Garage Brainiacs

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Every  now and then Eric Schmidt has a need for speed. He likes to rain advice about the cyber universe and IT entrepreneurship. So, let us hear what he has to say this time. When you are that long on the very top, then you can stop thinking about who or what is going to claim your throne sooner or later.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what has been going on with Google. Who or what can jeopardize the indisputable position of Google on the market? Admit it, you are already thinking about the other dinosaurs from the Jurassic cyber park. Yet, Eric is pretty much determined to prove us completely wrong.

Here is the catch. Some brainiac, who works in his garage, will claim the world. He just does not know it, yet. It turns out that our parents’ garages have both sentimental and historical value in our recent IT history. All big things come from the small garages. Even the Google itself started in a garage.

The funny thing about this story is that all major names in the IT business get infected with the nostalgia virus, from time to time. Do you remember the good old days we used to spend in our garage working on the next big thing? This is probably one of the most popular stories on the anniversary cocktails, isn’t it?

Gone In Three Seconds

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What do you know there are some clever busy little bees in Samsung, who obviously know how to make something equally intriguing besides the smartphones and smart TVs themselves. We are talking about the unprecedented 60 GHz WiFi technology. So, what is that supposed to mean exactly?

Well, here is an example on a WiFi for dummies style. With this technology you will be able to download a movie of 1 GB in size in less than three seconds. In plain English, this will introduce in a blink of an eye download technology. Just imagine for a moment. The sky is the very limit here. Right?

On the other hand, we sure hope that Samsung sees the larger picture. We would definitely like to see this technology implemented in our smart devices. That can easily turn out to be the next big thing. Data transfer in the speed of light and thoughts. What a lovely concept for all of you SF fans.

Clap your hands and turn on the TV. Clap one more time and your favorite movie is already there. Clap it to say thank you Samsung so much. Both wireless and limitless give us the same kind of ideas. Our hats off to Samsung for this unusual opportunity. We hope you will use it for something legitimate and useful.

The Li-Ion Battery King

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is the Achilles’ heel of the modern smartphones, do you? The batteries have been crying for a sustainable and reliable solution for quite some time. Can we make them to last longer than a day? Otherwise, we will end in the wall kissing zone.

The Li-Ion battery concept gives you an unprecedented promise worth remembering. The ability to recharge 70% in less than two minutes. The busy little bees from the Li-Ion are pretty much sure they can do a miraculous job for both electric cars and smartphones. Should we believe them blindly?

Well, what other choice do we have, honestly? On the other hand, we sure hope this two super power minutes does not come with a high price we are not willing to pay. We are not talking about the money itself. What is going to happen with our battery? Does it mean, it will last two times less in return?

We are eager to be awarded with the effective solution, rather than to trade one old trouble for a new similar one. We like to brag around about the price or size of our smartphone, but when it comes to the battery itself we suddenly look the other way. We really need battery lions to save the day.

It’s Time For A New Blink Qik

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There are so many takeovers in the IT universe on a daily basis that is very hard to keep an eye on them all. One of them included Skype and Qik app. Skype bought this video streaming service and we thought Skype had forgotten about it. Yet, the Qik is back with a new design and new role planned for it.

Our hats off to Skype for improving its services as it should be. What does it mean? At least Skype is not making a new smartphone or computer. They are offering you a nice chance to share video messages with your loved ones and friends. But, we can do it already with the good old Skype. That is true.

But, it is also true that Qik offers you something quite different. First of all, you will not have to log or use passwords for the Qik. This also applies to your friends. In addition, all video messages will be automatically deleted after two weeks. We are impressed, but we still do not see a point here.

Maybe, the answer is somewhere else. How about the new app called the Firefox Hello? Maybe, this “Mozilla’s Skype” is what makes the Skype to be nervous. What is happening? We can send video messages with no need to create user accounts and passwords. How will this work in the first place? Let us see.

The Slim Empire

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Just say Kazam and you got yourself the thinnest smartphone in the world. Its model Tornado 348 is 5,1 mm thin. Can you imagine that? Here is a quick comparison with the others thin kids from the slim block. Let us begin with the new shining star called iPhone 6. We are talking about the 6,9 mm.

The Sony Xperia Z3 is 7,3 mm thin. And, the fattest kid in the slim school is definitely the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 8,1 mm. So, what are you supposed to do with such a thin smartphone? Well, you should do your best to prevent it from bending itself. With only five millimeters in your hands that is not an easy thing to do.

So, have we hit the very boundary when it comes to the thin smartphones? We guess that the 5 mm is a line we cannot cross. Or, maybe we are missing the larger picture and all possibilities associated with the modern smartphone’s design? Why do we need the smartphones so thin in the first place?

The smartphone designers are almost like kids. Let us make the thinnest smartphone in the world. Now, let us make one with the largest screen. How about the fastest one? Unfortunately, no one is interested to do something about the price itself. It is highly unlikely that we will witness it in the near future.

