Facebook Stars Live

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Facebook can get you closer to the stars. For what is worth, we need to be a little bit more precise. We are not talking about astrology, but rather the intriguing world of Hollywood, music, and sport industry. All of that in the real time, with the real stars.

So, what are these Facebook stars all about? Well, this new celebrity oriented function is called Live, and it is a part of Facebook Mentions. It is worth mentioning that the main emphasis is going to be on the video content, provided by these more or less famous stars.

In other words, we are going to have a special celebrity YouTube channel integrated in Facebook. Maybe, this is not the most accurate definition, but it is the closest we can get to it. We are expecting a win-win with this one, but the only question is, for whom, exactly?

Facebook and our beloved starts are going to hugely benefit from this one. Yet, what is going to happen with the so-called third party, us, the users? We have just found one way to worship our mortal stars. How lovely indeed. Thank you Facebook for this one, we really needed it.

The VRbook

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that virtual reality (VR) is going to be the next big thing in the cyber-universe, do you? After all, Facebook did not spend hundreds of millions of dollars for one of the most intriguing takeovers in the IT world, which included the Oculus Rift.

Is it too much of an exaggeration to say that Facebook is very likely to change its name into a more suitable one, called the VRbook? Well, according to Mark Zuckerberg this should not be the case, although there is this strong feeling in Facebook that the VR is their ticket for the promising future.

Either way, we have no other choice, than to hold our horses for a while. It is going to be worth seeing it, how Facebook plans to take an advantage of one of its most serious investments, since its proud beginnings.

OK Facebook, you have made your point. We do not care how you are going to call it. We just want to see it works, and if it is possible, we are hopping or being able to afford it, in the first place. Are these too much to ask?

YouTube’s OK, But FB’s Better

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It is not a secret that Facebook is dead serious about streaming business and services. However, the most recent notifications for its users, are something completely different. So, what is Facebook up to this time, and why? Have you tried to upload a video directly on Facebook page?

Yet, there is this simple question. Why should you do such a thing, in the first place, when you have YouTube? Well, Facebook allows you do use your constitutional right in this field, but at the same time, it has the nerve to suggest you otherwise.

Can Facebook find a successful alternative for YouTube? If we are talking about the Facebook itself, then you are free to upload it directly. On the other side, it is a little bit too late to launch a serious video channel, which can be a decent competitor to YouTube.

That is the trouble with the major IT league players, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others. They want to have and do it all. Unfortunately or luckily, the users themselves are not eager to seeing all of services on one website or in only one channel. Feel free to do what you like with your video.

The End Of Google+ Terror

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It is official. It is understandable. And, it was about time. YouTube has nothing more to do with Google+  network. Not so long ago, Google had this annoying habit to influence our movement through its cyber channels with Google+ membership. What is this supposed to mean exactly for us and Google?

Maybe, Google has finally admitted a defeat in this field. “Google Facebook” was only a dream. It turns out a very short one. You simply cannot force people to love your services, can you? This idea, where you have some nice services, such as YouTube, but you are forcing us to register first on some that are not so nice, such as Google+, was simply disastrous.

The critics, including the numerous users “volunteers”, were merciless. They are describing this unsuccessful social network as the-city-of-ghosts. You just cannot have it all and do it all, can you? An invaluable lesson to be remembered.

In the meantime, the show must go on, even for Google. This kind of failure Google money machinery will not even register. However, the bitter taste of defeat is going to be present for quite some time. There was once a Google dream called the Google+.

Can You Rain Me Some Internet?

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If you happen to be in Sri Lanka, and you need to get online, then you should look up in the sky. Why? Because, there is a Google balloon, which is looking forward to share some of 3G Internet with you. One balloon for the whole Sri Lanka, id does not bad, at all.

Covering an entire continent, such as Africa or South America, is a completely different story. Yet, for what is worth, this is a huge achievement. For instance, Facebook Net Drones can cover an area of only 50 miles, give it or take. What about the time in the air?

We have to admit that performances are more or less the same in this field. Up to 100 days or 3 months in the air, this is all what you are going to get. On the other hand, this is only the beginning. We need to cover more land and stay airborne for much longer time.

Once, we can solve these two problems, we are ready to make a history. The ultimate goal is to cover the entire planet with the decent quality of Internet connection. Until then, we are still living in the stone age of progress, despite our shiny gadgets.

Facebook Eagle For The New Internet Legions

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Facebook concept of Internet for all, and cyber-justice for all, has its silent and highly effective “executor”. Its name is Aquila, and it is a drone. It can spend up to three months in the air, by feeding itself entirely and only on the generous sun energy. What can we expect in return?

Well, an area of 80 kilometers will get the Internet access, more or less. The trouble is how many of these cyber-eagles you need to cover the are of an entire country, or the entire continent. Africa, for instance. Yet, for what is worth, this is a great start for a revolutionary idea.

In the meantime, Facebook has to solve a couple of more important problems in this field, which has nothing to do with the technology itself. We are talking about the true motives for Facebook’s involvement. Are you ready for a huge disappointment?

If you want to use this drone-connection, you will be “gently” urged to access only Facebook apps and services. Yes, cyber boys and girls, this new Internet freedom comes with a price to pay to its “generous” provider. Sorry Facebook, but no hats off for this one. You do not deserve it, this time.

Nowhere Nokia VR Here

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We were truly and deeply intrigued by the mysterious and provocative Nokia VIP Event scheduled for this month in LA. What was that all about? When you like some reliable information, then you go deep into the speculation and conspiracy theories. You just cannot help yourself, can you?

We used to think that the time has come for Nokia to say goodbye to its new owner and protector grandpa Microsoft. What is even more interesting, we thought that Nokia has finally gathered some courage to come up with a smartphone of its own, after quite long time.

Oh cyber boys and girls, we were so naive and narrow minded. Nokia is really up to something huge. That is why they needed a VIP event, in the first place. Nokia enters the world of Virtual Reality (VR). Undoubtedly, this is something quite unexpected. Does grandpa Micorosft know something about this?

The VR is the next big thing. All major IT league players are already there, Facebook with its Oculus Rift, Sony Empire with its Project Morpheus, Google, HTC, and many others. Now, Nokia has joined the VR race. We have this funny feeling that grandpa Microsoft is not telling us the whole truth.