The Profitable Collateral Damage

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that for quite some time all major IT players are blessed with the King Midas golden touch. Everything they touch in the cyber space immediately turns into pure gold. This way or another, directly or indirectly. Ask Facebook, it certainly has a lot to tell you about it.

Some busy little analytical bees have come up with the intriguing findings. It seems that Facebook was able to generate almost five million additional and collateral job positions, including more than $200 billions for companies, which worked in the shade of this indisputable social network giant and ruler.

What do you know, Facebook can be your business’ best friend. As expected, these so-called positive and profitable “damages” had the most fruitful ground in the USA and the EU. Therefore, it would be a nice thing to see what can Facebook do for the third world struggling countries in a similar way.

Nowadays, the modern business has no other choice than to listen carefully what Facebook has to say. This is undoubtedly the moral of our story, and what is even more important, the recognition and conclusion of the latest economic forum in Davos. It is either the Facebook’s way, or the highway.

MySpace: What Was That?

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The younger and hungrier generations of social networks addicts will certainly make a serious pause, before trying to answer a simple question. Do you know what is MySpace? Or, maybe it is better to put it in this way. Do you still have an account on MySpace, and do you use it, from time to time?

For what is worth, an intriguing phenomenon has been noticed recently. It turns out that an entire army of 50 million users is still active on MySpace. Why is this a surprising news? Well, to tell the truth, we thought that the grandpa MySpace has been in the RIP phase for quite some time. Is that all?

On the other hand, nowadays Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other mainstream social networks are the indisputable rulers on the Net among the users. What more or new can MySpace possibly offer to them? Maybe, some people are simply nostalgic about the good old days, and nothing more.

Either way, we do not even dare to say that Facebook is in a serious crisis, which is a reason for people to turn back to MySpace. For Facebook, which has more than 1,4 billion users, mentioning 50 million loyal MySpace fans is still a statistical error. What is going to happen with the MySpace? That is a question worth asking.

Mythbusters: The Night Watch

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Here is one of the most controversial battlegrounds in the world of smartphones. Should you leave your smartphone from dusk till dawn on a charger? Is it really effective, this all night long charging strategy? Finally, we have a word of advice for you in this matter, which is reliable and true.

We fully understand that a battery is every smartphone’s Achilles heel. If you can make it up till evening, then you are a lucky one. Here it comes, in plain English, charge your smartphone when it asks for energy. Forget about night charging strategies. It will not do you any good. And, that is not all.

You can even damage your smartphone. We have to say that is nothing serious, but do you really an additional trouble for your shiny precious gadget. It is more advisable to try some other power saving tactics. Leaving your smartphone on a charger for the entire night, it simply is not going to work.

Now, our mysthbuster’s list for smartphones is richer for an additional important page. It is always a smart thing not to apply the most common myths without the second thought or serious consideration. You own and use a smartphone, at least what you can do is to act as a smart user. Right?

Who’s Who In The Android World

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Do you dare to try luck by guessing, which Android model was the most popular one in 2014? If your first thought was Samsung, then you are a huge disappointment. The things have changed in the Android empire. As a matter of facts, we have the new king. Do you want to try it one more time?

Here is the top 10 Android list for 2014: Xiaomi Mi 4 (17), Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (15,69), Samsung Galaxy S5 (15,55), Xiaomi 3 (15,02), ASUS ZenFone 5 (10,72), MEIZU MX 4 (10,68), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (9,53), OnePlus One (8,42), Google Nexus 5 (7,96), and Samsung Galaxy 4 (6,44). And now, the explanation.

You might have guessed that the second number right after the model name and number is actually the Android market share in percentages. Now, we can make some intriguing conclusions. As you can see, the top 4 positions are reserved for the so-called Chinese Apple or Xiaomi and Samsung.

Although, Samsung has the majority of its models in this top 10 list, the new king of China has in its hands more than 30% of the entire Android market. Eventually, its model is the number one on the list. We are really witnessing the unprecedented change in the world of smartphones. Are you prepared?

The QualityTime

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What is the QualityTime? Is this app meant to be your best friend or your worst enemy? Well, it depends how willing you are to accept the results. So, what is this app all about? The QualityTime runs smoothly and silently in your smartphone’s background. Once it is done with its work you get the results.

What are these invaluable results? The statistical data about the most used apps will fall on you like a rain. You will be surprised, shocked and even disappointed, when you see for yourself first hand where all of your precious hours are wasted. Now, you see why this app is called the QualityTime?

So, what is the moral of this story and the very purpose of this app? The QualityTime app does not tell you what you should do instead of using your precious smartphone. It rather only gives you a clear indication how much time you use each day on your smartphone. Is this supposed to be a wake-up red alarm?

Again, it is up to you. If you have nothing better to do in the real life, then let it be. Enjoy in your smartphone and its shinning apps, with no second thoughts or regret. Or, you can use the QualityTime findings in order to reorganize your time, and eventually your life. Again, it is entirely up to you.

