Google + Space X = ?

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What do you get when you combine Google funds and SpaceX infrastructure? The Internet access at every single point on the planet, no matter how far or inaccessible it is. We are not sure how much this Internet from the space is going to cost, but the thingsnare going to change in an unprecedented way.

It is not a secret that there are quite a few dark spots on our globe, when it comes to the Internet access. As a matter of facts, more than 60% of our global population, which is more than 4 billion potential users, do not have even the basic access to the World Wide Web. Google plans to change all that.

Why the SpaceX? Well, it turns out that balloons and drones are simply not enough for Google ambitious plans. Yet, it is worth mentioning that Google has to invest one billion dollars in the SpaceX space Internet initiative. Is it going to be worth it for Google itself? What do we know for sure in this matter?

The new army of 4 billion potential Internet users does not come from the richest part of our planet. For what is worth, Google and other major IT players need only one dollar per month to make this deal of our cyber century in one of the most profitable ones. The space odyssey for Google begins.

Earth And Water?

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The World Economic Forum in Davos was a nice opportunity for the major IT league players have an unofficial sweet talk about our brave new digital world. That is how, we had a chance to see the smiley faces of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Vodaphone distinguished representatives. What happened?

We are literally a couple of breaths away from the fabulous moment when will be able to consume the Internet in an unprecedented and unparalleled way. It will become an absolute and an invisible necessity just like earth and water. Do you feel like and privileged like never before?

The catch is that the Internet and all technologies associated directly with it will be deeply integrated into everything we see and touch. The new system of our promising future is supposed to run smoothly and discreetly without making us aware of what is going on, in the first place. Groovy?

There is a reasonable fear, though, that these cyber wizards are after some additional precious things besides earth and water, just like in the memorable movie 300. What is going to happen with our minds and souls? It seems that there is nothing left for us to be said, then: This is Sparta!

Samsung In The Wonderland

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Samsung has serious thoughts about the Windows Phone OS platform for its smartphones. What in the world is that supposed to mean? It is not a secret that Samsung has always looked for a way to ensure, let us say its independence. From whom or what? From Google and Android, who else.

Do not get us wrong. It is not all black and white in the world of smartphones. The things are a little bit more complicated. There is nothing wrong in a relation between Google and Samsung. For what is worth, this is an extremely fruitful partnership and win-win situation for both parties. Obviously.

On the other side, Samsung is eager about Windows Phone, but it is in the middle of a serious patent legal battle with Microsoft itself. Yes, it sounds and looks a little bit weird, but this the reality of the merciless business life. Eventually, Samsung tried something on its own. This trynwas called Tizen.

And, we are where we are right now. This unusual love triangle has to end up this way or another. Samsung is a golden goose every mobile OS provider can only wish for. At the same time, Samsung cannot give you both hardware and software, just like Apple is doing, can it? Really tricky, indeed.

The 90 Days Of Cyber Horror

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It is not a pleasant thing when someone finds a bug in your system. No wonder Microsoft was extremely emotional about Google’s disclosure of one very serious security flaw in Windows 8. With it, a hacker with a little bit more of practical experience could pay a visit to your system at any time including the full administrative control.

One of the Google’s engineers has shared his sudden discovery with the world. Microsoft was reasonably furious. In its defense, Microsoft emphasized the fact that Google has exposed the Windows users to an even greater danger with this publication. What about Google? What does it say?

For Google itself, the situation just could not be simpler and totally clean, on their end. Google had waited for 90 days for Microsoft to come up with an appropriate security patch. Then, the news about one of the most dangerous security bugs became public and expectably viral in very short time.

In addition, Microsoft accused Google for being too much obsessed with its competitors, and not so focused when it comes to its own users. What about the users themselves? While Google and Microsoft are arguing, they are the sitting cyber ducks for hackers, who just got an invaluable piece of information.

The Chinese Love Triangle

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When you have the major IT league players in one room, then something huge is about to happen. It is not a secret that Mark Zuckerberg has one of its Facebook eyes on the so-called Chinese Apple aka Xiaomi. This Chinese company was hungry for new investments, and Mark was eager to spread its empire.

So, what happened eventually? Nothing. Mark was willing to generously invest some of his billions of dollars, he always has at his disposal. Yet, Xiaomi had some second thoughts. We even dare to say that Xiaomi was a little bit scared. Really? Who can scare the Chinese giant? There is always a bigger shark in the ocean.

One serious rumor has it that Xiaomi was dead worried what its partner Google would have to say about this financial affair. Xiaomi is an Android oriented system. On the other hand, Google is definitely not Facebook oriented. And, we are where we are now. Xiaomi avoided danger or missed an opportunity?

Well, it is hard to say. Maybe, Xiaomi did not want to get caught in the crossfire between two IT titans. One thing is more than certain, though. Xiaomi wants out of China, while Facebook wants in. This common goal will bring together Xiaomi and Facebook in a same room more than just once, that is for sure.

