Photo Boomerang Drone

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It turns out that the Intel’s competition “Make It Wearable” was an extremely fruitful ground for some of the fantastic ideas. One of them definitely deserves our undivided attention. The last time we checked the IT drones were the size of a plane. This one will be a size of a butterfly. What can it do?

Well, believe it or not, you will be able to wear a bracelet on your wrist. Almost like a traditional watch. The difference is that there will be a mini flying drone with a tiny camera. It is supposed to fly and take a photo of you. Then it will land back on your arm nice and smooth. Is this SF or what?

It seems that Intel is dead serious about this project. Intel will support the development of this mini-drone with $50,000 and some of its own computer chips. This is really an encouraging thing. Almost anything you can possibly think of can become a reality. Today in the movies, tomorrow in real life.

For what is worth, our sky will be crowded with a guarantee. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and now Intel has announced their airborne plans. We sure hope there is a clear plan of what needs to be done in order for these busy little and big bees to fly around without any problems. The era of drones has begun.

Cyber Drones – Real Wings

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What is your first impression when you hear something new about Google, Amazon or Facebook drones? Do you think about mosquitoes or birds, in terms of size? How big they need to be in order to function for years with no need to land? All they would need is the sun and some nice weather.

Well, Facebook will make you to think bigger. How about the Boeing 747 size? Does this change your perception completely? We know what is the reason for these drones to be airborne in the first place. Every single corner of the world, no matter how remote it may be, will get its own access to the Internet.

That is nice and noble. Yet, what is going to happen with the crowded sky all over Africa, South America and Asia? How this flying circus is going to function in real life? Maybe, we will get tired of drones, which deliver both the Internet and bombs? Now, we have a completely different situation.

Who is the most suitable candidate to be our next SkyNet candidate: Facebook, Google or Amazon? Why this sudden airborne interest among the major IT players? Perhaps, we spend too much time staring at the sky that we miss the real troubles happening at our very doorsteps. So many eyes in the skies.

.Dot After Wars

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What do you know, how the things can change quickly. As always, there is a breathtaking twist. Not so long ago, we fought each other like crazy to get our hands on the right domain name for our business. Let us call this time before .dot wars. Nowadays, we are very likely to experience the .dot after wars.

What is this all about. Mark our words. THe gTLD (generic top-level domain) stuff is the next big thing. It may be a little bit hard for you to believe, but Google hesitated in buying the .buy extension. It seems that Amazon got this one first for the amount of $4,6 million. And, that is only the beginning.

Can you imagine what is going to happen when the time comes to acquire some of the following ones, such as .search, .app, .blog, or .cloud. It is worth mentioning that Google lost another one. Yes, busy little IT bees, someone has also stolen the .tech domain in the very front of Google’s nose.

There is one thing that is not quite clear. When you buy a before .dot domain you get only one domain name. Right? On the other hand, what is happening when you become the owner of .tech domain, for example? You get the exclusive ownership of all the things that come before the .dot?

Tweet Buy

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Twitter Buy, you’re gonna make us cry. Oh, Tweet Buy Bye bye… We are not poetic, and this latest news from Twitter is so far from being an inspirational one. So, what happened? Unfortunately, Twitter could not resist the call of the wild capitalism and it is very likely to introduce the buy button option.

Does it really need that? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is happening with the major IT league players such as Twitter, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and others. They are pushing the reasonable limits. They are changing their essential structures in the name of bigger profits.

The social networks plan to include online purchase options. Google plays with satellites and drones. What is happening? At some point in time, we will not be able to tell a difference who is who on the Internet. At the end of the day, you have that bitter question for all of them: is this really necessary?

Twitter wants to become more like Amazon. What is next? You can Tweet on Amazon? If there is no other way for the IT giants to realize a simple truth about online business, let them hit the wall. Let them learn the hard way. In the meantime, the new IT kids on the block less greedy will appear sooner or later. Better sooner.

Don’t Mess With Amazon

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When you play in the major IT league, every single detail matters. Ask Amazon, it certainly has so much to tell you all about it. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know for sure that you simply cannot be loved or respected by all Internet users. There will be some haters and admirers. So, what can you do about it?

Well, Amazon has decided to do something about it. If you do not like Amazon, the chances are poor that you will be able to express it online. It is really an intriguing decision to acquire all potentially harmful domain names. Are you still confused? Well, as soon as we provide you with some nice examples you will understand it.

How about “” or “” or “”? This list can go on and on. Amazon has acquired most of them. So, if you want to express your negative feelings or thoughts about Amazon, you will have to find some other way. Is this effective and thoughtful move?

What do you think? You cannot make all the people on the Net to love you, and you cannot possibly acquire all the websites or domain names you do not like. Or maybe, you can try to do something magical with your customer support. How about that for a change? How hard could it possibly be? Right?

