Lenovo Knocks For The Second Time At The BlackBerry’s Door

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Lenovo is dead serious about acquiring the BlackBerry. The first time, Lenovo announced its intention the Canadian Government had some serious concerns about the national security. Do we have to mention that for quite some time the BlackBerry has been the number one choice in the White House?

For what is worth, the times are changing, in an inevitable and unstoppable way. The BlackBerry has done its very best to survive in the new mobile world. We have seen the unusual Passport model. That was a nice shot worth of admiration and our sympathy, but at the end of the day we were back at the beginning.

Once upon a time, the BlackBerry was the primary business choice in the USA where one in two mobile phones had a logo of this respectable Canadian mobile pioneer. It turns out that Lenovo has become the collector of the famous names from the dawn mobile phones such as Motorola and BlackBerry.

We sure hope that Lenovo is not only after the BlackBerry’s mobile patents. This is a sad fate of Nokia and Motorola. On the other hand, the mobile patent incomes Microsoft gets from Nokia reach almost one billion dollars on a yearly basis. Lenovo is up to its second win-win takeover in the mobile world.

Get Your LolliPop

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Android 5.0 Lollipop is ready to hit our cyber space. Once more, Google lived up to his reputation. We knew that is going to be a candy, and that is going to begin with the letter L. Google has taken care about everything else. We really admire its style to present the newbie systems in a funny way.

The Lollipop is not an exception in this story. It is really a great way to use the Flappy Bird theme for its presentation. With some suitable modifications, of course. You will be flying from the right to the left side, from the beginning. What is even more important, you will be flying through the lollipops.

According to the numerous rumors and designer’s spoilers we are supposed to be blown away by the visual improvements and modifications. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the Lollipop will ensure the sovereign rule of the Android as the indisputably most popular mobile platform in the world.

Maybe, it is about time for Google to examine the possibility of promoting the Android into something larger than its mobile life. The new OS, which will be used not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for computers. Why not? The Lollipop is a delicious candy in every form available. Right?

Neubauer Bau Tetris

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If you know some basic words from the German vocabulary, then the last name Neubauer definitely rings a bell. Jonas Neubauer is the four-time world champion, when it comes to the Tetris game. Now, let us find some obvious symbolism in its last name. Neu is new, and Bauer is a builder.

Tetris is all about building blocks. So, it could not possibly ask for a champion with a more suitable name. For this young man Tetris is more than just a game, it is a way of living. Yes, it sounds like a boring phrase, but there are a couple of things we can sure learn from this humble world champion.

In the first place, he never rushes the blocks down. For him, every single block has its perfect position, which is a unique match. All you have to do is to find it. Neubauer looks at blocks in his head in the slow motion mode, as if he is in the Matrix movie. This is something we can try to use in our lives.

The message is quite a simple one. Each element, thing and person has its perfect position in our life. All what is required from us is to find it. Neubauer practices this unique life philosophy every single day. This is something definitely worth remembering. It is about time for you to match your blocks.

Happy Mobile People

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We have heard so many stories about the social alienation caused by the modern technologies that we take these claims for granted. Yet, there are some minority reports, which take into account what people really feel about them. The results strongly contradict the mainstream sociology opinions in this field.

It has become more than obvious that the trigger for a certain social behavior positive or negative is in our mind. There is no smartphone in the world, which can make you to alienate from your loved ones. On the other side, if you are an introvert person, then a smartphone is a true blessing for your life.

New technologies have brought new opportunities. It is up to us to decide how we are going to use them. The last thing we need is a prejudice as our conversation partner. The smartphone tide will continue reaching even the most distant shores, and there is nothing we can do about it, this way or another.

We should join the party. This is our word of advice. It is not a rocket science, but it can ease your pain and fears. We leave it for you to decide how to use it in your personal life. More friends or more solitude, this is and should always be your choice. Even the most pessimistic sociologists use the smartphones. Right?

Legal Torrent An Important Moment

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Who says that torrents have to be necessarily bad and copyright unfriendly. BitTorrent has done an intriguing thing by launching the new service Bundle. This is completely legitimate service for selling the author’s work, in the first place music. The results are more than impressive and surprising.

The honor of trying this service for the first time was given to former Radiohead Thom Yorke. His album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes has already been sold in more than one million copies. The symbolic price of only $6 and strong Radiohead brand with the BitTorrent support have proven to be a successful combination.

The most surprising thing is the BitTorrent users reaction to this legal offer, which asked for a payment. It seems that torrent users are after the quality content, regardless of the fact you have to pay for it or not. BitTorrent has probably thought for a moment, why not taking an advantage of the situation?

There is no need to fight torrent websites. When you offer something interesting for more than an affordable price you simply demotivate the people to download it for free. Maybe, we are witnessing the beginning of the new torrent era. If you cannot beat them, join them. How hard can it be? Right?

