Twitter Mute Button: It’s Official

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One of the rumors has it that Twitter seriously considers an eventuality of introducing a “mute” button for its users. This is supposed to allow you to rest a little bit when it comes to notifications about your extremely active Twitter friend. We can only say, well, it is about time that someone actually thought of that in Twitter.

The best thing about this feature is that your Twitter connection will not be aware about his or her mute status. We just cannot help noticing how extremely it is similar to the “hide” option on Facebook. On the other side, this makes you wonder, what is the true difference between “mute” and “unfollow” option? The truth. That is the difference we are talking about.

It seems that is easier for us to use various options than telling in person what we really think and feel about a certain thing. This “depersonalization” introduced by the modern devices and apps really becomes an epidemic one. Do we really need apps or some feature to notify people about something that truly matters to us?

For what is worth, this is a good decision for Twitter to introduce its “mute” button, and a bad news for your Twitter friends, or maybe even for you if you like to tweet about everything that is happening in your life. On the other hand, Twitter and other similar social networks can give you a lot of things, but they cannot provide you with one – an honest real friend.

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