Month: October 2013

Where Is The Golden iPad?

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We were all impressed with the latest Apple presentation of the new devices. Especially, the new iPad and new iPad mini. However, it is not our intention to be too picky on this one, but it was more than obvious. When it comes to the popularity among users the golden iPhone 5S is the absolute number one. So, what happened to the golden iPad? Where is it? Have you seen one?

The only colors available for the new iPad are the standard ones: black, white and silver. Here is one of the most “reasonable” explanations. The golden color simply does not look good on the larger devices such as iPad. On the smaller ones, such as the iPhone, it looks good almost like a jewelry. However, we strongly believe that the users themselves are to be the most relevant judges. Now, we can only imagine how a golden iPad might have looked, because some of the Apple’s designer was too skeptical about it. If we are to use it, we should be the ones to judge it.

This way, the golden iPad (if there is one) will definitely reach the price level as if it made of pure gold. Maybe, that was the plan from the beginning. To create a specific demand and then to come up with the desired product at the right moment. Or, perhaps this is something spontaneous. Really hard to tell at this moment.

We have to say that is not a revolutionary thing to use the gold in the true sense of its meaning as a legitimate designing and construction element. So far, only the “oil aristocracy” from the Middle East has been able to use certain devices literally made of gold. Why trouble of imitating the color of gold, when you can make it to be absolutely authentic with the real gold. Once again, the Apple has done it. Our minds have become iMinds. All we are doing is keep talking about new Apple devices. The goal is being achieved already. The Apple is the matter of prestige. When you achieve something like that, the sales run on its own.

Indian PM vs NSA

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Do you know who is the Prime Minister of India? Well, we guess you do not. On the other hand, the NSA knows. They know all there is to know. Right? Guess again, they do not know a thing about this intriguing Indian government official. How is that possible? Actually, it is quite simple. Mr. Singh does not own a mobile phone and he does not use an email.

We have to emphasize that the PM’s cabinet uses an official email, but the PM himself does not. In addition, he keeps himself away from the tempting call of the smartphones’ features. This can be quite an indicative story for Angela Merkel. It seems that the complex problems have very simple solutions. If you do not want to end up as a victim of spying games, then do not use smartphones or emails. On the other side, the NSA itself has an advice of their own. According to NSA, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to worry about.

This story about the Indian PM and the NSA is definitely much more than an anecdote in the lights of the recent events about the spying controversy. There has to be a way and an appropriate solution under these circumstances. We cannot go back to the caves and we cannot give up on our sovereign right to protect our privacy? Can we make a compromise between these two extreme points? It seems that the only possible solution is not for us to deprive ourselves of the benefits of modern technology, but for “them” to give up on spying.

It is a wonderful thought to imagine the world without the spying and jeopardizing our privacy even for a moment. So, which one is easier? To limit the benefits of our technology or to limit the power of various secret agencies? Which one is acceptable and more justified? We do not have to ask twice or to wait for your answer, because we all already know it, do we? This world will be a better place when the Indian PM buys himself a smartphone and starts using a private email without worrying about his privacy.

The Last Wizard Of Apple Woz

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One of the very first wizards of Apple’s “Woz” is far from being impressed with the new iPads. Stephen Gary “Steve” Wozniak also known as “Woz”, who was one of the Apple’s “founding fathers”, just could not hide his huge disappointment. The recent glamorous promotion of new products in Apple family, especially the new versions of iPads, could not impress one of its co-founders. For this old wolf what a certain gadget can do definitely has an advantage over how it looks.

Wozniak’s critique was particularly sharp on new iPad Air. He simply does not see a point in this device’s improved physical characteristics. Being thinner and lighter for Wozniak is not such a big deal. On the other hand, he emphasizes the importance of greater memory over these heavily promoted elements. However, his idea of 256GB of memory for the new iPad is quite an optimistic one. We could only image what would be the costs in that memory improved scenario.

We have to admit that Wozniak has been persistent in his crusade against Apple in the last couple of years. He did not even to try to make it a little bit less personal. He could have said something about the necessity for the iPad Air to use the Touch ID feature we can see on iPhone 5S,  for a change. This way, criticizing storage features in the age of cloud service expansion, is a little bit hard to comprehend.

It comes without saying that the best way to criticize something is to come up with something much better. For the time being we are still waiting for the iWoz. Unfortunately, Wozniak has not had much luck with his independent projects after Apple. With a decent exception of the Pirates of Silicon Valley, but that was a movie. Right? It is always easier to criticize and analyze something from a safe distance. What the people from Apple who worked on the new devices have to say is impossible to say, but very easy to guess with the respectable level of accuracy. Eventually, iWoz definitely sounds better than his previous project Wheels of Zeus (WoZ), doesn’t it?

Raymond “Ray Google” Kurzweil vs Death

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The Google guys, who invented and promoted it, have definitely changed the world we live in. They have successfully overcome so many serious challenges that we have literally lost count. However, one of them Raymond “Ray Google” Kurzweil has decided to reach the next level by challenging nothing less than the death itself.

What is his secret for achieving immortality? Actually, it is surprisingly simple. All you have to do is to switch from one phase of your body’s health and development to the next by using the appropriate supplements. You have to ensure that you live long enough until the science itself come up with some miraculous solutions. For this purpose he is already using over 150 supplements on a daily basis. In other words, he is “updating” himself regularly.

