More Sugar For The Lollipop

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Some busy little bees online have come up with a list of wishes and recommendations for the Android 5.0 in 2015. It is a funny thing, though, that the Lollipop has been with us only for a while, and we are already looking forward to seeing some noticeable changes. So, let us see what we would like to be changed.

In the very first place, Android users would like to have more battery power, that is for sure. Having this in mind, we can understand that some of the rumors about the Lollipop’s energy requirements were sadly true. If the battery was the number one priority for changes, what is also our top priority?

What else than the price itself? Smartphones, which have only 16GB of memory and cost more than $600, are treated as the unfair category for many users. Just ask Apple fans how they feel about it. So, all of the guys think that a starting position with the 32GB would have been more appropriate one.

Our Lollipop list has one more important requirement. Better control over the apps, which run through the Lollipop. Do we really have to allow apps to take the full control over our smartphones? For what in exchange? We sure hope someones, who makes Lollipops, actually reads this list, for real.

Talking Pictures By Google

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This is what you get as a result, when Google is not occupied with marketing, ads and profit. Somehing inspiring and encouraging. Something that reminds us of the good old Google, which used to make us laugh and not hide from its marketing machinery. So, what is Google up to right now?

This is something definitely worth mentioning. Google has developed an AI piece of software, which recognize the content on the pictures you submit. You can see some of the examples from the picture attached in this post. It cannot be accurate all the time, but it certianly give some useful information.

Just imagine all good things this software can do. We are talking about the extremely helpful tool for the blind people. On the other side, you can put it in a car as an extra safety measure for the identification of the potential road obstacles or threats. When it comes to this, the sky is the limit, literally.

We sure hope, though, that this software’s first practical applications will not be exausted in the marketing field. Maybe, Google has not forgotten to think about the people first, rather than profit. Maybe, you will not have to read any more blogs in the near future. All we will do is to upload a picture.

Google Kids

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It is not a new thing, and Google is not the first IT giant to deal with the “PG 13″ limitation for the cyber world. Facebook had to come up with a series of special rules, which included the young users. Especially the ones younger than 13 years of age. The time has come for Google to do something about it.

Yet, it is not quite clear whether or not the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or shorter the COPPA is the main motivation for this love and care about the kids in Google? For what is worth, we are very likely to experience the special versions of Google Search, Chrome and YouTube services.

In addition, Google counts on parents’ support and guidance in this story. All of these are supposed to be in the best interests of the busy little bees, who spend so much time in front of their computer, laptop or smartphone screens. Then, how come we are a little bit worried about the dark marketing cloud?

What are we talking about? Google marketing machinery is a merciless and extremely profit oriented system. We are not implying that kids will be the direct targets, but their parents will be involved, for sure. Now, we will reveal directly to Google our kids’ preferences. What a nice way to earn more, isn’t it?

New Instruments – New Markets

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What is the thing with the Google Glass Project? Just one more nice looking gadget or an inglorious high-tech experiment? Well, Google has decided to give it another try. Instead of the Texas Instruments, from now on the Google Glasses will use the Intel’s processors. Why this “sudden” and “unexpected” change?

Well, some busy little bees in Google have figured it out that Google Glass should not be only an expensive toy for the IT fanatics. There is a huge industrial and business potential for this unique product. However, it asks for some changes. One of the most important is related to the new processors.

This is how we have witnessed an additional cooperation between Google and Intel. Yet, one question remains. What is going to happen with the price itself? As we all know, the initial price of “only” $1,500 was a reason for the respectable number of people to give it a second though. What is going to happen now?

Really hard to say. Are we looking forward to seeing a new Google Glass price more or less than $1,500? Either way, Google has to commercialize this product as soon as possible. Time for a play is over. It is the right moment for the Google Glass to become something more than an expensive toy. Right?

Google Stars

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It has nothing to do with sport or movie stars. Google Star Maps is a great app for all true astronomy fans. All you have to do is to point your smartphone toward the sky, and you will get your own piece of the sky with all stars present. We can find even a more suitable for this sky helper.

If we can have Google Maps for our planet, then we should have one for the space, as well. On the other hand, we can see a nice use of the entire fleet of Google satellites. With all of its marketing industry, every now and then Google can do something, which is not profit oriented. At least not directly.

It comes without saying that is an outstanding thing to be able to see which star is in your sky neighborhood at the moment. It is simple, efficient, and above all free to use. What would some of the greatest names of science have given for a chance to use this app in their time? Probably a lot, if not everything.

Our hats off to Google. Here is what happens when the major IT players do not think only about the profit for a moment. Or, maybe this is the price that has to be paid so we can use these nice things. The “sweet” and useful collateral product of the gigantic marketing machinery in Google. Can we have some more?

