Month: March 2014

Top 10 YouTube Blockers

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The recent events related to Turkish government’s intention to block YouTube for its citizens have drawn attention one more time to the issue of YouTube censorship. However, if you think that Turkey is among the leading countries which are particularly severe toward YouTube, you are wrong. Turkey is at the position number 9 and Brazil is at the 10th position on the top YouTube blockers list.

Germany has reached the 8th position due to some authorship issues with music videos. Libya is at the 7th place because of Gadhafi’s regime censorship in 2010. Thailand has deserved the 6th position thanks to the 5 months long YouTube blockade in 2007. If you were to use YouTube in Turkmenistan back in 2009, you had to show your passport in the Internet café.

China was extremely rigorous in 2009 about certain YouTube videos, and that is why it is on the 4th position on the top 10 YouTube blockers list. The 3rd position is reserved for North Korea. Iran is on the 2nd place with its effort to come up with a national alternative to YouTube. Finally, the top YouTube blocker is Pakistan. Why? We all remember a video against Muslims, which lead to YouTube blockade in 2012 to this day.

We can notice some interesting facts on this list. Germany is definitely a surprise. On the other hand, we have to ask what is happening with Saudi Arabia and YouTube, for example? It seems that a mixture of politics and the economy is responsible for the majority of YouTube blockades. We can only hope that YouTube will be much more shared than blocked in the future.

The Happiest Instagram Countries

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According to the findings of one company it is possible to create a list of the happiest Instagram countries in the world. How? Well, they were able to process over 150 million Instagram pictures from over 6,000 cities on our planet. The main criterion was the number of people who are smiling in these pictures. You know how it goes, the more smiles there are, the better results for a certain country are.

It seems that the countries from the South America are among the happiest on the Instagram. The only exception is the Philippines, which was able to find its place among the top ten. Here is one more surprise. The happiest European country on Instagram on the 11th place is Macedonia. So, which country is the happiest one on Instagram according to the results of this very interesting research?

We do not if the World’s Football Cup is the dominant reason for Brazilians to be a nation with the biggest number of smiles on Instagram, but for what is worth Brazil is the undisputed number one in this category on Instagram. Perhaps the entire South American continent is deeply influenced by the football fever that the people have to express their feelings on Instagram.

On the other side, we have to admit that being happy and having a smile on your face is not the same thing. We all know from our personal experience that we can put all of our worries behind for one moment of happiness we are ready to show on our photo. For what is worth, Instagram definitely needs more smiles in the world. Let us give our humble contribution right now. Smile!

Android Force One

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More bad news for BlackBerry. Once a highly desirable and recognizable phone of the US business class has to step down and some room for the new Smartphone guys. Now, even the White House itself is seriously examining the opportunity to change their BlackBerry with the ones based on Android. The funny thing about it is that only Samsung and LG devices are being tested, but not iPhones as we might have expected in the first place.

The most important contracts for the BlackBerry come from the military and political sector not only in the USA, but in Canada, as well. It seems that the times when almost one half of all the mobile phones in the USA had a BlackBerry sign on them are long gone. Maybe, this is the strongest sign of an inevitable transition in this market.

Again, we have to ask ourselves, why not Apple and iPhone? The President of the USA will use a Samsung and not an iPhone. It just does not make any sense. Well, on the second thought, IOS is a closed system which can(not) be controlled or monitored adequately. In addition, this one gives you a funny feeling that Google is more welcome in the White House than Apple itself.

We can examine this issue from a completely different perspective. Maybe, Apple is not interested to promote its iPhone Force One in the first place. IOS is the heart and soul of the entire Apple’s business and technology structure, which is of invaluable importance that not even Obama cannot make them to change their minds.

Gmail: Encryption Isn’t An Option Anymore

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Yes, you heard it all right. Encryption is not an option anymore. At least for Google’s Gmail. Why now? Why they have not done it earlier? Well, as you all know the encryption process can seriously influence the responsiveness and speed of your email service. Now, it seems that the Google’s development team has successfully dealt with these issues and they are good to go.

Apparently you do not have to worry about the potential data leakage problem with the encryption protection which guarantees that all of your messages will be encrypted while moving through the servers and data centers. Google has made it clear that you expect the availability of this data protection service 99.978% of the time. What a lovely and reassuring percentage, isn’t it?