The Cyber Davos

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What did you expect that the world’s largest economic forum in Davos is going to be only about the economy. Well, it is and will be, but from one quite different perspective. The modern world of business is based on the cyber foundation. Therefore, we were not surprised with so many cyber VIP faces to be seen in Davos.

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and many others, you name it, Davos has it. The most distinguishable names in the prestigious IT world demonstrated their skiing and prediction skills. You do not get a chance, so often to hear it first hand, what is going to happen to our brave new cyber world of the future.

For what is worth, if you already deeply involved with your business in some of the numerous IT spheres, there is nothing for you to worry about. On the contrary, the El Dorado of the 21st century is on the World Wide Web. If you want to get rich beyond your most optimistic dreams, here is a chance for you.

We do not want to spoil the fun, but we were surprised by the absolute absence of dark clouds in Davos, when it comes to our cyber future. It seems that our privacy and essential humanity have nothing to fear of. Right? Or, wrong? Maybe, we are already too blind to see what is happening. Right? Or, wrong?

Game For Your Life

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Do you believe? It has been almost 20 years, since one busy little gaming bee earned a Ferari as a reward from the Quake game creators. Nowadays, the gaming industry has challenged the Hollywood industry itself. The production budgets for some of the most popular games include a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is how we have ended up with the gaming professionals. Do they all drive Ferari cars? No, they can afford private jets. Some of the most popular names in the professional gaming business earn up to $500 millions, while playing in the numerous gaming tournaments and competitions. Is that all?

We believe that it was one of the latest Blizzard gaming events, which had to take place on a football stadium in South Korea. What are we talking about? 30,000 or even 50,000 people cheering up at the stadium while watching a video game competition. If this is not truly amazing, then what is?

So, what is the moral of this story? If you cannot live without video games, there is a way to make a living out of it. Why not? The gaming world is truly made of gold for all of its participants. Why not taking an advantage of it? It turns out that there is a new formula of success: gaming = earning. Right?

Facebook Time Machine

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No, it is not what you think. Then, if Facebook has not invented a time machine to go back in time, what is this post all about? As you probably know, our dear Facebook has just hit its very first decade of existence. So, in order to honor this impressive moment, we have one cozy app to suit us. How?

Well, someone has come up with a nice idea to develop an app, which is going to calculate how much time you have lost or invested in Facebook from the very first moment you created your account. What are we supposed to do with this type of information? Well, it is up to you entirely. Here are some suggestions.

You can do a scientific research, how much is Facebook important in our lives. On the other hand, you can evaluate your life from a completely different perspective. Ask yourself, what you could have done with all these days, months, or even years, if you had invested in some other activities.

What is going to be the end result? Maybe, you are going to hate Facebook even more than you do right now. Maybe, you are going to spend less time on Facebook. Either way it is really good to know. Or, this is not such a good idea. Maybe, it is not a smart thing to know all there is to know. Do you agree?

How To Print Your House?

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Our hats off to the amazing busy little bees in China. Why? What they have done? Well, they have used the 3D printer for building a house. Hm, wait, we are not telling the truth. They built an entire residential building. Just like you are using Lego building blocks for your dream house in a toy land.

So, for what is worth, they have printed a floor after a floor, and then they put it all together. What about the results? Very, very impressive. We could have said that was a win-win situation for them, but that is also not the truth. This was actually an amazing triple win for the creative Chinese builders.

On the one side, they were able to cut their production costs almost in half. On the other side, they increased the productivity for almost twice as much. Finally, on the third side, they needed almost twice as less time for the construction. What more can you possibly ask than these advantages?

So, what is next? Without any exaggeration we can say, prepare yourself for the 3D printing world, which is going to be just like living in the Minecraft world. Well, that is just great. We are going to have a trouble here and there, because we will need to build gigantic printers. Yet, you cannot have it all. Right?

What is Dubsmash?

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Yeah really, what is this thing called the Dubsmash? To make the long story short, this is the new and very powerful ally of the growing selfie addicts nation. Or, in plain English, this is an app for making video selfies. So, instead of selfie pictures, now, you can make the adorable selfie videos. Seriously?

Do we really need one more tool to express our narcissistic nature? Apparently, we do. Judging by the number of app downloads and especially by the numbers of published video selfies. Do you feel great or a little bit less enthusiastic about it? We just help ourselves asking the next question.

What is next? Are we going to invent something for making selfie movies or documentaries? How far we are willing to go with this one? Our insatiable desire to share our pictures and videos about ourselves with the world is going to surprise us all over again, and again. There is nothing we can do about it.

We only hope that once we have exploited all the options, we will move to something less egoism oriented. Who knows, maybe the selfie boys and girls will notice that there is an entire new and beautiful world around them, they did not have time to notice, because they were making selfies all the time.