The Prime Air Gets The Second Green Light

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Amazon is good to go with its drone delivery plan. Although, it is still in a testing phase, the green light awarded by the administration in charge of the US blue sky, certainly means a lot to Amazon. Is this a good news? We will be able to live inside a huge real-life SF movie, that is for sure now.

Your Amazon delivery guy will forget the sound of your doorbell. From now on, you have to leave your windows open, if you want to get what you have previously ordered in the Amazon shop. Yes, there are quite a few practical problems, which stand in line to be solved. Do we really need this?

For what is worth, Amazon tries to assure us that the transportation costs are its silent killer. This way, we will be able to get our books and toys much quicker. On the other side, Amazon can cut down its costs and improve its efficiency. So, it is a win-win on a paper. Right? Nothing to worry about?

However, it is a scary thought to imagine our lovely blue sky swarming with tens of thousands, if not millions, of busy little drone bees delivering the things we wished for. Can we control the chaos? Is Amazon going to be the only around with the airborne desires? Enjoy the car sky while you still can.

Hey Drone, Get Me A Beer!

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Have we finally come to our senses? It turns out that we can use the notorious drones for some other things than killing or annoying commercial delivery. In one of our previous posts, we mentioned a great idea about using the drones for planting new trees in the most remote and endangered areas.

Here is one more positive idea. Some busy little cyber bees have come up with an idea of using the drones as the genuine flying waiters. You do not have to worry about the waiters themselves, though, because they are not going to be fired. We need someone to fly these things around, don’t we?

So, this is supposed to be a win-win situation. You will get what you order in no time. The waiters can sit and relax, while directing the drones with food and drinks. Just imagine the crowded clubs, where you have to wait for an eternity to get what you ordered, because the waiters just cannot get through.

This is a great news, definitely. We sure hope that these flying waiters are not going to start falling from above on the guests sitting in the restaurants. But, let us forget about these dark clouded thoughts and order our favorite drinks or food. One question left, though. How are we going to pay to

Alibaba And 40 Meizu Smartphones

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Have you heard about it? Alibaba is teaming up with the Meizu. So, what is this intriguing combination made in China supposed to bring us? Let us put it in this way. If Amazon was allowed to play with the Firephone, then Alibaba should try its luck with smartphones, as well. Right? Why Meizu?

Well, for what is worth, Meizu is not Xiaomi. As a matter of fact, Meizu is not even among the top five smartphone brands in China. However, it is a huge success of just being able to survive in the biggest and most promising smartphone market in the world. Right? So, what is the master plan here?

Meizu is to take care about production, and Alibaba about sales, of course. This can be undoubtedly an extremely powerful combination. In addition, Alibaba has some serious intentions about investing in the genuine mobile OS solutions of its own. So many plans, and so much of an ambition here.

However, we have to ask, if Alibaba faces a real danger of biting more than it can chew in the first place. That is entirely up to Alibaba to deal with. It has an educational example of Amazon and the Firephone to learn so much from. We sure hope it is not going to end up with only 40 smartphones.


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Oh dear, this sounds like a bad joke. Friday the 13th is the last day when the Crimea citizens will be able to use Amazon. For what is worth, this IT giant is dead serious about the economic sanctions. Either you will close your Amazon account, if registered in Crimea, or Amazon will do it for you.

You cannot buy an iPhone or iPad in Crimea. PayPal does not work there. Forget about updates from the Play Store for your apps downloaded while being in Crimea. So, what is next? You will not be able to use the World Wide Web in Crimea. Do not get us wrong. We are definitely not taking sides in this conflict.

But, we are at the very edge of touching the border line of bizarre. Our favorite IT brands should not mess up with the political issues. This is really one hell of a punishment to be forced to live without Amazon, Apple, Google, or PayPal. Those are crazy things. The analogy can be a devastating thing.

You cannot run in Nike while in Crimea. Now, it is the Russian’s turn to do something ridiculous and unimaginable with the gas and oil. Can you drink famous German beer and eat Italian pizza in some restaurant in Crimea? Oh dear, this madness really has to stop. Otherwise, the madness is going to nuke us.

The Drone Eliminator

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Oh dear, here is another chapter in an endless book about the modern airborne menace called the drones. First of all, we have to emphasize that we are not referring to the military drones. We are talking about the commercial drones. For example, Amazon plans to deliver you a book by using a drone.

The CNN wants to report live with the drones of their own. Google also has one of its numerous business eyes on drones, as well. You get it. Our sky is going to become an extremely crowded place very soon. What can we do about it, for real? We cannot ignore them. Can we strike back efficiently?

Some busy little cyber bees have come up with a solution. There is a drone eliminator. Or, let us call it the drone Terminator. Hold your horses, it is not what you think. This small flying machine does not use rockets, guns, nor laser cannons eliminate the drones flying over your heads. It is actually very simple.

The drone eliminator locates a target, and puts a small object in its flying element. It is just like you put a stick in a bicycle wheel. You know the results and what is going to happen eventually, don’t you? The same principle applies here. There is one question, though. Where is going to fall?


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So, what is this supposed to mean? Nowadays, anyone can make a smartphone. Well, that is not necessarily and entirely true. The right question actually sounds differently. Can anyone make a successful smartphone? Now, we are talking. Right? This is the right perspective to examine this situation.

Not so long ago, one IT giant and well-known brand called Amazon suddenly come up with an idea to create its own smartphone. This is exactly how the Firephone was born. So, what happened with this newbie smartphone? Amazon has lost hundreds of millions of dollars just like that in a few months.

Does this mean that Kodak is about to lose significant amounts of money? Well, we cannot say that. Actually, no one cannot. Not even the Kodak itself. We have no other choice than to wait for the final judgment of the customers themselves. On the other hand, all smartphone enthusiasts should be aware of something.

Making a smartphone of your own can be an extremely expensive and risky hobby. Both Amazon and Kodak should ask themselves a simple, and yet a painful question. Do we really need such a thing as a smartphone? Maybe we should do what we have been doing the best. Only. As simple as that.

The Good , the Bad and the Ugly Smartphone

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a marketing guru to know which smartphone has marked the 2014. However, besides the undisputed winner iPhone 6, it is worth mentioning which smartphones were the biggest losers. You can rest assured that this is a long lost. Yet we will mention only the top three.

Amazon’s Fire Phone comes first for a good reason. Actually, there are almost 200 million reasons for us to mention this inglorious failure. It turns out that is not an easy thing to make a successful smartphone despite the ever growing demand for new devices and models. We are not sure, if Amazon had enough.

OnePlus One did not bring two as a result. Actually, it ended with a big zero. Why? Well, this shiny smartphone got lost somewhere in the marketing translation. Do you recall Nokia X Series? Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with you. Nothing worth remembering, that is for sure with this series.

So, what is the moral of this story? It is hard to tell. You have to try your luck and build a smartphone of your own either way. Then, you have no other choice than to sit and wait what the market itself has to say about your concept and design. For these guys, the users had a negative judgment. Till next year.