Fifty Bucks Amazon Tablet

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We thought that after the Firephone fiasco Amazon did learn an invaluable lesson, including a decision to stay out of the production playing field. What do you know, Amazon wants to prove us all wrong. There is more than one rumor about the new tablet made in Amazon. Seriously?

It turns out that Amazon has learned something after all. It is too late to compete with the major league players in this field with the shiny and expensive flagship models, but you can still get your piece of a profit pie with a budget friendly device. So, what about the price itself?

Well, how about fifty bucks? Does this sound like enough of a reason to give Amazon a fair try? And, here is the most important question. What are you supposed to get for this amount of money? You just know where Amazon was forced to make substantial savings, don’t you?

The memory is always among the first things to be sacrificed. Only 1GB RAM and no more than 6 or 8GB of internal memory. This is all what you are going to get. Honestly speaking, for $50 have you really expected something more than these? If you want more, then you have to pay more.

Gone With The Fire Phone

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Hey Amazon, are you still on fire? This mobile adventure costed Amazon more than $170 million. For what is worth, Amazon had huge dreams, which included smartphones, tablets, and even TVs. Now, Amazon has to wake up and accept the bitter business reality. What is next?

According to The Wall Street Journal the smartphone era is finished for good in the Amazon. Its famous and secrete Lab126 has to find some other purpose. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or a business guru to know for sure that making your own smartphone brand is an expensive sport.

Should Amazon give it another try? Can they afford one more $200 million investment? Maybe, they should give it another try after the disappointing adventure, but in quite a different direction. What are we trying to say? Well, how about grandpa Microsoft as an example to follow?

You cannot compete with the major league boys, such as Apple and Samsung. The low cost smartphone market can be the next gold mine. This is why Amazon should ask for an advice  from grandpa Microsoft. Yet, the insatiable appetites and business grandomania is a serious disease. Right?

Swiss Drone Mail Service

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When you take just the first letters of our blog post’s title, then what you get is something easy to remember – the SDMS. Yet, this is merely a result of our game of words. On the other hand, this does not necessarily mean that the busy little Swiss bees are not dead serious about their intentions.

So, what is this all about? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Swiss is all about the Alpes and mountains. Being a postman is not an easy thing in this part of the world, isn’t it? That is why, the use of drones does not seem like a bad idea, at all. Yet, there is a catch.

The Swiss drone enthusiasts are willing to wait for five long years, just to make sure they are doing the right thing. They will include countless real-life tests, including the adequate legal frame for all of the potential practical issues. This is something Amazon drone team should examine carefully.

Five year trial period in this case, is too long or not enough to wait? How should we call this one, an inexcusable hesitation or the most reasonable thing to do? Let us wait and see, can the drones conquer the Swiss mountains in the right way. How about some chocolate drones made in Swiss?

Alibaba And 40 Video Streams

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If HBO and Netflix can do it, so can we. We are not quite sure, if this was the very life changing idea in Alibaba, but you can rest assured that this “Chinese Amazon” is dead serious about its streaming intentions. Speaking of the devil, Amazon has already made some important steps in this direction.

Tmall Box Office (TBO) is going to be a name of the new Alibaba HBO. For what is worth, the initial plan is to offer 10% of free content. What is going to happen with the remaining 90%? Well, we will have to pay for it. Is this a little bit too much to ask? It seems that Alibaba believes, in its streaming power.

However, the catch is that both HBO and Netflix have become amazingly strong productions. As you probably know, the Game of Thrones is HBO’s crown jewel. On the other hand, Netflix certainly takes pride in its work with the House of Cards. How do you plan to match these, Alibaba?

It is definitely wrong to think that your users will follow you blindly whatever you do. We sure hope that is not the case with Alibaba. Otherwise, the first and last movie, or even better the TV series by Alibaba, is going to be a dark comedy about its own streaming project. Who is going to play the leading role?

Amazon This, Amazon That

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This may come as a little bit annoying experience. Amazon has great drone delivery plans. Amazon invests is this. Amazon develops that. Now, one serious rumor has it that Amazon wants to step into the gaming world. Oh dear, we have forgotten the very first Amazon smartphone.

What was the name of this shiny project? Ah yes, the Fire Phone, which eventually eaten by the merciless smartphone market flames. How about Amazon PC or mobile games? Is this really a plan that can work for Amazon? What were or they are still thinking, those busy little bees in the Amazon?

For what is worth, Amazon has quite a remarkable “gaming” experience. We have heard that distinguished design and development names, who used to work on the games, such as Portal, World of Warcraft, and BioShock, are now fulfilling Amazon’s dreams in the world of gaming.

Let us also not forget that Amazon was involved this way or another with some of the gaming classics, such as Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Dota 2, Infamous, and Shadows of Mordor. Yet, playing and distributing games, is one thing, but making them, is something completely different. Right?

The Prime Air Gets The Second Green Light

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Amazon is good to go with its drone delivery plan. Although, it is still in a testing phase, the green light awarded by the administration in charge of the US blue sky, certainly means a lot to Amazon. Is this a good news? We will be able to live inside a huge real-life SF movie, that is for sure now.

Your Amazon delivery guy will forget the sound of your doorbell. From now on, you have to leave your windows open, if you want to get what you have previously ordered in the Amazon shop. Yes, there are quite a few practical problems, which stand in line to be solved. Do we really need this?

For what is worth, Amazon tries to assure us that the transportation costs are its silent killer. This way, we will be able to get our books and toys much quicker. On the other side, Amazon can cut down its costs and improve its efficiency. So, it is a win-win on a paper. Right? Nothing to worry about?

However, it is a scary thought to imagine our lovely blue sky swarming with tens of thousands, if not millions, of busy little drone bees delivering the things we wished for. Can we control the chaos? Is Amazon going to be the only around with the airborne desires? Enjoy the car sky while you still can.

Hey Drone, Get Me A Beer!

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Have we finally come to our senses? It turns out that we can use the notorious drones for some other things than killing or annoying commercial delivery. In one of our previous posts, we mentioned a great idea about using the drones for planting new trees in the most remote and endangered areas.

Here is one more positive idea. Some busy little cyber bees have come up with an idea of using the drones as the genuine flying waiters. You do not have to worry about the waiters themselves, though, because they are not going to be fired. We need someone to fly these things around, don’t we?

So, this is supposed to be a win-win situation. You will get what you order in no time. The waiters can sit and relax, while directing the drones with food and drinks. Just imagine the crowded clubs, where you have to wait for an eternity to get what you ordered, because the waiters just cannot get through.

This is a great news, definitely. We sure hope that these flying waiters are not going to start falling from above on the guests sitting in the restaurants. But, let us forget about these dark clouded thoughts and order our favorite drinks or food. One question left, though. How are we going to pay to