Gmail’s New Clothes

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According to some serious rumors the group of “chosen-ones” is already testing a new and improved Gmail’s design. It has not yet quite clear what is on Gmail’s list of changes. For what is worth, we have every reason to believe that something more serious than a couple of cosmetic changes in on the way as we speak.

It is worth mentioning that anything you may hear or see, it does not mean that it would be automatically adapted and introduced into the real online life. The guys at Twitter are the best example of this unwritten rule. They are well-known as fanatic innovators and testing addicts, who can call it a day just like that in a blink of an eye.

On the other hand, this can be a tricky road for Google to walk on. All we have to do is to recall what happened with Yahoo and its wind of changes. Even if everything goes well from the technical point of view, there will always be some users who are not quite thrilled with the fact that they have to change some of their users’ habits.

We sure hope that we will not experience too much of load-basic-version requests. Google has been active in so many fields that we hope there are enough clever heads to take care of it all. As always, there is no much to choose from. You simply have to wait and see what is meant to be with these changes. Good luck Gmail, you are going to need it, for sure.

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