Unforgiven by Google

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One of the most recent decisions by the European Courts of Human Rights has really shaken the IT ground. In addition, it is very likely that the landscape created by the Internet will change tremendously. So, what happened? It seems that we are all granted with a unique right to ask from Google to forget some unpleasant things about us.

According to this court decision Google was forced to remove the data of relevance to a certain person, which are no longer accurate and relevant. This person requested for data about his bankruptcy to be removed from Google search engines. Eventually, the court decision was the only thing available for this person to protect his privacy.

As expected, Google’s reaction was quite an emotional one. They claimed that the new era of censorship has arrived. On the other side, it comes without saying that some personal data cannot stay online forever. Especially, if they can harm us in any way. Additionally, Google and not only Google will have to justify the existence of certain data among their search engines.

We do not want to argue that the Internet is an endless ocean. However, all the messages in bottles, which are floating around should have are explicitly authorized to do so. Even the rights Google is so proud about should have certain limitations. Google has every right to remember. We on the other hand have every right to ask it to forget from time to time.

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