Aren’t You Redesigning A Little Bit Too Much?

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We do not know what is your situation, but we just do not get it. What is the catch with all these changes? Hey Twitter, we asked you something. Isn’t it a little bit disappointing that Twitter resembles more and more Facebook with each passing day? Aren’t we exaggerating with this painful claim?

Twitter really does its best not to prove us wrong. For the busy little bees in Twitter the very future of this social network lies with the video content. You can tweet and share short videos, as well. Very soon, you will be able to purchase the full-length movies. So, what are all of these supposed to mean?

From our point of view,  it turns out like Twitter likes to borrow too many things from other social networks. Why? Twitter is doing just fine, isn’t it? There is no need for timelines and account pages, where you cannot tell a difference between Twitter and Facebook. Or, maybe it is. Are we missing something?

Someone has to remind Twitter that the very reason for its skyrocketing success has been associated with its we-offer-something-different-and-unique approach. If you cannot tell a difference at the certain point in time between numerous social networks, then is going to be all the same which one you use. Right?

The Positive Hero And The Negative Zero

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Sometimes, having more than one billion visits per day is just not enough. This is the one you are definitely going to have a difficulty in accepting or believing. Here it goes. Google is not satisfied with the YouTube’s performance. Yes cyber boys and girls, we are in the show-me-the-money zone for YouTube.

How could this be? Well, it is actually quite simple. If you are going to be Google’s kid, then it is not enough to be successful or popular. You have to be profitable in the most unimaginable way. For what is worth, YouTube fails to achieve this standard in Google’s eyes. So, what is going to happen now?

Do not worry your videos are safe and sound. However, we are still having difficulties believing in this story. Maybe, Google looks for a convenient way to get away with its extremely unpopular intention of introducing the ads. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Google and YouTube? Seriously?

Poor them, let us give them some money in order to survive. Who knows, maybe Google has some strange standards for a successful business, which differ strongly from the perception of an ordinary mortal being? OK Google, do your thing. Whatever makes you truly happy and YouTube profitable.

Skype For Business

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What is that? If you are a corporate busy little bee or a brave young entrepreneur, each time you are clicking on Skype, you are making to be business oriented. Right? So, what is the catch with the so-called Skype for business? Well, either Skype will come with new options or a new app will be created.

One serious rumor has it that the Lync is to be used as the Skype for business. Now, we are even more confused. So, what are we talking about? Merging or improving? This is so confusing and a little bit uncertain, when it comes to the promise of an unparalleled business efficiency. Other options?

Not quite sure, there are any. Skype Corporate Edition. How this one sounds to you? On the other hand, we have to ask, what is so magical about making something that is specially designed for business? Are you expecting money from the business users? Just look what happened with Facebook.

We are literally one breath away from the Facebook’s edition for companies. It seems that someone is missing the main point here. It does not matter, who is going to be your app’s user. As long as you can deliver an extremely useful app. Then, the money will start raining, but not before. Business. A magical word for app developers.

Apple Pay vs Android Pay

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There is a new guy in town, ready to join the mobile payment party. Right now, we have Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Then, what is the catch with the new Android Pay. In plain English, this is supposed to be an Apple Pay app for the Android users. Right? We are confused. We already have the Wallet.

It seems, that Google Wallet is not enough, and obviously Apple Pay is on the right track. So, let us follow and copy it. It is a cozy thing to be able to pay by using your smartphone. That is what both Apple Pay and Android Pay are all about. So, this is where the mobile money waits our IT giants.

Nkw, it makes sense. We do not want to spoil the party, but we need to warn you about a couple of allegedly trivial and extremely obvious things. When you agree to use an Apple Pay or an Android Pay payment platform, you are actually putting all eggs in one small basket. Do you really need this?

Smartphones are already taken all of our privacy, and now, we are gladly giving our wallet away. This does not sound good. All what is left for the hackers to do is to get their hands on our smartphones. All is there, just waiting. With a convenient addition of all of our finances. How cozy, indeed.

An Apple Needle In A Pinterst Haystack

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Apple has had one of the earliest starts in the world of apps. As a result, we have one extremely successful money making machine called the Apple Store. Unfortunately, this golden moon has its dark side, as well. The trouble with the Apple apps is that there are so many of them. How many exactly?

Around 1,4 million, give it or take. Now, finding the right one can be a time and nerves consuming task. Luckily for you, Apple has asked for an additional help. Pinterest comes to rescue. As a result of their cooperation, you can find some cozy galleries with the profound selection of apps.

So, what is this supposed to mean? Instead of disappearing into the endless ocean called the Apple Store, you are supposed to easily find your way around the Pinterest’s galleries dedicated to IOS apps. Our hats off to this brilliant idea. Is there something Apple can do in return for this nice favor?

Maybe, there is no need, in the first place. This is a win-win situation for both parties. We have to take into consideration the fascinating number of Apple users, who are going to pay daily extensive visits to the Pinterest website. Can we do something similar for the Play Store? For Windows Phone it is still too early.

