#2 Made In China

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The busy little cyber bees from China are up to something serious. First, we had an epic battle for the number two position at the very top of the smartphone empire, which is very likely to be won by the so-called Chinese Apple Xiaomi. Now, the silver medal among search engines goes to China.

It is official, Baidu is the second most popular search engine in the world. Although, Google is still the indisputable ruler with more than 60% of the market share, Bing is no longer number two. Baidu is reaching for the significant 20% ratio. The 20% leftovers, more or less, are reserved for Bing and Yahoo.

What is this supposed to mean? Made in China will rule the cyber-world. We used to say, it is only a matter of time. Well, the time has come. The time is now. Hollywood has already moved to China. No need for the major IT players to hesitate, when it comes to picking a new terrain. Any word of advice?

You should learn some Chinese. You know, some basic vocabulary. It will definitely come in handy. The next thing you know, you will be holding a Xiaomi smartphone and you will googling something in Baidu. Does it really matter, as long as it gives you what you really want? How do you say hello in Chinese?

My Immortal Google

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Google is dead serious about the life itself. Have you heard the latest news? Google plans to literally throw billions of dollars in a series of researches, which are supposed to come up with the genuine and the efficient elixir of the eternal life or youth. Seriously? Is this the best thing it can do right now?

Does not Google have something smarter and more important to do in the field of research and development? This is a tough one. What is the use of all those shiny gadgets, if you are not going to live long enough to use them all? So, what is the master plan? We need to mention two crucial elements.

The first one is associated with all kinds of genetic modifications. One of the most recent experiments, which included the modifications of the worms’ genes, actually allowed them to live ten times longer. Google is a little bit modest in this matter. It wants us to live up to a century by default. Enough?

The second improvement is to be achieved with the help of the numerous nanobots. These busy little microscopic robots have a task of fixing our body and organs in the most unimaginable ways. What do we have to do in return? Are they going to ask us to tattoo a Google logo on our bodies?

The Goldman Sachs + Google = Twitter?

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Are you desperately trying to get rich? Here is a word of advice for you. Make the Goldman Sachs to talk about you. What you are going to get in return? Well, your shares are going to skyrocket like crazy just like that. This is exactly what happened with Twitter. How about the 5%, for a change?

However, there is a catch, as always. You need to find 300 million users, who are going to be active on your social network on a daily basis. That can be worth $30 billion, more or less, give it or take. Who is going to pay for this astronomical amount? Who else than Google itself? For what exactly?

When you plan to conduct a takeover such as this one, then you expect an unparalleled profit in return, aren’t you? The funny thing is that we have forgotten to ask Twitter itself what it thinks about the new owner. What is there for Twitter to gain? Twitter is doing just fine, already. Is that true?

Are you supposed to sell your business as soon as it gets into the time-of-its-life-zone? On the other hand, Google just could not get enough of buying everything and anything that moves in the cyberspace. We sure hope that someone takes care of the math in Google. Buying is supposed to be a synonym for earning. Right?

No More Tricks Google

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You can relax cyber boys and girls. The reign of the notorious, ridiculous, and very often meaningless Google selection question is finally and officially over. From now on, you do not have to trouble your mind with the number of golf or tennis balls you can put in the Boing 747, and similar trick questions.

What is that supposed to mean? Nowadays, we are supposed to get a prestigious job in Google much easier? If this simple thought has crossed your mind, then you definitely deserve some of the old questions Google got rid of recently. That is not the point. Google can now turn the new page. Why?

It is simple. There is no need to work on a reputation with the crazy questions, is it? Google is the most powerful brand in the IT world. The time has come to do the extraordinary business in more or less ordinary “orthodox” way. Everyone needs creative people, rather than the trick question solvers.

The busy little bees in Google have obviously found a way to make honey money in a simpler fashion. However, just in case, if you are having some serious plans with Google in the near future, just for a moment imagine the most craziest question you can possibly hear at the job interview. Any ideas?

April Fools – Google Jokes

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If you are a serious player in the IT business game, then you simply cannot afford yourself a luxury of neglecting or forgetting about the First April Fools’ Day. This is an excellent opportunity to present your company or product in a new light with the April Fools jokes for your users and customers.

So, what Google has done for this year’s April Fools day? Honestly speaking, we have been expecting so much more than a Pac-Man Google Maps joke. Yes, it was funny. Yes, the people like it. No, we were not blown away. That is why we need to remind you what happened with Nokia’s prank in 2014.

The catch is to fool people. To make them wonder, even for a moment, could this be really true? If we are not mistaken, Nokia took one of its most popular models 3310, and get it new clothes. We are talking about a touch screen, Windows Phone mobile OS platform, and powerful cameras.

The next thing you know, Nokia’s nostalgic users all over the world were thrilled with this idea. They did not even bother to ask, whether or not this was true, in the first place. They wanted to buy it, at all costs. If this one really works out for Nokia, then we are witnessing the most incredible April Fools Day of them all.

