Google Sleeping Satellite

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It is not a secret that the leading IT giants have airborne intentions. Balloons, drones and even satellites are among the most desirable items from Amazon, Facebook and Google. According to some serious rumors Google plans to introduce an entire fleet of satellites. We are talking about the number of almost 200 satellites.

It is worth mentioning that these Google satellites are smaller compared to the traditional communication satellites. They will also use lower orbit altitudes for their work. Despite all of these circumstances hundreds of satellites will definitely introduce the Internet to even the most remote and inaccessible areas of our planet.

For this particular purpose Google has already acquired Titan Aerospace. This company is a well-known producer of small and very manerouvable satellites, which run on solar energy. Theoretically, they will be able to operate with no pauses on the ground. You launch them once and you can literally forget about them.

We sure hope that these eyes on the sky introduced by Google will not be used for spying on its customers. Google marketing machinery has become extremely aggressive lately. Last and definitely not least, this should not be the beginning of a Google Skynet era of satellite terminators. For what is worth, our sky will be crowded, for sure.

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