Month: February 2014

Google vs Passwords

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Nowadays, you can hardly find a person, who looks surprised, when some new announcement comes from the Google’s kitchen. According to some serious rumors Google has just had enough with the passwords. They are about to eliminate them for good and replace with something more convenient for the users. So, what is Google up to this time?

Well, all you have to do is to use your smartphone and bring it close to your computer. An invisible password based on the sound waves will unlock your computer on its own. This is a rough description of something which can easily change the way we use our precious devices. For the time being, Google plans to use this method as an alternative, which will support the main traditional one.

Hats off, but we just could not help overseeing how smoothly Google introduces the story about the new password system beneath the radar of its Android OS. It comes without saying that we are talking about the new app in this matter. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how compatible this solution could have been with the Windows itself.

From this point in time, it is definitely hard to say what it will look alike and how successful it will eventually be. Maybe, some James Bond alike solutions would have been more appropriate. For example, to scan your own eye or even to use your own DNA. At the same time, we are forgetting the most important question. Who will guard our guardians? Who will give us guarantees for our extremely fragile privacy?


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How lovely and exciting is to see the very first official Apple shop being open in Brazil. How daring this move really is, having in mind that due to the tax issues the price of Apple devices will be up 80% higher compared to the USA. It comes without saying that Brazil has one of the fastest growing economies almost unharmed by the recent economic crisis. However, what can we expect from this Apple No1 store in Brazil?

Is this a symbolic opening or an announcement of some more serious business plans? Apple is a large technology beast, which requires enormous new markets as feeding grounds in order to sustain itself. It seems that a breathtaking contract with China Mobile simply was not enough for some longer time period. They need to deliver astronomical quantities in order to survive.

What was once McDonalds that is probably now Apple shop. If you cannot see one in your country, then you are probably not interesting enough as a market. On the other side, the fact that Apple support is not present for a certain country is not a serious obstacle for some people to acquire their devices. Or maybe Apple knows something about Brazilian economy, we are still completely unaware of.

There is this thought about what is a smart thing to do. Is it better to buy an iPhone in Brazil for more than $1,000, or to fly to the USA and to do the same for $600? For what is worth, Apple has mastered playing successfully on the prestige card for its customers. You just cannot match the feeling of being able to acquire an iPhone in your own country, can you?

Goodbye SMS

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Time is ticking away quicker and quicker for SMS. They are becoming a part of outdated technologies with each passing day. Who or what is to blame for this painful shift for SMS? Well, we have so many apps which provide you with the unique opportunity not only to send text messages, but also pictures, videos and even voice messages. Let us mention some of the most popular apps which are a successful replacement for SMS.

Viber holds the unofficial first position among messaging apps. Google Hangouts is a more promising successor of once proudly announced Google Talk. If the privacy is your primary concern, you will be more than satisfied to use TextSecure which can be also found in Google Play. Facebook acquiring of WhatsApp definitely deserves a special post on our blog. Last but definitely not least is KoolSpan TrustCall which can be extremely useful for small and medium enterprises.

We have to admit that SMS, including the messaging services we have mentioned are above all a matter of personal choice. It almost comes without saying that so many people prefer to combine several of them for their communication purposes. For example, Viber for calls and WhatsApp for messages. On the other side, in order to use these services reliable Internet connection is an absolute must. We should also include the price issue.

Perhaps, these apps are too eager to see SMS retiring. The real challenge is to come up with some refreshing which can insure some additional time for SMS active service. What could that be? If we are thinking in this way, we are already entering the apps area, aren’t we? Nostalgic feelings can be a strong motivation for SMS survival. Probably that is the main reason we still have so many people who prefer hand written letters.

Price Gap or Price Trap

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Well, the chart you can see in this article speaks thousand words and hundreds of dollars. On the one side, the price gap between Android and iPhone is getting bigger and bigger. On the other side, the technology and the performance gap is not as apparent as it once was. Nowadays, it has become obvious more than ever before. For the price of one iPhone you can acquire two Android smartphones.

It comes without saying that a true prestige includes an equally prestigious price. However, we cannot say that a price gap is an appropriate justification for a quality gap. You can enjoy in your expensive iPhone, but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to easily forget the price chart presented here. With all due respect to Apple’s historical contributions for our technology development – enough is enough.

