Facebook “Like” and “Buy”

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Are you surprised? For some people it was only a matter of time before Facebook will become even more profit oriented. For what is worth, it seems that the ads are not enough to satisfy growing Facebook appetites for additional business opportunities. Now, you have it. Facebook with a purchase option.

In other words, the “buy” button has allowed Facebook to become more like Amazon. You can do a little bit of both making friends and enjoy shopping. For the time being, Facebook is satisfied with the test version of this option. However, it is only a matter of time when they are going to launch it full scale.

How are we supposed to feel about this one? Are we going to love or hate this option? That is the trouble with all major IT players. They keep looking for new options to earn extra. The question definitely worth asking for is at what cost? Do all of our Facebook friends need to know what we just bought.

Now, hand in hand with our privacy data our credit cards related information will move freely through Facebook cyber space. We all know that sooner or later it all comes down to money itself. However, is there a line we should not cross? Or, everything is allowed in the merciless game of big numbers and small people.

Unlimited Kindle

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Well, it is about time for Amazon to introduce something like this. A monthly subscription, which allows you access to literally hundreds of thousands of books and audio-books. What about the price? You will have to pay $9,99 for this intriguing opportunity. So, what can we expect in return?

More than 600,000 titles, that is for sure. And, we are talking about the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, The Lord of The Rings, and many others. As you can see, this is a fair game on behalf of Amazon. They are not giving you access to books that no one reads, but rather to some of the most wanted titles of all times.

Each of the books on Amazon will include an appropriate Unlimited notification. This is a nice opportunity for you to examine what exactly you can expect from the newly introduced feature. In addition, you are granted to the one month free trial. From the business perspective, how are we to interpret this Amazon’s decision?

The business has gone good or bad since you have decided to introduce a monthly subscription? Hard to tell, but we are certain that Amazon is quite good when it comes to math calculations and profit forecast. This one will definitely be a success for Amazon. The question is, what kind of a success is acceptable for Amazon?

Amazon Fire Phone

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Amazon is on fire. Amazon has a new smartphone to introduce us to. Well, it is a tough game out there in the merciless world of smartphones. So, Amazon had to come up with something really special in order to distinguish itself from the competitors. You should not worry, Amazon has no intention at all to bring you more books or music with its Fire smartphone.

Well, for what is worth, the feature that allows you to make and examine 3D pictures will certainly steal your heart in a second. Fire Phone has to thank the 4 cameras for it. You can rest assured that they will follow each move you make with your head with a stunning precision. You will be able to use these cameras when it is absolutely dark, thanks to infrared lights.

And, that is not all. The camera adjusts itself 100 times in a second, which eliminates a danger of making poor quality pictures, because your hand trembled at the most decisive moment you were eager to capture. When it comes to the OS, we have to mention Fire OS 3.5.0, which is a new Android OS especially designed for Kindle Fire tablets.

Let us not forget to mention the price itself. It seems that Amazon’s goal is not only to impress us with this intriguing model, but also to make some serious money. If you are willing to acquire it, you will have to pay somewhere between $650 and $750 for it. And, there is a moral of this story. You should not be afraid to challenge the major league players as Amazon did with Aplle and Samsung in a fire style.

Google Sleeping Satellite

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It is not a secret that the leading IT giants have airborne intentions. Balloons, drones and even satellites are among the most desirable items from Amazon, Facebook and Google. According to some serious rumors Google plans to introduce an entire fleet of satellites. We are talking about the number of almost 200 satellites.

It is worth mentioning that these Google satellites are smaller compared to the traditional communication satellites. They will also use lower orbit altitudes for their work. Despite all of these circumstances hundreds of satellites will definitely introduce the Internet to even the most remote and inaccessible areas of our planet.

For this particular purpose Google has already acquired Titan Aerospace. This company is a well-known producer of small and very manerouvable satellites, which run on solar energy. Theoretically, they will be able to operate with no pauses on the ground. You launch them once and you can literally forget about them.

We sure hope that these eyes on the sky introduced by Google will not be used for spying on its customers. Google marketing machinery has become extremely aggressive lately. Last and definitely not least, this should not be the beginning of a Google Skynet era of satellite terminators. For what is worth, our sky will be crowded, for sure.


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Here is a new participant in the drone race, and its name is Google. For what is worth, Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, one of the leading names in the world of drones. It is worth mentioning that Facebook was more than interested for this drone producer. At this stage the main priority is to ensure the global coverage when it comes to the Internet.

Although, we might have expected that this takeover will deliver nice looking drones on our sky with the Google logo, it is very likely that Titan Aerospace will produce only balloons for the Internet related purposes in this period. In addition, Titan Aerospace devices can make extremely precise and high quality pictures from the high altitudes, which can strongly contribute to Google Maps.

The ink on the contract between Google and Titan Aerospace has not yet dried, and the Skybox Imaging has been marked as the next target for the next major air/space takeover. The major activity of this company is related to the low Earth orbit satellites. It seems that not even the drones are not enough for the air race between the IT giants such as Google and Facebook.

We should be prepared for the crowded sky in the future period. We can expect to see balloons, drones, and even satellites flying around with Google, Facebook and Amazon logos. On the other side, we sure hope that this increased number of flying objects will solve the black spots when it comes to the Internet access in the world. That should be their number one priority and not our privacy or shopping habits.

Hot Summer With Amazon Smartphone Boomer

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If we are to trust Wall Street Journal, we can expect for Amazon Smartphone to hit the market somewhere in July. It is worth mentioning that you will be able to enjoy 3D content with no 3D glasses whatsoever (?!). With no exaggeration we can say that this is going to be one hell of a race among new Smartphone models in 2014.

