“Google Review Policy Is Crap”

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There is no need for you to lift your eyebrows in an unnatural way. These are not our own words. This is actually a quote borrowed from one of obviously extremely frustrated Google Map editors. Now, it all becomes to make a perfect sense to us. Do you have a clue, what are we talking about?

Here is a quick reminder. Do you remember how one particularly embarrassing Google Map Maker used to look alike? You have a picture in our blog post, which tells a story of thousands of words. Right? Yet, there were some consequences for this inappropriate form of expression.

For what is worth, Google has cancelled the Map Maker option. If you can control it, then you are left with no other choice than to kill it. Google Map Maker in theory sounds like a lovely thing, where everyone is free to contribute. However, in the real life the things are little bit different. 

The so-called editors or moderators can do something on their own. We have already mentioned the shameful example. So, here is our one million dollar worth question. Who will guard the guardians? Or, maybe these “guardians” of Google Maps were a little bit bored. Nothing more.

Hit The Road Google Jack

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The Google driverless car has gone pretty far. Once a humble and shy experiment has become the full-scale business move, which can have some tremendous commercial and life-changing implications. Google car has hit the roads of California for real. What are the results?

It has to be emphasized that Google is still trapped in the safety loop. We do not have a decent chance to hear what is happening with its speed and fuel consumption, because we are the constant pressure of more or less serious security concerns. Can we entrust our lives to a machine?

Well, the funny thing is, though, each time we sit in a car our life is in machine’s hands, or it is better to say wheels. Maybe, Google just fails to see the forest for the trees. What is happening with the design, for instance, among other things? Who is going to drive a Google car?

This is definitely not an eye-catching thing to drive. Have you seen the pictures? There is no room for Need For Speed nor Fast And Furious with Google cars around. Right? Google should be reminded that the adrenaline is a magic ingredient required for each and any new car to be accepted accordingly.

Google Click – Google Buy

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The revolution is at our door. However, this is not going to save nor change the world. Google has just found a new way to make new money. Can we possibly hope to gain something for us out of this money-making-invention? Well, if you are in the shopping mood, then this is a win-win for you.

From what we heard and we can say for certain, this new Google thing can revolutionize online shopping. How? Well, from now on, all you have to do is click a direct Google buy button, which is associated with a certain product on a search page. You do not have to visit the main product’s page.

You see it. You like it. You buy it. As simple as that. This means that we will be able to buy directly in the Google Ads, we see at the top of each search page. This will definitely speed up the entire process, and make it to be much simpler. What is with the users and buyers themselves?

It has not been a secret that whatever you do or click on Google, it rains money to Google, this way or another, directly or indirectly. However, this is a completely new level. We have already said that this is the revolution. Have you heard what a revolution does to its children?

Allwinner vs Google Glass

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Who or what is the Allwinner? Have we misspelled two words? Well, it turns out that a certain Chinese company was not put too much originality in choosing its name, but these guys certainly know how to hit the right price. And, this is how Google hits the Great Wall of Chinese low prices. Results?

What would you say, if we were to offer you a product extremely and surprisingly similar to Google Glass for a hard-to-say-no-price of only $200? Here is a quick reminder for all of you, who have forgotten a little bit about the once a life changing product called the Google Glass. What was its price?

Well, correct us if we are wrong, but we are talking about $1,500, or $1,100 in the best possible case. So, in other words, for one pair of Google Glasses price, the Chinese Allwinner can make you to be a true winner with 6 or even 8 of their smartglasses. This means, you can take care of all of your family.

It is not a secret nor much of a surprise that each and any shiny Western product has its cheaper shadow with the made-in-China label on it. That is why, we should not be surprised or too “judgy” in this story. Who knows, maybe the Allwinner Glasses make Google Glass to be a real winner this time.

Mobile Gold Ad Rush

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So far, there are only ten countries in the whole world, where the mobile search rules all other forms of the Internet search. The catch is that in all other countries, mobile search is literally breathing down the neck of the traditional ones. Yes, the tide is changing in mobile direction.

So what, you may ask, what is that got to do with me? I am on my mobile. I am on my desktop computer. I do not care. Maybe, you do not, but rest assured that Google certainly does. Why? The hunger ads game takes its toll this way or another. Google is worrying. Google is adapting.

For all of you busy little SEO bees this is not much of a surprise. Google is dead serious about giving you a warning to adjust your website appearance with the mobile environment requirements. Otherwise, you can end up at some of the last desirable Google pages. It is Google’s way or the highway.

In the meantime, Google has to find a way of putting ads on a small space. Yes, cyber boys and girls, it is not an easy thing dealing with ads on a small screen, is it? So, Google thinks about associating ads with pictures, or in some other limited-space-friendly way. Good luck with that.

Google + Android + PC = ?

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Can there be a truce between these major IT players? For what is worth, Google has decided to build a cyber-bridge between your Android smartphone and your desktop computer. For what purpose, exactly? Well, you are supposed to move smoothly among all of your devices. Right?

You know how it goes with the major IT players, don’t you? They can be a little bit jealous and extremely possessive. Google wants you to live and die, in a cyber sense, of course, on an Android platform. On the other side, grandpa Microsoft believes that everything you need is in Windows or Windows Phone.

Yet, the next thing you know, Microsoft gives you a solid promise that the new Windows 10 can easily transform your Windows Phone into a fully operational desktop computer. All you need for this purpose is a screen big enough to match your needs, including a computer mouse and a keyboard.

On the other hand, Google has made it extremely easy to manipulate your Android smartphone through your PC, and vice-versa. So, enjoy it while it lasts. You never know when the masters of our cyber destiny are going to decide to close this extremely useful portal. What is with the IOS platform?

Nokia – Microsoft = ?

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Is there a chance that Nokia could still connect smart-people in the near future? According to the Nokia Division in China this is a real opportunity. The grandpa Microsoft claims and owns everything there is to claim in terms of patents and mobile division. But, what about Nokia’s smartphone future?

Here is a million dollar question. Can Microsoft forbid and prevent Nokia from making its very own first Android smartphone, for instance? However, as soon as you ask this question you realize something. Microsoft bought Nokia in the first place, because Nokia could not catch up with the smartphone race.

In a certain way, that would not be fair. Nokia took an advantage of its critical financial situation with this takeover. It has survived. It would not be nice for Nokia to say, thank you for all the money grandpa Microsoft, but we have to go now. We need to make our first smartphone. We have to hurry.

It is nice to have wild dreams of a great and glorious comeback to the mobile dance floor. Yet, the reality is a rather bitter and an unpleasant thing. Lots of things have changed in the meantime. For the time being, Nokia will have to remain in the dream zone. For how long? Ask grandpa Microsoft.