Nokia: Sky’s The Limit!

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It is easy for him to say. Stephen Elop is the most responsible or guilty, depending on your point of view, for Nokia’s takeover by Microsoft seems to be very optimistic about the future perspectives. Firstly, he had his part in fighting for Nokia’s unsuccessful independent survival. Now, he has a secure position in Microsoft. Nokia and Elop are under the protection of Microsoft’s umbrella.

For what is worth, Elop has great expectations from Nokia Lumia series, including Asha and Nokia X models. However, it would be interesting to hear what someone from Nokia with no strings attached to Microsoft in the first place has to say about the same topic. It is very likely that there are quite a few people in Nokia who does not share or appreciate this enthusiasm too much.

Although, it may seem that Nokia has found a powerful ally only to wish for, there are some things running in the background of this story. Nowadays, the very brand of Nokia faces a serious danger of being melted into the immense Microsoft’s structure. Was it worth it? This is a question that someone in Nokia may ask some day in the future.

On the other side, we have to say that it is very likely that Microsoft will not the same thing with Nokia as Google had already done with Motorola. Microsoft needs Nokia for more than just mobile phone patents. Nokia needs Microsoft for more than just a financial support. We are talking about a serious partnership, which may easily turn out to be a win-win situation for both parties.

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