This Message Will Self Destruct In…

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This is undoubtedly one of the most popular quotes from the Mission Impossible movie. It has become the inevitable part of our urban culture. Who could have thought that this option will become the most important feature and even the true obsession for some of the biggest social networks in the world.

So, what is your first thought when you hear that Facebook is testing the self destructing messages and content? Facebook just cannot get over the Snapchat’s rejection? As you probably know the Snapchat did not even blink to a Facebook’s generous offer of $3 billion for a complete takeover.

On the other hand, it would be terribly wrong to think that Snapchat is all about its messages, which simply disappear after the certain period of time. However, for Facebook this seems to be extremely important to be able to set an expiration date on your messages. There has to be something bigger than that. Right?

The true power of Snapchat is in the number of its users. For the time being, this is the fastest growing social network in the world. Facebook already fights a serious battle with Twitter. It does not need one more enemy in the middle of it, that is for sure. The Snapchat will not self destruct, if Facebook wishes.

Deep Purple Skype

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What is the difference between Viber and Skype? Well, after the recent updates you cannot fight the feeling that Viber has become the purple Skype. On the other hand, this is very similar to a situation when Twitter has become to resemble Facebook in an unprecedented way with is latest account’s page updates.

We do not say this as if it’s something wrong. We just want to know what is the main picture we are missing? Now, you can install the Viber on your desktop computer or laptop. You can transfer calls to your phone. In addition, you can make video calls, which is undoubtedly a great thing and change.

So, what is going to happen now? How these changes are going to affect our choice of the most preferred communication app? Are we on the same page when we say that the modern apps have become too much similar to each other? What is next? WhatsApp will introduce calls, as well.

Do you see the point? Nowadays, you can tell a difference between the apps more because of their colors, and less because of their features. However, there is a limit to your so-called clone updates. One day your app forgets who it really is. And then there is nothing left than to develop the brand new app.

Oculus Rift A True VR Gift

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The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2) is definitely one of the highly anticipated gadgets in this year’s IT world. We are not talking only about gamers, but also the numerous experts from different fields cannot wait to get their hands on this VR (Virtual Reality) tool. Thea possibilities are literally endless.

On the other hand, we are eager to see how the entire Oculus Rift concept will function under the new guidance of the Facebook management team. As you already know Facebook has acquired this VR pioneer with an obvious goal to improve the satisfaction of its users. How exactly? It is left to be seen.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook is not the only major IT league players, who has one of its business eyes on the VR field. Sony is also very active with its VR project with an indicative name – the Project Morpheus. Something is definitely going on in the world of VR tools. Maybe, this is the next big thing.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the virtual reality can ensure real profits in the real world. The funny thing, though, is its price. The DK 2 will be available for a price between $200 and $400, which is cheaper compared to the newest model of an iPhone or Samsung smartphone. Very real, indeed.

FB News-Feed Makes Your Wallet To Bleed

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It is very thoughtful of Facebook to allow us enjoy great video clips through the news-feed feature. The trouble with a curve in this matter is that this option comes with the high price. Data transfer will show its ugly side when you get a bill at the end of the month. What are we supposed to do about it?

Well, it is actually quite simple preventive solution. All you have to do is to check out the settings in your phone and choose the option that the news-feed of your video clips run only when you have a WiFi connection secured. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves do we really have to find out about it the hard way?

It is not an easynthing to come up with something new. However, you have to take so many details into serious consideration. The price associated with your service or feature is definitely one of them. Has the Facebook development team simply missed it. Or, maybe they thought it is not such a big deal, after all.

So, what is next? You have been warned. The ones, who are late, will have to pay a little bit extra for the pleasure of watching video clips with the help of silent, but expensive news-feed. The rest of us will be more careful when it comes to our shiny gadgets and their tempting features. There are some prices we should not pay with our ignorance.

Twitter Caught In The Crossfire Of Ads

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Twitter is doing just fine. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that yourself. A little bit of drama with the Facebook over their game of the social networks throne here and there, but not such a big deal. On the other side, the great success comes with the great doubts and sleepless nights.

You know how it goes, don’t you? On the one hand, you have something called the user’s experience, no matter what it actually may mean. On the other hand, there is a constant pressure of the green wave, which makes you to question the users’ position all over again. What happens eventually?

We do not know where it is, but it’s definitely somewhere out there. The magical line or better to say boundary about the ad’s effectiveness you cannot dare to cross. Otherwise, the profits you are so desperately trying to reach will turn against you. This is the major threat for all social networks.

Eventually, it all comes down to what the users themselves have to say about certain changes and improvement of the features. We sure hope that the busy little marketing birds in Twitter know what they are doing. We know where the money is coming from. DO we know how much is enough?

