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All eyes are on China. This is undoubtedly the most tempting and promising market for the entire IT industry regardless of its categories. Even the Hollywood itself has to speak Chinese. For the very first time in the US cinematography history the Chinese market incomes have matched the ones derived from the American movie fans.

So, what is happening with the Internet? Well, more than 600 million Chinese are online. Please forgive us, we are a little bit lazy to google for the exact figures, that is as if you have combined the USA and Europe Internet all of them together, more or less. Impressive indeed, isn’t it?

On the other side, one half of this impressive number of users likes to use social networks. And now the most important fact, more than 500 million Chinese Internet users use their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the World Wide Web. Does this one ring any bells?

However, it is worth mentioning that these impressive figures come with a catch. If you want to make a profit in China, you have to play by Chinese rules. Google, Facebook and Apple had a unique opportunity to witness first-hand the bitterness of Chinese money. Yet, they are ready to give it one more try. We all know why, don’t we?


Tiny – Tinier – Gionne

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The busy little bees from the Gionne have recently presented the tiniest smartphone in the world Elife S5.5. The “S5.5” stands for the 5.5 mm this model’s width. Now, there is a new Gionne, which has pushed the unparalleled limit for additional 0.5 millimeters. This is how we got ourselves the new record.

The new one with a code name GN9005 has hit the 5 millimeter barrier. On the other side, you can rest assured that you will get a decant smartphone experience of an average features list with this model. Yet, we all know what is the next question you are more than eager to ask in this story, don’t we?

How many millimeters one smartphone can bear to live without in order to maintain its full functionality? Well, to be quite honest, it is a little bit hard to say. This one half of a centimeter had been already impressive. It is hard to believe that someone will dare to go further with this tiny challenge.

If you had a chance to enjoy the latest version of a timeless SF classic Total Recall, you could see a smartphone so thin that it was fully transparent. Not to mention it was supposed to be used as a hand implant. The brave new world has arrived in all of its glory, indeed. It is your turn to try it.

The Rebirth of Typing Machines

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Who could have even dared to guess that good old typing machines will ever live long enough to witness one more shiny comeback? Who or what is responsible for the unprecedented sales results of ancient typing machines in the middle of the golden digital age?

Well, German typing machine manufacturers owe so much to both top US secret agencies such as the NSA and CIA, including their unparalleled national paranoia about spying activities at the highest level. Nowadays, the only reliable way to prevent cyber espionage is to make one or two steps back in time.

One of the most popular brands such as Olympia and Bandermann have doubled their sales in this year alone compared to the previous periods. In addition, Germans are convinced that only with old technologies we can successfully fight back the modern threats to our privacy. What is next?

Maybe we will use again the analog phone lines? Or, how about messenger pigeons? Yes, we are exaggerating a little bit, but we are not far away from the point in this story. The most intriguing part is that the orders from all over the world are increasing, as well. Prepare your fingers for the next typing machines revolution.

Apple: I Believe I Can Fly

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One serious rumor has it that Apple plans to order up to 80 million iPhone 6 devices by the end of this year, alone. It comes without saying that this is an ambitious and above extremely self-confident business move on behalf of Apple’s iPhone division. Here is one nice comparison just to get an idea about the scale of future plans.

During the previous year Apple ordered between 50 and 60 million iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models. We are talking about 20 million devices more compared to the last iPhone model. This is a giant leap of faith for Apple in this year. Expectations are undoubtedly high, but the economic reality is a completely different thing.

It is also worth mentioning that Apple has based its predictions on some facts we may be not aware about. One of them is definitely a recent partnership with China Mobile. This largest mobile operator in China plans to offer iPhone 6 as a part of its new packages for this year.

As always, when it comes to Apple there is so much at stake. Astronomical profits and legendary prestige, which need to be proven and defended at all costs. This is how the true IT legends are being born. In the hell’s fire of our expectations and producer’s plans. The clock is ticking for Apple and there is no turning back at this point.

Microsoft Connecting People

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Was it worth it? Was it really necessary? What was achieved and what was inevitably lost? Was this a win-win, or win-lose, or maybe even a lose-lose situation? You know what we are talking about, don’t you? Microsoft acquired, resurrected or buried Nokia. Which one of these options is true in Microsoft & Nokia case?

Well, it comes without saying that only Microsoft knows the whole truth. On the other side, Nokia has lost its business independence, because of the poor results. Therefore, there is no point in asking Nokia any of these intriguing questions. Unfortunately, it all comes to the down to Microsoft’s personal perception in this matter.

If Microsoft is happy with this one, then who are we to disagree? In addition, without any exaggeration we can say that Microsoft was caught up between some extreme contradictions caused by Nokia’s situation. On the one side, we have shinning Lumia models, which are nicely accepted.

