Instagram Bigger Than Twitter

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Instagram is all about the numbers right now. Based on its unofficial, but more or less reliable statistics, there are more Instagram than Twitter users. Let us be a little bit more precise. More than 300 million Instagram users versus a little bit more than 280 Twitter birds. How could this be possible?

Well, we are a little bit lazy when it comes to googling about the history of social networks. But, we are pretty much sure that Twitter is older than Instagram. Now, we can go back to our most important question. What went wrong with Twitter? Well, to tell the truth Twitter was doing just fine.

However, in the same time Instagram has done better. As a matter of fact, since the March relatively new guy in the neighborhood has been able to achieve an impressive jump of new users from 200 to the current 300 million. On the other hand, Twitter was fighting hard to record new 40 million users.

Twitter has a new homework. The trouble with the curve is screaming for some thorough analysis in this case. What was so special about Instagram, and obviously so ordinary about Twitter? For what is worth, we sure hope that Instagram counts only the truly active users. Otherwise, what is the use?

MS Joins The Bitcoin Family

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It is official cyber boys and girls. From now on, you will be able to pay for Microsoft products and services with Bitcoins. So, what is this supposed to mean? If Bitcoins are good for the Microsoft itself, they should be acceptable for us, as well? We can relax and enjoy the great world of Bitcoin opportunities.

What is going to happen with all those Bitcoin related controversies and scandals? It seems that we are supposed to put them all behind. We sure hope that Microsoft and all other major IT players, who have accepted this virtual currency, know what they are doing for the sake of all of us. Right?

Maybe, it is not a good thing to be stubborn or skeptical in the cyber world. The Bitcoin concept can prove us all wrong. Let us wait and see, how this will work eventually. Either way this is a win-win situation for us. No matter what happens with Bitcoins, we will end up with reliable MS products and services.

Whatever you take from Microsoft, you do not have to worry that the inflation or some other financial trouble could jeopardize the software solutions younare using. All you have to do is to ensure power to run them. That is all. On the other hand, Microsoft has to worry what is going to do with all those Bitcoins.

YouTube You Animate

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It is not yet official, but this rumor is definitely worth mentioning. YouTube is about to introduce a GIF animation video option. So, what is this supposed to mean? Perhaps YouTube is trying to cheer us up after the devastating ads blow? Some kind of a balance to restore our faith in good and free features.

Yet, YouTube will have to do much better than that. Our confidence is seriously shaken by the ads ultimatum. You know how it goes at the moment, don’t you? If you want to watch your favorite videos without ads or delays you have to pay for it, this way or another. This way new option looks like a compensation.

For what exactly? For our trust and troubles, that is for sure. When it comes to the social networks, you simply cannot apply the rule – my way or the highway. It simply does not work in the long run. Before you know it you start losing users, and some brainiac comes up with an alternative for your platform.

Let us see how this one will work for us. Would it be enough to forget about all ads related torture, we have to deal with on a daily basis? It is up to you to decide. After all, there is always an option to save your privacy and dignity by terminaing our user’s account. Who would do such a painful thing?

Talking Pictures By Google

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This is what you get as a result, when Google is not occupied with marketing, ads and profit. Somehing inspiring and encouraging. Something that reminds us of the good old Google, which used to make us laugh and not hide from its marketing machinery. So, what is Google up to right now?

This is something definitely worth mentioning. Google has developed an AI piece of software, which recognize the content on the pictures you submit. You can see some of the examples from the picture attached in this post. It cannot be accurate all the time, but it certianly give some useful information.

Just imagine all good things this software can do. We are talking about the extremely helpful tool for the blind people. On the other side, you can put it in a car as an extra safety measure for the identification of the potential road obstacles or threats. When it comes to this, the sky is the limit, literally.

We sure hope, though, that this software’s first practical applications will not be exausted in the marketing field. Maybe, Google has not forgotten to think about the people first, rather than profit. Maybe, you will not have to read any more blogs in the near future. All we will do is to upload a picture.

The Worst Smartphone Names List

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What were they thinking? Here you go. See for yourself. The Jazz Billy 4.7 is actually a Windows Phone. ZTE Iconic Phablet wants to be iconic. Panasonic Eluga – what is that? HTC Windows Phone 8X, is a phone or a PC OS?  The HP Pre 3, Pre stands for? Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch, how many phones do you see here?

HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa. Where is Zumba? LG Optimus Vu. Optimus Prime? Casio GZone. Oh dear. Samsung Messager. Messenger? Cricket MSGM8. We dare you remember this one. LG Optimus Black. Here is one more Optimus Prime. LG Chocolate. Do you want to try it? Motorola Citrus.

LG Fusic. Or music? We should better stop right here. You have probably had enough. Is there a person or a team, who takes care about these baptizing things in a smartphone company? Really hard to say after these shining examples. You put someone’s fate when you assign a certain name.

