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The Messenger has its own website. What is that supposed to mean? Why do you need a separate website, when there is Facebook.com? If you recall, not so long ago the Messenger was a Facebook’s kid. Now, we are talking about the fully independent app, which is leaving its parent’s home. Why?

What is the catch with this one? According to some serious rumors Facebook is dead serious about allowing its users to send money through the messaging system to their friends. Is this the next big thing for the Messenger? For what is worth, we have nothing against it, that is for sure.

Maybe, Facebook wants to say to us, you can cool down with the pictures and posts, but put some extra pressure on the Messenger, because we need to earn a little bit more. You have probably heard that the Facebook is building its own private dream city for the growing army of employees.

There is only way to test the true power of the Messenger itself. You have to let it swim freely in the merciless cyber ocean with no assistance of its older brother Facebook. We sure hope that the entire Facebook empire is not going to come down to one more meaningless chat app. Eventually.

Twitter To The Rescue

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Twitter is eager to offer a helping cyber hand to Indonesia. The tsunami trauma still has fresh scars in this country. No wonder people are literally obsessed with the early warning system. So, how about a social network, which can jump with an invaluable piece of information when you need it the most?

Twitter has figured out that it would be a great thing to use some of its existing users’ information, such as research and disaster institutes. All users with a direct interest can get the life saving messages in no time. Our hats off to Twitter for this clever and precious feature for Indonesian region.

The social networks are definitely up to something good and philanthropic. For what is worth, Facebook gave its contribution to the missing persons problem. As you can see, each of the main features can be used for something truly useful. Finally, something we can use against the social network critics.

So, let us see who should join the rescue party, as well. Both Instagram and Pinterest can also do something about missing persons by publishing their pictures on a large scale. YouTube can use some how to survive in the wilderness videos instead of commercials, every now and then. Right?

Much Ado About Social Network Nothing

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It perfectly does not make any sense. Your life is not going to change at all. Yet, you simply cannot ignore thinking or admiring some of the amazing facts associated with the most popular social networks. Here are some of the most intriguing ones that can be a perfect fit for the believe it or not category.

It will take you at least dozens of years to examine all new content, which gets uploaded on YouTube in one single day. The funny thing, though, is that this social network was originally intended to be nothing more than a usual dating website. Are you a regular Twitter user? Are you eager to become one?

One in three Twitter users earns more than $100,000 a year. Unfortunately, this shiny statistic can be applied only for the USA users. When it comes to the pictures oriented social networks, it is worth mentioning that the Instagram gets more than five million of new picture uploads on a daily basis.

On the other side, more than 97% of Pinterest fans are women. Last, but definitely not least, more than three million blog posts say one big hello to the world. That is why we feel happy and privileged, if you are reading one of our new posts today. Social Networks – you just cannot live without them.

Facebook Time Machine

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On This Day, Facebook decided to play, with both our pictures and memories. This new feature is supposed to be our own time portal. You will be able to check all of your favorite and momentous life changing moments in a blink of an eye, or a little bit more. What is going to happen with the bad ones?

Well, we have to give Facebook development team a credit for the following brilliant solution. On This Day feature is going to mirror our brain’s function. Which one, exactly? For what is worth, we tend to forget the moments we do not like, and which used to cripple us emotionally in the past.

What is that supposed to mean? We will get the improved, filtered, pink memories, which are supposed to make us feel good and positive about our lives, and not the other way around. This does not have to be a bad thing, necessarily. We already have the Facebook reality. You know the rules.

On this day, we wrote a post about the new Facebook’s feature called on-this-day. We were right or wrong about it? What is your best wild guess? This one is going to be a loser or a winner for Facebook? Some day, we will remind ourselves what happened on this day. Until then, enjoy this lovely day.

Layout by Instagram

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First, you take a ride down to the cyber road from your Facebook to your Instagram account. There you will find a new app guy in town called the Layout. It will allow you to combine a couple of your favorite pictures in a new one. This is supposed to be an easy to use and efficient new app.

Then, you are free to go back and share your new picture on both Facebook and Instagram. So, what is this supposed to mean? This is not such a big deal nor the rocket science, but it is a nice story how you should follow the voices and wishes of your users in order to improve your app’s success.

Just give your users what they really want, and you will do just fine. According to Facebook, its new cyber-kid has almost doubled the number of the new users in less than a year. One rumor has it that we have more than 300 million active users on Instagram. More than enough reasons to give them what they want.

Facebook is definitely determined to ensure the indisputable supremacy in the field of pictures oriented apps and platforms. We are not quite sure, whether or not Facebook will be able to make its next golden goose out of the Layout, but for what is worth, this is the right app’s direction to follow.

