Keepod USB OS Revolution

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Here is something you definitely do not see every day. Finally, the advanced technology and innovative IT ideas hand in hand for some noble causes where the profit itself is not the only and absolute priority. The basic premise for this concept is breathtaking. How to allow people from poor and undeveloped areas to use computers and at the same time to use equipment, which is already considered as trash?

Well, a genuine operating system, which memorizes what we do on a certain computer, comes in a form of a simple USB. Yes, that is true. Imagine a poor kid in Africa who takes his or her Keepod USB OS wherever he or she goes. All you have to do is to put it in the first available PC no matter how old it may seem. You can rest assured that some basic programs and apps will be available with it.

Now, the best thing about it. Whatever you may do with it, your data will be stored on your Keepod USB, and ready to be used the next time you find an available computer. This can really bring a revolution in some rural areas in Africa and Asia. As expected, the price of this USB is supposed to be more than affordable having in mind who the target group is.

This brilliant concept reminds us all what is the main purpose of the modern technology. It is supposed to make our life easy. Without any exaggeration we can say that we have seen enough profit circulating through the IT streets. How about some non-profit, but still ground breaking solutions for a change? Good luck Keepod, you are really up to something special!

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