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After the introduction of smartphones our world will never be the same. On the one side, we have the youngest population, even the children who enjoy so much while using their popular gadgets. On the other side, we have the older population who do not hide the trouble when it comes to the adequate use of these highly wanted devices. Can we change something about it?

It seems that all users and potential customers for the latest Smartphones are more than welcome for all major production companies. The catch is how to attract customers of all ages, especially the ones who are not familiar with these highly complex devices due to their older years. For what is worth, Apple has decided to do something about it. There is the significant number of stores where all Apple users can get a free training when it comes to the use of iPhones and other Apple devices.

It is definitely a shame to use the latest generation smartphone only for calls and texting. However, it is really a challenge how to present the other functions in an appropriate way to the older users. One of the solutions can be to develop a special smartphone which will not be too demanding to use. This can definitely be something to turn the tide when it comes to older generations.

It comes without saying that the smartphone battlefield becomes more challenging with every new day. The question is who will be able to first successfully correspond with the customers of all ages. When it comes to the smartphone market you simply cannot afford to focus too much on only one target group. The older generations can be a hidden golden mine for the producers of smartphones. Why not?


Gucifer Is Down!

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What do you know, one of the most notorious hackers of our time known as the Gucifer used to work as the taxi driver in Romania. We are not quite sure, whether or not that was his cover or a full-time job, but for what is worth he really did some serious damage on the international level. You do not have to tremble, his specialty was only the celebrities.

This modern Robin Hood did not take away from the rich to give away to the poor. Actually, he took away the pictures and other highly sensitive information of celebrities and shared it with the rest of the world. It is worth mentioning that some of the most popular victims of Gucifer were no more no less than the President Bush and Clinton.

Let us not forget to mention so many celebrity movie and music stars who are now definitely relieved. On the other side, it is not an exaggeration to ask a question what will be the future fate of Gucifer? Maybe, he will have to spend some time in jail, or he will be hired to work for the NSA. Who knows? It is a shame for a man of such talents to work as a taxi driver, isn’t it?

So, is there some word of advice we can offer you regarding this news? Well, do not take pictures of yourself while taking a shower as former President Bush Junior did. In addition, make sure that your privacy does not have an appropriate electronic form of expression. And above all, always leave a tip to your taxi driver. You never know, maybe you had a ride provide by a mysterious computer genius.

Google and Samsung: Make A Contract Not War

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It seems that Google and Samsung have finally come to their senses. The last we need is to see a clash between Google and Samsung like we used to see something similar between Apple and Samsung when it comes to the certain patent rights and obligations. We are talking about a long term partnership contract between Google and Samsung about some existing patents, including the ones they are about to develop in the future.

The motivation for this a little unexpected action is more than obvious. It is better to cooperate in a reasonable and civilized manner than to end up at the court of law. It comes without saying that Samsung has just had enough of court adventures with Apple in the previous period. On the other side, Google has witnessed on Apple’s example, that court procedures can be extremely time and money consuming.

For what is worth, both parties in this matter refuse to disclose the details of this highly intriguing arrangement. It would be very interesting what patent areas are included, if they were to be a little bit more cooperative about this one. Nevertheless, they remain stubbornly silent about all elements included in the contract.

We are free to guess that these two giants are covering the field of smartphones with this agreement. In addition, it is not a secret that Samsung’s devices are particularly Android friendly. Furthermore, no matter how Samsung powerful and big is, it simply cannot afford to fight battles on two fronts with Google and Apple at the same time. Time will tell how important this move really was for the both parties.


The Rise Of Fablets

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You are probably wondering what are the Fablets? Well, Fablets are genuine hybrids which use the best components of both smartphones and tablets. In other words, any smartphone which has more than 5.6 inches screen qualifies for the Fablets category. In 2013, more than 20 million of Fablets were delivered to the market. According to some predictions, this number could easily reach 120 million by 2018.