Twitch With A New Switch

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Amazon has acquired Twitch for one billion dollars or to be a little bit more precise for $970 million. Wait, wait, hold on for a second. What is wrong with this picture? We thought that the new owner of Twitch is Google. That was supposed to be an extremely useful business move for YouTube above all.

What went wrong? Nothing. Everything is just fine. As a matter of fact, Google never bought Twitch in the first place. That was only a rumor? A clever business trick to get the top price? We can keep guessing and Amazon can keep smiling. Google has planned to integrate Twitch in its YouTube system.

What can Amazon do with it? When you acquire a platform with 55 million users and more than 15 billion minutes of content, then sky is the limit. Let us not forget to mention that an average Twitch user spends no less than 100 minutes per day using it. Yes, this is a true golden goose.

The only question is, can it give a billion dollars worth golden eggs to its new owner Amazon? You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that Amazon is really up to something huge with this one. With so many gamers online, it can certainly ask for an advice how to play this game successfully.

Firephone Weak Flames

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Hey Amazon, what happened? We had so many expectations about the proudly announced new smartphone from Amazon’s kitchen called the Firephone. Maybe, this is an educational story how the things should not be done in the smartphone universe. Let us start with the lesson number one.

The smartphone market is an endless sea. However, that does not mean you can find your golden fish model just like that. This is what happened with the Amazon’s Firephone. On the other side, Amazon made the mistake number two by narrowing its sales efforts to the US market only.

The price itself was the final blow. Almost $600 for the Firephone give it or take. Really? For a newbie in the smartphone arena where some older guys such as Apple and Samsung play their successful game for years, this is a bold and a little bit reckless move. How can you justify your high price?

Again, the smartphone market is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the IT industry, at the moment. Nevertheless, that does not mean you can jump into the party and bring your rules or expectations. This is something Amazon will have to rethink over. Hopefully it will find its lost flames.

Kobo Waterproof Library Roof

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The Canadian busy little bees from Kobo have come up with an intriguing waterproof e-reader concept including a suitable name Aura H2O. Its name says it all. All you ebook addicts can relax now and enjoy reading with no need to worry about the rain or shower water drops. Very nice indeed.

It is worth mentioning that this e-reader has gone through some serious under water testing successfully. We are talking about 3 feet under water test for approximately half an hour with no troubles at all. This gives you a guarantee that you can really enjoy your favorite ebooks near water with no troubles at all.

Here is more. Your Aura H2O can provide you with more than 8,000 titles in its e-library. If you choose to use an additional memory card, we are talking about an entire library with more than 24,000 ebooks. Enough to read, and with no worries when some cloud decides it is time to bleed, the rain.

For what is worth, Kobo guys can expect some nice profitable weather, that is for sure. As always, we talk about the price itself, at the very end. For $179,99 you can say it is worth it. For your next precious device you do not need an umbrella. In addition, you can accept any water challenge with no worries.

The Project: Wing

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Google drives, and for what is worth, Google flies as well. One very serious rumor has it that Google is deeply involved in the drone stuff. What is the reason for it? Some say that the recent Twitch switch directed by Amazon triggered some nerves in Google. They want to strike back with a vengeance.

It comes without saying that Amazon was eager to turn the next page with the drone-based delivery of ordered goods. Google plans to do something similar with a couple of differences. The first one is related to the very purpose of Google air forces. It is rather humanitarian than commercial one.

You certainly recall Facebook, which airborne ambition was driven by a desire to provide the Internet in the most remote areas. Google drones are supposed to save lives and ease pain of people in trouble you simply cannot reach the other way. However, there is a catch and a serious limitation.

While Amazon drones are supposed to touch the ground during the delivery, the drones made by Google will drop it after you this way or another. Who knows, maybe we are very likely to witness some dog fights between Amazon and Google drones first hand in not so distant future.

Amazon Advertising Software

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It seems that the busy little bees from the Wall Street Journal have it all figured out. Amazon is deadly serious about its plan to develop an advertising software on its own. It is going to be something similar to Google’s AdWords. So, how it is going to be called? AmWords or AmazonAd?

OK. Let us leave that one to Amazon to worry about. We are eager to examine something else. Is it really possible to match and challenge the Google’s marketing machinery? On the other side, this is a tricky situation for Amazon. Why? Amazon has so many things at stake here. Maybe this one is too much.

Amazon is a well-known sleeping giant when it comes to advertising. It has a literally priceless database of its users. Just imagine what you can do with it. On the other hand, it comes without saying that Google or Microsoft would have killed for a list of users such as this one. So, what is Amazon up to?

Definitely a tough call for Amazon. You want to earn more, but at the same time you should not betray your customers. Their potential reaction is what worries the most Amazon management. We are simply not get used to seeing aggressive Amazon. Maybe, it is about time for all of that to change?