Month: December 2013

What Are You Gearring About?

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It comes without saying that smartwatches can come in handy for all smartphone users. The bigger your smartphone is, the more you will appreciate your smartwatch. The catch is that your smartwatch should allow you to use your smartphone without taking it out of your pocket or bag. This means you can make phone calls, take photographs, listen music, and do all you can think of thanks to the synchronization option.

We have to say that Samsung has crossed a fine line between a good and bad taste with its latest commercial for the smartwatch. We all know what is being used for. Nevertheless, do they really have to remind us about it? You have already paid between $500 and $600 for your smartphone. Now, you have to pay some $200 or $300 extra to do the same with your smartwatch. OK, but let us stop right there.

There are people who want and can afford such a “luxury”. However, your commercial should not be made for dummies with its content and message. The effect can be quite opposite. Instead “this is a cool stuff for you to buy” your customers can conclude that with a smaller screen of their smartphone they do not need a smartwatch in the first place. You have already done a wonderful job with the sale of your smartphone and there is no need for “overselling” with the smartwatch.

Samsung is delivering fantastic devices for its customers. They should work on improving communication with them, as well. The recent events when they demanded the removal of a YouTube video as a condition for replacement of a device, which literally disappeared into flames while charging, is an adequate illustration for such a  claim. We really hope that its smartwatch will make Samsung to make smarter moves in this field.


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Who is Jack Dorsey? He is one of  the very  first Tweets ever. Actually, one of the first four “founding fathers”of Twitter. According to one very popular rumors of these days he is very likely to join the Disney’s club of directors. The proposal is already prepared for the Disney’s shareholders. If Jack is to pass through, he will be one of the youngest directors ever. His future colleagues are over 50 years of age. With his 36 he will be almost like Alice in the Disney’s wonderland surrounded by these “grandpas”.

For what is worth, Dorsey has been focused in the last couple of years mainly on small enterprises and business transactions conducted with the credit cards. On the other hand, Jack’s package of the Twitter’s shares of 5% has an estimated value of up to one billion on the open market. It is not quite clear what Disney is trying to achieve with this enchanted transfer. Perhaps they want to use some of the Twitter’s growth magic and Jack’s know-how for their own needs and plans.

We have to notice that Twitter’s birds are flying high on the market’s sky. Therefore, Jack’s trip to the business Disneyland should not be a shock or cause any troubles for the Twitter itself. He has already done a wonderful job. Twitter is on the very top as one of the leading social networks sharing the throne with Facebook among other providers. It is not like Jobs is leaving Apple at the very beginnings, is it?

If we are to judge according to the latest figures and financial reports Disney is doing just fine. On the other side, it comes without saying that the major league players such as Disney are always interested for the highest profit possible. The arrival of young lion Dorsey can definitely lighten the spirits and introduce some refreshing ideas for the old grandpa Disney. One thing is sure, Jack will tweet about it as soon as he does something impressive and successful.

Google Chips

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We are all big Google fans, aren’t we? However, sometimes we simply have to ask ourselves if Google bites more that it can chew? It is not a secret or an unusual thing for the giants like Google to buy all kinds and numbers of companies. However, it can sound a little bit too ambitious to try to do it all by yourself. To produce or deliver almost anything you can think of.

Google has recently acquired almost dozens of companies which deal with the production of robots. Nowadays, we are witnessing to one more intriguing announcement. Google is eager to start with the production of its own chips. It is definitely a great thing to be able to produce the chips for your own purposes. Nevertheless, can Google really match the Intel’s domination in this field?

Google itself is one of the top five Intel’s customers. Without any exaggeration we can say that Google literally eats chips in the production phase. Therefore, it would be a great way to ensure some savings in this field with the chip production facility with the Google logo on it. On the other hand, we have to be completely aware that this one is much easier to be said than done.

We sure hope that Google will not expand too much than we can possibly handle or accept. It is one thing to enjoy in the nice looking colors of its logo, but it is a completely different thing to wake up in the Google world someday. Maybe, Google has to learn a lesson when enough is enough. We really hope for the best that it will not learn it the hard way.

Crazy Googlebots

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If you thought that sometimes Google acts or looks a little bit crazy, you are going to love the next news for sure. For what is worth, Google has acquired Boston Dynamics. Who are these guys from the Boston Dynamics and what they make in their factory? Among other things they make the fastest running robots in the world. It is worth mentioning that one of their customers is the US army.

What is Google planning to do with all these robots? Well, for what is worth, Google has bought 9 companies which deal with the production of robots. One thing is certain, if Google continues to acquire the leading producers of robots around the world, we will soon witness the birth of the genuine Googlebots empire. Maybe, we should follow the Google’s footsteps to see what will future bring us.