Google Battery

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Some of the Google’s development departments are clouded in the deep mystery. It seems that we cannot live a secret ingredient to lighten up our imagination. You have probably heard about the Project X department. All the glory of Google innovations goes there without stopping by anywhere else.

But, what about the ATAP, which stands for the Advanced Technology and Projects? While the Project X is in charge of the so-called life changing innovations, such as Google Glass or an electric car, the ATAP exclusively focuses its work on the mobile technologies and mobile related inventions.

One serious rumor has it that the two-year period is a general time limit for any department and any busy little bees to show its moves. After that, the project is automatically closed. However, here is the catch. The ATAP was working on a solution for any smartphone Achilles’ heel. Can you guess?

After only nine months they dropped their work on a supper battery for smartphones, which is supposed to revolutionize this field. Why? Honestly, we do not have a clue. It comes without saying that this could have been the most profitable solution ever. Does it mean that it could not be done?

Hey MS Scan, You’re My Man

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What do you know, the Grandpa Microsoft still has some magic tricks left in its pockets. What is even more important Microsoft has a new apps strategy. So, what is our dear grandpa Microsoft up to this time? Well, if you are a dedicated MS user, you have probably heard about the Office Lens.

Right? This is undoubtedly an invaluable app for all of you, who would like to use your smartphone as a scanner. No need to explain how helpful this app can truly be. Right again? For quite some time, this app has been exclusively reserved for the Windows users. However, the cyber times are changing.

Now, Microsoft offers this app in both Google Play and Apple Store. What is that supposed to mean? Why this surprising generosity, all of a sudden? Well, it comes without saying that this is an effective way for Microsoft to show to both IOS and Android users that it can still offer them nice mobile things to play with.

Let us be honest to ourselves and Microsoft, as well. When we think of Microsoft, we do not imagine smartphones, do we? It seems that Microsoft wants to prove us all wrong about this very common cyber prejudice. You can rest assured that the Office Lens is not going to be the only MS baby packed up for other platforms.

Through Detection To Perfection

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As we speak, or maybe it is better to say write, the busy little bees in Google are working on something extremely helpful, which can improve our smartphone’s security. This new Lollipop’s feature is called the On-Body-Detection. So, what is this detection new stuff all about, why is it so important?

Well, it almost comes without saying that the proper security is all about a routine, which can be painfully annoying beyond your worst fears. Is there a compromising solution? For Google, apparently there is. The On-Body-Detection does its very best in order to “read” your smartphone’s location.

To make the long story short, while in your hand, your smartphone will be unlocked. Or, in your pocket, as well. You do not have to bother each time with the unlock-lock routine. As soon as you leave it somewhere unlocked, the On-Body-Detection system will take care it locks itself automatically.

In theory, this sounds like the right stuff for us the use we desperately waited for so long to appear. However, the real life is not so simple, as you hope it to be. It is not an easy thing to say for certain whether or not your smartphone needs to be locked right now or five minutes later. Right?

Our F├╝hrer Apple

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Here is some aggressive marketing 101. We do not imply that is necessarily a good or acceptable one. We are just saying, it is an effective one. The CEO of the Chinese was both painfully and mercilessly honest about the modern world of smartphones. This picture says it all, doesn’t it?

What is his supposed to mean in simple words? Well, this Chinese busy little bee obviously wants to make some additional space for his new smartphone. However, the first target for a marketing attack is not the luckiest choice. As a newbie smartphone, you do not go after the king. Immediately.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist nor a smartphone guru to know all too well that Apple is an annoyingly closed system. With no exaggeration, it is almost like a technological cult. And, there is not too much you can about it to change it. It is the Apple’s way, or some other platform highway.

Therefore, comparing Apple to Hitler is a little bit too much to say. Do not you think? There are some other guys, who made their name in the extremely competitive world of smartphone by applying a different kind of strategy. Keep a low profile and all you have to say, say it with your model.

Microsoft’s Copy/Paste

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The most recent Convergence 2015 event witnessed some quite unusual confession from the cyber dance floor. When you hear how the Grandpa Microsoft desperately wants to catch up with the modern mobile trends, you get something, which can be best described as the mixed emotions.

You ask yourself, are we going to witness one more disappearance of the old cyber pioneers in the new restless smart mobile waters, which was the case with Motorola or Nokia, for instance? Well, the Grandpa Microsoft does not even want to hear about the retirement plans in the near future.

Instead, one of the very first cyber founding fathers is not too proud to admit that both Android and Apple have done an amazing job. What is left for our Grandpa Microsoft to do in order to restore some of its previous prestige and respectable glory? What else, than to do some copy and paste?

First of all, Microsoft will have to deal with infamous Achilles’ heel, which is an annoying lack of apps in its Store. On the other hand, the new Windows 10 will have to be all about the flawless integration. That means all devices and platforms, with no exceptions. Is our Grandpa a survivor?