows for sure, what can be found on Google, accidentally or intentionally. Well, Google looks as it has been infected by the Disney’s family friendly virus.

There was a rumor, as a matter of fact a serious one, that Google is going to fight the nudity among bloggers. The explicit content on Google platforms will be practically made invisible or heavily shaded. However, the so-called nude voices were surprisingly loud, strong and numerous against this one.
As a result, Google has decided to run a low profile in this field. There will not be severe sanctions against the bloggers, who favor and publish the explicit content. We dare to say, the compromising solution was to demand a fully transparent note “adult” on these websites and blogs. Is this enough?

We dare to say again, it is a little bit too much. Why? Let us face it. No one pays unexpected or accidental visits to these websites and blogs. Nowadays, even the children know what it means to be naughty online. Therefore, Google should worry about our privacy, and we will take care of nudity.

Android Chorus

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The busy little bees from the Japanese division of Google have come up with a mind blowing idea. They have created a chorus of almost 300 Android smartphones and tablets. You can rest assured that each of these devices has a specific role just like in the real life chorus. What about the results?

Well, all the people, who had a chance to listen to this Android chorus, were thrilled. The one thing is missing, though. We would really like to hear what were the preferred melodies in this chorus to perform. On the other hand, how about a tour? We are not making fun of a brilliant idea, that is for sure.

It comes without saying that this is an extremely efficient way to promote your products and services. You can be a judge of it with a few simple clicks on YouTube. At the same time, we are eager to hear what Google has to say about it. How about setting the next world record for the number of devices in the chorus?

Maybe, Apple is watching this one closely. The chorus of iPhones is already working on its favorite compositions. The war of chorus. How this one sounds to you? Our hats off to the Google samurai with the strong preferences for music. We are convinced that this is only the beginning of one wonderful story.

The New HTTP/2 Standard

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Forget about the grandpa HTTP, because the new HTTP/2 standard is here. We only need to wait for a couple more checks and tests, here and there. What can we expect in return? Better Internet connection and improved security. Let us not forget the quicker web pages upload. Is this enough for you?

It comes without saying that is always a good thing to see some improvements in our brave new cyber world. Unfortunately, we often tend to miss the digital forest for the trees of new features. What is going to happen with our privacy? Not a word about it. Admire the new connection speed and stability.

But, forget to ask the questions that truly matter. That is what our new digital world order is all about. Our shiny new gadgets keep us forgetting the most crucial things about our cyber security and privacy. We are not partybreakers. Do not get us wrong. We do not want to spoil your good mood.

So, enjoy this moment of sweet expectation. Google is eager to get its hands first on this new Internet standard. We do not even dare to imagine what Chrome is going to look alike with the new HTTP/2. We will have to wait and see, what is going to be. Maybe, we are going to regret it. No one knows, for sure.

Sparrow A Broken Arrow

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Is this how it works? Seriously? You buy something only to break it? It seems that the same rules are to be applied in the cyber world. Let us take this bedtime story a little bit further, shall we? Do you have any other option as a developer of a promising young app? You develop only to sell it later.

Is there any other option? For what is worth, the French app called the Sparrow, which provided an email service for Apple users, was acquired by Google a couple of years ago. This is supposed to be an excellent business move and a huge win-win situation for both developers and Google itself.

Then, all of a sudden, Google has decided to kill this app with no additional explanation or at least with no fair warning. On the other hand, some people may say that this is a way for the big cyber sharks to eat the small promising ones with no consequences. You just do not allow them to grow big.

Why? Maybe, they will jeopardize your position one day. Do not laugh. In the brave new cyber world the life changing things can occur in the matter of days. One day your app has a zero, the next year it is a billion dollar hero. Or, maybe you are buying so many apps that some of them are treated as the collateral damage.

