Selfie Drone Called Lily

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Here it goes. The book of selfie related madness just got itself a new chapter. Believe it or not, there is a selfie drone. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is being used for, do you? Yet, how it works really deserves to be mentioned in our post. You will not believe it.

Well, this little cyber fellow follows you closely each step you make. This selfie drone has one and one purpose only. Yes, that is the right answer. To immortalize your special moments from the most unimaginable angles. You can connect a selfie drone to your smartphone.

From that very moment, the sky is literally the only limit for your most outrageous selfie fantasies. It seems that there is nothing we can do to fight the notorious drone’s reputation. Do they really have to be associated with our darkest desires? To kill, spy, or feed our vanity?

For what is worth, there are some ideas of moving the drone things in a completely different direction. For instance, there are some people, who plan to use drones for rescue missions or forestation of the inaccessible areas. Oh dear, what is next on the selfie menu? Do you dare to guess?

Candy Crash Windows 10 Rush

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Someone had said that in love and war all is fair, isn’t it? So, what about a new OS? Can grandpa Microsoft use any mean possible in order to promote Windows 10 in the best possible way? For what is worth, Microsoft wants you to fall in love with Windows 10. On the other side, this means war.

Grandpa Microsoft fights a war against itself. There is nothing to prove, but there are so many things to lose. That is why, everything and anything is allowed. Including a sweet little trick, such as giving the Candy Crash Saga game away for free on each and any device, which runs Windows 10.

Would this be enough for grandpa Microsoft to gain additional Windows 10 users? Well, one game cannot influence your decision, but it certainly contributes to the overwhelming positive impression over new OS and its shiny new features. You just got yourself a new reason to go for it.

On the other side, the Crash Saga guys can be more than pleased. They have already earned more $1,2 billion, with this game. Now, there is a chance to reach one billion planned users of Windows 10. We sure hope that Windows 10 is not going to crash down under the heavy pressure of expectations. 

Instant Articles – Instant Profit

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What is Facebook up to this time? One of the latest rumors has it that Facebook plans to open its doors to some guests. The new feature is called Instant Articles. So, what is this instant stuff all about? Well, you do not have to be a Facebook rocket scientist to figure it out for yourself, do you?

It turns out that we will be able to see Buzzfeed, National Geographic and The New York Times on Facebook in the near future. However, the catch is that Facebook allows all of these “guests” to keep the money they obtained from ads. Yes, cyber boys and girls, Facebook invites them for free. Why?

Now, you can see for yourself that there are some extremely clever busy little bees in Facebook. They have figured out that all Facebook needs from us is to spend some more time on this social network. The funny thing, though, is the very idea that we are not spending too much time, already. Right?

Can we watch movies and series on Facebook? One fine day, we will not be able to tell a difference who is who and what is what in the world of social networks. In the meantime, prepare yourself to spend the rest of your life on Facebook. Is this an exaggeration? Rest assured, Facebook will find a way.

Dota 2 Raining Money

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Honestly speaking Dota 2 is not our thing. However, when you hear that this year’s budget for the Dota 2: The International 2015 Tournament is more than $5 million, then you have to pay attention. So, what is this supposed to mean? There is a moral hidden in this story, which can change your life.

We mean it. So, if you like to play a game who-wants-to-be-a-IT-millionaire, you should either make a new smartphone or swim deep into the gaming world. Those are the new cyber business rules. It is completely irrelevant, whether or not you like them in the first place.

Therefore, with no exaggeration, we can say that the cyber boys and girls of the new millennium will probably end up with two greatest passions of them all. They will either become smartphone or game addicts. Or, maybe even both, which does not have to be necessarily bad, at the first glance.

So, let us play a game. What do we have to lose? Only a couple years of our lives. So, what is a big deal? Who knows, maybe you are the next gaming champion. Should we drop this blog thing, and run for some lucrative games instead? What do you think about this idea?

YouTube Hollywood

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Let us face it, cyber boys and girls, it has been only a matter of time before YouTube includes movies and series at the same scale as its famous videos. In other words, all YouTube premium users will get a chance to use some kind of a YouTube TV. Is it going to be truly worth it, after all?

This is undoubtedly a tough question to ask. In a certain way, YouTube has no many options left. Why? For a simple reason. Both Amazon and Netflix are literally breathing down its less competitive neck. On the other hand, are we really getting used to pay YouTube for once free contents each month?

However, this can easily turn out to be a double-edged-sword for YouTube Hollywood plans. Why? Well, somehow we have a funny feeling that all of these major IT players are pushing the very limits of our patients. It is hard to believe that YouTube is not doing great in financial terms at the moment.

What is the thing with all these ads? YouTube just cannot get enough. Seriously? Maybe, it is simply meant to be. It is about time for a newbie to jump into this game. Let us enjoy the honeymoon with a new video service, when everything is free to use and watch. At least at the very beginning, before it becomes madly popular. 

Destiny You’re My Destiny

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There are thousands of blogs, where you can find more accurate and precise gaming news. We do not even try to write about games. However, every now and them, we cannot help ourselves, for simple reasons. Some games are truly reshaping the IT landscape in the most unprecedented ways.

The latest news is that Destiny has more than 20 million online players. So what, you may ask? Here is a quick and an illustrative comparison. Blizzard Entertainment has reported no more than 30 million busy little gaming bees, who fly around the latest Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

In other words, Destiny has attracted almost one million new players per month as of the beginning of this year. We are talking only about a short tume frame of a couple of months, but that certainly does not diminish this outstanding success Destiny game has achieved.

So, what is the moral of our gaming story? If you want to become a cyber millionaire, there are two most promising options for you, at the moment. Either you have to develop a new smartphone model, or create a groundbreaking game. There is no third option.

Free And Open Internet

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Is there such a thing as a free and open Internet? Well, it has to be. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble. For what is worth, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to comply with some of the serious complaints against the exclusive and closed character of, which is not what is supposed to be.

The catch with the was to introduce the World Wide Web to the most remote areas on our planet. Especially in South America, Africa and Asia. So, what went wrong with this philanthropy oriented concept? Well, Facebook got lost in its own translation somewhere on the way.

How? We have realized that something is deeply wrong as soon as the disturbing report start arriving about the newbie online users, who said that Facebook and Internet are the same thing. In other words, the gave them a chance to use only Facebook and its associated services.

In order to avoid the inevitable change of name from the into Mark Zuckerberg has promised us that these areas will get more freedom to choose. The Internet is supposed to be a synonym for freedom. Right? There is a good reason for it.