The Six Figure Interships

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Money makes the IT world come around. This is not a secret nor a huge surprise. Yet, it is definitely interesting to know that even the beginner’s steps in the cyber world are well paid and nicely rewarded. We will give you some preliminary information as the starting point for your own math and calculations.

The average intership salaries at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other IT giants range somewhere from $7K to $10K give it or take the housing and other additional benefits. So, how do you feel about this one? If you are in the IT sector yourself, this is a nice thing to comment about with your colleagues.

On the other hand, if you are working somewhere else where your computer is only a working tool, then it is quite normal to be a little bit envious about it. The programer’s codes are moving our world forward. This is not a Hollywood style job filled with excitement, but it is certainly well compensated.

These impressive figures are the clearest indication that the IT sector still suffers from insatiable hunger for new developers and experts. If intership salaries are so rewarding, we can only guess what is happening at the later stages? Who wants to be rich has to find the right cyber switch. Right?

Windows Phone And The European Mobile Throne

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know all there is to know about the most popular mobile OS in the world, do you? Although, Android is constantly declining in terms of indisputable popularity, it is still the #1 mobile OS in the world. This is not going to change in the near future, for sure.

On the other hand, IOS breathes down the Android’s neck. This also will not change any time soon. However, we just could not help ourselves noticing what is happening in the position number three. What an intriguing dynamism, indeed. Windows Phone is simply restless in this story about the prestige.

Yet, there is a huge difference of what is going on in the USA and Europe. Android and IOS are fighting a close merciless battle on the American soil. There are not too many percentages of a noticeable difference between them. When you sum up their percentages you get almost 95% of all users.

Here Windows Phone and the remaining mobile platforms are treated as the statistical errors. On the other hand, in Europe, there is more room for Windows Phone to breathe freely. We are talking about the 4%, if not even 5% for Windows Phone in Europe. It is a long way up for Microsoft to climb.

Smart Spoon

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We know all there is to know about Google, don’t we? Google is a synonym for the unparalleled and funny looking inventions. Yet, this time instead of a smile it has triggered a tear in our eye. How? Google has invented a smart spoon. Pay attention, this is not a joke. We have seen all kinds of crazy smart things.

Smart glasses, shoes, watches, TVs, refrigerators, and all other things we can possibly think of. However, this time there is something completely different in question you can hardly guess. The smart spoon, or popularly called Spoogle, is supposed to help people with serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

The name itself is a funny combination of Google and a spoon, which gives us Spoogle. This clever little thing can seriously reduce the hands trembling problem for the people suffering from the Alzheimer’s or other serious illnesses. It may seem trivial, but for these people it certainly isn’t.

Therefore, we have to say our hats off for Google, which has shown to us what are true inventions all about. They are supposed to contribute to the quality of our lives above all. Maybe, this would be one of the things to remember the Google by. Keep up with the good work Google. Save the world.

The Best Things Online Are Free

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Where is the question mark? Do you feel that the title of this post should be followed by a question mark? Why? Well, we have to tell only the truth here. That is our obligation. Therefore, it would be more accurate to say that the Internet is an endless ocean, where everyone can find his or her goldfish.

The only trouble is that some of these shiny goldfishes may ask you for some gold in return. The things are rapidly changing in the cyber universe. Once a synonym for the free and useful things Google has turned into the merciless marketing money making machine. YouTube plans to charge us, as well.

For what? For a content free of ads. Facebook is always looking for a nice moment to earn some extra cash. Do we have to mention the online commercial services, which made it clear from the first moment that they are only about making money online, such as eBay or Amazon, for instance?

So, what is going to happen eventually with our dearest online materials? Keep your eyes open and your fingers restless, because sooner or later you will hit a sign that from now on certain charges are to be applied. Enjoy while it lasts. What else could we possibly say or do in this matter? Right?

MyCopter and AeroMobil, How Do You Feel?

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Just the thing we need right now. With so many airborne announcements from Google, Facebook and Amazon, we will have flying cars, as well. What does it mean? Well, very soon we will move and live under a gigantic shade of the unimaginable number of small and mid size flying objects. It is a living horror.

Are we exaggerating? Rest assured that both of our legs are on the solid ground while we are writing this. Both MyCopter and AeroMobil are the EU funded flying car projects. Although, we are pretty much impressed, we have to admit that we are stressed, as well. Why? Well, it is very simple actually.

The flight regulations are rigorous for a good reason. We need the discipline and order above our heads. The last thing we need is the swarm of literally millions of small flying devices buzzing around us like crazy with no control at all. We need highways, signs and regulations for our sky traffic.

So, we have already asked you a question. How do you feel about these great news? Remind us, what was the right word for the fear of heights? Why do we need it? Well, we have this feeling that this word will be used very frequently in the near future. For the time being, we write this blog on the ground.