AeroSense And Sony (Non)Sense

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0705_DONAU-5Sony is in the drone business. No, Sony is not going to make a deal with the military. No, Sony Pictures is not going to make a movie about drones. Yes, Sony will provide you a corporate oriented full-scale drone service. Does it make any sense to you?

Well, for Sony this is supposed to be a win-win with the drone veteran in this field called the AeroSense. Now, all what is left for these two (un)usual business partners is to find corporations, which will be interested in some aerial videos brought by drones.

Maybe, this is something Sony has to take care of. Finding the corporate clients, who share the same drone enthusiasm. We have nothing against Sony’s drone adventure. We just have a couple of concerns here and there that this major IT league player is a little bit too big for this small aircrafts game.

We do not even dare to advocate Sony, how it should run its own business. Yet, we have this funny feeling that its mobile and entertainment department deserve much more attention than these “trivial” drones. Or maybe, that has been the plan all along. More flying entertainment.

Swiss Drone Mail Service

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When you take just the first letters of our blog post’s title, then what you get is something easy to remember – the SDMS. Yet, this is merely a result of our game of words. On the other hand, this does not necessarily mean that the busy little Swiss bees are not dead serious about their intentions.

So, what is this all about? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Swiss is all about the Alpes and mountains. Being a postman is not an easy thing in this part of the world, isn’t it? That is why, the use of drones does not seem like a bad idea, at all. Yet, there is a catch.

The Swiss drone enthusiasts are willing to wait for five long years, just to make sure they are doing the right thing. They will include countless real-life tests, including the adequate legal frame for all of the potential practical issues. This is something Amazon drone team should examine carefully.

Five year trial period in this case, is too long or not enough to wait? How should we call this one, an inexcusable hesitation or the most reasonable thing to do? Let us wait and see, can the drones conquer the Swiss mountains in the right way. How about some chocolate drones made in Swiss?

A Personal Kiwi Jetpack

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You have seen in the movies. Now, some busy little bees in New Zealand have made it possible for you to have a personal Jetpack that really works. It also really costs almost $150,000. Yet, does it really matter, when you can fly around in your private jet. As we have just said, only in the movies.

Until now. You become one with this unique flying machine, and then you can jump around from one island to the other. It really sounds like fun. The real question is, how come someone has not thought of it, already? Maybe, the others could not solve some practical problems associated with the vertical flying.

The price itself is a little bit high, but when it comes to flying no money is too expensive. Right? Our hats off to theses brilliant Kiwi brainiacs. We sure hope that a potential call from the Pentagon, is not going to be too much of a temptation for these guys. We already have killing drones. Right?

That is why, we really do not need one more line of killing machines. For what is worth, we have personalized and even ivindualized all there is to do about flying. This is a good direction to follow. We just hope is going to be guns-free all the way. But, there is something dark in our human nature that scare us. Right?

US Open – Cyber Open

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This year’s US Open is going to be remembered for quite a long time. Maybe, it is going to be marked as an historical event. Why? Well, the Fox network had promised us an innovation in coverage, and this is something we got in a very unusual way. This US Open was really cyber open.

For a moment, we thought that we are at the set of the new Terminator movie. Who could possibly blame us, with all those crawling robots and flying drones? We dare to say that we witnessed the absolute record of available cyber creatures at one public event of such an importance.

What is this supposed to mean? What kind of a cyber indication this has become for us? Well, we have every reason to believe that we will not have to wait too long for the US Open participants to be replaced by their cyber counterparts. Is this a shameless exaggeration to say?

Well, when it comes to the progress in the cyber field, there is no such thing called an exaggeration. The sky itself is the only true limit here. The most outrageous ideas and the craziest concepts are more than welcome. We sure hope that the notorious SkyNet will not take over the coverage of the next US Open.

Terminators In Schools

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Here is what is happening in China right now. Instead of the school’s staff, who has to walk around all day long in order to catch cheaters, you can use drones to do the same task. Is this a smart thing to do? Well, China has one hell of a reputation as a test-nightmare-land for its students.

There are no shortcuts, if you want to climb up to the pyramid of success and prestige in China. You have to go straight through the long, exhausting and demanding qualification tests for each new level of education. No wonder some kids think about cheating as their only option.

Can these anti-cheating drones can outmatch the experienced teachers at the same task? As you probably know, the aerial supremacy is the most important of them all. School drones in China have an excellent overview from the air, which is being examined immediately by the staff.

On the other side, they can identify and locate the unauthorized use of smartphones and other devices at the exams. So, it is a clear win-win for the schools, but what about the students themselves? Can you fully focus on your exam with all of these Terminators buzzing over your head?

Drone Bugs

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Why bother making a tiny-mini-drone, when you can put all you need in terms of equipment on a small bug? Right? It can do a nice job for you, as well. It looks like a thing borrowed from the SF movie. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves, how much of these are real and applicable?

It comes without saying that it takes much more than putting a device on a bug, while telling it, hit the road my little bug, and get me some invaluable data. Nevertheless, you should be fully aware that some crucial first steps have already been done in the right direction with the cyber-bugs.

What is the moral of our bugs related story? Well, you should be careful the next time you are chasing the bugs in your apartment. Why? Maybe, you are interfering with an important science project or a top-secret military operation. Our little bugs are on the mission right now. Do not crush the bugs.

We sure hope that we are not going to end up with an ant army armed and ready in front of our door, or with the busy little bees, which advertise new products, while flying around our living room. The last thing we need are the tiny-mini-terminators. Right? Let us find them something useful to do.

The Prime Air Gets The Second Green Light

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Amazon is good to go with its drone delivery plan. Although, it is still in a testing phase, the green light awarded by the administration in charge of the US blue sky, certainly means a lot to Amazon. Is this a good news? We will be able to live inside a huge real-life SF movie, that is for sure now.

Your Amazon delivery guy will forget the sound of your doorbell. From now on, you have to leave your windows open, if you want to get what you have previously ordered in the Amazon shop. Yes, there are quite a few practical problems, which stand in line to be solved. Do we really need this?

For what is worth, Amazon tries to assure us that the transportation costs are its silent killer. This way, we will be able to get our books and toys much quicker. On the other side, Amazon can cut down its costs and improve its efficiency. So, it is a win-win on a paper. Right? Nothing to worry about?

However, it is a scary thought to imagine our lovely blue sky swarming with tens of thousands, if not millions, of busy little drone bees delivering the things we wished for. Can we control the chaos? Is Amazon going to be the only around with the airborne desires? Enjoy the car sky while you still can.