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We just could not avoid it no matter how hard we have tried. The floppy Bird phenomenon has drawn our attention, as well. One humble Vietnamese developer was able to literally create a miracle on the Apple Store with a 3 hour work and hundred dollar investment. In less than a year, according to one very serious rumors he was making almost $50,000 a day. Then, all of a sudden his Floppy Bird has flown away.

What happened? For some reason, apparently only known to its creator himself, this game was withdrawn from the Apple Store. As a direct consequence of this quite an unexpected move we have one new version of this extremely popular game arriving in the Apple Store every 24 minutes. Some of the new versions are not using the birds in the first place at all, rather some popular characters.

We have to admit that a certain level of controversy just could not be avoided in this story. Allegedly, Nintendo itself put some legal pressure, because of the graphic elements used from the Super Mario. Maybe, this was a marketing trick or a forced move. We simply cannot be quite sure about it. On the other hand, we would probably have this number of copies either way, regardless of its author’s decisions to withdraw it.

As always, we like to ask ourselves in our posts what is the moral of a certain story? Is there any in this one? Whatever you may be doing do not give up. You may be the next unparalleled phenomena in the App Store. On the other side, do your best when it comes to the intellectual property rights and copyrights of other people and organizations. Above all, be ready to accept the heavy burden which always comes with a true success.

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