Lollipop vs IOS 8

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It is Sizif work to even dare of comparing the most popular mobile OS platforms in the world. Without any exaggeration we can say that these two take more than 90%, if not even the 95%, of the smartphone OS pie. For this particular purpose, we are going to focus our attention only on the stability characteristic.

Google is extremely confident about the latest Android 5.0 or also known as the Lollipop. When it comes to the stability itself, Google says that no one can match the Lollipop. Not even the Apple’s crown jewel – the IOS 8. We are not quite sure or confident about the following statistics, but we have to mention them.

For what is worth, the previous version KitKat was used to crash in up to 2,6% of reported devices. In comparison, Apple did better with the 2,2% crash reports recorded for the IOS 8. Now, the Lollipop claims that it can take us under the exceptional border line of less than 2%. Is it possible?

Yes, it certainly is, but we do not know it, for sure. Maybe, we are not comparing the right things. The Lollipop is the latest cookie from the Google’s mobile kitchen. One serious rumor has it that Apple is already working at the IOS 9. We shall wait and see, how stable this new version is going to be.

YouTube – Ads = ?

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Is there such a thing as Google service with no ads? Can there be YouTube with no ads? We know it is hard for you to believe. So, what do you need to do in order to get an ad-free YouTube service? Well, it is quite simple. You have to pay for it. It seems that there is no other way. What does it mean?

It is more than obvious that this way or another someone has to pay. On the one side, we have the industry itself, which has an insatiable hunger for new customers. When it comes to them, everything and anything is allowed in the cyber world of advertising. On the other side, we have the YouTube users.

When you put it this way, it sounds almost like a blackmail, doesn’t it? You can call it what you want, but it will come down to the same thing. We are so disappointed. Why cannot Google find some painless and less obvious way to do its thing, and let us enjoy the content when and how we want it?

For what is worth, you will have to decide, and do your own math. Either you will live with the annoying terror of the endless ads, or you will pay for an ad-free video play. For the time being, there is no third option. Unfortunately, here you can forget about the win-win, there is only lose-lose for you.

YouTube Kids

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This is not new, but it is invaluable for all YouTube users with kids. Finally, you can relax knowing that your children are on YouTube. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is this special version of YouTube all about, do you? In addition, Google gives you some additional control functions.

You can monitor and filter your children’s activities on YouTube Kids. On the other side, you can mute the volume of certain videos remotely, when you believe that is necessary. It comes without saying, this a huge win-win for both YouTube and users. What is going to happen with the ads themselves?

We sure hope that Google will be reasonable enough not to include the ads terror into this one. Or maybe, the temptation is too strong to resist. How about some ads, which promote toys and other children oriented products? You cannot fight those, can you? Let us leave it be. Do not be ungrateful.

This can be only the beginning. We can expect more specialized YouTube channels, such as YouTube for this or YouTube for that. Oh dear, it is going to be one gigantic cyber tree with countless specialized content branches. At the same time, Google has additional advertising options. Is that fair enough?

Why Don’t You Give Me A Second Chance?

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It is not an easy thing trying to promote your mobile OS among the giants, such as Android or IOS. Ask Microsoft, it can certainly tell you a lot about it. Windows Phone is a great mobile OS platform. However, it is not super-great. Who says so? Who else, than the users themselves. What does it mean?

Well, Microsoft has realized something extremely important for the very future of Windows Phone. Google and Apple will never give a fair competitor’s chance to Microsoft. Therefore, Microsoft has no other choice than to turn its attention to the second and only available option left.

It has to find the breaking point of interest with the users themselves. How? Well, Microsoft has one of the richest weapon choices in the cyber world. The good old grandpa knows some effective moves, that is for sure. One of the things is the Windows for both IOS and Android platform. Is there more?

You can use Outlook on Android and IOS platform, as well. And, that is only the beginning. Whatever you can think of Microsoft can dress in both IOS and Android clothes. What is the plan? It is simple. Microsoft is supposed to get your attention with these moves. Will it work for you, eventually?