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The Hoverboard By Lexus

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We have to begin our story about hoverboards with an important note about the picture used for our post. This is a picture taken from the timeless Back To The Future franchise. But, you probably know this already, don’t you? Otherwise, this is going to be a huge disappointment for us.

To make the long story short, the flying skateboard is not a funny movie trick. At least, not any more. It seems that Nexus has taken care of it all. So, how does this flying thing works? Well, to tell you the truth, this is strongly related to the rocket scientist, but there are some simple things we can use to clarify things.

We have to mention powerful magnets and Japanese hovering trains, so you can have the right kind of an idea. Yet, you should hold your horses on this one. There is plenty of homework that needs to be done here. So many practical issues to be solved. So, it can work just like you have seen it in the movies.

Either way, our fingers are crossed for the Lexus Back To The Future team. We should give them more movies to watch. Who knows, what they can come up with? Let us revive all the great things, we have seen in our favorite movies. But, let us make sure, we are leaving out the ones that can hurt us.

A Personal Kiwi Jetpack

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You have seen in the movies. Now, some busy little bees in New Zealand have made it possible for you to have a personal Jetpack that really works. It also really costs almost $150,000. Yet, does it really matter, when you can fly around in your private jet. As we have just said, only in the movies.

Until now. You become one with this unique flying machine, and then you can jump around from one island to the other. It really sounds like fun. The real question is, how come someone has not thought of it, already? Maybe, the others could not solve some practical problems associated with the vertical flying.

The price itself is a little bit high, but when it comes to flying no money is too expensive. Right? Our hats off to theses brilliant Kiwi brainiacs. We sure hope that a potential call from the Pentagon, is not going to be too much of a temptation for these guys. We already have killing drones. Right?

That is why, we really do not need one more line of killing machines. For what is worth, we have personalized and even ivindualized all there is to do about flying. This is a good direction to follow. We just hope is going to be guns-free all the way. But, there is something dark in our human nature that scare us. Right?

Goodbye BlackBerry 10

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There is a term from the gaming world, we can freely use in the mobile business field. Do you know what “gg” stands for? That is a nice way to say a Good Game, when you have lost or won. I am out, but this was a good game. I enjoyed it. Can the BlackBerry say such a thing?

The busy little bees in BlackBerry have really done their very best to stay in the game. The Passport model had a “personality” of its own. In addition, the Classic model was a nice try of regaining some of the old mobile glory. Yet, the mean mobile market machine has crumbled all of BlackBerry’s dreams.

And, we are where we are right now. BlackBerry is going to run with an Android heart. This really sounds like a mobile paradox. Once a proud mobile pioneer and prestigious business mobile brand has to fight like crazy in order to survive. How sad and disappointing this is.

It is very likely that BlackBerry is going to move back in the row of low-cost-smartphones. Unfortunately, this forced and involuntary “androidization” is simply going to erase the BlackBerry’s brand name. Instead of surviving, BlackBerry Android is going to contribute to its own disappearance.

Vitrimers Transformers

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Well, it would be more accurate to say that the Terminator movie, rather than Transformers, served as an inspiration to French scientists. What for? These Eiffel-Tower-Brainiacs have come up with a revolutionary new material with the amazing and unparalleled characteristics.

This discovery was adequately recognized and awarded by the EPO (European Patent Office). So, what is it all about? How about a self-repairing material? What if your broken smartphone can heal itself? Well, these are some fantastic ideas, which can leave you restless at night.

The entire industries can be reshaped thanks to this unparalleled material. Unfortunately, we are not rocket scientists to give you more details. You would not be able to understand it, either way. All you should be worried about is that you do not demolish your smartphone beyond repair.

Our hats off to these outstanding croissant brainiacs. We should give them more SF movies to watch on a daily basis. Who knows what they could invent after seeing the Avatar or the Alien series? If you want to invent something special in the world of smartphones, you should consume SF as much as possible.

How To Make It Throughout A Day?

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The busy little bees in Samsung have decided to deal with something more important than design or price related. How about the most notorious Achilles’ heel of all known and unknown smartphones? Its royal highness – the battery. So, what is special and life changing about their work?

Apparently, they have come up with a twice as much powerful battery. This is supposed to allow Samsung users to make it throughout a single day with only one charging. The good news is that this super-battery will include both smartphones and tablets. What about a bad news?

Well, for what is worth, we will have to wait for at least two or three years to see it in the full-scale operational use. Do you see our biggest problem here? We are thrilled, if our battery can survive a single day. What happened with the prestigious standards set by our mobile pioneers?

Do you remember? The old Nokia models were able to survive for days, or even the whole week with a single recharge. Nowadays, when you mention something like that, you are in a serious danger that other smartphone users will treat you as a joke. Our hats off to you Samsung, because you certainly deserve it for this one.

Vertu + Bentley = ?

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What do you get when you combine Vertu and Bentley brands? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that either way is going to be something extremely expensive. In this particular case of game of prestige, we are talking about more than $20,000 for a single device.

Oh dear, what do you get for this amount of money? A new car? Only a Vertu phone. What is even more interesting, you are not going to get a smartphone, but rather a good old mobile phone. To tell you the truth, for the proud Bentley owners simply do not care. Why is that?

The busy little bees have figured it out that the owners of highly prestigious and luxurious cars do not care about features and memory capacity. For them, it all begins and it all ends with an eye-catching design. If you can include some gold and diamonds in it, then that is good for you as a producer.

Can you drive your phone? Well, this one you certainly can. There is only one catch, though. When you own a phone, which costs $22K, then your heart can literally stop, in case you scratch or break it accidentally. Or, maybe for these guys these mind blowing prices are something quite acceptable. Right?

Smart Ride Jacket

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We have heard so many stories about all kinds of smart-this-and-that inventions. Some of them are totally crazy, while for others you have to think twice to justify their purpose. However, the new member of the smart family of things definitely does not fit into this category.

We are talking about a life saving thing. Nowadays, it is not enough to shine likeĀ  a star with your jacket, while you are riding a bike. This one comes with the special sensors, which are supposed to signal the drivers you are going to encounter this way or another, while on the road. Looks like a clear win-win.

That is not all. In case you are not feeling well, or you get somewhere on the way, your jacket will give away your precise location. Our hats off to this invaluable invention. Finally, there is something we can clearly see its purpose. There are so many self-proclaimed smart things.

Yet, just because you have the Internet access, it does mean you are a smart device. You have to do smart things for smart people. This is a definition all brainiacs should have on their minds, while being in their so-called invention mode. Think about the people first, rather than the app store, for a change.