Duo Camera – Duo Doubt

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You know how it goes with our busy little bees, who write the blog, don’t you? We are hopelessly lazy to check all of our claims. The same goes with this one. We are not quite sure, but we think that HTC was among the very first to come up with a duo camera system. We are talking about HTC One M8 model.

Now, one serious rumor has it that Apple is dead serious about an idea of introducing the duo camera solution for its next model. So serious, that Apple is already in the patent phase. Is this a good idea, worth of all the trouble? Why do you need two back cameras, in the first place?

It is worth mentioning that HTC has decided to leave this duo camera concept for its next crown jewel HTC One M9. So, why insisting on the same principle, which is already abandoned in a certain way? Two camera thing is not going to be a decisive moment, when you are making a decision about your next iPhone, is it?

There is an excuse for the craziest ideas you can possibly imagine in the merciless and competitive world of smartphones. You really have to think hard in order to come up with a fresh and original, almost an unprecedented, concept and design with your latest model. OK, what is next?

How Old Do I Look?

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To tell you the truth, this is quite an unexpected app to come out of the very serious and conservative Microsoft’s kitchen. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know without asking what is How-Old-Do-I-Look app all about, do you? Is this something to play with, or more of a serious cyber-tool?

Well, you can laugh as much as you like, but the current facial recognition system in Facebook is one of the most powerful in the whole world . Compared to it, the similar one used by the FBI itself with a little bit of an exaggeration looks and works like a toy. Maybe, the grandpa Microsoft is on a secret mission.

We do not want to sound like an Android paranoid, but we just cannot fight the strong feeling about Uncle Sam’s involvement in this story. Why in the world would Microsoft mess up with an app such as this one? What is here for it to gain eventually? Something is just not right here.

If you want to know how old is someone, ask him or visit his Facebook page. As simple as that. You do not need state-of-the-art apps to tell you that. How about an app, how much you like the new Windows 10, for a change? That would have been more useful app to develop and launch for Microsoft.

Hit The Powerwall

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When Elon Musk is not too busy with the SF worst case scenarios and evil terminator stories, he can be quite inventive. We have already written more than once about his positive obsession with the energy related innovations. Tesla home power batteries, now have a name. Welcome to the world of the Powerwall.

We were a little bit lazy to ask Google, are we supposed to recharge these batteries or Tesla corporation will do it for us? We will have to rely on Tesla’s supply of new batteries or our dear sun will take care of it all? Either way, this is an intriguing concept with the great life changing capacity. What can we expect?

Tesla cars have ensured a decent place in the history of the most brilliant inventions. However, this is at least a light year away from initial Musk’s idea about hundreds of millions of these cars, which were supposed to rule our streets by now. So, what went wrong? Can it damage the Powerwall?

Well, for what is worth, green technologies ask for lots of green, if you know what we mean, and that it is not grass. Yet, it would be a shame to stop now with the development of new and revolutionary energy concepts, because of the troubling initial costs. Isn’t that right Mr. Musk?

No Lollipop For Galaxy S4 Mini

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This one just could not be simpler, than it is. There will be no Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Why? What seems to be the problem? Well, for what is worth, Galaxy S4, despite its remarkable features just could not catch up with the memory demands imposed by Android 5.0.

It is not the end of the world, if you have to use Android 4.4 KitKat. However, this is definitely not a nice thing to hear. What are your available options? We are not rocket scientists nor Android gurus, but this can mean only one thing. Run for the latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. That is the Lollipop guarantee at the moment.

This Lollipop trouble is a perfect candy for any conspiracy theory fan. The corporations are blackmailing us to get the latest models in order to keep up with the latest updates. Well, if you feel bad about this one, then you should choose the IOS platform instead. It is the Lollipop’s way or some other mobile highway.

So, what is the moral of our candy story? We are confused as much as you. This is supposed to be a win-win for everybody. You get a shiny new smartphone, while the corporations are skyrocketing and developers are smiling. In the meantime, we just reached a new record of global e-waste.

Nokia – Microsoft = ?

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Is there a chance that Nokia could still connect smart-people in the near future? According to the Nokia Division in China this is a real opportunity. The grandpa Microsoft claims and owns everything there is to claim in terms of patents and mobile division. But, what about Nokia’s smartphone future?

Here is a million dollar question. Can Microsoft forbid and prevent Nokia from making its very own first Android smartphone, for instance? However, as soon as you ask this question you realize something. Microsoft bought Nokia in the first place, because Nokia could not catch up with the smartphone race.

In a certain way, that would not be fair. Nokia took an advantage of its critical financial situation with this takeover. It has survived. It would not be nice for Nokia to say, thank you for all the money grandpa Microsoft, but we have to go now. We need to make our first smartphone. We have to hurry.

It is nice to have wild dreams of a great and glorious comeback to the mobile dance floor. Yet, the reality is a rather bitter and an unpleasant thing. Lots of things have changed in the meantime. For the time being, Nokia will have to remain in the dream zone. For how long? Ask grandpa Microsoft.

Draw With Google

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It has been a while since Google did something in its recognizable style. Oh, those were the days, when Google was more concerned about the prestige and innovations, and a little bit less about profit and advertising. This time Google has reminded us, why we fell in love with its cheerful colors, in the first place.

The latest Android hit app is called the GEM (Google Ecriture Manuscrite). What is that supposed to mean in plain English? Well, from now on, your drawings and handwritten text will get an automatic digital form. So, how this app works in the virtual reality of our apps? You do not have to be a rocket scientist, do you?

You do not have to worry if your handwriting style resembles the ancient hieroglyphs. In addition, you do not have to worry if your drawings fit under a category of the so-called Picasso style. Our good old Google will take care of it all. You just sit and write and draw, with nothing more than your own finger.

What you will get as a result is either a digital form of your message written by your own finger or a smiley derived from your funny looking drawing. So, it is a win-win for both Google and us. There is only one question, though. Who is going to use his or her fingers instead of a keyboard? Right?

The Third Age vs The First Apps

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We live in the digital age. How many people, including your loved ones, do you know to live in an age of their own? It is a heartbreaking thing, rather than a comic one, when you see elderly people how struggle with the new shiny gadgets. Very often in vain. Here is a suggestion, which can easily work for real.

It does not cost too much and it does not ask for a logistic magic to organize a week long e-seminar for our old friends and loved ones. You do not need to become a developer, while you are spending most of your time playing with your grandchildren. So, what is essential for you to know in order to find your way around the cyber jungle?

It would be nice for our seniors to learn how to open and use an email. In addition, a proper introduction to the world of social networks can undoubtedly mean a world to them. Let us not forget to show them how to surf the Web. Finally, some your-new-smartphone 101 can certainly reshape this industry.

You are never too old to learn a new trick, aren’t you? When you retire, you can afford yourself a luxury of free time to learn new things. In our century, not being able to use a computer is almost the same as not being able to read or write in the previous century. We have said more than enough. It is your turn to learn something new in return.