Floppy Warriors

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There is this thing with military technology. Sometimes, it is good for your army to be one or two steps behind when it comes to the technology updates. The TV crew of “60 Minutes” was literally shocked to find out how one of the top secret nuclear silos still uses the 1960s computer technology. They still run an analog phone central and above all – they still use floppy disks.

So, what was their excuse or secret with the outdated floppy disks? Well, their argumentation is quite simple. No Internet – no threats or troubles. This reminds us so much of a similar anecdote, but this time with Russians in the main role. We will need to take you back to one of the most popular military air shows right after the end of cold war.

So, what happened? One similar TV crew was blown away by the sudden allowance to examine first hand one of the MIGs 29. They had expected to see so many things, but what they had witnessed was a top aircraft with almost none digital equipment available. Only wires and analog buttons. What was the catch here?

Well, almost the entire Russian air force has been built on a presumption of an atomic strike, which is extremely harmful to advance electronic. These Russians “outdated” MIGs will be able to withstand a nuclear blast with no harm to their electronics, whatsoever. On the other hand, F15 and similar aircrafts with their shining buttons could become literally useless after a nuclear blast. Who could have thought that a floppy disk can be a secret weapon?


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