Google’s Sweet Sixteen

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Wow, what do you know. Sixteen years, sixteen long years. How come we have a feeling it seems like Google appeared for the very first time just yesterday? Can you imagine your life without some of the Google’s “children”? What is going to happen with it in the next sixteen weeks, because even the sixteen months it is too long for Google?

Nowadays, Google is more than just a couple of nice looking and colored letters, which helps you to find what you need or like the most on the Internet. Google flies in the sky with its satellites and balloons. It enters our homes through the next generation of the smart devices. What else?

It is the most sophisticated and greedy marketing machinery our world has ever seen. We sure hope it is not going to be something like this. It started with fun colors, and it transformed itself into the SkyNet. Just imagine terminators crawling all over our place with the Google logo on their weapons.

For the sake of all of us and the Internet itself, we sure hope Google knows what it has been doing. And, especially what it plans to do in the near future. We do not want to spoil the birthday party, but the light of the sweet sixteen candles has a special dark shade we cannot dare to describe.

Google, Sprichst Du Deutsch?

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Here is an additional chapter of an epic struggle between Europe and Google. It seems that the Europeans treat the privacy issues in a completely different way the US users do. Actually, maybe they feel the same way, but the options for expressing it are completely different. This time the German government has some unpleasant questions for Google.

For Germans it is obviously not enough to be able to request the removal of compromising links, which are no longer valid from the Google’s search engines. Believe it or not, they want to get a ticket to the very heart of the system. What exactly? Well, the German justice department wants to get a first-hand look to the Google’s golden goose algorithm.

We are referring to the algorithm for ranking and indexing the search results. Google defends its position with a $60 billion argument, which is a yearly value of this intriguing feature. On the other side, the German government wants to examine it thoroughly in order to evaluate its influence on the EU and eventually German users.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was Google’s answer to this German’s “indecent proposal”, do you? It is also worth mentioning that the EU market is the number two market in terms of profit for Google, right after the indisputable US market. Therefore, some kind of a deal will have to be reached, but how?

.Dot After Wars

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What do you know, how the things can change quickly. As always, there is a breathtaking twist. Not so long ago, we fought each other like crazy to get our hands on the right domain name for our business. Let us call this time before .dot wars. Nowadays, we are very likely to experience the .dot after wars.

What is this all about. Mark our words. THe gTLD (generic top-level domain) stuff is the next big thing. It may be a little bit hard for you to believe, but Google hesitated in buying the .buy extension. It seems that Amazon got this one first for the amount of $4,6 million. And, that is only the beginning.

Can you imagine what is going to happen when the time comes to acquire some of the following ones, such as .search, .app, .blog, or .cloud. It is worth mentioning that Google lost another one. Yes, busy little IT bees, someone has also stolen the .tech domain in the very front of Google’s nose.

There is one thing that is not quite clear. When you buy a before .dot domain you get only one domain name. Right? On the other hand, what is happening when you become the owner of .tech domain, for example? You get the exclusive ownership of all the things that come before the .dot?

Add A Missing Place

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Google continues its thoughtful series. This time we have a nice opportunity to give our humble contribution to the development of Google Maps. We can add missing objects or other similar elements with all associated and relevant information, which can ensure ease of location and contacts.

We are definitely free to suggest, and Google’s job would be to evaluate and approve our suggestion. From the theoretical point of view, this really sounds lovely and charming. However, from the practical point of view you just cannot help noticing that the things in this matter are far from being innocent.

Nowadays, each major service is eager to know your current location. Your friends can get an additional information about your current whereabouts as soon as you publish a photo on Facebook. And what do you know, you get ads on your smartphone as soon as you get into the close proximity of a certain store.

We sure hope that Google will not push the limits of our privacy. In the near future, before you even know it, the location services may easily become our worst enemies. Just imagine a situation when a nearby store sends you a message, why do not you pay us a visit, we have some nice discounts  as soon as it locates you.

Something vs Nothing

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If you want to change something big, start with something small. Who said that? Does it really matter? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to come up with something similar. We know that Google is eager to change our world and lives, as once it already did. Yet, why do not we start with something small, but extremely important.

Imagine the world without the “Error 404″ message. Wouldn’t that be something special, for a change? So, how can we achieve such a thing? Well, we do not have to worry about it. That is Google’s job. Thanks to the new technology called the “Service Workers” we can finally experience the Internet as we always dreamed.

How it works? It is based on the cached versions of certain web pages. This means you can still examine the content, even if you are offline. So, the basic premise is more than simple in this case. Something is definitely more acceptable and better than nothing. The “nothing” in this case means the “404 Error” page.

It is not perfect, but it is a strong improvement. The more time you spend on a certain website while online, you can enjoy the better cached version while offline. This is a tricky thing with a conflict between something and nothing. There are so many users, who want it all with no exceptions. What about them?