Bentley Smartphone

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What is that? A smartphone on wheels? No, this is a special version of Vertu for Bentley. And, it is called Vertu for Bentley, how convenient. If you can afford yourself a luxury of owning a Bentley car, then you can certainly afford this smartphone. You do not have to guess twice, what is this smartphone all about, do you?

Now, it is the right moment for you to make a tough choice. Which one you prefer more? On the one side, you have a Vertu smartphone, while on the other side you have an entire football team of almost twenty iPhones. Are you confused or you cannot believe that this is the price ratio between these two?

Yes, as simple as that. For one single Vertu you can buy an iPhone for your family, including your friends, as well. Why? You should know by now that the Vertu is all about diamonds and breathtaking design. If you buy a Vertu, then you are not primarily interested in your smartphone’s feature, are you?

Those are the rules. Every smartphone will find its buyer sooner or later, this way or another. For what is worth, this is a nice thing for a change. We have found a smartphone, which makes the iPhone look cheap. We sure hope that Vertu will not have bending troubles. For this price that is not recommended.

Bending iPad On The Horizon?

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know even without looking that iPad Air 2 is on the top of its class, do you? When Tim Cook says that this is a piece of magic glass, we have no reason to question his judgment. Yet, Apple may have a tiny problem here. Something we have already seen in the iPhone 6 bending story.

The iPad Air 2 greatest advantages are at the same time its most serious weaknesses. With its weight of fascinating 450 grams and only 6,1 mm of thickness, it is extremely suitable for the bending trouble. On the other side, it is highly unlikely that you would put the iPad Air 2 in your pocket. Right?

Yet, we have to ask a simple question. What if the iPad Air 2 ends up not it in the wrong, but in the strong pair of hands? We sure hope this is not going to transform itself in some kind of a bend-your-iPad challenge, is it? Or, maybe Apple has really pushed the limit of the acceptable thickness?

On the other hand, there is one thing you cannot bend so easily, and that is its price. It moves from $499 to $699 depending on the available memory, you are willing to acquire 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB. Let us see what is going to happen. One thing is more than certain. Apple has had enough of bending troubles, hasn’t he?

Google Glassddiction

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Here is what happens when you use Google Glasses 18 hours a day. You end up in the clinic for addiction problems. The doctors are confused. Which method to apply in order to fight this unusual addiction? Eventually, they have figured out the alcoholism addiction techniques are the most suitable ones.

So, what went wrong for this Google Glass fan? It is more than obvious that he was enjoying it too much for a normal human being to handle with no consequences. He reported being able to dream in vivid colors and pictures absolutely identical to those you can experience when using the Google Glass.

He had a feeling that he cannot make it without the Google Glass. That was the moment he realized that his problem was a serious one. The next thing you know, he is already in the clinic. So, what is the moral of this story? We are not advising you against the Google Glass? Something else you should remember.

Use them freely, but not according to the addiction formula 25/8. The ancient Romans or Greeks, we are not quite sure, did not have a luxury of using the Google Glasses. However, they knew to say when enough is enough. To know your limits is definitely a great virtue. Worth reminding that is for sure.

The Chinese Mobile Wars

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Who says that only Apple and Samsung know how to party in terms of merciless competition. This year has more than reason to be treated at the unprecedented one in the Chinese mobile market. The so-called “Chinese Apple” has finally claimed the mobile throne in its own home country for the very first time.

Yet, on the other side, it seems that Lenovo is not thrilled with the Xiaomi’s success. So, what they are going to do about it? Well, it is simple, and that is why it is so complicated. Lenovo plans to come up with the completely new mobile brand designed especially for the Chinese market. Why it is so difficult?

Our first concern is that Lenovo faces a danger of biting more than it can chew. Can Lenovo fight successfully on two very different and extremely challenging markets such as China and North America? As you already know Lenovo has acquired one of the proud mobile pioneers called Motorola.

On the other side, Lenovo has one of its business eyes focused on the BlackBerry in Canada. Do not forget the new smartphone brand for the Chinese market. Is this too much to ask even for Lenovo itself? We will find out first-hand soon enough. In the meantime, Apple and Samsung can take a break.

Hello, Firefox Hello

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Who or what is Firefox Hello? That is Mozilla’s Skype. Do we really need one more Skype in an endless sea of more or less similar apps? Well, it seems that there are some busy little bees in Mozilla, who have decided to offer something different and interesting at the same time. So, what is Firefox Hello all about?

Imagine a chat or call feature integrated into your Firefox browser. Would not that be a lovely thing to have and use? No need to log or install a special app. Now, you got the whole picture. This kind of a Hello can really shake the IT ground. You are offering something, which is simpler to use.

You do not have to guess twice that Microsoft is not going to be thrilled with this sudden and quite an unorthodox competition. This is undoubtedly an intriguing and original concept. Let us wait and see, how it is going to work in the real cyber life. There are quite a few practical questions to be solved.

How you are going to contact your friends? Can you save your conversations? There are so many things we are eager to test ourselves. Either way, this is a strong encouragement for all of you dreamers out there. Who could have thought that it would be possible to talk and chat in your browser? Keep dreaming.