One Second And Billion Troubles

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You have probably heard all about it, haven’t you? One single second is going to cause us so much trouble. Especially, for all of you busy little bees, who fly around the cyber world. We are not rocket scientists, and we have no intentions of becoming ones, but something we just do not get it. Can you guess?

We have done so many amazing things so far. However, we just cannot manage to handle one single second. Here is the catch. Every now and then, a couple of years more or less, you have to add or eliminate a second. Or, you can just ignore it. Really, our computers have nothing to do with it.

Our planet’s rotation is to be blamed. Here is one more solution. You can wait one hundred years, and then deal with the an entire minute. As always, it is your choice. The sad thing is that we are risking it, for an entire system to collapse. We keep repeating the same mistake, all over again. And again.

Well, we cannot handle one single second, then we have not deserved any better. In the meantime, what are we supposed to do? Business as usual, that is all we can say about it. We sure hope that someone will eventually solve this one second puzzle, sooner or later. We have had more than enough of these extra seconds. Right?

What’s Your Happiness Level?

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Well, Hitachi has an answer for you. Use the Happiness Level Meter, and you will be just fine. Luckily or sadly, Hitachi has the business purposes as its primary objective for this cozy gadget. The employees are supposed to be among the first people to use it. Why? For our bosses convenience, of course.

Although, this is supposed to be our life quality improver and changer, we just cannot fight the bad feeling coming from within. Why this one sounds like a scenario for a B production SF movie? You wear it around your neck. Is not this a little bit humiliating? And, this device reads everything about you from you.

On the other hand, the white collars are trying to convince us that this for our own good. We will improve our productivity. Just imagine addressing your employee as soon as he or she has a problem. If your workforce is happy, you will be happy, because you will be able earn more. So, it is a win-win. Right?

Well, it depends. If you are an employee with a Happiness Level Meter around your neck, how you are supposed to feel happy? Let us build an army of robots. Why? They will not need this device. They will be happy all the time. Problem solved. Sorry Hitachi, but this is not our thing. Try something else.

The Fifth Man

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Who were the founding fathers of Facebook? Do you know them? Their names? Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes. But, what about the so-called fifth man? There is a little bit of controversy associated with his work and contribution to this social network.

His name is Andrew McCollum. At the beginning, Mark asked him to deal with the design issues. Back in those days when Facebook was still a cyber baby with an uncertain future, the design tasks were not extremely popular among the founding fathers. Andrew did a thing or two, here and there.

One fine day, he had decided that building an app is a great thing, but finishing the college is much better. You know the rest of this story, don’t you? Nowadays, Andrew works in one company, and Mark owns an empire. So, what is the moral of this story? You should stick with your college friends.

No matter what. Forget about your education and to the hills of business glory. Bill Gates also does not have an official college degree. We are too lazy to google, but we do not know what was the situation with Steve Jobs. The fifth man, who could have owned the entire cyber kingdom. How sad story, indeed.

Smartphone Smart Choices

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There is a reason why your smartphones are treated and called as such. However, very often we can diminish their smart character with our dumb choice of apps we are downloading and using. How to avoid making a serious mistake? Well, you should use an additional pair of eyes while choosing.
The shiny world of available apps is not a paradise place. According to some most recent surveys, almost 15% of all available apps are absolutely useless and even harmful for your smartphone. Forget about ratings and focus entirely on the purpose itself. Here is a simple and efficient advice.

Everything that claims of being able to fix or extend your smartphone’ battery from the Play Store or Apple Store should be avoided. Shaking apps, which can also scan numerous pointless things, are not something you should install on your smartphone. Unfortunately, there is so much more.

All kinds of boosters, improvers, cleaners, and similar apps, should be avoided at all costs. This list can go on and on. Then, how to make the right choice? It all begins and ends with a simple question. Ask yourself, do you really need a certain app, and what could it do for your smartphone.

Connecting People

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Do you remember, who used to claim this timeless and extremely popular slogan? Once upon a time, Nokia was connecting people all over the world. Nowadays, Facebook plans to do something similar, with the different objectives, though. So, what is up to this time? Our and world’s friend, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has launched the campaign or project. Call it what you want. Apparently, this is supposed to be a life changing thing for the most remote and undeveloped parts of the world, where the Internet has some second thoughts in terms of visiting. What can we do about it for real?

Facebook is dead serious about balloons, satellites, and drones flying around and dropping the Internet signal. This is a noble thing to do. No questions about it. Unfortunately, we have noticed something that threatens to spoil the party. The Facebook package does not include that much for the Internet newbies.

Only a Facebook app and some additional things, but nothing that can be associated with the competitors. What does it mean? Facebook gives a unique chance for the people in South America, Africa, and Asia. What is the first thing you are supposed to do once you get online? Opening a Facebook account, of course.