Unused FB Apps Graveyard

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Well, it was about time for Facebook to get rid of unused apps, which were piling up like crazy. For the most of them we were absolutely unaware that they exist in the first place. Well, for what is worth, Facebook Poke and Camera app will be removed for good. On the other hand, we can rest assured that Facebook is not going to stop with these two, for sure.

While we are here, we can be free to suggest something intriguing for Facebook itself. Why not make a contest of some kind and invite Facebook users to vote which apps whey would like to see removed? This way you can eliminate a possibility of a mistake. Eventually, it is always recommended to listen the very “Vox Populi” has to say in these matters.

Or, perhaps let us face it, we are exaggerating a little bit. No app is meant to last forever. In addition, it is more than reasonable to expect an intense dynamism of apps, which come and go at the speed of light. Facebook is an extremely huge and dynamic social platform. Who knows what is going on there on and behind the scene, as we speak.

One thing is certain. Spring cleaning is definitely on the way for Facebook. Let us wait and see the results. If Facebook wants to maintain its leadership role it this field, it always has to keep an eye on its app all the time. The last thing Facebook needs is to wake up one morning realizing that the time has come to remove the Facebook itself from numerous devices all over the world.

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