Google Talks, Google Walks

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Here is what happens when you acquire a small promising startup in the right moment. You make a huge profit, this is what happens. Not so long ago Google was able to buy the WLT (Word Lens Technology), which ensures the proper visual recognition of the street signs, restaurant menus, and similar.

What is that supposed to mean in plain English. Well, imagine the following situation. You find yourself on the other side if the world, with nothing more than a smartphone. You can find your way around by pointing your smartphone to street signs. No need to type. You get an instant translation, thanks to the WLT.

Or, you can order yourself what you want in a foreign restaurant by using the same technology on the menu, which is written in a language you do not a single word from. Now, you see that the sky is the only limit for the Google translate. And, that is not the end when it comes to the new improved Google translate.

We can expect from it to successfully translate our conversations. This is something similar to what we have heard about the new Skype options. There are even more reasons for the Google translate to become your next best friend. However, you should not rely too much on it. Right?

The Broken Google Glass

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So, what is happening with the Google Glass project? According to the latest rumors the Glasses, as we use to know them, have just finished their story. What is that supposed to mean? Well, to be quite frank about this, we have every reason to believe that not even the Google busy little bees do not know.

For what is worth, Google Glasses will have to leave the Project X division. There is some positive news that this once a promising and skyrocketing product will end up with a division within Google of its own. Yet, somehow we have a funny feeling that this was a comforting statement and nothing more.

The Google Glass Project was obviously too big to fail. It is not an easy thing having to admit that your crown jewel had at least to say wrong and unfortunate turn. Now, you have to admit to yourself and above all to your fans that even the Google itself can get lost in a dead end innovation street.

What can we do about it? Well, we can support the cause by paying $1,500 for one model. Or, we can cross our fingers and hope for the best. Maybe, the trouble with the curve in the Google Glasses scenario was an arrogant attitude and we can do it by default approach. Either way, all the luck for this one.

The Online Love Triangle

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Here is a story of one quite unusual and very intriguing love triangle, which takes place on the US web browsing market. First, we will present you some surprising statistical data, and then we will reveal the names of the main characters in our story. So, let us begin. No need to keep you waiting.

For what is worth, Google has never been in a worse situation since 2008, when it comes to the number of pages the US users visited by using this online giant’s browsing tool. On the other side, Yahoo has had the time of its life since 2009. So, what is the catch? Who is to blame or take the credit?

Well, there is a third party, as it is a case in emotional and intense love stories. Believe it or not, Mozzila’s choice to include Yahoo as its default search option has contributed to this game of percentages. What Google has lost recently, Yahoo has obviously gained, as a direct result of Mozzila’s change of mind.

Not so long ago, Mozzial and Google were in love. Maybe, they still are, but Yahoo is now the Mozilla’s number one choice. As you can see, in the clash of titans, including the cyber ones as well, sometimes the hardly noticeable and least expected details can spoil the fun for one of them. Right?

The Dark Side Of The Net

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With each new year at our doorsteps, we tend to increase our expectation levels by default. The sad thing, though, is that somehow we cannot see the forest for the trees. We took for granted our shiny little gadgets, and forget what is happening to the rest of the world. The Internet is an adjustable category.

In the highly developed countries the Internet is a business tool and a leisure compaignon. On the other side, the parts of the world, which are still struggling to achieve decent levels of prosperity, are expecting so much out of the World Wide Web. For them, the Internet is more than an amusement toy.

Let us not forget to mention a simple, but extremely pessimistic fact that almost 60% of the entire world’s population does not have even the most basic access to the Internet. This is the best possible mirror, we could have found to measure the rate of our current progress and proud achievements.

Your home is blessed with the modern wonders of the electricity and you are able to use the artificial light. Yet, your entire street is covered by the painful darkness. How do you feel? Are you in the proper mood for some sharing or you are lucky to be alive? Our sense of fulfillment cries for some serious fixing.

Caught Between The Updates

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This is not a great way to begin a new year, is it? Android Lollipop has some serious bug issues. What are the symptoms? Well, for what is worth, this bug kills all of your open apps. In addition, it goes after your memory in the worst possible way. Instead of 500MB for example, it pushes your system up to 1.2GB RAM.

Have we mentioned that sometimes your start screen goes on and on with the annoying reloads? Is this enough for you to call for an urgent update, which can ensure that miraculous cure hits your smartphone shore? Apparently it is. The busy little bees in Google are already working on it for real.

However, here in this small update game lies our big trouble. We have noticed that update 5.0.2 has been circulating around. The latest Lollipop bug can expect to catch the earliest update train with the official release number 5.0.3. In other words, we will have to wait a little bit longer. No other options?

For the time being, apparently there are not any available. So, what is the moral of our story? It is wrong to think that the latest OS version is something you should avoid until you are under a rainy cloud of reliable confirmations about its flawless work. Good luck until the next update.