The True Force Of The Salesforce

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Something is definitely going on in the business-cyber-clouds, and it is not the rain. Grandpa Microsoft has generously offered $55 billion for the takeover of the Salesforce. However, the counteroffer was quite an ambitious and a merciless one. The Salesforce wants at least $70 billion.

And, we are where we are right now. We have been so occupied with the Windows 10 story that we failed to notice a wonderful job grandpa Microsoft was able to accomplish with its cloud CRM solutions. This may come as a surprise, but grandpa Microsoft has become a serious player here.

Not so long ago, grandpa Microsoft claimed no more than 5% of the cloud pie. It was forced to stay behind the top players in this field, such as Salesforce, SAP and Oracle. Now, the things have obviously changed, and the business weather is not so cloudy for grandpa Microsoft.

So, what is going to happen with the Salesforce? The business will be as usual. Nevertheless, grandpa Microsoft is going to breathe down Salesforce’s neck. That is for sure. If you do not want me as your best new owner, then you will have me as your worst old competitor. Right?

Twitter Bot Prize Runner

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Are you a little bit tired of all those annoying reward and competition invitations on social networks, especially on Twitter? Well, you are definitely not the only one. So, what can you do about them? You want those free giveaways, but you do not want to waste time participating.

Here is a solution. One busy little surfing bee has created a Python script, which generates an automatic prize runner on Twitter. This is a genuine and a pretty effective Twitter bot, which collect all available free prizes and rewards online. So, how effective it really is?

According to its creator testimony, after being a part of almost 165,000 competitions and free trials on Twitter, his bot was able to get back home with more than 1,000 rewards. This is definitely not an impressive figure, but who cares, when a computer does all the job for you. Right?

So, let us create new bots for each and any social network. Then we can sit and relax, while waiting for rewards to be collected efficiently and with no costs at all. What you are going to do with all those gifts and prizes, at the end of your long cyber day? Well, offer them for free online.

The World Of Mbps

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Have you ever wondered about a continent or a country with the fastest Internet on our planet? Probably you were, more than once. Yet, when it comes to this intriguing field, you just cannot avoid huge surprises. The first one is the global average speed of “only” 5 Mbps.

Now, you should know that there is only one country, which can guarantee an average speed greater than 20 Mbps for its citizens, and that is South Korea. What is even more interesting is a fact that only six countries in the whole world have an average above or very close to 15 Mbps.

Here they are: Ireland, Hong Kong, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, and Swiss with “only” 14.9 Mbps. On the other side, the snail Net lives, as you might have expected it, in South America and Africa. So, what are we supposed to think about these statistics? Are they good or bad?

Well, we are missing one invaluable piece of the complex puzzle for our final judgment. What is going on with all those billions of people, who still do not have any kind of the Internet access, in the first place? We are worrying about the top Net speed, despite the dark Internet corners of our planet. Seriously?

When Life Becomes A Game, And A Game…

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It turns out that some busy little creative bees in Spain have found a way to fight corruption in quite an unusual way. They created an app, with a straightforward name. Something like a corrupted mayor. So, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what this app is all about, do you?

The most interesting thing about it, is that its creators do not intend to stop here. They will carefully listen what is going on in the brave new corrupted world. The bigger a certain corruption scandal is, the greater is the chance that it will end up in this app. Does this sound like a good plan?

So, you will get an entertaining and educational anti-corruption lesson first-hand. On the other side, the mayors and other officials with insatiable appetites and sticky fingers will think twice before they find themselves in an app. Our hats off for this simple, but pretty much effective idea.

We sure hope that we can expect more of these games. There are so many white-collar crime activities around us that game creators are never going to run out of inspiration. We just cannot wait to see, what the next one is going to be all about. Hopefully, one day we will not have to make them any more.

Tell Your App, How Are You?

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The future has arrived. It is not what you may think or hoped it to be, but we simply do not have a better one. From now on, an app is going to take care about your mental health. You should open your heart and soul to a cold app. Does this sound like an acceptable plan for you?

How can this make you any better, in the first place? Well, it is actually surprisingly simple. This app is an extremely patient and above all an affordable private psychiatrist, you can possibly find in the matter of minutes. This was a good news. Let us talk about potential downsides.

The catch is that this app has its reasonable limitations. You have to be aware that your current condition is going to be evaluated according to some of the previously stored patterns. If you want to get something more private and personal, then there is no other choice than to pay extra.

Welcome to the brave new cyber world, we live in according to the rules set by our precious smartphone and inevitable apps. They are already influencing our feelings at an unprecedented scale. So, it is not such a big deal to allow them this kind of a luxury. If they cannot fix us, then who or what can? Right?

How Do You Say Nokia In German?

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What is going to happen to Nokia? While we are dead worried about the ambiguous future of this once a proud mobile pioneer, Nokia is doing just fine, according to the most recent financial and business activities. Have you heard what has happened to its crown jewel service called – Here?

Well, the Germans got their hands on it, first. Let us be a little bit more precise. The group of major German car brands, such as BMW, Audi, and Daimler, offered a mind blowing amount of more than $3 billion for this state of the art navigation system. What is that supposed to mean for us, the users?

Well, we will be still able to use it on various platforms. However, the car industry now has a strong ally, when it comes to winning the very hearts and minds of drivers all over the world. Wait, hold on a minute. Is this a bad or a good news for Nokia? In addition, how does grandpa Microsoft feel about this one?

Nokia is free to do whatever it wants with its independent services. So, grandpa Microsoft does not have a right to complain. Right? Yet, Nokia is on a road of a complete business and brand disappearance. Why? The mobile patents are gone. And now, Here. So, what is left of you, Nokia?

What You Gonna Do With 512 Apps?

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Sometimes, we feel sorry for the good old grandpa Microsoft. Why? Because, over the time of more than three decades of its cyber existence, the users have become extremely spoiled and demanding. Windows 10 has felt the bitterness of this situation, more than any other platform in the past.

So, what seems to be the problem or challenge, right now? Well, it turns out that some busy little bees wanted to know how many apps you can put on a Start Menu. Well, let us say 512 apps, give it or take. Seriously? What are you planning to do with 512 apps? Are you going to use them all, at the same time, in a same day?

Now, we are worried, because the Start Menu does not work flawlessly, when confronted with these immense numbers of apps. Please, give our grandpa Microsoft a break, will you? What is next? We are in some kind of a challenge contest, where we will test the maximum capacities of Windows 10.

It would be nice, if we could test its cyber-strength for the so-called normal situations, or we should examine the security components, for a change. This way, we are acting like some picky buyer, who is not going to buy a thing, eventually. There will be a plenty of time for criticism, but for the time being, let us relax and enjoy the Windows 10 ride.