Steve Cook

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What were the differences between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook? This a question the Wall Street Journal was eager to find the most suitable answers for. How hard can it be? The trouble with the curve in this matter is that is almost impossible to come up with a single sentence to describe it all.

However, it seems that one of the Apple’s employees was able to find a fantastic definition, which says so much with only a couple of words. Steve was a war chief, while on the other hand, Tim is a peacekeeping force. Here you go. Now, you have it all in a single sentence.

The circumstances for these two leading Apple’s men are so different that there is no use to compare them in the first place. Steve was fighting for the very survival of Apple. He had to be drastic and sometimes even heartless. On the other side, Tim has to protect and save an empire.

Two kings. Two different periods of rule. Completely different results and expectations. The first movie from this franchise should be called: The rise of an empire. The second title should be: the Apple empire. What should we do with the third one? The return of the king?

Happy Birthday iTunes!

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More birthday cake candles for Apple. This time six. Not so long ago we had the seventh birthday of the iPhone. Now, it is the iTunes App Store turn. What they will wish for? Can we grant them with some wish of their own choice? Well, highly unlikely. It seems that they have it all.

Nowadays, the App Store offers more than 1,7 million apps. They have been downloaded almost 100 million times. Without any exaggeration we can say that the apps themselves were and still are the very secret of Apple’s unprecedented success. Apple owes so much to its App Store.

The last year alone Apple had earned almost $10 billion on its apps. As we speak, more than nine million developers work like the busy little bees on the new apps in the IOS environment. So far, the developers themselves have earned $15 billion during the six year long history of the App Store.

iTunes App Store is doing just fine. It is so successful that it makes us impossible to choose a suitable gift. Maybe, the best thing is for us to develop an app of our own and to put it the App Store as soon as possible. The App Store can find us some grateful users for its birthday. Right?

Tour De Smartwatch

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Samsung Gear just could not ask for a better opportunity to do both tests and presents its models. This year’s Tour de France has given it all to Samsung. On the one side, there is a major sport event perfectly suitable for the publicity. On the other side, there a lot of athletes, who will certainly use a gadget such as this one.

So, what is the plan? Well, Samsung had one of its business eyes on one of the cycling teams, who will take part in this year’s Tour de France. They agreed to work together as a team. Samsung will provide smarwatches and tablets, while the team itself will provide the muscles to test.

The athletes will wear and use Samsung smartwatches all the time. On the other hand (what an appropriate term having in mind that we are writing about the Samsung Gear) the team’s support members will track all data transferred from the smartwatches on their tablets.

Really a nice idea and unique opportunity for Tour de France participants to combine both business and pleasure with Samsung’s devices. It seems that the boys from South Korea have found a way to stand the first in line for the successful promotion of the next smart thing in the market.

Google Smarty Pins

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Putting trivia on Google Maps. This is how it is called and what it eventually does. It is supposed to be fun and educational. Almost like a game. Or is it something more than just a game? Are we doing someone else’s job while answers Google’s questions. On the other side, does Google the great really needs our help on this one?

For what is worth, we have an opportunity to play, learn, and eventually, what seems to be the most important thing use the Maps themselves. This one is all about the miles. You start with one mile. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible before you reach the zero mile.

For each wrong answer you will lose some miles. For the right one you get some extra miles. If you make the right guess in the first 10 seconds with no hints you can count on some rewarding miles. As you can see there is more than enough to focus your attention on the map.

We sure hope that this is an innocent story. The last thing we need is a game that collects data for the advertising purposes. This is the last stronghold of our privacy. Our location. We should not give up on this one so easily and without a fight. Play it, but remind Google if you have to.

Huawei Honors Itself With the Honor 6

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Here is something to shake the landscape of the smartphone market. Huawei Honor 6 has so many reasons to feel proud about itself. This the very first 4G smartphone with the Kirin 920 eight core platform, which supports the LTE Cat.6 connection. Why is this detail so important?

Well, this structure can allow you to achieve the imaginable. The speed limit for downloading set for this remarkable device is 300 Mbps. Therefore, when Huawei says we have just launched the Honor 6. They really mean it. And, that is not the whole story folks.

Thanks to its Kirin 920 chip it can improve performances of your processor for up to 200%. On the other side, your battery can expect a longer life for at least 35%. So, have you guessed what is the moral of this story? Those who seek shall find it, sooner or later. Does this one sound familiar?

If you think that the entire smartphone universe has eventually come down to only two letters, then you can miss a fantastic thing such as the Honor 6. Apple and Samsung are undoubtedly major league players. However, the point is that they are not the only ones. The Honor 6 backs up our claim in the best possible way.