Now, when you had it with the round of the good news, it is the right moment to hear some bad ones. It seems that Snowden is up to spoil our party one more time. The NSA and other men-in-black have all the keys for all the encrypted doors. This is really a troubling thought. It looks like the NSA is a necessary evil we have to live with regardless of the encryption we are using at the moment.

Despite all the NSA controversy and reasonable suspicion about the possibility to be protected adequately it goes without saying that this and similar moves will lead to the introduction of the new safety standards. Data protection, especially the one which relates to your privacy information, has always been a thorny road. We should not expect for this tree to be cut down with just one blow. Right?

Smartphone’s Most Wanted List

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This is not an ordinary most wanted list. When making this list we asked ourselves which model you use, change or lose the most. The results can be pretty much surprising. It seems that one model can be top in one category, and then at the same time the worst possible solution in a different category. Let us take iPhone, for example of this intriguing rule.

If you own an iPhone you have 55% better chance that you will not have to repair it. However, for the same phone the chances of 65% are against you that it will be stolen from you. The reason is simple. It is not a difficult task to try selling a stolen iPhone for a nice price. On the other side, we have to say that Nokia Lumia proved itself on being a truly tough phone.

When it comes to Samsung we have to say that they are constantly improving their models. Nevertheless, it is not likely that your Samsung Smartphone will be stolen as much as your iPhone. It seems that Apple’s marketing has done its job nicely, even for the thieves themselves. For what is worth, neither iPhone nor Samsung models can successfully deal with the display damages, which come as a result of dropping accidents.

It comes without saying that the world of smartphones is immensely rich in its offer. Literally anyone can find his or her model of the top choice according to the funds available and personal preferences. When the moment comes for you to make your choice, then the percentages play an insignificant role. Who cares about the statistics as long as you get what you truly want.

The Age Of Privacy Innocence Is Over?

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Microsoft was so eager to do some preaching and teaching in Google’s case of privacy breach. It seems that Google was following its users’ emails for the advertising purposes. Now, it is Microsoft’s turn to answer for some privacy issues of its own. Microsoft was following one Hotmail account without the approval of his owner. Why?

Allegedly, one of the former Microsoft’s employees was giving away the programing codes through his email. These codes were Microsoft’s property, and according to its terms of use, Microsoft has the right to influence the privacy of its users when it is necessary to protect Microsoft’s property, including codes, as well. Now, here is the most interesting question in this case?

How did they know where to look in the first place? Can you imagine this situation out of millions of Hotmail users they know which of their former employees is giving away their codes? It is almost as if James Bond himself is working for the Microsoft. And, we all know that it can be only one true Bond in Microsoft and his name is Gates, Bill Gates.

What is the moral of this story? Well, if you are planning to do something against your former employer, do not use its resources for such actions. That would be exactly the same if some former Google employee is using Gmail to give away some of the Google’s secrets. On the other side, the ability of Microsoft to identify and follow people among the millions of their users is at least to say absolutely terrifying.

T3 Turkish Twitter Terminator

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It seems that the Turkish government was very serious and determined about its decision to ban people from using one of the most popular social networks in the world – Twitter itself. The recent corruption scandal in Turkey has created so many troubles for its officials. It is worth mentioning that the information about this unpleasant event for the authorities has literally become viral on the Twitter network.

The funny thing about it is that Twitter was an ally and a highly desirable guest in the election year. It was a nice thing to reach Turkish voters for the purposes of the ruling party. Nowadays, when its position has been shaken by the corruption allegations Twitter becomes the public enemy number one. However, Turkish Twitter users decided to say no to these censorship government measures.

People who use Twitter in Turkey are extremely organized and IT literate enough to always come up with some alternative ways of accessing this social network. On the other side, it is a well-known fact that the Turkish government has an entire cyber army at its disposal. Something similar has already happened in Iran and China. The entire teams of IT experts are working exclusively for the government.

What can we expect? Who will win eventually in this IT confrontation? Actually, it is quite simple. Either will Twitter stop to exist in Turkey, or Turkish people will get a new government. We just cannot avoid noticing that social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter have become a genuine litmus test for democracy in a certain country. Free voice should always be the right never a choice. Tweet about it.