Google 2 Dreams Blue

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Actually, to be a little bit more precise the official title for the new Google concept is Google 2.0. However, it is easier to rhyme 2 with blue, than 2.0. So, we honestly hope you will have enough understanding for our poetic efforts. On the other side, we simply cannot avoid using one more common phrase.

Google moves and thinks in mysterious ways. You can do your best, but there is no way you can guess what is Google up to at the moment. For Larry Page the sky is the limit here, in the most literate and direct way you can imagine. One serious rumor has it that the brand new division has been created for this task.

The code name for this special group is a Google Y laboratory. Which can be extremely irritating and confusing, having in mind that not so long ago we have heard rumors about the Google X laboratory. With the proper sense of humor you can ask the following question. What is next, the Google Z laboratory?

For what is worth, Google has imprisoned our attention and imagination for the indefinite period of time. The only trouble with the curve in this matter can be associated with our expectations. With Google we are simply used to think big. Let us see, if they still have the capacity to surprise and impress us, again.

Alibaba And Forty Competitors

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If you live in the USA or Europe and think big, when you think about China you have no other choice than to accept bigger or gigantic. Have you heard about from China? No need to ask this question. Right? Would you dare to give your best shot when it comes to its size and estimated value?

Well, this may come as a surprise, but Amazon, Facebook, Intel or IBM would have to work harder in order to get even close to Do you see our point? Let us be even more precise, shall we? The estimated value of is $228 billion. Can you guess which US companies can match this Chinese giant?

Actually, only three. The big three, such as Apple with $609 billion, Google $400 billion and eventually Microsoft $387 billion. So, now you have it. We can only guess, what can happen with once it decides to move to other continents. So far, so good. Alibaba rules China and Asia. What or who is next?

The entire IT and business landscape will have to go through tectonic changes once the Chinese dragons decide to pay us a visit. Nothing will be the same, and our business lords will look for someone to blame. Unfortunately, we habe every reason to believe that it would be too late to do a thing, then.

Google+ No Thanks

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No. It has nothing to do with us. We thought about, the more appropriate title for this post: Google-(minus). Yet, the things are serious in this story. You do not see so often that the Google itself admits its own mistakes. Directly or indirectly, this way or another. After all, does it really matter? Probably no.

For what is worth, your visits to the Google Universum are no longer determined by your Google+ account. Now, there is an extremely useful button with the more than indicative content “No Thanks”. It seems that Google cannot go on with its attitude Google+ way, or the highway. Is this too late?

Well, it is hard to say. Google has had a nice opportunity to test the limits of its influence first-hand. Apparently, you cannot have it all and you cannot conquer it all. You have seen that your IT neighbor, Facebook for example, has done something nice. So, you decided to do it yourself. If they can do it, so can I.

Sorry Google, but it does not work that way. Either way, this is very nice and very thoughtful move. We should be free to choose which services to use and how to log. You can either change your policies, or look for the new users who will follow you blindly. Now, let us see. Who else owes a No Thanks function?

Facebook Still Rules The World

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Take a look at this map. What do you think about it? Are you surprised? Or, maybe you are pretty much aware of what is going in the world of social networks. Facebook rules in more than 130 countries with more than 1,3 billion users. Impressive. Expected or unexpected? What is happening with others?

We know what is your next question. What is happening with Google+ and Twitter? Well, this analysis is based on Alexa ranking. The trouble with the curve in this matter is that Google+ is treated as the inevitable and inseparable part of an entire Google network. Now, let see what is the matter with Twitter.

Twitter itself is the second largest social network in the world. However, the results about the popularity on the national level in a certain country tell us the different story. On the other hand, it is interesting to examine the situation related to social networks in certain countries such as China, Iran, or Russia.

These countries have their own national social networks. The funny thing about them, though, is that they are apparently not willing to conquer the world. On the other side, they jealously protect their national territories. Long live the king of the social networks empire Facebook. For how long?

Moto X Pure Edition

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Motorola has experienced the curse of mobile pioneers first hand. You know what happened, don’t you? Both Motorola and Nokia built the foundation of the modern smartphone empire. However, they end up as the objects of more than one takeover. Nokia fights for its survival under the Micrososft’s leadership.

On the other side, Motorola had a promising episode with Google. Unfortunately, Google was more about Motorola’s patents than its brand and potential glorious resurrection. Before you even knew it, Motorola found itself a new owner the rising Chinese giant Lenovo. And now, we are where we are.

It seems that the moments spent with Google were inspirational for Motorola. The Moto X will come with an appropriate name the Pure Edition. The thing worth remembering about it is almost a genuine software version. It is Android, for sure, but let us be more precise by saying the Moto X Android.

That is the great thing about Android. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that its open character will ensure its long and prosperous life. All what is left for us to do is to witness the intriguing practical applications. Motorola has shown us the way. Who is willing to follow? Feel free to join.