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All eyes are on China. This is undoubtedly the most tempting and promising market for the entire IT industry regardless of its categories. Even the Hollywood itself has to speak Chinese. For the very first time in the US cinematography history the Chinese market incomes have matched the ones derived from the American movie fans.

So, what is happening with the Internet? Well, more than 600 million Chinese are online. Please forgive us, we are a little bit lazy to google for the exact figures, that is as if you have combined the USA and Europe Internet all of them together, more or less. Impressive indeed, isn’t it?

On the other side, one half of this impressive number of users likes to use social networks. And now the most important fact, more than 500 million Chinese Internet users use their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the World Wide Web. Does this one ring any bells?

However, it is worth mentioning that these impressive figures come with a catch. If you want to make a profit in China, you have to play by Chinese rules. Google, Facebook and Apple had a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the bitterness of Chinese money. Yet, they are ready to give it one more try. We all know why, don’t we?


Google’s Right Switch For The Twitch

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Here is one more billion dollars worth takeover. Google has acquired the Twitch for one billion dollars. This is the fifth largest takeover in Google’s history. On the other side, Google has already spent more than four billions in this year alone for the similar business actions.

It is worth mentioning that the major IT league players are consuming the small fishes and promising startups almost on a daily basis. However, the takeovers under one billion dollars worth very often go under the radar of our attention and curiosity. What Google plans to do with this one?

Well, if you are a gamer who enjoys live broadcasts of the gaming competitions more than anything in the world, then the Twitch is the best possible place for you to be. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to make the right conclusion how this one will strengthen the YouTube itself.

We do not want to spoil the fun, but there is one small dark cloud which should not pass unnoticed in this story. Not so long ago, Google has acquired YouTube for $1,65 billion. We sure hope that the Twitcher one billion dollar investment will pay back as expected in the near future.

Google Play, If I May

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What is your very first thought when you hear the words Google Play? Oh, that is a place where I can always find some cool apps. With more than 1,5 available apps, Google Play definitely lives up to its reputation. You have every reason to expect bigger, better, faster, and more, but not necessarily cheaper.

Why? For what is worth, Google will strengthen its position in its Store not because of you, but rather for its own good and as expected astronomical profit. For Google its offer of apps is the very key of future further development and eventual business survival.

It may be a little bit hard for you to believe and accept, but the Play Store breathes down the neck of Google online advertisement in terms of profit. With the ads business Google has already reached certain limits. Now, the time has come to change something about it.

Google has to find the so-called alternative sources of funding as soon as possible, if it is to maintain its current growth rate. The only problem to solve is how to make its users to buy apps at the same rate the users of the iTunes Store have been doing for some time.

Google Buss and Golf Balls

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This is probably one of the most notorious and controversial questions during Google’s job interviews. You are supposed to know how many golf balls you can put in a bus. Maybe, this was only one more trick question. Nevertheless, for what is worth, the legend about the rocket scientists at Google was born.

Nowadays, the tide is changing and Google does not have to prove its point to anyone. The rocket scientists and all kinds of X-Men are still welcome, but Google has one of its numerous business eyes on a different category of prospectus candidates. So, what is happening with a new employee profile for the new age?

Well, you do not even have to have a college degree in order to be seriously considered for some of the job positions in Google. On the other side, you definitely have to be a proven team player. In addition, you have to be a rock star problem solver. Do not forget an annoying phrase such as thinking out of the box.

It seems that Google looks for something, which is a proven win-win formula for new employees. You have to follow a lead, but at the same time work on your own. If you have recognized yourself within these words, maybe you do not need Google in the first place. Maybe, it is time for you to start your own business for a change.

The War of Mobile Browsers

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One of the most intriguing takeovers in the recent years has certainly happened with a good reason for its investor. Microsoft was fully aware about Nokia’s unfortunate situation during the takeover. However, its soft heart did not influence this bold business decision, but rather something else. What exactly?

It comes without saying that Microsoft has cumulated profit for the centuries of careless business life. Yet, its pride and reputation is at stake now. Microsoft has to catch with the mobile challenges, as soon as possible, this way or another. At the same time, it would be nice to promote Microsoft’s product and services, as well.

And, this is the reason why you will not be able to change your default browser, if your Nokia Lumis runs on Windows 8.1. The previous OS version 8.0 leaves you with an option to replace Bing with some other browser of your choice. Nevertheless, with Lumia 630 and 930 you are left with no other choice than to use this MS browser.

Is this a smart and recommended thing to do? Well, as always it depends on so many things. Most of all, if you are willing to take your chances with the users, who do not like limited choices. For what is worth, Microsoft should play an extremely thoughtful game in this field. Every single move matters here tremendously.

