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So, what is this supposed to mean? Nowadays, anyone can make a smartphone. Well, that is not necessarily and entirely true. The right question actually sounds differently. Can anyone make a successful smartphone? Now, we are talking. Right? This is the right perspective to examine this situation.

Not so long ago, one IT giant and well-known brand called Amazon suddenly come up with an idea to create its own smartphone. This is exactly how the Firephone was born. So, what happened with this newbie smartphone? Amazon has lost hundreds of millions of dollars just like that in a few months.

Does this mean that Kodak is about to lose significant amounts of money? Well, we cannot say that. Actually, no one cannot. Not even the Kodak itself. We have no other choice than to wait for the final judgment of the customers themselves. On the other hand, all smartphone enthusiasts should be aware of something.

Making a smartphone of your own can be an extremely expensive and risky hobby. Both Amazon and Kodak should ask themselves a simple, and yet a painful question. Do we really need such a thing as a smartphone? Maybe we should do what we have been doing the best. Only. As simple as that.

The Good , the Bad and the Ugly Smartphone

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a marketing guru to know which smartphone has marked the 2014. However, besides the undisputed winner iPhone 6, it is worth mentioning which smartphones were the biggest losers. You can rest assured that this is a long lost. Yet we will mention only the top three.

Amazon’s Fire Phone comes first for a good reason. Actually, there are almost 200 million reasons for us to mention this inglorious failure. It turns out that is not an easy thing to make a successful smartphone despite the ever growing demand for new devices and models. We are not sure, if Amazon had enough.

OnePlus One did not bring two as a result. Actually, it ended with a big zero. Why? Well, this shiny smartphone got lost somewhere in the marketing translation. Do you recall Nokia X Series? Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with you. Nothing worth remembering, that is for sure with this series.

So, what is the moral of this story? It is hard to tell. You have to try your luck and build a smartphone of your own either way. Then, you have no other choice than to sit and wait what the market itself has to say about your concept and design. For these guys, the users had a negative judgment. Till next year.

The Six Figure Interships

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Money makes the IT world come around. This is not a secret nor a huge surprise. Yet, it is definitely interesting to know that even the beginner’s steps in the cyber world are well paid and nicely rewarded. We will give you some preliminary information as the starting point for your own math and calculations.

The average intership salaries at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other IT giants range somewhere from $7K to $10K give it or take the housing and other additional benefits. So, how do you feel about this one? If you are in the IT sector yourself, this is a nice thing to comment about with your colleagues.

On the other hand, if you are working somewhere else where your computer is only a working tool, then it is quite normal to be a little bit envious about it. The programer’s codes are moving our world forward. This is not a Hollywood style job filled with excitement, but it is certainly well compensated.

These impressive figures are the clearest indication that the IT sector still suffers from insatiable hunger for new developers and experts. If intership salaries are so rewarding, we can only guess what is happening at the later stages? Who wants to be rich has to find the right cyber switch. Right?

MyCopter and AeroMobil, How Do You Feel?

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Just the thing we need right now. With so many airborne announcements from Google, Facebook and Amazon, we will have flying cars, as well. What does it mean? Well, very soon we will move and live under a gigantic shade of the unimaginable number of small and mid size flying objects. It is a living horror.

Are we exaggerating? Rest assured that both of our legs are on the solid ground while we are writing this. Both MyCopter and AeroMobil are the EU funded flying car projects. Although, we are pretty much impressed, we have to admit that we are stressed, as well. Why? Well, it is very simple actually.

The flight regulations are rigorous for a good reason. We need the discipline and order above our heads. The last thing we need is the swarm of literally millions of small flying devices buzzing around us like crazy with no control at all. We need highways, signs and regulations for our sky traffic.

So, we have already asked you a question. How do you feel about these great news? Remind us, what was the right word for the fear of heights? Why do we need it? Well, we have this feeling that this word will be used very frequently in the near future. For the time being, we write this blog on the ground.

Uncle Amazon Wants You

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Amazon is hiring. If you love to fly, not literally, but rather virtually, then Amazon is the right place for you. The entire fleet of drones is ready to be launched for Amazon’s commercial purposes. All we need is to find the proper number of drone pilots, and we are good to go. Are you interested to join?

What kind of qualifications you need to have in this case? Here is the catch. You need to have enough experience as a drone pilot. Or, to be a little bit more precise, you need to have a five year experience as a pilot of automatic aircrafts. Where are we supposed to find these people? Here is the first possible idea.

Straight from the military uniform, where else? As it seems, we will have killer drone pilots delivering Amazon shipments all over our heads. Here is an additional trouble. We can expect for our sky to become an extremely crowded place. Amazon drones, Facebook balloons, and Google satellites.

Do we need more? How they plan to ensure the acceptable level of efficiency of their flying objects and quality of services? You just cannot fight the feeling that the Terminator and SkyNet scenario is becoming even more a real one. And, there is nothing we can do about it, can’t we? Beware of the drones.

