Drone Bugs

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Why bother making a tiny-mini-drone, when you can put all you need in terms of equipment on a small bug? Right? It can do a nice job for you, as well. It looks like a thing borrowed from the SF movie. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves, how much of these are real and applicable?

It comes without saying that it takes much more than putting a device on a bug, while telling it, hit the road my little bug, and get me some invaluable data. Nevertheless, you should be fully aware that some crucial first steps have already been done in the right direction with the cyber-bugs.

What is the moral of our bugs related story? Well, you should be careful the next time you are chasing the bugs in your apartment. Why? Maybe, you are interfering with an important science project or a top-secret military operation. Our little bugs are on the mission right now. Do not crush the bugs.

We sure hope that we are not going to end up with an ant army armed and ready in front of our door, or with the busy little bees, which advertise new products, while flying around our living room. The last thing we need are the tiny-mini-terminators. Right? Let us find them something useful to do.

The Prime Air Gets The Second Green Light

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Amazon is good to go with its drone delivery plan. Although, it is still in a testing phase, the green light awarded by the administration in charge of the US blue sky, certainly means a lot to Amazon. Is this a good news? We will be able to live inside a huge real-life SF movie, that is for sure now.

Your Amazon delivery guy will forget the sound of your doorbell. From now on, you have to leave your windows open, if you want to get what you have previously ordered in the Amazon shop. Yes, there are quite a few practical problems, which stand in line to be solved. Do we really need this?

For what is worth, Amazon tries to assure us that the transportation costs are its silent killer. This way, we will be able to get our books and toys much quicker. On the other side, Amazon can cut down its costs and improve its efficiency. So, it is a win-win on a paper. Right? Nothing to worry about?

However, it is a scary thought to imagine our lovely blue sky swarming with tens of thousands, if not millions, of busy little drone bees delivering the things we wished for. Can we control the chaos? Is Amazon going to be the only around with the airborne desires? Enjoy the car sky while you still can.

Hey Drone, Get Me A Beer!

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Have we finally come to our senses? It turns out that we can use the notorious drones for some other things than killing or annoying commercial delivery. In one of our previous posts, we mentioned a great idea about using the drones for planting new trees in the most remote and endangered areas.

Here is one more positive idea. Some busy little cyber bees have come up with an idea of using the drones as the genuine flying waiters. You do not have to worry about the waiters themselves, though, because they are not going to be fired. We need someone to fly these things around, don’t we?

So, this is supposed to be a win-win situation. You will get what you order in no time. The waiters can sit and relax, while directing the drones with food and drinks. Just imagine the crowded clubs, where you have to wait for an eternity to get what you ordered, because the waiters just cannot get through.

This is a great news, definitely. We sure hope that these flying waiters are not going to start falling from above on the guests sitting in the restaurants. But, let us forget about these dark clouded thoughts and order our favorite drinks or food. One question left, though. How are we going to pay to

Green Drones

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Aren’t you a little bit tired, just like us. Every now and then, we have to hear drones for this, drones for that. Luckily for us, some busy little bees are not military nor only profit oriented, when it comes to these small flying machines. The next thing you know, we have the drones contest in the UAE.

What is the goal of this contest? You have to suggest a life changing possible application, which is supposed to improve our life, rather than destroying or harming it. BioCarbon Engineering is one of the most likely winners. Why? What is their idea all about? Are you open minded enough?

Here it goes. As the name of this company might have suggested, the drones of their design are supposed to be used for planting of the trees. Where? In the most remote and least accessible places of our planet. How it is going to work exactly? We are not quite sure to be honest. Does it really matter?

We are having a trouble imagining a drone with a shovel, but the main thing is to bring back some green to our planet. Right? How we are going to do it, is definitely less important. We hope that the contest participants have any more brilliant ideas worth mentioning. The drones of peace. Sounds like a plan.

Rescue Drones

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What is your first thought when someone mentions drones, or you hear about them in the news? You are probably imagining drone strikes in Irak or Afganistan. Or, even worse, you are seeing spy drones all around you. Either way, there are no happy and careless thoughts that can go hand in hand with drones.

When it comes to technology and humans, the business is as usual. What does it mean? Both technology and latest innovations are completely indifferent and tasteless. We are shaping them, and what is even more important, we are giving them the very sense of purpose. Do you see our point?

Finally, someone has figured out that drones can be used for something positive, instead of firing rockets or spying. How about rescuing people for a change? Imagine a rescue team, which launches a drone with a life saving set of tools. This would certainly make you think differently about drones.

As you can see, the story about drones is still an open book. Rescue drones are only the first step in the right direction. We need more of positive applications to change the tide and negative public perception. Drones to the rescue. We can get used to this life changing and saving idea. How about you?

MyCopter and AeroMobil, How Do You Feel?

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Just the thing we need right now. With so many airborne announcements from Google, Facebook and Amazon, we will have flying cars, as well. What does it mean? Well, very soon we will move and live under a gigantic shade of the unimaginable number of small and mid size flying objects. It is a living horror.

Are we exaggerating? Rest assured that both of our legs are on the solid ground while we are writing this. Both MyCopter and AeroMobil are the EU funded flying car projects. Although, we are pretty much impressed, we have to admit that we are stressed, as well. Why? Well, it is very simple actually.

The flight regulations are rigorous for a good reason. We need the discipline and order above our heads. The last thing we need is the swarm of literally millions of small flying devices buzzing around us like crazy with no control at all. We need highways, signs and regulations for our sky traffic.

So, we have already asked you a question. How do you feel about these great news? Remind us, what was the right word for the fear of heights? Why do we need it? Well, we have this feeling that this word will be used very frequently in the near future. For the time being, we write this blog on the ground.

Uncle Amazon Wants You

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Amazon is hiring. If you love to fly, not literally, but rather virtually, then Amazon is the right place for you. The entire fleet of drones is ready to be launched for Amazon’s commercial purposes. All we need is to find the proper number of drone pilots, and we are good to go. Are you interested to join?

What kind of qualifications you need to have in this case? Here is the catch. You need to have enough experience as a drone pilot. Or, to be a little bit more precise, you need to have a five year experience as a pilot of automatic aircrafts. Where are we supposed to find these people? Here is the first possible idea.

Straight from the military uniform, where else? As it seems, we will have killer drone pilots delivering Amazon shipments all over our heads. Here is an additional trouble. We can expect for our sky to become an extremely crowded place. Amazon drones, Facebook balloons, and Google satellites.

Do we need more? How they plan to ensure the acceptable level of efficiency of their flying objects and quality of services? You just cannot fight the feeling that the Terminator and SkyNet scenario is becoming even more a real one. And, there is nothing we can do about it, can’t we? Beware of the drones.