To Be Or Not Free, That is The Question

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It seems that the US major IT league players hit the European wall when it comes to regulations. You know Europeans, don’t you? They are all about regulations and rules. And, this is how we have the current situation with strict demands to remove “in-app” and “free” associated with apps. Why? What happened in the first place? Well, some phone bills were too hot to handle.

And, as you might have expected the wave after wave of critics eventually caused some legal consequences. Nowadays, as a result, both Google and Apple will think twice before they use a description “free” for any of the apps offered. Is this too rigorous? Or, it is something simpler and easier to understand and even justify?

Well, if you are a parent with children, who cannot imagine a single day without their smartphone, you have every reason to question “unauthorized” payments. Your children play, and you are the one to pay. What is wrong with this picture? Your approval is missing. Your kids do not have a clue what is going while they are playing their favorite games.

Apparently, an app is free, but the additional levels or features are not. Who can tell a difference, when there is an eye catching bolded title “free”? Now you got it. This is what this regulation mess is all about. Let it be, but let also clarify what is really free from A to Z. These rules could be nicely applied back in the USA. What do you think about that?

Improving Your Android

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself without any extra research that Android is indisputably the most popular mobile OS in the world. Yet, it is worth mentioning that your Android can always do better, faster and more. How? Well, there are definitely some things worth mentioning and applying. Which one to choose is entirely up to you. Here are our suggestions.

Some of them will surprise you. The others will look as if you have heard about them hundreds and hundreds of times. Here is the first one. Your Android smartphone or tablet can be a powerful device. However, be aware about its limitations. Do you really need all of the apps you installed? Every now and then, it would be extremely useful to simply remove apps you do not use at all.

Regular updates are the best and simplest ways to ensure the full functionality of your Android. In most of the cases, these processes are fully automatized. However, it would be nice for you to manually check from time to time, if some of the app updates are available. When we talk about regular activities, which are associated with your Android, we should mention the Clear Cache option, as well.

Clear Cache can refer to both your device general settings and specific app adjustments. Sometimes, it is better to start all over again in order to ensure better functionality of your device. There are so many things that can improve your Android. Whichever you are to choose you will not make a mistake. Just make sure you are applying some of them.

Google Smarty Pins

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Putting trivia on Google Maps. This is how it is called and what it eventually does. It is supposed to be fun and educational. Almost like a game. Or is it something more than just a game? Are we doing someone else’s job while answers Google’s questions. On the other side, does Google the great really needs our help on this one?

For what is worth, we have an opportunity to play, learn, and eventually, what seems to be the most important thing use the Maps themselves. This one is all about the miles. You start with one mile. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible before you reach the zero mile.

For each wrong answer you will lose some miles. For the right one you get some extra miles. If you make the right guess in the first 10 seconds with no hints you can count on some rewarding miles. As you can see there is more than enough to focus your attention on the map.

We sure hope that this is an innocent story. The last thing we need is a game that collects data for the advertising purposes. This is the last stronghold of our privacy. Our location. We should not give up on this one so easily and without a fight. Play it, but remind Google if you have to.

Google vs The Skynet

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Here is a one, which can easily fit into the category the most serious pranks for the first April fools’ day. For what is worth, Google believes that its founding fathers should be spared when one day the machines take over our planet. Google executives should not be on the Terminator’s hit list.

Why? Well, Google guys believe that they have done more than enough for the well-being of the entire mankind. On the other side, there is a paradox in this one you are not likely to spot immediately. Maybe, Google has some other good deeds, which qualifies it for a Terminator’s best friend.

You have witnessed some of the very intriguing recent business moves in Google’s kitchen. What are they cooking with the takeover of robotics and satellite production facilities. Not to mention the impressive experiments with the Artificial Intelligence. Do these events ring any bells for you?

Maybe Google will face a similar situation doctor Frankenstein once experienced with his own creation. Skynet and Terminators to follow can easily tank their very existence to Google itself. Under these circumstances, it is not likely that the machines will turn against their creator. But, what about us?

Google = Top 50

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The World Startup Report had asked an intriguing question with its latest research, which included more than 50 leading IT companies all over the world. What is really a success and how to evaluate it adequately? Some of the findings can easily fit into the category I-knew-that-already, but the others are definitely a huge surprise.

Let us start with the most important and obvious finding. Google is worth as all other top 50 companies combined together. The silver medal goes to Chinese Alibaba. It is worth mentioning that more than one half of the companies, which are proud members of the top 50 club, have reached the one billion boundary in terms of worth.

However, not a single one of them comes from Europe. It seems almost impossible to build a billion dollar worth IT company in Europe. There is one more conclusion definitely worth remembering. Maybe, communication is the key, but in terms of profit e-commerce rules, for sure.

If you are having some interesting entrepreneurship ideas, you are knocking on the right door. The rest of it will depend on your patience, endurance and a little bit of luck. In this type of business, you only have to succeed once. That is more than enough. Ask Google. Good luck!