We have already mentioned Amazon Smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is already available. HTC One has proven itself worthy of our undivided attention. Finally, we are waiting with great anticipation for iPhone 6 to join the party. As always, Smartphone users are “spoiled” and with high demands when it comes to the list of features available.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon has done some nice preparation work for its new Smartphone. We do not even have to bother explaining how important is to have the adequate infrastructure in this matter. Amazon is all about the sale itself, including the highly developed and popular online store with apps just waiting to be downloaded and used.

Is this the right business move for Amazon? We sure hope this is not a situation where Amazon said to itself, with no other thing left to do, let us make some Smartphones of our own to earn some extra cash. It is one thing to admire and even envy when it comes to the popularity of these devices, but it is a completely different thing to make one of your own. This is a lesson Amazon will have to learn easier or harder way.

Amazon Fire TV

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Sky is the limit for Amazon. You know books and music. Then we had an episode with the Amazon air delivery service, which is supposed to use drones. Now, Amazon guys are up to promote Amazon TV. It is called Fire TV and it will include an access to the video streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon’s own service. And, that is not all.

Amazon Fire TV will be also able to enable you with an access to video services such as YouTube and Vimeo. Not to mention thousands and thousands of video games available for a price of $1,85 each. On the other side, parents will be able to control the time their children spend in front of the TV with a special feature for the time limit.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that streaming of movies and video games is the future. On the other hand, maybe Amazon faces a “Google syndrome”. They are doing, asking and offering so much and maybe even too much. Google is making robots. Amazon uses drones. Facebook explores Virtual Reality. It is impossible to predict what is next on their future menu.

For what is worth, there is nothing wrong with our IT giants to expand their basic field of business activities. We only hope that they will not forget what was their primary function and source of true success. One thing is to explore new opportunities and face new challenges, but it is a completely different thing to be greedy. Time will tell, whether this was business heaven or hell, for Amazon.

The Project Aria

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On the first thought, the Project Aria sounds like an appropriate title for a SF movie. The truth is that we are talking a new Amazon smartphone. This new device is supposed to be a low-cost answer to Apple and Samsung models. However, it would be wrong to think that an affordable and low price will necessarily mean that Aria phone will come with the low performance level.

We have to admit that we are more than eager to see how will Amazon succeed in delivering a 5-inch phone with the Snapdragon 800 processor, 13 megapixel camera and 3D movement control, for a much better price compared with Apple and Samsung similar models. Honestly speaking, there is nothing cheap when you combine all of these features in one device such as Aria.

What is cheap and what expensive in the world of smartphones? Well, we have to say that this is a relative category. If Aria will have a price of $400 or $500, it will be cheaper from the iPhone with a price of $500 or $600. Yet, this is not enough to qualify it as a low-cost device. On the other side, the performances and features will be the first “victims” of the low-price requirements.

Why we are not too much enthusiastic when we hear a news like this one? Maybe, Amazon should stick to online sales and similar business activities. We would not have anything against hypothetical Apple’s publishing division, but sounds a little bit strange at least to say, doesn’t it? Nowadays, almost any company, regardless of its main business activity feels invited to come up with its version of a Smartphone. Good or bad news? What do you think?

Facebook Drones

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If Amazon can use drones for delivery, then Facebook can use the same thing forWhat exactly? As it seems, for solving the only problem which stands on Facebook’s way of acquiring new users – Internet access. These Facebook drones are supposed to deliver Internet to the most remote points on our planet. On the other side, they will use solar power as an energy source.

It seems that Facebook is very serious about this idea. Facebook has already acquired the Titan Aerospace from Texas, which specializes in solar drones’ production. The plan is to use more than 10,000 drones to cover all areas with no Internet in the world. The main focus is as expected in Africa. It is very interesting to mention that Amazon and Facebook are not the only airborne IT giants.

Can you guess who is also eager to get up in the air as soon as possible? Yes, you are right who else than Google itself. The only difference is that Google plans to use balloons instead of drones. It comes without saying that our sky will become a pretty much crowded place. We sure hope we will not have to witness some dogfights between Amazon and Facebook drones, and even Google’s balloons.

As always, there are some people who are not too enthusiastic about these new airborne IT opportunities. We just cannot ignore dark NSA clouds in this matter. Who can guarantee us that these altruistic aircraft will not be used for some dishonest intentions? On the other side, maybe people in Africa need something else before Internet such as food, water or education? Think about it.

Amazon Knows It Before You Even Know It

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First, we had an announcement about the Amazon delivery drones. And now, there is something more. According to one very serious rumor the Amazon will place the certain amount of goods in the centers as closes as possible to the potential customers who are very likely to purchase these items. It seems that Amazon wants to benefit strongly from the so-called anticipated sales.

This seems as a logical and extremely thoughtful business strategy, if it has not been for one simple fact. This plan heavily depends on the successful prediction on the specific client’s behavior in the certain area. OK, but how you are going to predict? Based on which data? This brings us to the area, we certainly do not feel comfortable about. Our own privacy.

We have already heard about the new Apple’s app which allows the stores to track us when we pass near them. Now, the Amazon will create the patterns based on our behavior and previous purchases. We can only guess what this new strategy will do to the already heavily compromised sales of the unauthorized data. Every piece of information related to us will become a merchandise.

The Amazon has already changed the way we order and purchase things. We are very grateful for that. However, these guys are supposed to cool down for a moment when it comes to the newest innovations in their business. There are so many open questions that require the proper solutions. We do not even know how the drones will drop the packages we have previously ordered not to mention this new sales based on predictions.