According to his own words, he is currently in the first phase. He is trying to stay in perfect health as long as possible with the help of regular exercises, available medicaments and strict diet. The second phase will include the benefits of the biotechnology. His ultimate goal is to reach the third stage or the nanotechnology phase. As it seems he hope of becoming a “cyborg” some day with the flawless and an indestructible immune system. The tiny robots in our body are to take care about it.

If this sounds like a bad SF movie to you, then you have not seen nothing yet. Google is very serious about this one. They have already launched a new company called Calico which is to deal with these health related issues. The basic presumption is that our body uses the outdated “software”. All we have to do is to update it and the problems will be solved while the life itself will be extended beyond our most optimistic expectations. We sure hope that the Google itself and particularly Calico will not play the role of Skynet from the Terminator movie. On the other hand, Mr. Kurzweil should be very careful when it comes to the supplements. The last thing he needs is to witness some over-supplementing issues. Too much updating can block your computer. Right?

MS Windows RT 8.1 Update – Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

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What is happening with the Microsoft Windows RT 8.1? It has been expected with the great anticipation. Nowadays, they are cancelling the whole thing. There is no way you can find it in the Windows Store. Why? According to the users’ complaints because of the two groups of problems. On the one side, they were loosing data while using this update. On the other side, their devices literally got frozen as the result of the Windows RT 8.1 update.

How embarrassing, indeed. To make things even worse one of the most shared Tweets nowadays is the screenshot of the blue frozen RT 8.1 screen. Even the people who are not only using Windows RT Tablets, but actually trying to write something about it are in trouble. You want to write something positive about RT 8.1. The next thing you know it is removed from the Windows Store. Then, you are ready to throw stones at it, but it is back. If Microsoft had some affections toward the dramatic elements, they have really done it. We are eager to see it in action. We are worried to see what that will bring us. More opportunities or more troubles?

Let us speak frankly on this one, shall we?  We all know where this is leading us, don’t we? Microsoft has had more serious things to worry about in its several decades long history. However, this one is particularly painful. Why? Because after this at least to say “inconvenience” many of us will say this way or another: Microsoft and mobile devices? Well, not so sure about this idea.

It is not a rocket science for sure to make a mobile device of your own. Rumor has it that even the Amazon itself is planning something similar in cooperation with the HTC. Then, having all of these in mind what is the catch? Why it is not working with the RT 8.1? What makes it so hard to be flawless as the rest of MS kitchen specialties? Honestly, we do not know. Perhaps, the market’s spotlights are particularly hard on the Microsoft. Let us give them a break, shall we? On the other side, let us be prepared to write an additional article about the RT 8.1. Or, shall we call it RT 8.2? Let us wait and see.

NSA – How Deep Is Their Love For Spying?

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What is happening with these guys from the NSA? Do not they just get tired? Eventually. Sometimes. Every new day brings us something more about them and their spying games. Now the Washington Post suggests that they have been digging even deeper than we could possibly imagine. They spy on us that we do not even know how detailed, thorough and extensive they can be.

Get ready for some breathtaking NSA records. Please note that the data to follow are the results of one single day in the NSA Special Operations Department. They collected 444,743 Yahoo email addresses, 105,068 units of information related to the Hotmail users, 82,857 on something Facebook related, 33,697 from Google users and 22,881 provider related data. In only one single day. We can only guess that they are using the ice from the North Pole to cool down their busy busy servers. At one point in time the NSA will be able to track, process, store and analyze all people who are or were online. Having in mind that there are no people who have not been online more or less, well you draw the conclusion yourself. If you think that this is an exaggeration, then Snowden must have been some hip-hop star’s name for you.

We keep asking ourselves how they are doing it and what is even more important how they manage to get away with it? Over and over again. Well, the rumor has it that the NSA has countless contracts with foreign providers. In addition, they intercept data on some of the access points which are beyond the reach of the US laws. This explains why there are so many Yahoo email addresses in the NSA data collectors compared to Google and Hotmail. As you already know Yahoo does not have a predefined encryption type. This is something you have to determine and activate yourself.

As it seems NSA just cannot get enough when it comes to spying. Perhaps, we should really follow their advice no matter how cynical it may seem to us. If we do not have anything to hide, then we do not have anything to worry about. What about privacy? Ah that lovely, but an archaic word which now belongs only in the museum.

How to successfully protect your Android?

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If Android is your number one choice, then you have to be a little bit more careful in terms of protection compared to your friends who are using iPhone or Windows Phone. Why? Being more open in terms of your operating system, means that you are more open to the potential threats. So, is there something you can do about it? Certainly there is. You can increase the level of your safety with some additional measures combined with the protective oriented apps.

Let us start with some basics. As you already know Google Play always informs you about the requirements of a certain app you are about to install. What you do not know is that you keep forgetting to read them carefully. It comes without saying that you should be very careful when allowing for the app to access or do certain operations on your phone. Here is a simple one. Did you know that as soon as you accept Facebook app requirements it literally takes over your phone from your contacts to your camera.

If you are an app addict and you can help yourself on this one at least what you can do is to download them only from the safe locations such as Google Play. Speaking of which, Google play offers you with a remarkable choice of protection apps such as Norton, TrustGo Mobile Security, Lookout Mobile Security and many others. In addition, using a PIN code can give you a decisive advantage to protect your data in case your phone is being stolen.

We have to say and eventually admit that it all comes down to the habits and behavior of a user him or herself. If you reckless, keep forgetting things and above all disrespectful toward your device there is no app in the world to provide you with the adequate protection. It is worth mentioning that the absolute majority of malicious software never come without an invitation a direct or indirect one into our devices. Therefore, always think twice before pressing a certain button or option once.