Tim Cook vs Android

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What is happening with Tim Cook? Apple is doing just fine with all of its plans. Therefore, there is no need to be nervous or send poison arrows to your competition, is it? Well, we all know that Tim simply “adores” Google and its smartphone OS Android. However, this time he pushed it a little bit harder with its criticism. Why and how he did his last attack on Android?

It seems that an indisputable dominance of Android OS in the world of smartphones is too hard to handle for Apple’s leading figure. Tim is more than satisfied with the impressive figure of 130 million of new users, who decided to bite the Apple during the previous year. The greatest possible joy for him comes from a simple fact that the absolute majority of new Apple users is actually former Android users.

So, who is a new Apple’s user according to Tim? For what is worth, that is a former Android user, who has realized at a certain point in time that messing up with Google and its OS was a terrible mistake. In addition, Tim believes that as soon as you try the true magic of IOS, you will not even dream of going back to Android.

Tim emphasizes that 99% of all known and running mobile malware, live and operate in the Anroid-based environment. What are you supposed to do? According to Tim you should run for your smartphone lives far away from Android. There is a safe harbor where you can experience a true enlightenment. Tim, seriously?!

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