Attach Me Some Money Please

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It is only a matter of time when we would be able to use Facebook for payments. The intriguing thing would be to send money by including it in a message you are sending to your friend. It is an extremely simplified way of looking at delicate things, but it eventually comes down to this feature.

The only drawback, we are currently aware about, is the opportunity to use only debit cards, but not the credit cards, as well. On the other hand, you just cannot avoid asking yourself a simple question. Why Facebook needs to mess up with the payment trouble in the first place? Is it worth it, for real?

It comes without saying that Facebook is a fascinating money making machine. For what is worth, we do not have to guess twice that Facebook is doing just fine in business terms. The advertising opportunities are increasing at an unprecedented speed and volume. Now, that is not enough, obviously.

It seems that social networks and the major online services keep pushing the limits of our patience. Sooner or later, someone will have to say enough is enough. Both privacy and profit begin with the same letter, but they end up quite differently when it comes to the quality of our life. Are you going to like this one?

Hologram: The Very First Gram

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It has been only a matter of time before the holograms could become the part of our everyday life. For what is worth, one innovative Polish company has presented us with the next generation of the hologram technology. How to describe it? Well, you have seen the Star Wars, haven’t you? This is what you get.

The great thing about it, is that you will be able to interact with these new holograms with no fear you will spoil the party. You are free to move through the hologram projections and examine their content first hand. At the same time, the quality of images is simply stunning and inspirative.

So, what can we do with them? In this case, the sky is the very limit. Do not think of hologram messages, you already have your smartphone. Think of the great way to present your idea or product. It may be insignificant compared to the knowledge and efforts invested in this new breakthrough technology.

It would not be the first and last technology, which had humble and entertainment or marketing oriented beginnings. Let us see what could happen at the end of our hologram rainbow. Who knows, you may easily end up reading this post in the hologram environment. What else can we take and reinvent from the Star Wars?

Who’s Going To Get It For Free?

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We have not even seen the new Windows 10, but there is an avalanche of speculations. We do not even know how much is going to cost, but we dare to ask or guess who should get it for free. What does it mean? Microsoft has to express some business generosity more or less willingly in order for Windows 10 to survive.

OK, let us see what are our options. On the one side, we have the stubborn and loyal stronghold made of Windows XP and Windows 7 users. There are no signs that they will move with the overwhelming enthusiasm to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Should they be among the first to get the Windows 10 for free?

On the other side, we have Windows 8.1 users, who should be rewarded and motivated with the free version of Windows 10. Instead of estimating the potential profit of the new Windows version, we are deciding where and to whom to give it away for free. Is the situation that bad or there is no other way?

Maybe, we should give it away as the free version from the day one. The trouble with the curve in this case is that there are people, who will not leave their current versions even if they get the latest version for free. What is wrong with these people? Or, what is wrong with Microsoft? How to solve this one?

Bendgate, Hairgate…What’s Next?

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Oh dear, just when you thought that you have seen it all, there is one more nasty surprise. The first trouble was the bending iPhone 6 Plus. Somehow, we have accepted it, more or less. What was the solution? Do not push it in the wrong way, and you will not have any troubles with your new iPhone 6 Plus.

How about this one? There is the new hairgate trouble on the horizon. It seems that some of your facial hair can easily get stuck in the tiny space between aluminum and glass on your iPhone. How inconvenient, indeed. You do not have to guess twice. The social networks already have a name for it.

This “gate” thing is really becoming an annoying one. We can only imagine how the guys at Apple feel about this one. It must have hurt like hell, that is for sure. How to defend yourself against these ridiculing accusations? You can try to deny or even cey, but eventually it will breathe down your neck.

We are asking, what could possibly be the third Apple-gate trouble? You simply cannot help yourself noticing the dark clouded happiness of people, who are stumbling across to the imperfections of the system. Are they exaggerating or admire their investment in a wrong way? Gillette likes this. That is for sure.

Tricky Mickey

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Sometimes you lack the right kind of an information to see for yourself what is really happening. Here is one piece of the puzzle, which will make you think hard about what is happening in the smartphone universe. The main characters of our story are Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple brought together in the most unimaginable way.

Take a deep breath. This one will shake the very ground you stand. Did you know that Samsung has to pay one billion dollars each year to Microsoft. Why? Microsoft owns the surprising number of some extremely important patents Samsung cannot live without. This is the reason Samsung owes this amount to Microsoft.

So, you have one billion dollars Microsoft gets annually from the Samsung on the one side, and one billion dollars derived from Skype, Xbox and Windows Phone on the other side. Here is an illustration. Apple and Samsung are fighting like crazy over one billion dollars in the court of law.

This is something Microsoft gets each year with no need to fire a single lawsuit. Our hats off to the grandpa Microsoft, who has shown us how the things are supposed to be done here. Who owns the patents, rules the world of technology. Obviously? Let us invent something and earn billions.