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We expect from the oldest continent and the very cradle of our modern civilization to have the very best coverage and the largest percentage of users when it comes to the Internet. However, all we can say is that Europe is a land of Internet controversy and contradictions. It is almost as if we have two continents in one.

On the one side, we have the richest and most developed countries of the Western Europe. On the other side, some of the poorest and undeveloped countries of the Eastern Europe are strongly influencing the Internet statistics in a negative way. In Romania and Bulgaria we have almost 40% of people, who never use the Internet.

In Sweden and Denmark only 4% of people do not use the Internet. Do you see our point? To the West only 4% compared to the 40% in the East. The most troubling thing about European Internet is that these numbers give an average of almost 20% of people, who are not used to use the Internet. This is not something that Europe should be proud about.

It would not be fair not to mention some positive trends as well. Almost 50% of Europeans prefer online shopping, which is more than a 10% increase compared to the previous year. Nevertheless, Europe has so much to do in the Internet field. These figures are not something we expect to find out about our Old Lady.

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