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There is this intriguing tendency with the Chinese IT giants. Sooner or later they wish to visit Europe and US market and try their luck over there. It is not that their one billion potential customers are not enough when it comes to their plans, it is just a simple fact that the customers from the Northern Hemisphere can spend more for the high quality devices.

On the other hand, it is easier to say than to do this knocking on the European and US market door. Huawei is fighting against the bad image caused by the accusations about the alleged corruption and industrial espionage scandal in the US. In addition, European customers can be extremely spoiled, picky and above all demanding.

So, what is the moral of this universal IT story? Should you stick to your “neighborhood” with you development and sales success, or try your luck in the new territories? It is very indicative what Microsoft with Nokia and Lenovo with Motorola are doing in this field. They orientate themselves toward the expanding markets in Asia and South America.

Maybe, Huawei should follow the footsteps of Lenovo, which wants to “disguise” itself by wearing Motorola’s clothes. There are plenty of US companies, which will certainly appreciate a fresh financial injection from China in exchange for a “business visa”. Let us see how Huawei can solve this international puzzle.

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