Spacex Strikes Back

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Elon Musk is never bored, that is for sure. After giving us a fair warning about the Terminator real threat, he is up to something new. He plans to claim a piece of the sky, or the entire air space for his flying machines. It comes without saying that is going to be extremely crowded up there. Right?

We have some announcements in this field. Amazon and Facebook will launch drones. Google is thinking about balloons. Well Elon Musk’s Spacex will introduce micro-satellites. This miraculous solution is supposed to ensure that even the remotest areas on our planet experience the benefits of the Internet.

Great. We do not have to worry about the Internet. The only thing to worry about, though, is that something will eventually fall on our heads or houses from the blue sky. We will have literally millions of busy little mechanical bees flying around us. Who will control and coordinate this flying abundance?

Oh dear, this is really going to be something. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Elon Musk has a nice chance to materialize and unite some of his worst fears and brightest ideas. Maybe, he is our very next John Connor. The indisputable leader in our uprising against the machines.

Amazon Is On Fire! Again?

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It seems that almost $200 millions gone with the wind, or better to say eaten by the fire, are not enough for Amazon to call it a day. They are already thinking about the Fire Phone #2. Are they for real? Either the lesson was not taught, or they know something we do not. Do we really need the Fire Phone 2?

Again, what went wrong with the first one? Well, it turns out that Amazon was making the right thing, but for the wrong people. The guys it was addressing to with its Fire Phone are already occupied by Apple and Samsung. We are talking about the top class customers, who are spending just like that.

For them spending $600 or $700 for a single smartphone is not such a big deal. This is where Amazon had made the wrong turn. It should have followed the Microsoft’s golden advice. The future of smartphones, especially for the newbies, is not in the expensive, but rather affordable models.

If you sell 6 smartphones $100 each, you will do the same as with the one smartphone worth $600. We cannot believe that Amazon will allow for vanity to get in its way. You shoukd deal with the fire problem when it is a small one. When it takes the whole house there is not much to do. Right?

Where’s The Fire In The Fire Phone?

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One fine day, Amazon woke up and said to itself, OK let us make a smartphone of our own. Everyone who is a well-known name in the IT world makes the smartphones, nowadays. Why should we be an exception in this matter? There is no easier way to make quick money. So, let us give it a try, shall we?

Probably some of these thoughts have given the very birth of Amazon’s first smartphone called the Fire Phone. The trouble is that the smartphone market has its own rules one must comply with in order to succeed. If not, one will bleed, for sure. This is exactly what happened with Amazon in this story.

The market reserved for the top class smartphones recognizes very few names, such as Apple or Samsung, for instance. If we are not mistaken the initial price for the Fire Phone had huge flames of almost $600. That was an overconfident self-estimated price under the current market circumstances for a newbie.

The market cries for the quality, but affordable smartphones above all. This was something Amazon’s own pride and vanity could not possibly allow it to comply with. And now, it pays the bitter price of the loss of almost $200 million vanished into the wind. So much about the Amazon and its first smartphone.

Amazon Fire Phone Money Eater

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There is this extremely popular saying. Yet, we can only do our best to paraphrase and adjust it to the purpose of our post. It says that you can have it all for some time. You can even have some things all the time, but you can never have it all, all the time. That is really true. Ask Amazon, it knows so much about this one.

It turns out that its crown jewel the so-called Fire Phone can only consume the money with its flames, but not the hearts of the picky and demanding smartphone users. We are talking about the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. For Amazon this was an expensive and ineffective shiny toy.

What is the moral of this story? Do we have to repeat the saying from the beginning? Maybe, Amazon should keep to its origins and do what it does the best all of this time selling us books and music. There was really no need to make expensive experiments such as this one with the Fire Phone.

We sure hope that Amazon has learned its lesson well. It is definitely not a wise thing to wake up one fine day with the successful business results, and decide to make smartphones of your own. Who else wants to be a smartphone millionaire? Who else plans to enter the smartphone arena? Unprepared.

Photo Boomerang Drone

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It turns out that the Intel’s competition “Make It Wearable” was an extremely fruitful ground for some of the fantastic ideas. One of them definitely deserves our undivided attention. The last time we checked the IT drones were the size of a plane. This one will be a size of a butterfly. What can it do?

Well, believe it or not, you will be able to wear a bracelet on your wrist. Almost like a traditional watch. The difference is that there will be a mini flying drone with a tiny camera. It is supposed to fly and take a photo of you. Then it will land back on your arm nice and smooth. Is this SF or what?

It seems that Intel is dead serious about this project. Intel will support the development of this mini-drone with $50,000 and some of its own computer chips. This is really an encouraging thing. Almost anything you can possibly think of can become a reality. Today in the movies, tomorrow in real life.

For what is worth, our sky will be crowded with a guarantee. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and now Intel has announced their airborne plans. We sure hope there is a clear plan of what needs to be done in order for these busy little and big bees to fly around without any problems. The era of drones has begun.