Well, for what is worth, some of these models are simply doomed with the inappropriate or even ridiculous choice for a name. We sure hope that someone, who is about to give a name to a new rising smartphone star reads this post. Otherwise, the list for the 2015 will be a little bit longer. Right?


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Here are some indicators to tell you whether or not your country qualifies to be treated as the Facebook-land. Just follow the statistics, and see where you fit in. The first thing you need to check is the number of people, who are using Facebook. The global average of 40% is simply not enough. You need more than that.

Everything more than 50%, or ideally 52%, of the entire population on a national level qualifies your country as the FBland. On the other side, this cyber-country can be called the land of the young for a proper reason. When you combine all users from 18 to 35 years of age, you get 60% of all Facebook users.

It is worth mentioning that the top three topics to discuss in the FBland are what to eat, drink and wear. It is a little bit disappointing to see that the most sophisticated tool of social communication has eventually come down to the things we talked about with our friends while still living in caves.

Enjoy your FBland citizenship, but do not forget to check out what is happening in the real world, every once and a while. We sure hope we will not end up in the FBworld one day, as the only world we know and accept. Do not allow for the FBland to become your only homeland. Like this one, as well.

Hope For The Future

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Here is something that can easily catch you a tear in the corner of your eye. One of the biggest music legends Sir James Paul McCartney contributed to the Destiny video game with the intriguing and original music themes. Even more importantly, he did it with no material compensation of any kind.

Our hats off to Paul for this one. However, we have to mention the xetrmely bitter tone of his interview to the Guardian about this unparalleled cooperation. For what is worth, Paul is disappointed with the devices the modern kids use the listen the music, some of his creations among the others, as well.

For the legend of the Beatles the rules are quite simple. If you want to experience the ultimate musical feeling, you have to use the top quality devices for reproduction and recording. He admits that it hurts him to see young people, who are using smartphone and small headphones for these purposes.

We have a complete understanding of what Paul is trying to say. Yet, he should be more grateful and thoughtful. Thanks to the new digital technology his work and music have become immortal. Without the smartphones the modern kids would not even know who were the Beatles, and how they sound.

Google Stars

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It has nothing to do with sport or movie stars. Google Star Maps is a great app for all true astronomy fans. All you have to do is to point your smartphone toward the sky, and you will get your own piece of the sky with all stars present. We can find even a more suitable for this sky helper.

If we can have Google Maps for our planet, then we should have one for the space, as well. On the other hand, we can see a nice use of the entire fleet of Google satellites. With all of its marketing industry, every now and then Google can do something, which is not profit oriented. At least not directly.

It comes without saying that is an outstanding thing to be able to see which star is in your sky neighborhood at the moment. It is simple, efficient, and above all free to use. What would some of the greatest names of science have given for a chance to use this app in their time? Probably a lot, if not everything.

Our hats off to Google. Here is what happens when the major IT players do not think only about the profit for a moment. Or, maybe this is the price that has to be paid so we can use these nice things. The “sweet” and useful collateral product of the gigantic marketing machinery in Google. Can we have some more?

Smart Spoon

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We know all there is to know about Google, don’t we? Google is a synonym for the unparalleled and funny looking inventions. Yet, this time instead of a smile it has triggered a tear in our eye. How? Google has invented a smart spoon. Pay attention, this is not a joke. We have seen all kinds of crazy smart things.

Smart glasses, shoes, watches, TVs, refrigerators, and all other things we can possibly think of. However, this time there is something completely different in question you can hardly guess. The smart spoon, or popularly called Spoogle, is supposed to help people with serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

The name itself is a funny combination of Google and a spoon, which gives us Spoogle. This clever little thing can seriously reduce the hands trembling problem for the people suffering from the Alzheimer’s or other serious illnesses. It may seem trivial, but for these people it certainly isn’t.

Therefore, we have to say our hats off for Google, which has shown to us what are true inventions all about. They are supposed to contribute to the quality of our lives above all. Maybe, this would be one of the things to remember the Google by. Keep up with the good work Google. Save the world.

The Cyber Church

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We are not even going to dare to say something like the Church and the Internet or the Religion and Technology, because these will get us into the wrong direction and endless lines of text with no proper conclusion. Instead, we are going to comment some of the findings of the different Churches, which do not have to be necessarily negative ones.

Although, we are impressed with the increased number of cyber-monks and e-versions of some of the most important religious documents, some things simply do not go hand in hand. For example, you cannot ask for a place to hide from the modern life inside the monastery walls with a smartphone in your hand.

On the other hand, it has been proven for so many times that there is nothing wrong with the technology itself, but rather with the people who use it for good or bad things. One priest had a nice thing to say recently about the way we use our social networks. Their speed is their greatest negativity.

We should think twice before we share something with the thousands or millions of people online. What is wrong with this advice? Yes, you got that one right. Absolutely nothing. That is our point. A kind word is a kind word, regardless of its form. You can say it, write it down, or send it in an email. Does it really matter?