On the other side, Microsoft prepares itself to say around 18,000 goodbyes. Mostly to the employees directly or indirectly associated with Nokia. Microsoft can survive billion dollars worth blows directly in its face. However, when it comes to its prestige the zero tolerance about it is still the valid one for Microsoft. Right?

Lumia For Hundred Bucks

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Microsoft offers you a solid smartphone experience for 85 Euros, which is around $100, give it or take. Lumia 530 is here to take your orders. Microsoft has been moving in mysterious ways with its takeover of Nokia for quite some time. All the masks are off. Now we know what is Microsoft up to, don’t we?

Microsoft has made a solid judgment that all VIP seats are already taken in the smartphone race. Although, Windows Phone is the third most popular mobile OS right after Android and IOS, being the third most successful producer of smartphones is a completely different thing. Good thing for them, they were able to figure that one out.

So, this is the future fate of once a proud pioneer in the brave new world of mobile phones. Nokia will have to find its brand satisfaction and desired admiration in the so-called emerging markets such as South America and Asia. Affordable, will be the first and last thing on the minds of people, who will acquire Lumia 530.

Microsoft has done a remarkable job during all of the decades of its business presence that it can allow itself a luxury of treating its smartphone as a hobby. However, we are not talking here about the profit, but the very prestige itself. You cannot have both of them, or maybe Microsoft still can?

iTime iFun

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This is what you get when the comedians speak our minds about the recent IT trends. The “victim” in this case was Apple and its highly anticipated new member of iFamily smarwatch or better known as the iWatch. Pay attention to this story, because it can be indicative and even an educational one on so many levels.

So, what happened? Well, a couple of comedians simply took a 20 bucks Casio watch for a carefully planned prank, which included random TV interviews on the streets. The funny part is that they put an Apple logo on this “smartwatch”. This is supposed to be the latest iWatch with a retro look. What were the reactions of the people passing by?

It seems that people bought this one. They were impressed with the new device. In addition, they praised its retro look and advanced “features” such as time, date and other things we can see on any regular watch. It is hard to believe, and yet so easy to understand how people become the blind followers of the modern brand-mania.

For what is worth, Apple has no reasons for dissatisfaction of any kind. This “innocent” joke has proven its point. You can put an Apple’s logo on almost anything, and you can sell it afterwards. On the other side, we should ask ourselves a couple of basic questions. What happened with our judgment and common sense in the meantime?

Google’s Right Switch For The Twitch

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Here is one more billion dollars worth takeover. Google has acquired the Twitch for one billion dollars. This is the fifth largest takeover in Google’s history. On the other side, Google has already spent more than four billions in this year alone for the similar business actions.

It is worth mentioning that the major IT league players are consuming the small fishes and promising startups almost on a daily basis. However, the takeovers under one billion dollars worth very often go under the radar of our attention and curiosity. What Google plans to do with this one?

Well, if you are a gamer who enjoys live broadcasts of the gaming competitions more than anything in the world, then the Twitch is the best possible place for you to be. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to make the right conclusion how this one will strengthen the YouTube itself.

We do not want to spoil the fun, but there is one small dark cloud which should not pass unnoticed in this story. Not so long ago, Google has acquired YouTube for $1,65 billion. We sure hope that the Twitcher one billion dollar investment will pay back as expected in the near future.

Put Your Cards on The Tablet

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It seems that what happens in the world of smartphones reflects itself accordingly for the tablets, as well. Unfortunately, some dark rain clouds have missed smartphones and punished tablets instead. As you might have expected, Apple and Samsung tablets are the most popular ones.

Yet, these IT giants and unquestionable rulers of the smartphone empire cannot ensure positive numbers with their tablets. Although, Apple’s tablets are still the number one, their global market share has declined from 33% in this year’s 27%.

On the other side and the second place, Samsung had to accept a little bit more than one negative percent compared with the 18% of the previous year. Only Lenovo on the third position has a reason to be satisfied with the 5% of global market share.

Maybe, all of these major IT league players are knocking at the wrong door in the constant search for some extra profit. Smartphones have reached the unprecedented, but also their maximum values. If you want more, you have to include more in your offer. As simple as that.

Quantum Computers For Dummies

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It seems that there are quite a few busy little bees in Microsoft, who have enough time for almost anything they need or think of. On the one side, they are developing and earning at the same time like crazy, while on the other side, they still have patience for computer science 101 lessons.

This time, they have decided to tell us a story about the next logical step in our IT evolution related to quantum computers. We have already achieved so much with the modern computers. And yet, there is so much left for us to do and new cyber territories to explore.

Although, we still cannot match the possibilities of our mind with the current state of the art computers, the next generation of smart devices will make your most favorite gadgets to look ridiculous and absolutely outdated. Definitely a thing worth considering.

It comes without saying that we have to push harder in order to pass the Tuning’s test. We can fool a machine, but in order for a machine to truly impress us the next level has to be reached this way or another, sooner or later. Quantum computers it is your turn.