Smartphone Smart Choices

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There is a reason why your smartphones are treated and called as such. However, very often we can diminish their smart character with our dumb choice of apps we are downloading and using. How to avoid making a serious mistake? Well, you should use an additional pair of eyes while choosing.
The shiny world of available apps is not a paradise place. According to some most recent surveys, almost 15% of all available apps are absolutely useless and even harmful for your smartphone. Forget about ratings and focus entirely on the purpose itself. Here is a simple and efficient advice.

Everything that claims of being able to fix or extend your smartphone’ battery from the Play Store or Apple Store should be avoided. Shaking apps, which can also scan numerous pointless things, are not something you should install on your smartphone. Unfortunately, there is so much more.

All kinds of boosters, improvers, cleaners, and similar apps, should be avoided at all costs. This list can go on and on. Then, how to make the right choice? It all begins and ends with a simple question. Ask yourself, do you really need a certain app, and what could it do for your smartphone.

Windows 10: To Be Or Not Free

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Poor old grandpa Microsoft. It simply does not know what to do with the new Windows 10. So many things to worry about. On the one side, you have to deal with an entire army of loyal, but annoyingly stubborn users, who just do not want to give up on the old outdated versions, such as XP or Vista.

On the other side, you have to figure out what to do in the terms of an unavoidable question related to the payment itself. How much and whom to charge in the first place? We have heard more than serious rumors about a possibility for free versions of Windows 10 for Windows 8 and 8.1 users.

Now, Microsoft has changed its mind, again. It turns out that only Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 Pro users can expect a free upgrade. This is not going to be the case with all users, who run the Enterprise editions. In other words, corporate users will have to pay for it, with no exceptions.

Is this a good and recommended business move? Well, for what is worth, having in mind what is happening with the Windows 10 promotion and its birth pains, the payment troubles should not be among Microsoft’s priorities. Why? Well, if there is no one to use your software, then you do not have to worry about the payment. Right?

Connecting People

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Do you remember, who used to claim this timeless and extremely popular slogan? Once upon a time, Nokia was connecting people all over the world. Nowadays, Facebook plans to do something similar, with the different objectives, though. So, what is up to this time? Our and world’s friend, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has launched the internet.org campaign or project. Call it what you want. Apparently, this is supposed to be a life changing thing for the most remote and undeveloped parts of the world, where the Internet has some second thoughts in terms of visiting. What can we do about it for real?

Facebook is dead serious about balloons, satellites, and drones flying around and dropping the Internet signal. This is a noble thing to do. No questions about it. Unfortunately, we have noticed something that threatens to spoil the party. The Facebook package does not include that much for the Internet newbies.

Only a Facebook app and some additional things, but nothing that can be associated with the competitors. What does it mean? Facebook gives a unique chance for the people in South America, Africa, and Asia. What is the first thing you are supposed to do once you get online? Opening a Facebook account, of course.

Is MySpace Still Your Favorite Place?

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Do you have a feeling that MySpace went missing for at least twenty or thirty years? Facebook has just blown the tenth candle on its birthday cake. Do you get it cyber boys and girls? In our cyber universe the different physic laws about the time and space are to be applied. You cannot do a thing about it.

Nowadays, MySpace looks like a thing borrowed from an IT museum. Not so long ago this was an extremely popular social network. As a matter of fact, this was one of the very few truly global social networks. Or, maybe we are exaggerating a little bit. Back in those days Mark did not have a clue what to do with his life.

Mark who? Zuckerberg, of course. Then, something went wrong. It turns out that people cared more about their pictures than music. And, before you knew it, Facebook replaced MySpace on the throne of popularity with a merciless ease. So, what is happening with MySpace? New owners. New plans.

Did you get an email recently? MySpace is sending quite a lot emails. It wants to remind you that its features are still alive and kicking. Some of its content associated with you are still out there. Why do not pay a visit to your old MySpace account? Or, maybe you are too much consumed by Facebook.

Sparrow A Broken Arrow

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Is this how it works? Seriously? You buy something only to break it? It seems that the same rules are to be applied in the cyber world. Let us take this bedtime story a little bit further, shall we? Do you have any other option as a developer of a promising young app? You develop only to sell it later.

Is there any other option? For what is worth, the French app called the Sparrow, which provided an email service for Apple users, was acquired by Google a couple of years ago. This is supposed to be an excellent business move and a huge win-win situation for both developers and Google itself.

Then, all of a sudden, Google has decided to kill this app with no additional explanation or at least with no fair warning. On the other hand, some people may say that this is a way for the big cyber sharks to eat the small promising ones with no consequences. You just do not allow them to grow big.

Why? Maybe, they will jeopardize your position one day. Do not laugh. In the brave new cyber world the life changing things can occur in the matter of days. One day your app has a zero, the next year it is a billion dollar hero. Or, maybe you are buying so many apps that some of them are treated as the collateral damage.

How To Eat, Drink, And Breathe The Internet?

