G Watch = G Force

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LG is really up to something special. First, its LG3 Smartphone is one of the most anticipated models at the moment. It seems, that this is not enough for LG guys, who are already working on their first smartwatch. Its name is going to be more than symbolic and simple one – G Watch. Why is this so important?

Well, there is something you should be aware about when examining the smartphones battlefield. We are so occupied with what is happening with two biggest and most influential rivals Apple and Samsung that we are missing the ground shaking events behind the scene. The position number three in the Smartphones hierarchy is still open.

If you want to position yourself right behind Apple and Samsung, then you really have to make special things in order to seriously match iPhone and Galaxy models. On the other side, your price has to be quite a competitive one. It seems almost like a mission impossible for any serious company which wants to position itself to the very top.

For what is worth, LG is doing a nice job. Its efforts do not certainly pass unnoticed by the extremely spoiled and demanding smartphone users. They know to appreciate the quality and ingenious design. LG has a difficult, but rewarding task, to assure that it can make both smart TVs and smartphone.

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