Perhaps, the major smartphone league players like to push the boundaries when it comes to the prices themselves. Let us see how far we can go? Every love has its price, and sometimes a fire melts ice. If Apple can find millions of customers for its latest models, then who are we to complain? Hats off to their brilliant marketing. Sometimes, it is hard to say, what Apple does better – promoting or making their devices?

Introducing Mercedes, BMW, or Audi in this story, is can we say, a little bit inappropriate and controversial. For what is worth, you can make some ancient Nokia model into the most expensive phone in the world with a simple and a priceless touch of genuine parts made of real gold. We sure hope we are not talking or witnessing the fool’s gold scenario.

Mobile Love in Barcelona

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It seems that this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is going to be a turning point for many things. One of them is definitely related to a very serious rumor about Samsung’s intention to end its cooperation with Google’s OS Android and orientate completely toward the open-source Tizen. Why now and what is even more important, why changing an OS in the first place after years of successful cooperation?

It is almost hard to believe that the entire future of one of the leading names among the producers of smartphones could have been changed because of a watch. To be a little bit more precise a smartwatch. On the one side, Samsung wants something special for their Galaxy Gear 2. Therefore, they expect better performances and longer battery life from Tizen. On the other side, they want to make a point about Google’s announcement for a smartwatch of their own.

The story about Samsung and Tizen does not end here. Some analysts see Galaxy Gear 2 as a test platform for Tizen. Allegedly, this is supposed to be a win-win situation for Samsung. For what is worth, smartwatches are definitely not among the priorities for Samsung. It is better to try Tizen on Galaxy Gear 2 than do the same on Galaxy S5.

What does Samsung want to achieve with a Tizen maneuver? More independence from Android OS? Well, that sounds as a reasonable choice. Google on the other hand will have to make some choices. You just cannot allow yourself a luxury of being a provider for your customer and that at the same time pose a threat as a serious competition. We will see who is to win or lose after Barcelona.

Polygraph for Twitter and Facebook

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We should not be surprised at all by this news, should we? Finally, someone has come up with an idea to introduce a specific lie detector for untrue posts on Facebook and Twitter. At this stage, the main focus will be on posts, that is to say textual messages and news, rather than on pictures themselves. What is this all about and is it really possible to invent a machine which will tell between truths and lies on these most popular social networks?

The Pheme is a name for a genuine software which development is founded by the EU. What is their motivation for this at least to say unlikely field of interest? It comes without saying that these extremely popular social networks are strongly influencing the politics and public opinion. On the other side, there are so many posts and tweets, which easily get an immediate wide attention, without serious confirmation of their truthfulness and reliability.

It is not quite clear how the Pheme is supposed to work and verify the seriousness of the text content in the news form which can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. For what is worth, the journalists will have the honor to try it first. In addition, all news and publications will be categorized in the following 4 fields for verification: speculations, controversies, wrong information and disinformation.

There is a reasonable fear that introducing a lie detector for Facebook and Twitter is definitely something which is easier to talk about than to present it in a real software form. Let us not forget about the serious possibilities for censorship. In order to determine what is a lie, first we need to know what is the indisputable truth. Who is to determine for sure what is a lie or truth? Whom are we to trust? Those are the questions that matters for the Pheme.

Samsung Galaxy 5 Waterproof

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Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is an excellent opportunity to shine like a star in the world of smartphones. On the other hand, the pressure is undoubtedly strong for all of the guys who are eager to leave a memorable impression. As expected, all eyes are on the Samsung and Apple. For what is worth, Samsung will introduce its Galaxy 5 which is supposed to be waterproof.

For this purpose Samsung has released a short movie with more than an appropriate tittle “Wet 5”. This would have been such a relief to have an opportunity of acquiring a fully waterproof smartphone. On the other side, this is not a life changing news when it comes to the smartphones. However, the ability to produce these waterproof devices as a regular and not a part of some exclusive series is really something.

The waterproof story is quite a long one and even older, as well. However, this can be a slippery road for every producer of smartphones. When you say waterproof, what do you mean exactly? Fully waterproof or only with protective layers around the sensitive components inside the smartphone itself. The last thing you need in this matter is some enthusiastic user who just cannot wait to get wet its newly acquired Galaxy 5.

It comes without saying that Barcelona this year will be so much more for the smartphones than one more exhibition show to attend. We are talking about a real mobile battlefield. It is all about the prestige and ability to impress all visitors with your state of the art model. When it comes to this opportunity imagination is definitely not an obstacle for all major names among the smartphone kings.