Connecting People

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Do you remember, who used to claim this timeless and extremely popular slogan? Once upon a time, Nokia was connecting people all over the world. Nowadays, Facebook plans to do something similar, with the different objectives, though. So, what is up to this time? Our and world’s friend, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has launched the internet.org campaign or project. Call it what you want. Apparently, this is supposed to be a life changing thing for the most remote and undeveloped parts of the world, where the Internet has some second thoughts in terms of visiting. What can we do about it for real?

Facebook is dead serious about balloons, satellites, and drones flying around and dropping the Internet signal. This is a noble thing to do. No questions about it. Unfortunately, we have noticed something that threatens to spoil the party. The Facebook package does not include that much for the Internet newbies.

Only a Facebook app and some additional things, but nothing that can be associated with the competitors. What does it mean? Facebook gives a unique chance for the people in South America, Africa, and Asia. What is the first thing you are supposed to do once you get online? Opening a Facebook account, of course.

Is MySpace Still Your Favorite Place?

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Do you have a feeling that MySpace went missing for at least twenty or thirty years? Facebook has just blown the tenth candle on its birthday cake. Do you get it cyber boys and girls? In our cyber universe the different physic laws about the time and space are to be applied. You cannot do a thing about it.

Nowadays, MySpace looks like a thing borrowed from an IT museum. Not so long ago this was an extremely popular social network. As a matter of fact, this was one of the very few truly global social networks. Or, maybe we are exaggerating a little bit. Back in those days Mark did not have a clue what to do with his life.

Mark who? Zuckerberg, of course. Then, something went wrong. It turns out that people cared more about their pictures than music. And, before you knew it, Facebook replaced MySpace on the throne of popularity with a merciless ease. So, what is happening with MySpace? New owners. New plans.

Did you get an email recently? MySpace is sending quite a lot emails. It wants to remind you that its features are still alive and kicking. Some of its content associated with you are still out there. Why do not pay a visit to your old MySpace account? Or, maybe you are too much consumed by Facebook.

Facebook VR App

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Facebook Virtual Reality Application is just around the next corner, and it waits just for you. Really? Are not you a little tired of all of these optimistic announcements, which all ends in a similar way. We are almost there. Hold your horses for a while. What is keeping Facebook so long with this one?

It is about time for us to see what was the Oculus Rift takeover all about. On the other hand, we have to admit something very important for each VR concept. It is not that simple. Your VR content is useless without the appropriate device. How you are going to know that you are watching the VR movie, in the first place?

For what is worth, Oculus Rift has come up with some development kits. However, this is not something you want to surprise the so-called users with. This is a tricky part. We are all eager to start enjoying the exciting VR concept, but for an affordable price, if possible. That is the missing part in our puzzle.

There is one more question we just cannot avoid asking here. Do we really need Facebook in the VR environment? How is the VR dimension going to change or improve your Facebook experience? OK, we admit it. It is not fair to judge, before being able to run a fair test. Hey Facebook, your move.

Who’s The Next Zuckerberg?

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Stewart Butterfield. We are supposed to remember this name. Why? Well, for what is worth, this is a guy, who invented the app called Slack. What does it do? Well, it eliminates the extremely annoying problem of countless business related emails. This chat app is all you need to get your job done.

Its greatest advantage is an unparalleled ability to integrate numerous third party apps in the initial chat app. One thing is certain, after we are done with this post, we will try to replace Skype with this app. Let us give it an honest try. Why not? More than one billion people are already doing that.

Can you believe on his very first birthday the Slack had almost one billion users to blow the candles on its birthday cake. More fun 500,000 people are using it on a daily basis. Is this impressive or what? Facebook has more than 1,4 billion users. However, this is a result of a decade long work.

What was his name again? Stewart Butterfield or our own Mr. Slack. It comes without saying that this brilliant is melting the market with its app with an ease the sun melts the butter. Does Stewart Butterfield have a Facebook account? Do Facebook employees use the Slack? Hm, is this a win-win here?

Same Faces – Different Places

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Here is one more story about Facebook. Someone may ask, are we obsessed with Facebook, or on their payroll, or we have nothing better to write about. Well, cyber boys and girls, it is not our fault that Facebook is all about I-dare-you-to-miss events. If you just cannot get enough of Facebook, go on with reading.

So, what is Facebook up to this time? Well, there is a new thing called the Deep Face. If you want to make allusions with the notorious, but extremely popular Deep Throat, then you are acting inappropriately, that is for sure. This Deep Face thing is the true state of the art facial recognition software.

Its accuracy is with no exaggeration only a breath away from the absolute 100%. However, this is not the funniest thing about it. This software can tag the people in your pictures without your knowledge with a scary accuracy. It will analyze and process all of your account’s pictures in a blink of an eye.
One serious rumor has it that the FBI’s software for similar purposes is a toy compared to Facebook’s Deep Face. In addition, Facebook has a database of more people than the entire population of China. Should you delete all of your Facebook photos. No. Then we would not call it Facebook, would we?

