Month: November 2013

Science Twittes The Right Way

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Do you know who or what is Twitter? OK. That was an easy one. How about this one? Who or what is CERN? The European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN is one of the leading science research facilities in the world. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know how to use Twitter, do you? However, as it seems, if you want to use Twitter properly, then you have to be a nuclear scientist. Is this really true. According to the Twitter itself, it is.

CERN is the most efficient Twitter user in the world compared to the other leading international non-profit organizations. With almost 900,000 followers and the biggest number of retweets these atoms-guys have definitely earned their award. CERN promotes science restlessly on other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. In addition, they are using the Google’s Hangouts allowing the students to communicate directly with their scientists and researchers.

The Twiplomacy study in 2013 has shown us that Twitter and other social networks can be used in some very intriguing ways. On the other side, the story behind is that Twitter can allow itself to conduct these types of researches in a little bit relaxed atmosphere. They have taken over the throne when it comes to the popularity among the teenagers. The previous holder Facebook just keeps recording bad news. The number of new users and old profits are constantly declining. To make things even worse there is a new guy in the neighborhood – Snapchat. According to some serious rumors its founder and owner has easily turned down three billion dollars worth Facebook’s offer.

Without any exaggeration we can say that is easier for the scientist at CERN to discover new secrets of an atom, than it is for us to predict the behavior on social networks. What will happen to them and how long they will be enormously popular is almost impossible to tell? One thing is sure, not even a PhD in rocket science cannot help you with that one.

Extra Memory + Extra Price = Extra Profit

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You probably know how it goes, but do you know how much it really costs? We do not want to spoil the fun of the new shiny gadgets you have been so eager to acquire. However, some things have to be mentioned. So, what is this all about? It is a legitimate thing for you to pay extra, if you want to ensure some additional memory for your new device. Nevertheless, the real question is, how much is truly justified?

Here are some unpleasantly surprising facts. For example, iPad Air Mini comes for a price of $600. In case you want to expand its memory from 16GB to 32GB, you will have to pay additional $120. On the first thought, this sounds reasonable. You want extra memory, you have to pay extra. However, what is the real price for this memory improvement is not even $12? How about that for a change?

For what is worth, the other major league players are equally merciless in this field. On the one side, Google asks for an additional $100 for its Nexus extra memory capacity. On the other side, Amazon requires $60 for its Kindle Fire HDX. Now, get ready for this. According to some serious sources the real price of memory per 1GB is less than $1 around 50 cents or something. Can you do the math yourself?

There are two possible solutions for this problem. One is to be extremely careful when you are buying yourself a new device. You have to examine very carefully the specification of the device you are about the buy. Especially the part about its available memory. The other solution is to rely heavily on SD and micro SD memory cards. Is there a third compromising solution? As is seems there is no such to be seen. Either you will have to be patient and wait for the next wave of technological improvements or pay extra for extra memory with no extra complaint. The choice is yours, the profit always belongs to you know who already.

LG Ready For A Serious Game

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One of the rumor has it that LG wants to get back to its roots – production of TV devices. However, this is really hard to believe for more than just one reason. On the one side, we have some serious indicators that the smartphone market is going to be one of the fastest growing ever. This is more than enough for every entrepreneur or corporation to change the production orientation overnight. On the other side, LG has really started something with their “curved revolution”. Why risk all of that for TVs?

These reasons are really making us believe that the LG has hit the right nerve with their Flex model. As it seems, the competitors are nervous with a reason. Perhaps, they are spreading “the wrong word” about the LG’s future orientation in the production of new devices. It is really hard to believe that LG would do such a thing after an unprecedented success they have achieved with the LG Flex? We are now talking about the entire wave of new “curved technologies” such as curved displays and batteries.

We also have to mention that no matter how your TV gets smart with its new functions, the smartphones will rule the future market for a long time period. This fact is making choice being an easy for any serious producer regardless of its main product. We should not be surprised is some of the highly unlikely brand names try their luck with their own versions of the smartphones. The message is more than clear. Forget the TVs, because smartphones are the future.

We have to remind you that the LG has recently launched a very successful video about its “self-healing” smartphone shells. Having all of these in mind without any exaggeration we can say that the other smartphone major league players can only wish for LG to stay in the TV production field. LG does not have to prove to anyone about its seriousness to become one of the leading names in this field.

Super Kids Made In Finland

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There are so many programmers and developers in the world. It is almost an entire army or a state of its own. However, the insatiable hunger of the fast growing IT industry keeps asking for more. It is not a secret that most of the programming students begin with their professional work while they are still in their first years at the university. Additionally, some of the get involved in the industry during their high school years. As it seems, the age limit is constantly moving toward the younger population. So, where is the current limit?