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One of the latest parliamentary cyber reports in the UK has quite an indicative title: “Make or Break: The UK’s Digital Future”. What is that supposed to mean? It seems that the busy little UK bees are worried about their digital future. Why? What went wrong? Well, to be perfectly frank on this one.

Nothing. Everything is just fine. People are using the Internet like never before. You have more computer and mobile devices. The Internet network is spreading at an unprecedented speed. However, that is obviously not enough. The politicians have figured it out. Is this unusual for them or what?

The boys and girls from the UK parliament have realized that the very future of their nation depends on the Internet. This is not a surprise nor a rocket science, as well. Just look at what the UK’s younger brother across the ocean has done with it. In terms of an inspiration you do not need more.

That is why the Internet has to be treated as the essential human right, just like air or water. You have every right to google all day long, and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. This is nice. Now, let us put some law to guarantee us the minimal Internet speed. Would not that be a sight worth seeing?

Lollipop vs IOS 8

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It is Sizif work to even dare of comparing the most popular mobile OS platforms in the world. Without any exaggeration we can say that these two take more than 90%, if not even the 95%, of the smartphone OS pie. For this particular purpose, we are going to focus our attention only on the stability characteristic.

Google is extremely confident about the latest Android 5.0 or also known as the Lollipop. When it comes to the stability itself, Google says that no one can match the Lollipop. Not even the Apple’s crown jewel – the IOS 8. We are not quite sure or confident about the following statistics, but we have to mention them.

For what is worth, the previous version KitKat was used to crash in up to 2,6% of reported devices. In comparison, Apple did better with the 2,2% crash reports recorded for the IOS 8. Now, the Lollipop claims that it can take us under the exceptional border line of less than 2%. Is it possible?

Yes, it certainly is, but we do not know it, for sure. Maybe, we are not comparing the right things. The Lollipop is the latest cookie from the Google’s mobile kitchen. One serious rumor has it that Apple is already working at the IOS 9. We shall wait and see, how stable this new version is going to be.

There Is No Mobile Money In Sony

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So, what do you get when you eliminate a mobile division of Sony? Well, what you get a profitable company. Do not get us wrong. Sony is a powerful brand. Sony is a successful company. But, unfortunately Sony is no longer a profitable company. Why? Because of its unsuccessful mobile division.

That is why. So, what is Sony supposed to do in order to change all that? For what is worth, there is a simple, but extremely painful and even embarrassing solution. If Sony has the strength or courage to get rid of its mobile division that can ensure the respectable profit for the remaining business sectors.

We are talking about Sony Entertainment. As you probably know, Sony Play Station was the number one gaming console in 2014. In addition, Sony Pictures is a respectable name in the movie industry. Therefore, there are healthy parts of Sony’s body, which can ensure its survival and progress.

Maybe, that is the key for a shiny business success. Profound and exclusive specialization is the key. We cannot all make smartphones, can we? Let us stick to what we do the best. Right? Although, we have to admit, we were the big fans of the intriguing Xperia series. Sony can make a movie about it.

Do You Hate The AI Haters?

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We do not know what is the reason, but nowadays there is an entire army of the VIP names from the cyber universe, who are extremely skeptical about the AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Just look at the newspapers and the most popular blogs, including the IT news specialized web portals.

What is wrong with this picture? How are we supposed to make any progress in this field, if we are having some troubling second thoughts about it? At the same time, we are extremely surprised by the overwhelming power of the so-called Terminator and SkyNet syndrome, which are so dominant.

It turns out that we are missing one important and surprisingly obvious fact. What could it be? Well, it is quite simple. By the time we develop the AI, we have an opportunity of seeing in the popular SF movies, we will develop, as well. What are we supposed to do with this additional knowledge and experience?

As the creators and cyber-fathers of our dear AI, we are supposed to be at least one step ahead. Right? In the meantime, we will figure out what to do and how to eliminate any potential threats. That is why these AI warnings and alarms are coming too early. We dare to say that they are rather ridiculous ones.

Two Nokia Lumia 520 Models For $52

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Do you think that there is something wrong with our post’s title? How could this be? Well, you should ask the old grandpa Microsoft instead of us. Apparently, for Microsoft it pays off to sell one Nokia Lumia for 25 bucks, give it or take. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Can you guess why?

When you hear something like this, then you begin to ask all kinds of unpleasant questions for the smartphone industry. For this, let us avoid using the word ridiculous price, you can get yourself a smartphone, which runs on a Windows 8.1 platform. You can rest assured that the remaining features are respectable enough.

Now, you have an iPhone 6, which asks from you between $500 and $600 in order to play with you. So, who is crazy here? The answer is rather a simple one. No one, because it all comes down to your choice. On the other hand, we have to warn you that you are witnessing the smartphone future first hand.

It may come as a surprise for you, but the shiny iPhone is not the future. The brave new world of smartphones will have to relocate itself to a new address, which belongs to the so-called emerging markets. For example, South America, Asia, or even Africa. The future smartphone will be extremely cheap, that is for sure.