Who is to take the credit for the rise of Fablets on the market? We should thank Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and LG G Flex for being the respectable representatives of these intriguing devices. On the other side, we should not be surprised by the appearance of the numerous hybrid devices on the market. Our needs will shape the features and looks of these new devices.

One of the most recent examples is related to the combination of Android and Windows OS for the smartphones. In addition, we had an opportunity to test devices which represent a combination of tablets and laptops. We can expect that more of these devices is to come, for sure. However, we have to have reasonable expectations when it comes to the size of the screens. 6 inches seems as a reasonable limit for the moment.

So, what is the optimal size when it comes to smartphones? Apple claims we should stick to 4 inches. On the other hand, Samsung is pushing us to the 6 inch border. As expected, this is definitely a matter of someone’s personal taste and preferences. The most important thing is that the smartphone industry knows how to communicate successfully with the customers’ expectations. The results can be easily measured in the number of selling devices, can’t they?

Spam Export LLC

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Believe it or not, there is an entire spam industry out there. As expected, almost 40% of all spams in the world come from the USA and China. The bad news is that almost 70% of all emails include some form of spams. The good news is that this percentage is constantly declining. Maybe, that is an indication that the advertisers have finally come to their senses when it comes to the legitimate forms of reaching the customers.

What are the most intriguing trends related to the modern day spams? Well, in the first place, there is a tendency to disguise themselves as the travel or anti-virus update emails. On the other side, their primary focus remains to be financial related information of the affected users. In addition, spam emails orient themselves toward the social networks on a much larger scale than even before.

There is one problem which remains to be an unsolvable category for the spam emails. Spam producers still rely heavily on the contact data for the significant number of users they have obtained through the illegal channels. This should increase our awareness about the illegal collecting and sharing or the personal information we are facing on a daily basis.

How to solve the problem related to the spam emails? One of the most effective ways is to fight the illegal market of personal information. In addition, spam filters should be improved with new features and stronger protection measures. Spam industry will not leave us alone unless we do something about it ourselves.

Facebook vs. Princeton

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This is definitely one of the most unusual clashes to witness. Facebook against Princeton University. How unusual, indeed. So, what happened with these two? Well, for what is worth the researchers at the Princeton “played” a little bit with the principles of causality and correlation. According to their findings, there is a high probability that almost 80% of Facebook users will close their accounts by 2017.

As expected, Facebook was not so thrilled about these academic games in Princeton. We did not have to wait too long to see the appropriate answer from the Facebook’s kitchen. Some of the Facebook analysts applied the same method for the Princeton University. Now, according to their findings, it appears that by the 2018 the number of new students at Princeton will drop 50%. In addition, by 2021 there will be no more students wanting to study at this university.

It comes without saying, that both of these studies are far away from the truth. Maybe the number of Facebook users will decline at some point in future. However, it is highly unlikely that 80% of current users will leave it 3 years from now. On the other hand, Princeton really does not have to worry about its prestige and the number of new students.

Once an unparalleled phenomena Facebook has become a constant target for numerous critics recently. The more we talk about its soon collapse, the more likely is to withstand all of the challenges. There is something in the human nature to worship at one moment and then almost at the same time to wish something pessimistic for the same thing. We sure hope that Facebook can do something about it.

Yahoo, Google, KIA and BMW

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You are probably wondering what KIA and BWM have to do with Yahoo and Google. Well, if you remember one of the not so successful KIA’s commercial, when they tried to make fun of BMW, you will probably find some similarities in the case between Yahoo and Google. We do not have to suggest who is KIA and who is BMW in this story, do we?

As we all know, Yahoo has recently experienced some serious challenges and technical difficulties. All with a primary goal to successfully compete with its main rival Google. As a result every now and then we have heard something about the troubles with Yahoo email. It seems that Yahoo just could not wait to see Gmail experiencing similar difficulties. Google was down for a relatively short period of time.

So what Yahoo did in this situation? Yahoo just could not resist not to posting some Tweets about recent Gmail’s trouble. To make the things being even worse for Yahoo very soon they offered an apology. As expected, some of the comments were merciless. Starting with the ones that not even Yahoo employees do not use Yahoo email, to the ones that only Yahoo can embarrass itself like this.

