The Music Wars

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This is ridiculous. Have you heard the latest news? Google Play Music is out there. This is a music streaming service, we used to pay $9,9 a month in the last two years. On the other side, the newly launched Apple Music service will ask from you the identical monthly fee, with a three-month free trial period.

Is not this lovely, or what? With so many tempting choices in the field of streamed music, we worry a little bit, whether or not we will be able to find enough musicians out there. Let us not forget to mention that there is a catch with the allegedly free of charge Google Play Music service.

It is free, if you can live side-to-side with all those painfully annoying ads. In addition, you can forget about music when you are offline. The last and definitely not least in this series of pay-to-play “motifs”, is that you will not be able to find all of your favorite music videos in the free mode.

So, who is next? Does Amazon have its own music service? Pardon our French and ignorance in this field, but it is almost impossible, who is going to stream this way or another these days. Where are we going to find all those users, who will stream all day long? So many optimists in both Google and Apple.

The Cyber Thorn Called Revenge Porn

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Sometimes it is good to change your rigid and notorious policies, if someone’s life can be less miserable thanks to these measures. That is exactly what Google is doing with the so-called revenge porn material, which is undoubtedly one of the worst things you can experience online.

So, what is Google’s plan here? Well, for what is worth, Google has issued a special form for these painful and embarrassing cases. You have to request removal of a damaging video or explicit pictures, with your note that they are made public without your knowledge or approval.

It comes without saying that the very best protection in these cases is to simply keep it to yourself and your partner. Do you really need to digitize your intimacy at all costs? This is a truly lucky circumstance that Google is willing to offer a cyber-helping-hand in these cases.

So, what is the moral of this explicitly disturbing story? Love is supposed to be a secret and above discrete thing. If you have no other than to break up, then take it like a true gentleman or a lady. There is really no need to share your intimacy with the whole world or Google. Right?


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Can we apply the most notorious rule, if you cannot beat them – join them, in the merciless world of smartphones? Well, you should ask BlackBerry, because it certainly has a lot to tell you all about it. Every now and then, we hear something about BalckBerry’s desperate struggle to survive.

The Passport and the Classic models were definitely worth mentioning, but obviously not enough to ensure an easy business ride for the BlackBerry. On the other hand, it is not a secret that numerous takeover Chinese eyes are set on this once a proud mobile pioneer. Lenovo among others.

Then, we were overwhelmed by an idea of the specialized security software solutions, which were supposed to become a new trademark of BlackBerry. All of these were obviously in vain. Now, it is Android or nothing for BlackBerry. It is really a huge surprise that BlackBerry wants to swim in the Android waters.

Is this a desperate move, or an ingenious business decision, which can change the odds for BlackBerry? Either way, it is a sad fact that this proud mobile pioneer has to admit and accept the indisputable Android supremacy. Our fingers are crossed for BlackBerry, but would it be enough?

YouTube Gaming

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YouTube this. YouTube that. Is it really going to work? So, what do we have so far, in terms of specialized YouTube channels? YouTube for Kids is the very first thing that crosses our mind. Now, one serious rumor has it that YouTube Gaming channel is to hit the World Wide Web any moment soon.

Do we really need that? How about the Twitch? Can you match it? This “YouTube-for-gamers” has more than 100 million users. Twitch is now under the proud ownership of Amazon, which paid one billion dollars in a blink of an eye. We are talking about hundreds of millions of views on a monthly basis.

It comes without saying that YouTube plays a dangerous game of power. How? We dare to say that there are quite a few users, who are not thrilled with the paid options. To make the things even worse, YouTube believes it can have it all. Somehow we have a feeling it is not going to be that easy.

In addition, we sure hope that we are not going to witness the very birth of YouTube network with dozens of specialized channels. It may be good for Google’s business, but what about the users themselves? Are we going to pay for all those channels? Who will prevail eventually? Twitch or YouTube?

Which Phone, Ask Google

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If you do not something, Google is an address to ask a question. Right? This time Google would like to be more proactive in its suggestive work. How? Well, there is a new feature called Which Phone. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is this new option all about, do you?

The strong and authoritative hand of Google guides you through a series of carefully selected questions, in order to ease your trouble of choosing the most suitable phone for your daily use. Google would like to know what is the most important operation you use your smartphone for.

Based on your answers, after several rounds, you will be provided with the perfect matches. However, there is a catch. There are no cheap suggestions with this Google helper. All what you are going to get are the flagship models. These models are the most expensive ones, by default.

For what is worth, you can learn a lot about your smartphone preferences while talking to Google’s Which Phone app. Here is our word of advice. Consult with Which Phone, but at the end of the day listen to your heart, and most importantly your wallet. Google likes to suggest, but Google will not pay your bills. Right?

Google Sea-Street View

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Do you remember one of our recent posts, when we mentioned quite an unorthodox method used for Google Street View mapping? Google was eager to map the deserts, as well. That is why, they could not use the famous Google cars. What was the solution then, which become a part of urban legends?

They used camels, and the rest is the history of the Google Street View movement and digital philosophy. This time Google has gone under the deep blue sea. What was the result? You can talk to the wheels and chase the submarines from the comfort of your living room.

For the time being, Google has allowed us to examine some part of the South Pacific Ocean, including the Indian Ocean, then some Bali undersea eye-catching locations, the Bahamas and an unparalleled inside view of the Great Barrier Reef. Our hats off for this outstanding deep sea adventure.

So, what is left to be done? Well, we can think only about one thing. The space itself remains to be Google’s ultimate final frontier. How is Google going to solve this space puzzle? Our very first thought is a Google-Street-View-Lunar-Rover. Is this a great idea or what? Go for it Google.

The Biggest Advertising Shock – The Adblock

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We live in the great-brave-new-cyber-world, but what is there for us, for real? Do you have this weird cyberpunk feeling that our very purpose is to be used as a food for the machines, this way or another? No wonder one of the biggest cyber terrors comes from the advertisers themselves.

Can we live in the world free of ads? Is an efficient and reliable adblocker only an urban myth? Just look around you what is going on with some of the most popular services you have ever had a chance of using. YouTube gives you a new option pay to play. Are you going to accept it?

There is no win-win for an average user in an imminent epic conflict with the advertising machine. There is only a lose-lose scenario. Why? If you want to enjoy yourself an ad-free content, then you have to pay for this luxury. Otherwise, you are going to pay with your time or your nerves.

We need to wait and see, how the advertising empire is going to strike back. For the time being we put all of our hopes and dreams in the promising thing called ad-blocker. We sure hope that we are not going to live through the Matrix movie for real, where instead of machines you fights ads.