Hunting Facebook Click Hunters

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We just had enough. Facebook had more than enough. Time to deal with the articles and news, which are only after your clicks and likes of Facebook. You know, what are we talking about, don’t you? These things have eye-catching headlines you just cannot resist checking out. And you know what they say, don’t you?

The curiosity always kills the cat, sooner or later. Especially the one which uses the Facebook. Do you really have to go through disappointments over and over again? You click following a certain article or news following a headline hard to believe only to find out that you are supposed to increase someone’s web traffic.

Well, Facebook will take care of it. For what is worth, that is not your problem. It is Facebook’s responsibility and they should clean their own backyard. On the other hand, what is the use if we are to spend only a couple of seconds on some website and get back immediately as soon as we see the content?

Some people will do literally anything just to get some extra traffic on their websites. Just like some of your friends will do anything to have more Facebook virtual friends. That is a legitimate thing to do. Improving your customer’s experience. Hey Facebook, does this one sound familiar?

Snapchat: When The Moment Is Right?

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The story about Snapchat can easily turn out to be one of the most intriguing ones in the IT history. Only one year ago the estimated value of this newbie app was one billion dollars. Then, as you probably know, the Facebook itself made one extremely generous offer of three billion dollars.

At least this is what we thought about it. Yet, the guys behind the Snapchat did not even bother to blink about this offer. At that moment, you would probably have to do your best to find someone, who does not think that these guys were completely crazy for turning down the Facebook’s offer.

For what is worth, the new circumstances proved them right. Nowadays, there is another estimate of the Snapchat’s value. We are talking about ten billion dollars. So, who is crazy now? We are talking about an app, which is at the position number three right after Facebook and Instagram.

Instead of selling the Snapchat guys think about investing. The investment funds, you name them, they are on their waiting list. However, there is a limit to your growth. Unless, they plan to overthrow the Facebook, they have to consider finding a new owner sooner or later. Name your new price, please.

Hyperlapse Hyperfun

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Instagram has taught us invaluable lesson how to offer something new and interesting to your users with no vanity related troubles. You do not have to guess twice. We are referring to the new Hyperlapse. So, Instagram did not bother to include this one as a new feature or something similar to it.

Fair and simple, this is the new app feel free to explore and enjoy it. The great thing about the Hyperlapse is that you can make videos, which are divided into smaller slow motion sequences. At the end you get a nice looking feature you could have seen only on TV or in the movies.

Or, let us put it this way. The best thing to figure it out is to try it yourself. When it comes to apps the theory itself is not much of a use. As soon as you start using some app, in the matter of hours you become an expert and you know all there is to know about it. Again, nice move on behalf of Instagram.

This is something other social networks should examine and apply. You should not be afraid to create your own competition. No one can take it away from you. No need to put your logo on a new app. No need to remind users that this is your new app. How hard could it be for others to comply with this one?

The Project: Wing

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Google drives, and for what is worth, Google flies as well. One very serious rumor has it that Google is deeply involved in the drone stuff. What is the reason for it? Some say that the recent Twitch switch directed by Amazon triggered some nerves in Google. They want to strike back with a vengeance.

It comes without saying that Amazon was eager to turn the next page with the drone-based delivery of ordered goods. Google plans to do something similar with a couple of differences. The first one is related to the very purpose of Google air forces. It is rather humanitarian than commercial one.

You certainly recall Facebook, which airborne ambition was driven by a desire to provide the Internet in the most remote areas. Google drones are supposed to save lives and ease pain of people in trouble you simply cannot reach the other way. However, there is a catch and a serious limitation.

While Amazon drones are supposed to touch the ground during the delivery, the drones made by Google will drop it after you this way or another. Who knows, maybe we are very likely to witness some dog fights between Amazon and Google drones first hand in not so distant future.

Facebook Back To The Future

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Perhaps, more appropriate title for this post would have been, Facebook knows what you did not only the last summer, but all the summers as long as you have your account. Confused? Or, maybe worried? For all of you, who used to have Facebook as your best friend since you were a teenager – bad news.

Facebook already works on a new feature. It will enable you and your friends to go through your entire posts and likes history just like that. With a simple keyword you can travel back in the past. Just imagine a possibility to check on the posts and likes associated with you, which are more than a decade old.

This can be a nice thing to help you remember the dearest moment. On the other hand, it can create a living hell of your private life, if your current life partner finds out some intriguing facts about your love life, you thought you were lost or forgotten. So, what can we expect to get with this one?

Well, we are already fighting with Google over our right for the digital oblivion. Do we really need one more trouble called Facebook right to forget? Can Facebook claim the ownership over all of our posts and likes no matter how old they may be? Do we need one more lawsuit to solve this one, as well?