Google’s Sweet Sixteen

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Wow, what do you know. Sixteen years, sixteen long years. How come we have a feeling it seems like Google appeared for the very first time just yesterday? Can you imagine your life without some of the Google’s “children”? What is going to happen with it in the next sixteen weeks, because even the sixteen months it is too long for Google?

Nowadays, Google is more than just a couple of nice looking and colored letters, which helps you to find what you need or like the most on the Internet. Google flies in the sky with its satellites and balloons. It enters our homes through the next generation of the smart devices. What else?

It is the most sophisticated and greedy marketing machinery our world has ever seen. We sure hope it is not going to be something like this. It started with fun colors, and it transformed itself into the SkyNet. Just imagine terminators crawling all over our place with the Google logo on their weapons.

For the sake of all of us and the Internet itself, we sure hope Google knows what it has been doing. And, especially what it plans to do in the near future. We do not want to spoil the birthday party, but the light of the sweet sixteen candles has a special dark shade we cannot dare to describe.

EU Airplane Mode

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How do you feel about it? Are you relieved and enthusiastic or worried like never before? The EU has decided. From now on, you can use your phone in the EU airline flights with no previous limitations. In addition, you are free to use the Internet during the entire period of flight regardless of the altitude.

For what is worth, the EU Commission has issued a recommendation to all European airlines leaving up to them to decide how and to which extent they will allow such an eventuality for passengers. Guys, let us be serious and reasonable. We do not need myth busters to tell us is this good or bad for our security.

On the other hand, you might have guessed what was the reaction of the US neighbors. They are definitely not thrilled nor enthusiastic about it. They are probably already imagining the terrorists, who are googling and texting in the airplanes like crazy. Something like this definitely forces you to ask questions.

How come, we could not use the phones and the Internet while on the planes, until now? Was this only an urban myth, or something more serious? Are you going to buy yourself an airplane ticket somewhere in Europe without the second thoughts or worries in your head? Maybe, this is not such a good idea.

The Curving Theories

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This is what happens when you are under the spotlights, which are so powerful that they literally melt whatever you may have in your hands. Including the shinning iPhone 6 Plus, which still has almost impossible to resist a magnetic force of the brand new thing. It did not melted, but…

Which one is worse, under the well-known circumstances of the unprecedented publicity? All eyes are on the new iPhones. It was only a matter of time before someone finds something embarrassing or problematic about them. And, it happened. The curved iPhones all over the news and forums.

You know how it goes, don’t you? It is the right moment to hear some conspiracy theories. Some of them are funny, like the ones emphasizing this is the first iPhone with a curved screen. Yet, quite an unusual one and extremely welcomed. On the other side, it is worth mentioning that this is the tiniest iPhone ever.

Could it be that simple? Tiny smartphone with a large display results with the unwanted curves. Is that all? A design flaw? For some tech-gigs this is not such a big deal. You really have to press a specific spot in order to curve the iPhone 6 Plus. But, what about Apple? How does Apple feel about it?

Windows X

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So, how are going to call it? Windows 9. Windows X. Threshold. Windows One. What is going to come after Windows 8.1? Or, according to one serious rumor, it is very likely that this Windows version will be simply Windows. It is also very interesting to mention that the next version will end the numerical tradition.

Yes, you got that one right. No more, numbers and Windows will no longer go hand in hand. Yet, more than a simple number to follow the next version, this is a serious indication of a tectonic change in Microsoft’s policy. When you stick to a certain version number, then you have no other option than to wait.

Wait, for what exactly? To get the proper number of updates to justify the new number for the next Window’s version. This time it will all run smoothly in the background on a regular basis with no bombastic announcements. One Windows only from here to the cyber eternity with the countless updates.

Now, the only thing left to be solved for Microsoft is to find a magic word for all XP and Windows 7 users to move to the new version. This is not an easy task, and it is probably much more difficult than to develop the new Windows version. Well, what can we say? Good luck Microsoft, you are going to need it.

Social Networks And Political Sparks

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There are so many things to help us or make us remember this year’s referendum in Scotland. One of them is definitely related to the unparalleled increase in the use of the social networks for the political purposes, such as this one. These were no ordinary elections, and this was no ordinary use of the social networks.

Without any exaggeration, we can say that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube literally melted due to the intensity of traffic and exchange of information prior and after the independence vote. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that we have finally witnessed their true power first hand. Are we sure?

Well, it is one thing to influence an election year with posts and tweets, but it is a whole new level when you determine the very future of the new state or one kingdom’s structure. The guys, who know their line of work on these networks, have become extremely important just like any other participant in the campaign.

What is the moral of this story? Probably that you have to win in the cyber space first in order to ensure the results in the real world. How to achieve such a thing in the quickest possible way with the minimum of efforts possible is a completely different story. We need to find some Cyber Highlander to ask him this question.

