The Most Desirable Mobile Bachelor?

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Do you know, who is the most desirable bachelor in the IT world, these days? Believe it or not, Nokia is on the most wanted list for so many major business league players. Why? How? The last time we have checked Nokia was supposed to be a part of grandpa Microsoft’s “ownership”.

Well, Nokia Here Maps obviously has nothing to do with the previous takeover arrangement. In addition, Nokia will be free as free as a bird somewhere at the end of 2016 to do whatever it likes. And most importantly, with whomever it prefers more.

One of the last serious rumors has it that the Chinese Baidu is eager to get its lucrative hands on this service highly appreciated among the drivers around the world. Who is going to get it first? That is the right question to ask in Nokia’s case. Don’t forget the “collaterals” in this story.

Once a proud mobile pioneer Nokia has had quite a few difficulties to go through a painful series of identity and financial crisis. This navigation service can be a great way to improve and reestablish already shaken confidence. Good luck and welcome back Nokia. Our fingers are already crossed just for you.

MS WearDrive New Battery Drive

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Although, it has been quite busy with the promotion of its latest crown jewel, called Windows 10, our dear old grandpa Microsoft does not want to miss an opportunity of reminding us, who can still introduce breathtaking innovations. So, what is grandpa Microsoft up to this time?

Well, how about the Holy Grail for each and any smartphone, since the beginning of mobile era, called a battery? Grandpa Microsoft claims it can solve that short battery life problem with its revolutionary concept called the WearDrive. What in the world is this WearDrive thing, and how does it work?

Well, the name itself says it all, doesn’t it? Your smartphone will be able to use an additional drive through the WiFi or Bluetooth connection. As a result, your battery will increase its short life during a day. How? Some processes and apps will be “moved” to this new mobile drive.

This was a clumsy and inaccurate explanation, but this does not necessarily mean it is too far from the truth. On the other hand, you just cannot avoid asking yourself, is it really that hard to solve the battery problem, or maybe, it is not financially stimulative enough? What do you thing?

Windows 10 – Facebook 10

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In order for Windows 10 to be a mind blowing success, as grandpa Microsoft hopes it to be, it will need all the help it can get. So, how about Facebook as an ally? It is not a secret that grandpa Microsoft and cyber-youngster Facebook always had a special relationship.

This time and for this particular purpose, much more is needed. Therefore, grandpa Microsoft paid a great deal of special attention to the Facebook-friendly-nature of its new crown jewel called Windows 10. Both desktop and mobile platform are more than ready to fulfill this task.

So, it is an obvious win-win for both parties? Right? The way we see it, there is nothing that can possibly go wrong with this ad-hoc promotional partnership. Right again? There is one small dark cloud, which threatens to ruin the Windows 10 party. Can you dare to guess, what it could be?

Somehow, we have this funny, but very strong feeling that grandpa will oversell Windows 10 in a desperation. This can easily hit it like a boomerang. We may express certain doubts and concerns under the pressure to acquire new Windows 10 at all costs. Let us see what is going to be. Eventually.

Messenger – FB = ?

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Here is an intriguing change, when it comes to the latest Facebook pride and joy called the Messenger. From now, in order to use the Messenger you are not required to have a Facebook account in the first place. So, how are you supposed to use it then?

Well, for what is worth, you can use your phone number to register and begin with a regular use. This is something, we have an opportunity to apply with new Viber users. Right? On the other hand, you are required to include your name, and above all your photo.

Is this a smart thing to do? Maybe it is, because it is hard to imagine that Messenger could possibly have a successful independent app’s life without the Facebook itself. On the other side, this is a clever move to attract new users. From the Messenger to the fully functional Facebook account, there is only one step.

Somehow, we have this strong feeling that Facebook knows exactly what it is doing with its invaluable app. Let us just wait what the users themselves have to say about this intriguing new opportunity. Finally, all of these is about and for them. Right.

Google Chrome On The Edge

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There is nothing to worry about Google boys and girls. We have just played a little bit with words and brand names. Grandpa Microsoft will hit us with its crown jewel called Windows 10 any moment now. As expected, all eyes and fingers are on the new shiny Internet Explorer called the Edge.

The first benchmark tests for the Microsoft’s Edge are very impressive. In addition, grandpa Microsoft shines the addictive optimism about it. When it comes to Windows 10 promotion, everything has to be perfect and absolutely flawless, so to speak. Why Google Chrome reference?

Well, this is actually quite simple, isn’t it? The Edge is aiming high. That is why, the extremely popular Chrome has to be its very first target. The message is quite simple. If our new browser is better than the Chrome, then you can imagine what is going to happen with the “others”. Right?

This is the very likely idea in minds of Microsoft’s marketing gurus. No wonder, because both expectations and stakes are very high. Grandpa Microsoft simply has to prove that it is too far from a retirement call in the merciless brave-new-cyber-world, which has changed dramatically in the meantime.

YouTube YouTime

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Google knows its job, all too well, apparently. This may comes as a huge surprise, but in the first of the current year compared to the same period of the previous year, we spent more than 60% of our time on YouTube. What is this supposed to mean for us and Google?

Well, YouTube is still going to be Google’s golden goose for quite some time. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that our average we spend for using YouTube on our smartphones and other mobile devices has literally doubled in the meantime.

Therefore, the introduction of the new services, channels and features, should not be a surprise at all for Google. This how we have ended up with the YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming new channels. And, it comes without saying, much more is yet to come.

This story could not be possibly treated as a complete one with no mentioning of the important financial consequences for Google. The math in this particular case comes with a simple formula. More time we spend while using YouTube means more opportunity for Google to earn from the numerous ads As simple and as annoying as that can be.

Google Earth – NASA Mars

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When Google is not too occupied with its advertising money raining business, it can still reminds us here and there, why we used to like it so much. This time, the busy little bees in Google have decided to team up with the NASA friends, in order to give us something truly amazing.

What is Google for our planet in terms of apps, that is NASA for the fascinating planet Mars. Or, let us put it in this way. The NASA Mars app is actually Google Earth for Mars. With it, you have a nice opportunity to enjoy yourself in the virtual walk on the Mars’ surface.

Our hats off to this mutually beneficial teaming up. Is there a better way to recruit the future NASA brainiacs? On the other hand, Google can hold its marketing horses for a while. We certainly do not need any more ads in space and on Mars, as well.

Here is a question, we just could not possibly avoid asking. Is there a way to include more planets in this breathtaking app? This can be one small step for the apps, but it would undoubtedly one giant step for all space exploration fans at home.