Smart Bracelet

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Yes. Here comes a new member of our smart-this-smart-that club. Hold your horses this one has a very distinctive purpose, which is definitely more than just fun. to introduce you with a smart bracelet. It is for your kids and it is supposed to do so much more than just shining with nice colors.

Here is how it works. Your kid gets a nice looking bracelet. On your smartphone is an app to help you determine the exact location at any given moment. And, that is only the beginning. There is a microphone on the bracelet. Your kid can confirm his or her location. What if there is no answer back?

You can automatically and remotely turn on the microphone to hear what is happening around your kid. In addition, if the bracelet’s battery gets dangerously low, you will be notified immediately. The battery can work flawlessly for the period of 36 hours. More than enough for your kid to play outside, isn’t it?

The good news about the smart bracelet is that we can expect it very soon to hit the European market. For the time being only the kids in South Korea can use it. Here is one more possible application. You can use it for your pet, as well. The only thing left for you to do is to learn your dog to answer.

Panic Button App

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We all know how panic buttons work, don’t we? Can we imagine what will be a situation with our smartphones in this matter? You cannot put an extra button in dangerous situations on your smartphone, but you can certainly create an app for it. That is exactly what we are talking about here.

It seems that Amnesty International felt a responsibility to do something about the endangered position of the journalists and reporters in the world. You know what we are talking about, don’t you? Wherever there is a chance of being shot or kidnaped this app can come in handy.

Nevertheless, things are far from simple here. You cannot expect to press a panic button app and for the cavalry to appear all of a sudden. Your smartphone is the very first thing your kidnapers will take away from you. To make things even worse your smartphone can get you in the trouble in the first place.

Your own smartphone can be easily used against you. The troubles start with your identification, localization, surveillance, hacking, and tracking. You name it, the bad boys can do it. The panic button app is the move in the right direction. Unfortunately, it is only the first one.

Facebook vs FBI

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No, this is not a scenario for a summer comedy. The FBI has recently acquired an equipment worth one billion dollars for an adequate face recognition. The trouble in this case is that Facebook already possesses a similar type of the technology in question, which is far more efficient.

Do we have to mention that the costs on Facebook’s end are rather symbolic compared to those of the FBI? There you go. You have been using the state of the art technology on a daily basis each time you tag some of your friends on pictures. Not to mention the fascinating accuracy.

The FBI recognition system can offer you an accuracy of no more than 85%. On the other side, Facebook hardly goes under the amazing 97%. That is a 12% difference or in other more suitable financial words almost $100 million for each percent, if our calculation is right. This is the amount the FBI paid for its “toy”.

So, what is the solution for this tricky situation? The excuse offered by the FBI is that their database has “only” 50 million photos, while the Facebook has at its disposal almost 250 billion pictures give it or take. We sure hope Facebook and the FBI do not have the same idea as we do at this moment.

True Blue, For the Internet, Me and You

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Have you ever wondered, why some of the most popular social networks, such as Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Tumblr, and others, use the blue color as their main theme? Well, there is no person who does not like this color. And, there is something more about it.

According to the findings of numerous researches we are supposed to feel nice, safe and confident when exposed to it. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Facebook has some additional reasons, as well. Its founder Mark has some partial color blindness issues, and this is one of the rare colors he can recognize.

Yes, there are exceptions, such as Viber or Google+. And yes, you have to offer much more than a calming theme to attract more users. Nevertheless, somewhere you have to make the very first move. Now, we know more and we can feel relaxed and confident as soon as we hit the blue screen.

We should not forget that blue is above all a symbol of freedom. This is something social networks should keep on their minds the next time they jeopardize our privacy. Otherwise, we are going to end up in one more paradox. One more chapter, how the symbols of freedom become signs of oppression.

Google = Top 50

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The World Startup Report had asked an intriguing question with its latest research, which included more than 50 leading IT companies all over the world. What is really a success and how to evaluate it adequately? Some of the findings can easily fit into the category I-knew-that-already, but the others are definitely a huge surprise.

Let us start with the most important and obvious finding. Google is worth as all other top 50 companies combined together. The silver medal goes to Chinese Alibaba. It is worth mentioning that more than one half of the companies, which are proud members of the top 50 club, have reached the one billion boundary in terms of worth.

However, not a single one of them comes from Europe. It seems almost impossible to build a billion dollar worth IT company in Europe. There is one more conclusion definitely worth remembering. Maybe, communication is the key, but in terms of profit e-commerce rules, for sure.

If you are having some interesting entrepreneurship ideas, you are knocking on the right door. The rest of it will depend on your patience, endurance and a little bit of luck. In this type of business, you only have to succeed once. That is more than enough. Ask Google. Good luck!