Uncle Amazon Wants You

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Amazon is hiring. If you love to fly, not literally, but rather virtually, then Amazon is the right place for you. The entire fleet of drones is ready to be launched for Amazon’s commercial purposes. All we need is to find the proper number of drone pilots, and we are good to go. Are you interested to join?

What kind of qualifications you need to have in this case? Here is the catch. You need to have enough experience as a drone pilot. Or, to be a little bit more precise, you need to have a five year experience as a pilot of automatic aircrafts. Where are we supposed to find these people? Here is the first possible idea.

Straight from the military uniform, where else? As it seems, we will have killer drone pilots delivering Amazon shipments all over our heads. Here is an additional trouble. We can expect for our sky to become an extremely crowded place. Amazon drones, Facebook balloons, and Google satellites.

Do we need more? How they plan to ensure the acceptable level of efficiency of their flying objects and quality of services? You just cannot fight the feeling that the Terminator and SkyNet scenario is becoming even more a real one. And, there is nothing we can do about it, can’t we? Beware of the drones.

Spacex Strikes Back

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Elon Musk is never bored, that is for sure. After giving us a fair warning about the Terminator real threat, he is up to something new. He plans to claim a piece of the sky, or the entire air space for his flying machines. It comes without saying that is going to be extremely crowded up there. Right?

We have some announcements in this field. Amazon and Facebook will launch drones. Google is thinking about balloons. Well Elon Musk’s Spacex will introduce micro-satellites. This miraculous solution is supposed to ensure that even the remotest areas on our planet experience the benefits of the Internet.

Great. We do not have to worry about the Internet. The only thing to worry about, though, is that something will eventually fall on our heads or houses from the blue sky. We will have literally millions of busy little mechanical bees flying around us. Who will control and coordinate this flying abundance?

Oh dear, this is really going to be something. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Elon Musk has a nice chance to materialize and unite some of his worst fears and brightest ideas. Maybe, he is our very next John Connor. The indisputable leader in our uprising against the machines.

A Half Facebook Friend

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We should be grateful to Facebook for making it possible to save old and create new friendships. We should hate Facebook for telling us what to do with our friends. Let us face it. Facebook is shaping our social life, this way or another, directly or indirectly. Sometimes in a good, but very often in a bad way.

So, we are friends, but I do not want to know what is happening in your life every single day. Yes, you bother me a little bit, but I cannot remove you from my friends’ list. What should I do? Facebook has a solution for us that can suit us perfectly fine for these and similar situations. What is it all about?

Well, you can cut your Facebook friends in half. You do not have to exclude a single person from your account. However, you can seriously limit the number of notifications you are receiving on a daily basis. So, Facebook is slowly turning into a phone book or quite an inactive contact list. Is this really necessary?

The saddest thing in this story is that Facebook does not change or do anything entirely on its own. Someone has said to Facebook, look it would be nice to have this or to do that, for a change. Or maybe Facebook has figured out what is going on with the most recent trends. Either way, true friends lose.

Google + NASA = ?

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Google in space. Not metaphorically, but literally. You probably know that Google has acquired some of the companies, which specialize in satellite and drone production. Just like Facebook, Google itself is interested in spreading the word of the Internet even to the most remote points of our globe.

Yet, with this one, it has gone a little bit further. For what is worth, Google will rent and then eventually invest in one of the NASA’s facilities. We are talking about a symbolic start, with the long term and significant consequences. For the beginning, Google needs a place to launch its satellites into space.

What can we expect next? Again, there is this pessimistic parallelism with the SkyNet and Terminator concept. For the time being, we should not worry that much. The worst thing that can happen to us is for Google satellites and drones to bomb us with ads, rather than the real rockets. Acceptable?

We sure hope there is some adventurous spirit left in Google among all of the ads and marketing oriented things. Maybe, we will live long enough to witness a discovery of some new Google called planet. Why not? The one to find can call it as one likes the most. The final countdown for Google has just begun.

Samsung VR Gear

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Here comes a new member of the VR family. The legendary Oculus Rift has already launched the new developer’s kit #2. On the other hand, Sony still works with its Morpheus concept. Samsung wants to jump in with the VR Gear. What do you, the VR market has a nice tendency to become crowded very soon.

There is something intriguing about the Samsung’s VR idea, which you simply cannot ignore. The price of only $200 will definitely catch your attention. Unfortunately, there is a catch to this one. What could it possibly be? In order to use the VR Gear you have to acquire Samsung Galaxy Note 4 first. Disappointed?

Now, you have all numbers for a complete financial calculation in this matter. We have the initial price of $200 for the VR Gear and we have to add at least $800 or even more for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. That gives us a price of more than $1,000. This virtual reality price is a little bit hard to swallow in the real world.

It comes without saying that Oculus Rift has done an amazing deal with Facebook about its VR concept. In addition, the VR field can easily turn out to be one of the most lucrative ones in the near future. However, you have to come up with something useful and affordable, at the same time. Right Samsung?

