The War of Glasses

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If you think that Google is going to be left alone to exploit the concept of its Glass product with no “countermeasures”, well, then you do not know nothing about the merciless IT arena. It seems that we are so focused on Google Glasses that we are completely neglecting what it happening with Facebook in this field. Without any exaggeration we can say that iGlasses or the Internet Glasses are the next big thing.

Maybe, the Facebook is a little bit “silent” or less exposed in this race for the most profitable technology of the future at the first sight, but rest assured it walks shoulder to shoulder with Google in this field. What is the most recent takeover of Oculus by Facebook, if not one more version of Google Glass in 3D environment?

As you can see smartphones and anything associated directly or indirectly with them are already a part of IT past. Now, it is the right moment to catch the next big thing of the IT future. What we need is something wireless in its nature, which can be connected to the Internet to provide us with the contents we want anytime and anywhere. Have you recognized Google Glass or Facebook 3D Glass among these requirements?

There is so no need to go any further and provide additional explanation, isn’t it? You got the message right the same one our biggest IT giants are heavily exploited as we speak. They have occupied our ears with the smartphones. Now, they are fighting for our eyes with the all kinds of glass-like products. The one who can tickle our senses in the most unprecedented way will conquer our hearts and wallets, for sure.

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