The QualityTime

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What is the QualityTime? Is this app meant to be your best friend or your worst enemy? Well, it depends how willing you are to accept the results. So, what is this app all about? The QualityTime runs smoothly and silently in your smartphone’s background. Once it is done with its work you get the results.

What are these invaluable results? The statistical data about the most used apps will fall on you like a rain. You will be surprised, shocked and even disappointed, when you see for yourself first hand where all of your precious hours are wasted. Now, you see why this app is called the QualityTime?

So, what is the moral of this story and the very purpose of this app? The QualityTime app does not tell you what you should do instead of using your precious smartphone. It rather only gives you a clear indication how much time you use each day on your smartphone. Is this supposed to be a wake-up red alarm?

Again, it is up to you. If you have nothing better to do in the real life, then let it be. Enjoy in your smartphone and its shinning apps, with no second thoughts or regret. Or, you can use the QualityTime findings in order to reorganize your time, and eventually your life. Again, it is entirely up to you.

The Cyber Davos

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What did you expect that the world’s largest economic forum in Davos is going to be only about the economy. Well, it is and will be, but from one quite different perspective. The modern world of business is based on the cyber foundation. Therefore, we were not surprised with so many cyber VIP faces to be seen in Davos.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many others, you name it, Davos has it. The most distinguishable names in the prestigious IT world demonstrated their skiing and prediction skills. You do not get a chance, so often to hear it first hand, what is going to happen to our brave new cyber world of the future.

For what is worth, if you already deeply involved with your business in some of the numerous IT spheres, there is nothing for you to worry about. On the contrary, the El Dorado of the 21st century is on the World Wide Web. If you want to get rich beyond your most optimistic dreams, here is a chance for you.

We do not want to spoil the fun, but we were surprised by the absolute absence of dark clouds in Davos, when it comes to our cyber future. It seems that our privacy and essential humanity have nothing to fear of. Right? Or, wrong? Maybe, we are already too blind to see what is happening. Right? Or, wrong?

Facebook Time Machine

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No, it is not what you think. Then, if Facebook has not invented a time machine to go back in time, what is this post all about? As you probably know, our dear Facebook has just hit its very first decade of existence. So, in order to honor this impressive moment, we have one cozy app to suit us. How?

Well, someone has come up with a nice idea to develop an app, which is going to calculate how much time you have lost or invested in Facebook from the very first moment you created your account. What are we supposed to do with this type of information? Well, it is up to you entirely. Here are some suggestions.

You can do a scientific research, how much is Facebook important in our lives. On the other hand, you can evaluate your life from a completely different perspective. Ask yourself, what you could have done with all these days, months, or even years, if you had invested in some other activities.

What is going to be the end result? Maybe, you are going to hate Facebook even more than you do right now. Maybe, you are going to spend less time on Facebook. Either way it is really good to know. Or, this is not such a good idea. Maybe, it is not a smart thing to know all there is to know. Do you agree?

The Future App For Your Ex Love

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We have a bad and a good news for you. Which one you want to hear first? The bad news is that love pains hurt with no difference in both our real and a virtual one. The good news is that you will never be alone in the cyber world, even if your love is gone. For this one you have to thank your smartphone.

There is a new app in town. It will not allow you to feel lost in the love misery abyss. Not even for a moment. So, what is the catch with this app? Well, for what is worth, it is supposed to act as your invisible boyfriend or a girlfriend. For no more than 20 bucks you will get messages, letters and even phone calls.

From your smartphone’s perspective love business is as usual. Your friends will not be able to tell a difference, whether or not you are in the real relationship or a virtual one. Do you really need an app, such as this one? How is the true victim of your deception? Your friends or you yourself?

Let us be painfully honest, shall we? This app can give you a helping hand and an invaluable comfort when you are vulnerable the most. On the other hand, you can avoid your friends’ questions, when you are going to move and find a new boyfriend or a girlfriend. This app is not as bad as it seems.

2014: Apps vs Hollywood

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Are you the biggest Hollywood fan? Do you admire your favorite movie stars and dream about their salaries? Well, for what is worth, the brave new cyber world is about the change the old rules. Nowadays, the apps industry can challenge the traditional Hollywood without blinking in the first place.

You can choose your most desirable parameters for the comparison purposes. We can talk about both profit and popularity between apps and Hollywood. Did you know that the apps have earned much more than Hollywood industry itself in 2014? Just take Angry Birds and Minecraft as an example.

If you talk about popularity, we can say that some game presenters and commentators are the true celebrities with the millions and millions of loyal and devoted followers. Beginning with the 2018 apps have earned more than $25 billion on the iTunes platform alone. Not to mention Play Store.

The start of 2015 has shown us that no surprises will be allowed in this field. During the first week of January in 2015, Apple has become richer for more than $500 million thanks to the IOS apps. If you are thinking about the promising movie career, you better think twice. An app can make your dreams come true.

