Google – Samsung – Microsoft – Nokia – ?

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Does this look like some kind of an IQ test? Who or what is next in this series? It seems that for the time being only Apple is not, or at least not transparently, about the recent Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia. To make things being even more interesting besides Google and Samsung, Chinese players ZTE and Huawei have also expressed some serious concerns about this merging.

Is this much ado about nothing, or something much more serious than it appears to be at the first glance? It is well-known that Microsoft has its eye on Nokia’s mobile division. On the other side, it is a little bit unusual that other major smartphone-league players such as Google and Samsung worry so much about Microsoft smooth Nokia move. Can this takeover really change something radically on the smartphone market?

Maybe Google and Samsung, which share the mutual interest called Android OS, know something about this one that we do not. For what is worth, let us face it, Microsoft has some serious delays when it comes to the smartphone race. In addition, Nokia is literally playing its final survival game. With no exaggeration, we can say that Microsoft was more than a welcomed cavalry with the main mission to save Nokia.

Maybe, both Microsoft and Nokia are not one, but two or three steps behind in the merciless Smartphone race. However, we just cannot afford ourselves a luxury of describing these two as underdogs. It is a well-known truth that the smartphone market can be quite an unpredictable one. If you can come up with something genuine and unprecedented, then nothing and no one can stand in your way of winning the hearts of smartphones’ true fans.

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