Windows Free vs Windows RT

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It seems that Microsoft has undergone some serious and at least to say intriguing business actions related to its OS. On the one side, we have very attractive offers for new users, including personal and family Office packages. On the other side, we have an announcement that Windows OS will be free for the tablets with screens less than 9-inches.

How we are supposed to interpret this most recent decision in the field of the OS? It is hard to avoid a conclusion that Microsoft with this one admits unwillingly or willingly that Windows RT was a dead end street. In a certain way Windows RT has fallen as some kind of a collateral damage in the Microsoft’s internal conflict between Intel and ARM.

Due to less energy consumption and more affordable price demands Microsoft was initially oriented toward the ARM. For these purposes Windows RT seemed as a logical and most appropriate choice. However, as Microsoft decided to move toward reliable Intel in this matter Windows RT just could not justify its positions as it once used to do.

We sure hope that these decisions are not motivated by the desperate attempts to influence the indisputable Google’s OS leading role with Android and Chrome OS. For what is worth, we have to admit that these “sudden” changes about the price policy related to Windows OS cannot make us indifferent about the new opportunities. Windows for free. This is something definitely worth trying.

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