The children in the Finland’s elementary schools will be offered with a choice to study programming on one of their classes. It comes without saying that Finland itself has one of the best educational systems including the extremely well educated and literate populations compared even to the most developed countries in the world. Nevertheless, is this a little bit too much even for the Fins themselves?

For what is worth, they are not too much concerned that this will be too much of a challenge for their kids. One of their argumentations is that children are getting in contact with the modern technology at the very early age. We cannot argue this claim. However, using the technology and programming for the technology are not the same things, are they?

We have to say that the things behind this story are not as simple as they may seem at the first glance. Although, this may seem as being too radical for some people, we have to remind you that the Finland is a country which gave us Angry Birds and Nokia. On the other side, there is an unprecedented demand for the young talents in Finland having in mind that a huge number of former Nokia employees are starting with their own private businesses. As expected, not all of them were too enthusiastic by the recent Microsoft’s takeover. Who knows maybe the next Bill Gates is learning his first programming language letters as we speak.

Smartphones – Smart Panic

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Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter each day, aren’t they? It seems that the time has come for them to improve almost every aspect of our lives including the most delicate and sensitive ones, such as safety itself. One of the new features of smartphones will be an introduction of the panic button.

PanicMe is being designed as the specific form of an alarm. Only the owner of the smartphone can activate or deactivate this function. In addition, you are free to choose how many people will receive the notifications about your current situation threatened by a serious danger. As you have already guessed it your location is being determined according to your GPS signal. The great thing about it is their availability for all devices including iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

We have to admit that there are several free options available in your smartphones which can be adjusted for this particular need. In addition, let us not forget how powerful Maps applications can be. Therefore, if we are really eager to introduce a completely new level of safety, we have to come up with something better. If you have time to press a button, then you probably have time to make an urgent call, as well. What we need is something that can be activated almost with our thoughts a voice at least to say. How to achieve this challenging goal is a completely different question.

We have smartwatches and Smartphones. We cannot even guess what is going to come up next. These things are built to make us feel and live better in every possible way. Let us see how far they can go. If they are to impress us, then they really have to try harder in the safety field.

Can You Tweet This?

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks. We all know that. Twitter is the most popular social networks among the teenagers. That is something new, but not so much unexpected. No wonder, so many people dream about an opportunity to work for Twitter. Business Insider has more than aware about this indisputable popularity of Twitter as both employer and social network. Therefore, it is very interesting to learn something about the job interview questions in Twitter. Some of them are more than reasonable to expect, while some of them are… – well, we are leaving that one for you to judge.

Here are some of the most intriguing. How many golf balls you can put in a school bus? We are not sure whether or not this is a trick question? Undoubtedly, this question can literally eat your precious seconds or even minutes at the job interview. Here is another one. Is Twitter the step back for your career? It is supposed to be a step forward, definitely not a step back. What is Twitter supposed to do to maintain its leading position or improve it? Well, if we know that, we can launch a social network of our own.

Why we should not hire you? Yes, you heard it correctly. You came for a job interview and they want to know why not to hire you rather than to hire you. What is so exciting about the Twitter itself? Am I supposed to Tweet about it. And the list of the “tweet-stions” goes on and on. It seems that so many of the Twitter fans would be strongly disappointed after the direct facing with these questions. We can only guess or wonder what kind of the questions Facebook or Google have for their candidates.

It seems that if you want to work for the big players, you really have to expect the unexpected. We are expecting something special, but not that much “special”. Eventually, we can question the questions themselves. Are they true and genuine? There is only way to find out. We have to send our CV to Twitter. Can we Tweet it?

Kaspersky Lab Mobile Alarm

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It comes without saying that is always wise to carefully read what Kaspersky security reports has to say. As it seems the recent one has been particularly focused on the smartphones. This should not be much of a surprise having in mind the unprecedented popularity and expansion of these devices. So, what Kaspersky has to say about the security threats and challenges we are to experience while using our precious shiny gadgets?

First of all, you should remember this name – Svpeng Trojan. This vicious little fellow can access your bank account directly from your smartphone which is definitely something to be seriously worried about. According to one of the most recent Kaspersky’s surveys it is very indicative that over 97% of all attacks on mobile platforms focus on the Android OS. On the other side, as expected the most developed countries in the world are among the leading ones for both the number of new victims and new malicious software.

We should also mention one very interesting and in a certain way a little bit unprecedented phenomenon. As it seems, all of us are strongly recommended to avoid as much possible the situation of getting into the line of “cyber fire” between two countries such as North and South Korea or Iran and Israel. Some of the most serious hacker attacks and most harmful viruses have the political background.

We have to point out that every now and then some security issue creates the waves of attention over the seemingly calm surface in the certain area. As it seems, it is now the smartphones turn to cause us some troubles and worries. For what is worth we really have to change some of our habits and ensure that what we like to use is fully protected. We do not have to emphasize that we have been referring to your smartphones, do we?