BlackBerry Venice

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It is official, cyber boys and girls, the BlackBerry now runs on an Android platform. One of the first mobile pioneers, just could not avoid the sad destiny both of its “colleagues” Motorla and Nokia had to go through. The BlackBerry has launched its newest model called the Venice.

So, what is so special about Venice? Well, the BlackBerry has embraced the brave new world of Android, while admitting at the same time that it cannot follow the new smartphone tide. Was this the only way, or there was other highway available for this legendary brand?

If Samsung itself is not strong enough to promote Tizen properly, then how can BlackBerry find a decent place for its mobile OS among the giants, such as Android, IOS or Windows Phone. Sad but true for BlackBerry, which desperately tries to catch with the merciless new smartphone world.

Was this a partial surrender, or a temporary tactical move, until some better days will less clouds appear for the BlackBerry? Well, there is always an option for an inglorious, but financially acceptable takeover. Can the Venice save the shaken BlackBerry? It is too early to say.

Google OnHub On Priorities

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Google is working on something useful, you are certainly going to be grateful for, called OnHube.  So, what is this Google newbie OnHube all about? Well, in plain English, this is a smart router. Why should you need a smart router in your home, in the first place? Well, here is an obvious reason.

This smart router can organize your WiFi infrastructure and traffic at home. You probably have dozen of devices, which require the Internet at all time, but not with the same intensity. This is a problem Google has volunteered to fix. Google will set WiFi priorities on your behalf.

You will get the most optimal Internet speed for your most used devices, when you need it the most. When you put it like this, it really sounds like a good plan. Yet, it is in our nature to introduce some of the dark clouds of doubt. What is going to happen with our privacy?

It is a well-known fact that our home is our last line of defense. It would be a dumb thing to allow smart devices to occupy our homes. Who says that Google is not going to use this smart router for advertising purposes. Thank you, but no thank you Google, we are good just the way we are.

Android M = Android Marshmallow

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It is not yet official, but we can dare to guess that the new Google mobile candy is going to be the Marshmallow. In other words, the new Android 6.0 is going to be called Android Marshmallow. Now we know, what was that mysterious M all about, don’t we? Android M is no longer a secret.

On the other hand, you just cannot avoid asking a simple question in this situation where the new Android is “ante portas”. Is not this the wrong moment? After all, is not it a little bit too early? For what is worth, the Lollipop had a clumsy start, with the shiny percentages at the very beginning.

One of the latest surveys has it that Android 5.0 has just recently hit the double-digit percentage of users. At the same time, the KitKat is still the most popular Android version with the percentage of users, which vary from 30% all the way to the 40% of all Android users.

Now, here comes one more member of the Android family to make this situation being even more complicated for Google. It is not an exaggeration to say that Google can easily end up as grandpa Microsoft, where numerous Android versions will be spread over the cyber universe as countless Windows. Right?

Lollipop August

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Here is a good news. Actually, here is a great news for Google. Lollipop has jumped to more of 18% of total Android share. What is so great about it? Well, for what is worth, Lollipop was struggling around the 12% popularity milestone in June. Are you not too lazy to Google about the previous numbers?

Not so long ago, Google was desperate to hit two-digit figures for its latest crown jewel called Android 5 or Lollipop. Android 5.1 is out there, and we still have not witnessed sensational changes in this field. On the other hand, Google has a different kind of trouble to worry about with its users.

Can you dare to guess, what could it be? Well, the KitKat is still the most popular Android in the brave new cyber world, with the amazing 40%, give it or take. The catch is that Android can easily fall into the trap grandpa Microsoft has been trapped for quite some time.

You know what it is, don’t you? Windows 10 rocks, but the stubborn users just will not give up on Windows 7 and Windows XP. Here you have the amazingly similar situation. The Lollipop is out there, but the busy little Android bees still prefer the KitKat. What are you going to do about it Google?

Windows Phone vs The Rest Of The World

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It is a thin line between a traitor and an insider. Right? One former Windows Phone developer has opened his heart, and obviously his mouth. It turns out that the battle between Microsoft, on the one side, and Apple and Google, on the other, was everything, but the fair clash of the titans. Why?

Well, we know that your first thought was the overwhelming strategic and market advantage of both Android and IOS over the relative newbie called Windows Phone. However, the truth is that grandpa Microsoft had quite different set of priorities from the moment one. This was a lost battle.

Now, we are confused. Why fighting a battle, you cannot possibly win, under the current unfavorable circumstances? Who knows, for sure? Maybe, grandpa Microsoft had to play a merciless game of prestige. Or, grandpa Microsoft had some plan all along, we are still not aware about. What could it possibly be?

Grandpa Microsoft works on a mobile platform of its own, but it does not miss an opportunity to deliver MS Office packages for both IOS and Android. Maybe, this was intended to be a long lasting battle, and grandpa Microsoft was just warming up. Let us see what is going to be. Good luck grandpa!

Google Glass 2nd Generation

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Google has not given up on its once a proud crown jewel, called Google Glass. Yet, the bitter truth is that Google has accepted a low, almost an unnoticeable profile in this case. Who is to blame them, after the embarrassing fiasco in this field? So, what is next?

Well, from what we have heard, Google has changed two things about the Glass project. The first one, is its strong and main reorientation toward the business users. In addition, the troubling initial price of $1,500 simply had to be on a list of changes. Is that enough for the second chance?

Business is obviously going to be as usual for Google Glass, with an exception in marketing and news field. We are going to even hardly notice anything about Google Glass current state of affairs, unless Google itself announce it, with no hesitation or second thoughts.

Good luck Google, we sure hope that one day you are not going to be ashamed of your once a proud creation. Either way, Google Glass deserves a second chance. Maybe, even the third one. Just like those classic movies no one even noticed at the beginning. Now, they are timeless legends.

YouTube’s OK, But FB’s Better

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It is not a secret that Facebook is dead serious about streaming business and services. However, the most recent notifications for its users, are something completely different. So, what is Facebook up to this time, and why? Have you tried to upload a video directly on Facebook page?

Yet, there is this simple question. Why should you do such a thing, in the first place, when you have YouTube? Well, Facebook allows you do use your constitutional right in this field, but at the same time, it has the nerve to suggest you otherwise.

Can Facebook find a successful alternative for YouTube? If we are talking about the Facebook itself, then you are free to upload it directly. On the other side, it is a little bit too late to launch a serious video channel, which can be a decent competitor to YouTube.

That is the trouble with the major IT league players, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. They want to have and do it all. Unfortunately or luckily, the users themselves are not eager to seeing all of services on one website or in only one channel. Feel free to do what you like with your video.