Goodbye MSN Messenger

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After 15 inspirational and successful years, the time has come to say goodbye. The honor of running the final lap when it comes to MSN Messenger is on China. The Chinese will have the unique opportunity to use the MSN Messenger until the end of October. We sure hope they have planned a goodbye party.

So, what is going to happen with the MS Messenger stuff? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out yourself that was a polite way for Microsoft to say to us move to Skype, and forget about the good old Messenger, will you? Does it really have to be this way? Trust us, there is no other way.

It can easily turn out that the Skype takeover has been one of the most successful in the IT history. Microsoft itself has invested a lot in Skype. Although, the Windows Live Messenger still has more than 300 million loyal users, Microsoft is pretty much determined to simplify the things.

What can we say in the emotional moment such as this one? We had so many nice and memorable messages exchanged with the help of our good old friend. The time has come for Messenger to retire, and Skype to prove its true value. Let us see what will happen with Skype in the next 15 years.

Red Alert: Tel Aviv

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The most recent crisis in the Gaza Strip has had numerous serious political, military and economic implications. Among other things, the IT sphere just could not allow itself a luxury or freedom to stay aside in this painful conflict. We have already written about the cyber military units on both sides.

One application has moved the limits and become an international symbol of compassion. It comes with the perfectly suitable name the Red Alert. It practically does the same thing as the sirens in Israel, but this time as a special alarm on your smartphone. Unfortunately, it lets you know when is the time to hide in a shelter.

This app takes into consideration one very simple and well-known fact. Nowadays, wherever we go our smartphone, follow with no exceptions. It is possible that you may not hear a siren, but you will definitely not miss an alarm on your smartphones informing you about the rocket attack in progress.

The interesting thing is that millions of people all over the world have downloaded the app as a sign of solidarity with the Israeli people. We sure hope the other side also uses some kind of a similar app, which can also save lives. Above all, we wish that there are no needs for war apps. Not now, not ever again.

Tom Hanx Write to Bite

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Do you remember the app Hanx Writer? In one of our previous posts we wrote about the Tom Hanks’ passion for good old typing machines and iPads. All of that he was able to successfully combine in an app, which gave you the feeling and sound of old while typing on something brand new.

Maybe, you were skeptical about it. Maybe, you believed that this will be a short term summer hit in Apple’s store. Who knows, you may even think that Tom got bored with his Oscars, and that he decided to do something elderly for a change. Well, has proven us all completely wrong, hasn’t he?

For what is worth, his app is at the very top in the Apple’s store. On the other hand, the app itself already has an impressive average of 4,5 from more than 2,100 reviews. We cannot tell, who or what is responsible for this success? Tom Hanks himself and his popularity, or the app’s features themselves?

At the end, does it really matter? We got ourselves a nice looking and useful app. The next logical thing for us to do, is to ask Tom about his plans for the Android version. We would be very grateful for an opportunity to use his app on Android devices, as well. Tom definitely has some intriguing IT genes.

Ads Opera

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If you still have some second thoughts or even doubts about the growing and the unquestionable power of the mobile empire, here is an interesting story to make you think seriously about it. You know what it is and what is being used for, don’t you? The web browser called Opera, for all kinds of devices you may have.

Here is the catch. For the very first time in Opera’s history the profit collected by its mobile department has passed the magical 51% border line of all incomes. In addition, the same division has reported the unprecedented yearly growth of 83%. This is a nice game of numbers. You will see for yourself.

This success of the mobile department with the 83% has contributed to the overall success of the company with the increase of 38%. How convenient 83% mobile growth for the 38% of the overall success, indeed. You do not have to guess twice where Opera is going to make it further investments, do you?

For what is worth, this is an educational story for all busy little IT bees, who are in constant search for some profitable honey in the cyber space. Their next stop should be definitely a mobile flower. Nowadays, the fix profit has been made on mobile platforms and devices. Ask Opera the next time you use it.

Robin WoWilliams

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Nobody can tell for certain, but it seems that the creators of the World of Warcraft have found a way to pay an intriguing tribute to the dearest tragic figure of Robin Williams. For what is worth, the new character in the latest expansion World of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor will give you a chance to see him again.

It is called Robin, and yes, there is a certain physical resemblance to the real life actor. If you recall the Disney’s Aladdin, then you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out where did the WoW creators found their inspiration for this tribute. Robin’s voice gave life to the memorable lamp genie.

Now, the WoW returns a favor in a very creative way. And, that is not all. Very few people know that Williams himslef was a passionate gamer including WoW among others. Very soon after his death the million army of Blizzard community has urged for a tribute worthy of his contribution.

After the latest controversy with his daughter’s Twitter account, this is a nice way for the cyber space to say goodbye as it should be. We will always remember him through his movies. In addition, his spirit will have an opportunity to walk through the paths of WoW until the end of time.

Store Wars

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Here is an indicative story you do not have an opportunity to hear very often. It gives you a unique chance to see how both Google Play Store and Apple Store work and handle things. The highly anticipated sequel of confusingly mega popular Flappy Bird game has attracted all kinds of attention both wanted and unwanted ones.

The Swing Copters are probably one of the most copied games in the modern history. At one point it was literally impossible to find what you have been looking for in Google Play Store. There were so many copies of the Swing Copters that you simply could not reach the original you were eager to play.

This was the right moment for Google to step in. In the matter of minutes all Swing Copters copies were removed from Google Play Store allowing the original to reach the surface and users themselves. Our hats off to Google for this bold move, which strongly contributes to users’ rights to get the right thing.

On the other hand, Apple’s users have to go through a real challenge to get their fingers on the original Swing Copters. In this game of winning the users’ hearts Google has showed us all how the things should be done. Definitely, a lesson worth remembering and repeating as often as possible.

Chinese Apple Strikes Again

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You have probably learned by now that whenever we write something about Xiaomi you can expect something interesting and a little bit shocking. This time Xiaomi has reached the completely new level with its ability to copy Apple’s design and features. You really have to be prepared for this one.

It is one thing to follow a design precisely and into the tiniest detail, but to imitate the features of IOS beyond recognition is something really amazing. When you compare the looks of IOS 7 and MIUI 6, you really have to do your best to tell a difference between these two. Is it impressive, isn’t it?

Well, for Apple it certainly it is not. The funny thing about this story is that MIUI 6 is the Android based mobile OS, which looks and feels like IOS. Here is the trouble. When you compare the latest Xiaomi model, including MIUI OS with the iPhone 5S, you will need magical powers to tell a difference.

We sure hope this is not a sign of some additional lawsuits on the legal horizon. It is also worth mentioning that Chinese Apple comes with the Chinese and US price. This is unfortunately the main motivation for Xiaomi users. Can it work as good as it looks? Well, that is up to you to see for yourself.