Google PG-13

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It seems that Google has found a way to achieve a win-win situation between the requirements of the recent Internet law changes and young users’ wishes. How? Well, on the one side, we have the law demand that users younger than 13 cannot have Internet related or any form of web accounts created.

On the other side, Google wants to do something for its young users, which will not upset their parents. Here is a solution. The teenagers younger than 13 will be able to open and use limited Google accounts. They will even have an opportunity to use a special YouTube version adjusted to their age.

The Google approach in this field can be explained as Google Aps yes and Google Plus no, when it comes to children. For what is worth, Google has to be extremely careful about this one. The last thing they need are the parents’ complaints on this matter. Does Google really need young users?

What else can Google do about it? To wait for them to grow up? They will eventually use Google services this way or another, sooner or later. We sure hope, we will not witness some kind of PG-13 advertising activities, which target this younger population of users. Google behave yourself, what else can we say?

The Biggest Tablets You Money Can Buy

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If you think that 10″ or 12″ is a borderline for a decent tablet, then what would you say about tablets twice as big as these? Yes, we are talking about giant tablets of 20″ and 24″. It is almost like you are holding a TV in your own hands. The Fuhu company is to be “blamed” for these Gulliver’s tablets.

Their series of tablets has quite an appropriate name the Big Tab Tablets. The Fuhu designers had a clear idea of what they want to achieve with their devices. There are designed primarily for kids. In addition, their size strongly favors two small players. On the other side, the grown ups can use them for more serious tasks, as well.

We should not forget to mention the price itself. We are talking about the two amounts of $450 and $550. Compared to the prices you have to pay for the newest Samsung or Apple models, these amounts seem as the reasonable ones for the screen size you get in return. There is one thing left to be mentioned.

The modern smartphones are constantly pushing the very limits of available screen sizes. They are becoming as big as the small class tablets. At the end of the day an average user cannot avoid asking him or herself, what is the true difference between a smartphone and tabled? Do you know?

Microsoft vs LA Clippers

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It seems that a choice between Microsoft and the NBA team the Los Angeles Clippers for Steven Anthony “Steve” Ballmer was an easy one. From now on, he would rather throw balls than Windows new versions. Why? Well, he said he couldn’t lead, teach, and play all at the same time. Two out of three.

He would gladly play side by side with its Clippers and do some scientific work as well. Apparently there is no room for managing the Microsoft’s affairs. Was this a good choice? Well, for him personally, it was. What about Microsoft itself? Time will tell. There is no other way of knowing it, for sure.
On the other hand, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see for yourself that Microsoft is about to go through some tremendous changes, if it is to be something more than an IT dinosaur. It is better for Steve and Microsoft not to be around when these changes knock at the door with their full strength.

Who knows, maybe we will have difficulties recognizing the Microsoft as we know it today. For new things, you need new people. Both Gates and Ballmer have done their homework. It is the right time for the MS great number 3 to show his moves and create a history of his own. Good luck, fingers crossed!

Windows XP: The Faithful Ones

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Every now and then, Kaspersky Lab comes up with some intriguing research results. This time they have decided to analyze, which countries are the most faithful ones to outdated and unprotected Windows XP. Why in the world would Kaspersky Lab have an interest for the number of XP users all over the world?

Well, you should probably know by now that the Windows XP without its updates and technical support has become the new hacker’s El Dorado. Although, it may be a little bit hard for you to believe, almost 20% of all computers in the world still run the good old Windows XP with great passion and commitment.

Why? Hard to tell. For what is worth, they are making Microsoft to be that desperate to offer free Windows 9 update to all XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. It seems that there is no other way to make hundreds of millions of loyal, but also the extremely stubborn users to switch to the new Windows version.

The more they wait and hesitate, the more chances will hackers have to achieve their goals with an unexpected ease. Microsoft will have to come up with a genuine solution in order to properly motivate its XP users to change something. What could that be? That is a couple of billions of dollars worth question.

In Google Richness. In Google Poorness.

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Finally, someone has analyzed the Google’s statistics and confirmed what we knew all of this time. Google does not care if you are rich or poor. Its answers will always be the same when identical questions are being asked by the people with obvious differences in their bank accounts.

Unfortunately, different circumstances make you to ask different questions. That is an unwritten rule and Google has interesting facts to support it. According to the findings of the most recent surveys the people, who are living in the struggling economies of the US states, have different search priorities.

They ask Google all there is to know about health, religion, video games, diets, and eventually guns. Some of their most used terms are Hell and Antichrist. On the other hand, the lucky citizens of the richest US countries are eager to know more about the smartphones, travelling, and fitness machines.

It is worth mentioning that there are still some common topics for both groups. Oprah Winfrey and Super Bowl apparently have nothing to do with your financial situation. You will google about these no matter where you live and what you do. Use Google to earn some money online, will you?

The Battery Challenge

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Here is a post you have no other choice than to read at least twice. The most troubling question of them all is who to blame for the short battery life of our smartphone? We know how the usual suspects list looks in this matter, don’t we? We used to blame the manufacturers, devices, and even the batteries themselves.

However, we have completely forgotten to check what is happening with the mobile OS. Does it influence the life of your smartphone battery and how? The HTC has conducted an experiment, which included its crown jewel HTC One M8. One of the experimental devices run on Android, while the other one used Windows Phone.

The results were at least to say shocking. The HTC’s battery of 2,600 mAh in the Android environment can offer you from 12 to 20 hours of non-stop conversations. On the other hand, with Windows Phone you can always count on a minimum of 22 hours and even more. And, there is more to evaluate.

In the standby mode HTC One M8 with Android can survive up to 12 days. Nevertheless, with Windows Phone mobile OS you can get three days extra. For what is worth, the battery puzzle gets itself quite an unexpected solution. Now, we will pay more attention to the OS our smartphones use, won’t we?

Samsung Ice Bucket Challenge

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You know the rules, don’t you? You accept the Ice Bucket Challenge, enjoy some ice cold water, donate the money, and then eventually nominate three more participants. It seems that the busy little marketing bees in Samsung have realized the intriguing potential of these extremely popular events.

So, it goes. Samsung Galaxy S5 has accepted the full scale challenge. You can see a smartphone covered in ice and water. The funny thing about is the voice behind, who nominates iPhone 5S, HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumia 930 to take part, as well. Now, you see the whole picture behind. Really clever indeed.

The waterproof feature is something you should definitely emphasize while you promoting ykjr newest model. On the other hand, it is more than indicative how careful Samsung’s selection of the next three participants was. The three models we have already mentioned are unquestionably the toughest challenge for Samsung.

It is worth seeing what would be the answer of Apple, HTC and Microsoft. They do not have waterproof models, and they cannot allow for this challenge to go unpunished and unanswered. One thing is certain. Their marketing teams will need tons of ice to cool down their temper on this one.