The Ambyss of Google’s Oblivion

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It is definitely a nice thing to able to ask from Google to forget some things about you. However, you should not get too excited about this newly introduced opportunity. If you want to remove some data related to you, Google can turn you down based on the ground that public interest has been involved in your case. And, that is only the tip of the iceberg with this story.

On the one side, we have Google with its concerns about the preserving of the Internet’s unquestionable transparency. On the other side, there is a long line of people, who are more than interested for removal of harmful links and information from Google’s search engines. For what is worth, Google has some difficult times with the proposed model of its desirable European model.

It comes without saying that you simply cannot have it both. Google will either become European, no matter what this exactly may mean, or be lost under a gigantic pile of requests for oblivion. As you can see for yourself there are limits of unprecedented Google’s power. Google is “googlizing” the world, but at the same time Google has to adapt to European and more recently Chinese demands.

Internet ground has been shaken. This privacy earthquake does not have to be necessarily negative in its nature and this case. We will have to respect Google’s transparency. On the other hand, Google will have to respect our privacy this way or another. Google’s obligation to forget should be further examined and tested. Let us not forget about our right to make Google to forget under any circumstances.

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