2014: The Year of Smartphones

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This year alone, the number of smartphones to hit the market will exceed one billion devices. To be a little bit more precise, somewhere between one and $1,2 billion is a pretty much a good guess. Compared to the previous year that is a nice increase of almost 20%. This is the first time for smartphones to hit one billion in a single year.

As you might have guessed already both Apple and Samsung claim one half of an entire smartphone market. This is not much of a surprise, isn’t it? On the other hand, we have two intriguing surprises in this year. The first one is related to the most profitable smartphone markets, such as Europe and the USA.

These markets have obviously had enough. Now, it is the time to pay a visit to some other markets with a promising potential, such as South America, India or China. You should focus your attention to the category of hundred bucks smartphones. These affordable guys will rule the world one day, for sure.

The second news is the arrival of the new kids in our smartphone block. Do you remember Xiaomi? Well, this Chinese guy has had an increase from 1,8% to 5,1%. In the world of smartphones this is huge. Xiaomi is currently number five in the world. It will not be long before it hits the number three position right after Apple and Samsung.

Tim Cook Cooks Something

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What is the best possible way to stay at the very top? As soon as you have achieved something worth of remembering, you have to start thinking about the next big thing. It seems that is the case with Apple. We are still examining all the great things iPhone 6 has introduced us with, and Tim Cook says there is more to come.

The catch is that we do not know and we are not supposed to know what Apple is up to next. On the other side, we have a word of advice for Apple itself. We the users are definitely not something Apple should worry about. We cannot see what is happening in its kitchen. But, what about the cooks themselves?

We have every reason to be curious. Apple has every right to test the very limits of our patience and to make money out of it. At the same time, Apple should take more care to prevent information leaks, which can easily spoil the fun before you even know it. This is exactly what happened with iPhone 6.

One of the Apple’s workers smuggled the iPhone 6 parts from the factory. This is how we got an opportunity to examine the design before the official release date. And, this is how this worker-spy will do some jail time. We can only wish Apple happy cooking and much less leaking in the future.

Do You Feel Blue With U2?

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Here is one invaluable lesson about marketing, pop music and user’s services. We are not quite sure what happened and whether or not Tim Cook is a huge U2 fan. Yet, Apple has come up with an idea to reward more than 500,000 million of its iTunes users with the new U2 album for free. And, that is not all.

The number of people, who were extremely frustrated about this unwanted gift, was so high that Apple has no other option than to introduce no U2 button. Something like, if you do not like to get the new U2 album for free press here. And, this how we got the current situation about the U2 and feeling not so blue.

So, what is the moral of this story? Well, there is definitely more than just one thing to consider here. Maybe, Apple has oversold the things a little bit here. We have the iPhone 6 promotion, which does not need a support of any band including the U2 itself. What about the iTune users and their wishes?

This is a lesson Apple will have to learn again. We definitely do not expect something like this from Apple. Buy our detergent and you can get a free CD of your favorite band. What is next? Show your iPhone 6 for the next U2 concert and you will not have to pay a ticket for it? Enough is enough. Right?

iPhone Symbolic Melancholic

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No, we do not have former Apple employees writing for our blog. Yes, we just could not help ourselves noticing a couple of intriguing things shinning with an eye-catching symbolic. You have no other choice than to get used to, in this way or another. These days Apple is going to be all about records.

So, what is this all about? Here is what we have noticed, and we are eager to share it with you. Back in 2012, with the iPhone 5 Apple was able to get 2 million orders during the very first day. Now, pay attention to these numbers 2012 and 2 million orders. Let us take you to 2014 and iPhone 6 promotions.

It takes a lot of courage to make a wild guess that in 2014 iPhone 6 will gather 4 million orders during the very first day it hits the market. For what is worth, this is exactly what happened. So, what does it mean? We are not necessarily implying that in 2016 with the iPhone 7 Apple will get 6 million orders.

Yet, this is what previous years are suggesting in a very transparent way. The only thing for us left to do is to keep writing and for you to keep reading this blog. On the other hand, we sure hope that Apple will reward our efforts with the seven models of iPhone 7. Have we asked too much? Not sure.

Google, Sprichst Du Deutsch?

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Here is an additional chapter of an epic struggle between Europe and Google. It seems that the Europeans treat the privacy issues in a completely different way the US users do. Actually, maybe they feel the same way, but the options for expressing it are completely different. This time the German government has some unpleasant questions for Google.

For Germans it is obviously not enough to be able to request the removal of compromising links, which are no longer valid from the Google’s search engines. Believe it or not, they want to get a ticket to the very heart of the system. What exactly? Well, the German justice department wants to get a first-hand look to the Google’s golden goose algorithm.

We are referring to the algorithm for ranking and indexing the search results. Google defends its position with a $60 billion argument, which is a yearly value of this intriguing feature. On the other side, the German government wants to examine it thoroughly in order to evaluate its influence on the EU and eventually German users.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what was Google’s answer to this German’s “indecent proposal”, do you? It is also worth mentioning that the EU market is the number two market in terms of profit for Google, right after the indisputable US market. Therefore, some kind of a deal will have to be reached, but how?