Facebook vs China

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Relax it has nothing to do with the recent privacy or censorship concerns. We are after some impressive statistics here. Did you know that Facebook has more users compared to the entire population of China? Let us be a little bit more precise, shall we? Facebook is somewhere around 1,35 billion users.

On the other hand, China has 1,367 billion people. We should take into account the fluctuations of users on Facebook itself. For what is worth, this impressive number of 1,35 billion includes only the users l, who log at least once in a month. The number of users, who log daily is considerably smaller.

Somewhere around 840 million. Yet, this is still much higher compared to the population in Europe with 750 million people. So, does this story of ours has a moral, in the first place? If so, what could it be? Well, despite all pessimistic predictions good old Facebook is stronger than ever. And that is not all.

Its new estimated worth is more than $200 billion. It seems that Facebook is going to stay around for quite some time. You can hate or love it, but you cannot simply neglect these impressive numbers. So, what is next? Remind us, how many people live on our planet at this moment? All of them future Facebook users.

WhatsApp With Your Battery?

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What WhatsApp has against the Windows Phone? It is really hard to believe in some crazy conspiracy theory. Yet, for what is worth, WhatsApp literally kills the Lumia’s battery, almost regardless of the model in question. If you allow this app to run in the Windows Phone background, bring your charger with you.

According to some tests WhatsApp allowed your Lumia to move around for no more than 12 hours. On the other hand, without it your Windows Phone was able to function for an additional day. This is serious. For both Facebook and Microsoft. Something needs to be done about this problem.

But, what exactly? We keep complaining about our smartphone’s battery. It needs to be improved. We do not like them the way they operate right now. At the same time, we do not like to question all those shining apps we like to use. It comes without saying that is not a fair or a promising situation.

Maybe, the apps themselves are the ones that should go under some serious reconstruction process. Forget about the user friendly imperative. How about the battery friendly directive, for a change? What a great label that would be to find on an app you are about to download and install on your smartphone.

What’s Up WhatsApp?

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No more excuses, cyber boys and girls. From now on, you will get a notification that your message has actually been read on WhatsApp. Which is a good or bad thing? This is not a simple thing as it may seem to you at the first glance. The trouble with the social networks is that they reveal so much about our nature.

Some of the things are not so nice. In so many cases, we hide behind the social networks. Why do you need a notification, such as this one in the first place? Your friend on WhatsApp can let you know that he has read your message as soon as he sees it. What is with this spying game? What do you want to achieve?

To prove that your friend is not telling the truth? To be in control? The social networks themselves are supposed to be a place for socializing and making friends, and not a spying platform to generate future enemies. Right? What is next? We will ask for our apps to tell us who loves us for real.

For what is worth, some social network fanatics will certainly appreciate this new feature. Hey WhatsApp what is new? Nothing. I am letting you know, who reads your messages. Thanks WhatsApp, appreciated. And, that is the brave new world of social networks, which resemble spider webs with each passing day.

The Invisible Love With Visible Results

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The crazy world of apps just does not stop surprising us. It seems that all of our wishes and needs can find the proper expression with the perfectly suited apps. One of the newest and probably craziest is definitely the Invisible Girlfriend. Do not jump to conclusions, if you would be so kind. It is not what you think.

The Invisible Girlfriend is not the same as the virtual or avatar girlfriend. This one exists only in the cyber world, but you can rest assured she gives the results, which you can taste in the real world. The whole illusion can be surprisingly overwhelming. It is supposed to deceive all the people around you.

You will get SMS and emails, “she” will publish to your Facebook including amazing realistic photos on other social networks. Everything will be as it supposed to be for someone in a serious relationship, except for a simple fact that none of these is actually true or real. Do we really need such a thing?

Apparently we are. We do not question the motives. We are merely witnessing an intriguing social phenomena. How far we are willing to go? There is an announcement of the Invisible Boyfriend from the same cyber kitchen. The invisible people are around us. We sure hope that real readers are reading these posts.

The Ads Infestation

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Here is one more victim of the ads conquering quest. So far, we have had an opportunity to see only picture ads on the Instagram. From now on, you have no other choice than to watch video ads while you wait to use your favorite services. Was this really necessary? You should ask Facebook instead.

As you probably know, Facebook is the new Instagram’s owner. New owner brings new rules. Under the current circumstances Facebook is all about ads related profit. What is going to happen with the customer’s experience in this matter? Let us think and worry about it later. One of the most likely Facebook thoughts right now.

This is not a surprise nor something to be treated as exclusivity of Facebook. It is only a matter of time before we are offered with a Google recipe. Either you pay, or the ads will stay and play. Is there no other way? Unfortunately, we will have to pay, if we are to live without the tyranny of ads.

Although, it may seem that we are totally helpless, the key to this puzzle is actually in our hands. Unless the major services do not face a serious decline of users nothing will change. It is both as simple and complicated as this. So, what are we waiting for? It is our way with no ads or some other highway.