Store Wars

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Here is an indicative story you do not have an opportunity to hear very often. It gives you a unique chance to see how both Google Play Store and Apple Store work and handle things. The highly anticipated sequel of confusingly mega popular Flappy Bird game has attracted all kinds of attention both wanted and unwanted ones.

The Swing Copters are probably one of the most copied games in the modern history. At one point it was literally impossible to find what you have been looking for in Google Play Store. There were so many copies of the Swing Copters that you simply could not reach the original you were eager to play.

This was the right moment for Google to step in. In the matter of minutes all Swing Copters copies were removed from Google Play Store allowing the original to reach the surface and users themselves. Our hats off to Google for this bold move, which strongly contributes to users’ rights to get the right thing.

On the other hand, Apple’s users have to go through a real challenge to get their fingers on the original Swing Copters. In this game of winning the users’ hearts Google has showed us all how the things should be done. Definitely, a lesson worth remembering and repeating as often as possible.

The Great Cyber Wall of China

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The modern China has become a true synonym for cyber controversy. On the one side, we have the unprecedented and the unstoppable growth of new Internet users in China. On the other side, the censorship and control over the Internet have never been stronger and shamelessly transparent in China.

There is a strong pressure to find and use Chinese versions for each and any of the most popular international online services. When it comes to this we are not exaggerating, not even for a bit. Believe it or not, there are still so many Internet users in China, who have never heard about YouTube.

In addition, the users of social networks in China have to comply with strict regulations in order to avoid serious legal troubles. First of all, only the providers of social network services, which are registered in China, can expect to do their work with the blessing of the Chinese government. And, that is only the beginning.

The users themselves have to register while using their full name. Yes, every written word in China comes with the certain responsibilities. You can complain as much as you want, but when you have almost one billion of existing and potential Internet users you can afford yourself to do whatever you want.

Advertise Your Internet Love

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It would be a really stupid question to ask who on Earth enjoys all those annoying ads while surfing the Web. Probably, only the people who make and sale the Internet ads love to see them. This gets us to the right question we are impatient to ask all of this time. Can you guess what could it be?

What would you give for a chance to be able to move smoothly through the Internet, which is fully ads free? Would not that be something worth paying for? OK, let us not hesitate any longer. Straight to the point. How much you are willing to pay for this amazing opportunity? Any suggestions?

According to some rough estimates, because it is impossible to do it otherwise with better precision, you will have to pay between $200 and $300 each year to use the Internet without any ads. Yes, this is the rough math, but it is more or less accurate. You take the estimated value of the online advertisement.

Then, you divide it with the approximate number of the Internet users in the certain country. And, this is how you get this price. Do you know how many people are willing to pay for it? Only 2%. The remaining 98% are ready to willingly suffer from the ad’s terror. So, no more complaints about the online advertising. Please.

Moms and Apps

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Android moms are the absolute hit these days. It seems that some moms have found a way to achieve the whole new level of cyber communication and interaction with their children. For their new app Ignore No More, we can only say one thing: well, it is about time to come up with something like this.

So, what is this app all about? The most common problem with teenagers and their smartphones is that they are not eager when it comes with an obligation to return their parents’ calls. One of the moms has decided to change all of that. Ignore No More app aims to get very heart of this problem.

A teenager using a smartphone with this app will not be able to use it at all unless he or she answer to or call a mom back. This app does not allow you to ignore your parents’ calls. The blockade of almost all functions is launched and removed automatically according to your compliance with the call’s demands.

It is definitely a nice thing to see how parents speak the language of technology almost without an accent. On the other hand, we are waiting to see what will happen with the answer to this challenge. Maybe, we are very likely to witness a counter-app. The app pretending to be you when answering a phone. Why not?

Google PG-13

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It seems that Google has found a way to achieve a win-win situation between the requirements of the recent Internet law changes and young users’ wishes. How? Well, on the one side, we have the law demand that users younger than 13 cannot have Internet related or any form of web accounts created.

On the other side, Google wants to do something for its young users, which will not upset their parents. Here is a solution. The teenagers younger than 13 will be able to open and use limited Google accounts. They will even have an opportunity to use a special YouTube version adjusted to their age.

The Google approach in this field can be explained as Google Aps yes and Google Plus no, when it comes to children. For what is worth, Google has to be extremely careful about this one. The last thing they need are the parents’ complaints on this matter. Does Google really need young users?

What else can Google do about it? To wait for them to grow up? They will eventually use Google services this way or another, sooner or later. We sure hope, we will not witness some kind of PG-13 advertising activities, which target this younger population of users. Google behave yourself, what else can we say?

In Google Richness. In Google Poorness.

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Finally, someone has analyzed the Google’s statistics and confirmed what we knew all of this time. Google does not care if you are rich or poor. Its answers will always be the same when identical questions are being asked by the people with obvious differences in their bank accounts.

Unfortunately, different circumstances make you to ask different questions. That is an unwritten rule and Google has interesting facts to support it. According to the findings of the most recent surveys the people, who are living in the struggling economies of the US states, have different search priorities.

They ask Google all there is to know about health, religion, video games, diets, and eventually guns. Some of their most used terms are Hell and Antichrist. On the other hand, the lucky citizens of the richest US countries are eager to know more about the smartphones, travelling, and fitness machines.

It is worth mentioning that there are still some common topics for both groups. Oprah Winfrey and Super Bowl apparently have nothing to do with your financial situation. You will google about these no matter where you live and what you do. Use Google to earn some money online, will you?

Amazon Advertising Software

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It seems that the busy little bees from the Wall Street Journal have it all figured out. Amazon is deadly serious about its plan to develop an advertising software on its own. It is going to be something similar to Google’s AdWords. So, how it is going to be called? AmWords or AmazonAd?

OK. Let us leave that one to Amazon to worry about. We are eager to examine something else. Is it really possible to match and challenge the Google’s marketing machinery? On the other side, this is a tricky situation for Amazon. Why? Amazon has so many things at stake here. Maybe this one is too much.

Amazon is a well-known sleeping giant when it comes to advertising. It has a literally priceless database of its users. Just imagine what you can do with it. On the other hand, it comes without saying that Google or Microsoft would have killed for a list of users such as this one. So, what is Amazon up to?

Definitely a tough call for Amazon. You want to earn more, but at the same time you should not betray your customers. Their potential reaction is what worries the most Amazon management. We are simply not get used to seeing aggressive Amazon. Maybe, it is about time for all of that to change?