The Book Of Depressive Faces

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Do not worry. There are no rock-solid evidences that the use of social networks, especially Facebook, can be associated directly with mental illnesses and addiction problems. However, there is a catch. There is one small but, which can mutate into a gigantic but over the time and in the proper environment.

If you are already a severe depression victim or you are genetically predisposed to it, then the social networks may not be the right choice for you. Why? You do not have to be a rocket scientist with a PhD in psychology to answer this one, do you? The best thing to fight depression is to socialize.

As a matter of fact, to socialize a lot. We mean the real-life friends and parties outside the cyberspace. In addition, people tend to share their happiest and brightest moments on Facebook. Therefore, keeping up with the Kardashians is not the smartest idea when you are struggling with the depression.

So, what is the moral of our story? Should you use or forget about Facebook? Well, as always, this is entirely up to you. Your inner voices. Your choices. Just do not blame it on Facebook. Social networks cannot be used instead of medicaments, but they can certainly become drugs, if you fail to use them properly.

The Facebook City

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Actually, with more than 1,4 billion users Facebook is more like a state, even bigger than China, than a city. However, for what is worth, we are now talking about the real-life city made of bricks, rather than likes. Yes, cyber boys and girls, Mark Zuckerberg is building a city within an existing city.

This is how, the Silicon Valley is going to get one small Facebook city, where the most of the Facebook employees are going to live after work. OK, let us use some plain English, shall we? Mark is going to provide his employees  with a place to spend a night, having in mind that employees spend most of the day at work.

This is undoubtedly a practical thing. At the same time, Facebook will strengthen its HR structure. The employees will find an additional reason to work for Facebook. At the first glance, this is supposed to be a win-win situation for both parties the company itself and employees. No side-effects?

Welcome to the corporate world of endless opportunities and the absolute control. Where are younl going to buy the groceries? In the Facebook stop-shop? Who is going to take care of your children while at work? Facebook app for kids? It is great, but somehow we do not feel groovy about it. Why?

My Immortal Facebook

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We may argue whether or not this is a little bit bizarre. However, this is life in all of its glory and death, among other things. For what is worth, you will be able to decide, who is to take care of your Facebook account once you are gone. Literally and permanently. Is this really necessary? Apparently it is.

In order to avoid complicated and expensive lawsuits, all users are strongly advised to regulate these things on time. A person, who is to inherit your Facebook account, will have the full access to your pictures and public messages. On the other hand, private messages will be excluded from this virtual inheritance.

Is this going to solve all the problems? We sure hope. No matter what you may think about and how you may feel about it, a thing such as this one you simply cannot ignore. Sooner or later all Facebook users will face a situation where some of their loved ones is gone from the real, but not from the virtual world.

Perhaps, it is better to say that we are still searching for the perfect solution for our imperfect nature. The cyber space is painfully ignorant, when it comes to our fragile and limited existance. If it is some kind of a comfort, we have a virtual place where our loved ones can echo trough cyber eternity.

VR, LG G3, You And Me

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Who says that the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) has to be reserved for the users with a rich-bitch attitude, including the movie fanatics. Google and LG have obviously shown us the right way. Facebook is still experimenting with the Oculus Rift, while obviously trying to figure out what to do with it.

In the meantime, Sony with its Project Morpheus likes to stick around the dominant gaming concept. Who is going to care of the masses with an insatiable hunger for the breathtaking VR contents and modest payment options? Who else than good old Google with its Cardboard VR system.

Now, you have it. Google Cardboard comes with every LG G3 device. It comes without saying that is not a rocket science compared to the Oculus Rift. On the other hand, who really cares about it, as long as you can have a decent glimpse of the VR in your home, for quite an affordable price, of course.

Thanks to the Cardboard you can use your LG G3 smartphone as a VR screen. Google will take care about the rest. This is definitely supposed to be a win-win situation for both parties in this scenario. Virtual Reality should become a part of our Real Reality. That is what Cardboard and LG G3 are all about.

Snapchat + News = Discover

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This is an imminent fate of all popular and trendy online must-use-and-must-have-an-account. At the beginning, all social online platforms were ads free, cool, user friendly, and respectable toward your privacy expectations. Then, in a blink of an eye, the next thing you know the things are changed beyond recognition.

This is exactly what is happening with the Snapchat. The latest announcement is that we will be able to track news channels on it, such as Yahoo News, Daily Mail, MTV, CNN, National Geography, and others. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. In the next phase, Snapchat will include ads.

Not so long ago, we were so proud of Snapchat’s attitude. Facebook has knocked two times at Snapchat’s door with generous offers for a takeover, in vain. The last time three billion dollars were at the negotiator’s table. The Snapchat management did not even bother to blink at these offerings. And then?

Snapchat felt the call of the wild profit. There is no hope for them. They are already deep into the Matrix zone. All they see are the numbers all around them. The users’ faces are gone. Are we mistaken? We hope, but somehow we have a feeling that one more disappointment waits in a line.