Google Talks, Google Walks

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Here is what happens when you acquire a small promising startup in the right moment. You make a huge profit, this is what happens. Not so long ago Google was able to buy the WLT (Word Lens Technology), which ensures the proper visual recognition of the street signs, restaurant menus, and similar.

What is that supposed to mean in plain English. Well, imagine the following situation. You find yourself on the other side if the world, with nothing more than a smartphone. You can find your way around by pointing your smartphone to street signs. No need to type. You get an instant translation, thanks to the WLT.

Or, you can order yourself what you want in a foreign restaurant by using the same technology on the menu, which is written in a language you do not a single word from. Now, you see that the sky is the only limit for the Google translate. And, that is not the end when it comes to the new improved Google translate.

We can expect from it to successfully translate our conversations. This is something similar to what we have heard about the new Skype options. There are even more reasons for the Google translate to become your next best friend. However, you should not rely too much on it. Right?

Facebook At Work. Trouble At Home.

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Maybe, it is about time for someone to tell Facebook the bitter and unavoidable truth. There is already an app called the Facebook at Work. We have been using it for quite some time. That is a regular Facebook in the office or our working environment. So, what is the thing with the real Facebook at Work?

According to the findings of the most recent surveys more than one third of companies does not allow the employees to use Facebook while working or at work. Now, Facebook wants to come up with a compromising solution, which will help the stubborn employees and merciless employers. Is it possible?

Facebook believes that is possible to create fully functional small cells, especially and exclusively for the working users. What is the harm if you are using Facebook only for business purposes and only with your colleagues? Maybe, this was the very idea behind the Facebook LinkedIn fusion. Right?

On the other hand, this is a dangerous thing. We are eliminating an unstable and fragile border line between a professional and private life. At the end of the day, you are very likely not to end up as an enthusiast of working friendly social networks. Sometimes, enough is enough. What is next?

Online Sinners And Winners

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We know what you did in 2014? How? Well, for what is worth, an average Internet user on a global level made from 18 to 20 “online sins” in 2014. Now, he or she wants to correct, diminish, or if possible completely delete them. Well, cyber boys and girls it is not so easy. That is more than sure.

You posted drunk photos. You criticized your boss or colleagues. You said some nasty things about your ex. All of these online sins, and so many more are recorded online. Now, all you can do is to regret about these reckless moments. Or, there is still something you can do to minimize the damage.

It is not a secret that Gmail experiments with the reversible type of messages. If you have some second thoughts about what you sent, you can cancel or delete your email despite the fact the other party has already opened it. The same goes for some apps, which guarantee you the similar results.

It is a sad true that we easily avoid to do the simplest thing, and save us from all the trouble. We are all humans, more or less. You have made a mistake. Admit it. What is the big deal about it? Write about it. Be honest. There has to be someone, who will appreciate your honesty and efforts.

Look Me In The Eye

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Every now and then, we hear about some truly useful new app or feature, which can be associated with our shiny little gadgets. Unfortunately, we are surprised to discover that our smartphone can be used for something else than the entertainment or pure fun. The health related apps are among the most appreciated ones.

This is how the Peek Retina is born. Its primary purpose to improve our eyesight health. This additional tool for our smartphone come with the ophthalmoscope, which you can use at home. It is both simple and affordable. What more can you possibly ask for? The opportunities are literally limitless.

When it comes to the very health of your eyes the proper prevention is the key. If you can diagnose a certain health issue related to your eyes, you can significantly improve your chances for a successful recovery and treatment. It just could not be simpler, could it? Just put it close to your eyes.

As you can see, you can actually use your smartphone for something else than making selfies each step of the way. There is nothing wrong in wishing to admire the beauty of your eyes, but you should not miss an opportunity of checking their health status, as well. We need more apps such as this one.

WhatsApp A Billion?

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What is up new with the WhatsApp? Well, for what is worth, this app has up to 750 million users on a monthly basis. Before one of the most bombastic takeovers in the IT world, WhatsApp was around 350 million users in a single month. Now, it is headed toward the one billion users.

What do you know, it turns out that Facebook did not throw $19 billions into the wind. Why? Because we are talking about almost 30 billion messages, which run through the WhatsApp blood stream on a daily basis. Now, imagine for a moment what one billion users can do. The 50 billion messages daily?

On the other hand, we have to ask the following pessimistic question. Is this a destiny of every promising startup? What are we talking about? You give your heart and soul to develop and promote a skyrocketing startup. For what? So it can serve only as a food for the IT giants? Nothing more?

What happened to the true entrepreurship spirit, which has built the IT empire, as we know it today? You have quite different examples. The founder or the founders of the Snapchat app do not even want to hear about the possible takeover. So far, Facebook has knocked two times at its door with billions of dollars. Third time lucky?