Google Robotics. How this one sounds to you? On the other side, we have to say that is better to talk about Google Robots than Google Skynet, isn’t it? In addition, we have to say that is a cool thing to see Google logo all around us. Yet, it is a quite different thing to funny looking Google letters on some robot which resembles or does the same things as our well-known Terminator.

What is happening to this world? Google is messing up with military robots. On the other side, Amazon is planning to introduce flying drones for the shipment purposes. What can we expect to witness in the near future? All kinds of robots which are flying, walking and crawling around us. We sure hope they will come in peace to bring us something nice and useful.

Yahoo’s Crying Game

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This was a hell of a period for Yahoo. For what is worth Marissa Mayer says she is really sorry about all what happened including all troubles Yahoo’s users had to go through. There were so many new things and changes in Yahoo’s system that apparently something just had to go wrong. Now, we have to ask ourselves are these childbirth’s pains of a new system in Yahoo finally over?

With 290 million users Yahoo is breathing down the neck of Google which has a little over 300 million users. However, we have to say that the “little” mistakes in the large systems such as Yahoo can have the negative effects measured in millions of dissatisfied users. In the games on such a large scale every single action truly matters. In addition, when you run a system on a planetary level you cannot get away with a simple sorry. Can Yahoo offers something more than this?

Unfortunately, Yahoo’s service Flickr had some technical difficulties during the same time period. It seems that Marissa Mayer spends more time apologizing than managing Yahoo’s crucial operations. We can argue whether or not the users themselves have become more spoiled or with greater expectations over the time. Nevertheless, one thing comes without saying. Only the very best can expect to attract a spectacular number of new users.

It is left to be seen whether or not the transfer of Marissa Mayer to Yahoo was its biggest mistake or the smartest business move ever. On the other hand, it is not easy to walk in her shoes at this moment. She is in a situation zero or a hero, and there is no way back. Fingers crossed for Marissa. We sure hope she will not be remembered as Marissa “I’m so sorry” Mayer.

Where Is The Golden iPad?

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We were all impressed with the latest Apple presentation of the new devices. Especially, the new iPad and new iPad mini. However, it is not our intention to be too picky on this one, but it was more than obvious. When it comes to the popularity among users the golden iPhone 5S is the absolute number one. So, what happened to the golden iPad? Where is it? Have you seen one?

The only colors available for the new iPad are the standard ones: black, white and silver. Here is one of the most “reasonable” explanations. The golden color simply does not look good on the larger devices such as iPad. On the smaller ones, such as the iPhone, it looks good almost like a jewelry. However, we strongly believe that the users themselves are to be the most relevant judges. Now, we can only imagine how a golden iPad might have looked, because some of the Apple’s designer was too skeptical about it. If we are to use it, we should be the ones to judge it.

This way, the golden iPad (if there is one) will definitely reach the price level as if it made of pure gold. Maybe, that was the plan from the beginning. To create a specific demand and then to come up with the desired product at the right moment. Or, perhaps this is something spontaneous. Really hard to tell at this moment.

We have to say that is not a revolutionary thing to use the gold in the true sense of its meaning as a legitimate designing and construction element. So far, only the “oil aristocracy” from the Middle East has been able to use certain devices literally made of gold. Why trouble of imitating the color of gold, when you can make it to be absolutely authentic with the real gold. Once again, the Apple has done it. Our minds have become iMinds. All we are doing is keep talking about new Apple devices. The goal is being achieved already. The Apple is the matter of prestige. When you achieve something like that, the sales run on its own.

Moto G Grand Prix

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What is the thing with the Motorola Moto G? In the first place, one very important thing in the modern world devastated by the economic crisis – the price itself. You can become the owner of this device for the price of $179 which does not necessarily include a contractual obligation. The idea behind this model is to talk the language of the developing markets especially the ones of India and Brazil.

We have to say that is not quite clear why the new owner of Motorola the Google itself does not allow to Moto G to come anywhere near the market in China. What is the reason for a decision such as this one? According to one of the rumors, the math of Motorola and Google is actually a quite simple one. There are almost 500 million people in the world who can afford this model of a Smartphone.

Can a Moto G do some serious “damage” on the market? Well, it depends on your expectations in this matter. iPhone 5c goes for the price of $550 and Samsung Galaxy S4 for $600. On the other side, it would be unfair to put the Moto G in the same basket with the other low budget smartphones. It comes without saying that Moto G offers the best performances for its price.

We have to admit that China itself has nothing against Motorola or any other smartphone manufacturer. However, when it comes to Google itself, the things become a little bit more complicated. You can buy and use a smartphone in China, but first you have to forget about Google services and applications on it. How to find a compromising solution between these two opposite requirements is up to Motorola to resolve.