There is a saying something about minding your own business and not trying to focus too much on what your neighbors are doing. It seems that Yahoo should remind itself about these things. This is definitely not the right way to challenge your most serious competitors. Keep it to yourself and do your best to get a recognition among your users. This is a golden advice for Yahoo, isn’t it?

Windroids Are Comming

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Dual OS platforms. What is your first impression when you hear that something like that is possible? It is so cool to be able to use Windows and Android OS on the same device. However, one question is inevitable in this matter? Is it really possible and above the functional aw we might have expected it? Who is to “blame” for this long anticipated opportunity?

Well, someone you must have expected the least. Intel has melted the ice with the new processor, which can be used on both OS. Furthermore, Intel has made it possible for the very first time for Android to use the 64-bit working environment. Intel is very optimistic about new opportunities for the users who will be able to switch between the OS with a simple push of a button.

Although, Samsung has one windroid device, Asus has gone an extra mile in this field. It is really nice to be able to use Windows on your hybrid device in the desktop/laptop mode, and then to run Android when you detach it as a tablet. The switching phase on the Asus devices lasts only 4 seconds. That is not too much to justify your impatience.

We all know what is the next logical question related to the windroids, don’t we? What is going to happen with the Apple? They are going to be left aside or Apple has some secret weapon to strike back? The opportunity to use Android and Windows on the same device is pretty much a serious temptation for all Apple users. We shall see whether or not they will be able to resist it.

Apple 2014

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Apple does not knock on the Chinese door any more. It has already opened them and made it possible to reach almost one billion of potential users. However, we simply cannot resist not to ask what will happen next? What are the plans of Apple for this year? As expected, Apple is not too much generous when it comes to revealing its secrets and plans.

We can only guess. For what is worth, we can expect to see a new iPhone and significantly improved iPads. Maybe, iWatch and some form of the smart TV according to the Steve Job’s concepts. On the other side, it comes without saying you simply cannot afford yourself a luxury to be absent even in the matter of months in the field of new products and innovations. If you want to play in the major league, you have to think and provide big.

Without any exaggeration we can say that this year will be the toughest ever for the Apple. The competition has improved and they are now breathing down the Apple’s neck like never before. We also have to mention some of the challenges the technology itself brought into the market. We are referring to the curved screens, better batteries, bigger screens, improved processors, and other equally important elements.

One thing is sure. We are definitely not going to be bored. 2014 is going to be the year of the most merciless battles we have ever seen on the smartphone market. There is so much at stake. We are talking about the most profitable and promising field in the world and in the future, as well. Therefore, the Apple will definitely need more than a mysterious smile to convince us that they will stay at the very top of the things in this field.

Winter Olympic Cenzorship Games

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The latest unfortunate events in Russia have introduced the unparalleled and unprecedented security measures for the upcoming winter games like never before. As expected, the Russian government just could not allow itself to leave the area of the Internet untouched and unprotected. One of the strongest tools for the measures in this field will be the new Internet law which is to become fully obligatory in February.

The biggest eye of the Russian security forces will be focused on the social networks. For that purpose they will have the full right to act without the serious limitations. In addition, it will be possible for them to block directly any of the pages of their greatest concern. On the other side, the providers of the Internet service will not have much of a choice when it comes to the absolute compliance with the authorities’ demands.

We have to say that Edward Snowden has become an unexpected and very convenient excuse for the Russian government in this matter. Almost all censorship measures can find their appropriate justifications in his experiences with the NSA control and spy activities. Whenever it is necessary, they can use the Snowden’s case to justify their censorship actions.

It comes without saying that Russians have every right to protect the safety of the participants and visitors of the winter Olympic games. Who is to blame them after what happened with the latest terrorist attacks? On the other side, there is only one concern left. We hope for the best that they will not forget to turn off all the censorship tools once the games are over.