Internet Explorer for Android?

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If we are to believe Microsoft’s official data over 60% of all desktop computer users in the world use Internet Explorer. No wonder, Microsoft is eager to get a tempting piece of Android cake. On the other hand, we have to be serious when we hear about some rumors like this one. This is much easier to be said than done, for sure. How realistic is Internet Explorer Android Version?

It seems that Microsoft wants to be more seriously involved in the mobile market. This should not be a surprise, having in mind that more than one billion of mobile devices are being used at this moment all over the world. However, we have to ask ourselves is it enough to claim a piece of your own mobile world with Internet Explorer for Android and takeover of Nokia’s mobile division?

Is it too late for Microsoft to get involved in the mobile field, already? Can IE really pose a serious threat for the almighty Chrome in the Android space? These, and other similar questions are making the IE Android to be merely a speculation or one more edition of “what if”. In order to be dominant in the IT field you have to be at least one step ahead of your competitors, if not even two or three.

Compared to Samsung, Google or Apple, we have to admit that Microsoft looks a little bit old and outdated in the mobile world. Have they lost their IT mojo, or maybe they are in the middle of reorganization and appropriate adjustments to catch up in this field. From what we have learned about Microsoft so far, they will not disappear quietly into the mobile night, no matter how dark it may seem for them right now.

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