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Here is a new participant in the drone race, and its name is Google. For what is worth, Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, one of the leading names in the world of drones. It is worth mentioning that Facebook was more than interested for this drone producer. At this stage the main priority is to ensure the global coverage when it comes to the Internet.

Although, we might have expected that this takeover will deliver nice looking drones on our sky with the Google logo, it is very likely that Titan Aerospace will produce only balloons for the Internet related purposes in this period. In addition, Titan Aerospace devices can make extremely precise and high quality pictures from the high altitudes, which can strongly contribute to Google Maps.

The ink on the contract between Google and Titan Aerospace has not yet dried, and the Skybox Imaging has been marked as the next target for the next major air/space takeover. The major activity of this company is related to the low Earth orbit satellites. It seems that not even the drones are not enough for the air race between the IT giants such as Google and Facebook.

We should be prepared for the crowded sky in the future period. We can expect to see balloons, drones, and even satellites flying around with Google, Facebook and Amazon logos. On the other side, we sure hope that this increased number of flying objects will solve the black spots when it comes to the Internet access in the world. That should be their number one priority and not our privacy or shopping habits.

Facebook Drones

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If Amazon can use drones for delivery, then Facebook can use the same thing forWhat exactly? As it seems, for solving the only problem which stands on Facebook’s way of acquiring new users – Internet access. These Facebook drones are supposed to deliver Internet to the most remote points on our planet. On the other side, they will use solar power as an energy source.

It seems that Facebook is very serious about this idea. Facebook has already acquired the Titan Aerospace from Texas, which specializes in solar drones’ production. The plan is to use more than 10,000 drones to cover all areas with no Internet in the world. The main focus is as expected in Africa. It is very interesting to mention that Amazon and Facebook are not the only airborne IT giants.

Can you guess who is also eager to get up in the air as soon as possible? Yes, you are right who else than Google itself. The only difference is that Google plans to use balloons instead of drones. It comes without saying that our sky will become a pretty much crowded place. We sure hope we will not have to witness some dogfights between Amazon and Facebook drones, and even Google’s balloons.

As always, there are some people who are not too enthusiastic about these new airborne IT opportunities. We just cannot ignore dark NSA clouds in this matter. Who can guarantee us that these altruistic aircraft will not be used for some dishonest intentions? On the other side, maybe people in Africa need something else before Internet such as food, water or education? Think about it.