The Streaming Wars

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How we are going to call this one? Was this a fair thing to do? Do you recall one of our most recent stories about the mega streaming hit called the Meerkat? Well, this app has allowed us to share our life with the world through a simple Twitter link. As expected, its shares skyrocketed immediately.

The busy little bees in Twitter have quickly figured out that something important is happening at their very doorsteps. So, what they have done? Nothing original and breathtaking, but extremely effective. Twitter has launched its own version of the Meerkat called the Periscope. What are the results?

It is worth mentioning that this app made in Twitter is more Twitter-friendly, so to speak. Twitter has made sure that only the Periscope has the full scope of integration with all of their features. Can they do such a thing? For what is worth, it is their social network, and they can do whatever they like with it.

On the other side, the creators of Meerkat can play by the unfair Twitter rules, or look for some other social network, such as Facebook, for example. There is the third option, as well. They can come up with a social network or a platform of their own. The streaming wars have just begun. More to come.

The Facebook For Eagles

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All the cyber major league players are fighting for a golden place under our sun. Literally. Facebook just finished the first series of successful testings with its solar drone. As you might have expected Facebook used an inspirational name – the project “Aquila”, which is a well-known Latin word for an eagle.

Well, for what is worth, this cyber-eagle has had quite a few successful flights during the test period. So, what does it mean? It seems that the project Internet.org just got its wings. Or, maybe it is better to say that the Facebook’s idea of introducing the Internet to the most remote areas is fully operational.

There is just one tiny little dark cloud that makes you say there is a catch in this story. Some people in Asia were painfully and honestly naive when admitting that they do not have a clue what is the Internet, but sure thing they know everything there is to know about the Facebook itself. How could this be?

It  turns out that when Facebook says you will get the Internet for the very first time, what you actually get is only Facebook and its closely related apps. Or, in other words, we will get you the Internet, but you can use it only for Facebook. What happened with the gloriously proclaimed philanthropic goals?

Mobile Money Mania

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Do you feel rich already? There are so many mobile money transfer options that we have a feeling the money is going to start raining, any moment now? Let us see, who we have here already. There is an Apple Pay option. On the other side, we should not forget the newbie Android Pay, as well.

Facebook has promised us that we will be able to send money to our friends through the existing messaging system. Now, Google can do us a huge favor by transferring money through the Gmail. To make the things even more interesting, you do not have to have a Google Wallet account, at all.

You can assign your credit card to your Gmail account, and rain the money all over your friends and loved ones. Yet, we do not want to spoil the mood, but is not this something that the hackers all over the world have dreamed about? We are giving them more and more opportunities to rob us in a cozy way.

Do not worry about the banks. They can manage somehow. They are survivors and they have always been. What is going to happen with our wallets? We have already overexposed our privacy, and now our financial bloodstream waits in a line to be compromised. We sure hope that these guys know what they are doing.

Alibaba And The 40 Investors

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In the original story we had the forty thieves. But, you know how it goes, don’t you? Nowadays, we have the investors. And, Alibaba runs a cyber, rather than a criminal empire. On the other side, Snapchat app just got itself the invaluable financial back wind. Now, you have all puzzle pieces.

For what is worth, Alibaba is one of the biggest and most important Snapchat’s contributors with more than a $200 million investment. This has skyrocketed the estimated commercial value of this extremely popular app to up to $15 billion. Or, in other words, this is a price of Snapchat’s freedom.

Not so long ago, Facebok knocked two times with the generous takeover offers at Snapchat’s door. We thought that the app’s creators were crazy for turning down a three billion dollars worth offer. Obviously, they knew something we did not. The investors are treating it as the promotion golden goose.

How far is Snapchat willing to go? Maybe, the time has come for the Snapchat to eat the small app fishes. It comes without saying that the world of apps can be quite a dynamic and very unpredictable one. For the time being, this is a true win-win for Snapchat and Alibaba. For how long? Time will tell.

Facebook Phone

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Oh dear, this one does not sound good at all. Facebook wants to take the full control over your phone. This is why Facebook Phone will take care of all of your phone contacts and calls. Just the thing we need the most. How many hands and fingers Facebook has already? Everywhere you look, there is one.

Facebook plans to send money through our messages. Now, they are after our phone calls. Really, what is next? Are we already in the dangerous mutation zone? Can you recognize Facebook from the beginning of its story? Who or what is that thing called Facebook, which knocks at our door?

At the same time, Facebook has a project called the Internet.org, which is supposed to introduce the riches of the Internet for South America and Asia. But, there is a catch. You can use the Internet only and mainly for creating a Facebook account. Which reminds us hugely of the SkyNet scenario.

Honestly speaking, we thought that Google is the one to become the first SkyNet label holder. The next thing you know, Facebook jumps in. Maybe, Mark Zuckerberg has the time of his cyber life. Maybe, he has not yet figured it out that he is about to push the red line with this one a little bit too far.