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How To Make $2,4 Million In 24 Minutes?

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We do not have to ask you 24 times, do you want to hear the answer to this question, do we? Well, it turns out that all you have to do is to read the right tweet at the right moment. The next thing you know, you will be a few million dollars richer. Here is what happened to one Wall Street busy little bee.

The true story goes that this lucky guy somehow got a tweet about Intel’s intention about buying the company called the Altera. As a direct result of this Twitter news, the market value of the Altera skyrocketed in the matter of hours for almost 30%. Can you guess what was left for this guy to do?

First, you buy, and then you sell the shares, which gained some additional financial weight in the meantime. In this case, we are talking about the pure profit of more than millions of dollars. We are not quite sure, but this tweet about Intel and Altera is probably the most expensive in the Twitter history.

We are not implying that you should keep your eyes focused on the stock exchange related tweets 24/7. The moral of this story is quite a simple one. You should never question, nor challenge the true power of social networks. The best and the worst news always go through the social network channels, first.

The Time Of Your Facebook Life

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When it comes to this one, the doctors and therapists are unanimous. If a depression is your inevitable best friend, then you should avoid the social networks, especially Facebook, at all costs. Why? Actually, this is a very simple and straightforward situation. There is no dark side of the Facebook Moon.

What you have is an opportunity to examine only the top positive moments in a person’s life on Facebook. As soon as you do such a thing, you will end up comparing your current misery with someone’s shining moments. You do not have to guess twice what is going to be the most probable outcome, do you?

You are actually putting some additional gasoline onto the damaging fire, which is literally killing you from inside. So, what are the alternatives? Is forgetting about Facebook a recommended part of your own therapy? We do not want you to get any funny ideas from this dark clouded story.

This is not a story about envy, neither. All what we are trying to say is to have a more realistic approach when you are examining someone’s life and achievements on Facebook. At the end of the day, Facebook just cannot make it up for your real life pains and troubles. Do your best not to forget that.

My Immortal Google

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Google is dead serious about the life itself. Have you heard the latest news? Google plans to literally throw billions of dollars in a series of researches, which are supposed to come up with the genuine and the efficient elixir of the eternal life or youth. Seriously? Is this the best thing it can do right now?

Does not Google have something smarter and more important to do in the field of research and development? This is a tough one. What is the use of all those shiny gadgets, if you are not going to live long enough to use them all? So, what is the master plan? We need to mention two crucial elements.

The first one is associated with all kinds of genetic modifications. One of the most recent experiments, which included the modifications of the worms’ genes, actually allowed them to live ten times longer. Google is a little bit modest in this matter. It wants us to live up to a century by default. Enough?

The second improvement is to be achieved with the help of the numerous nanobots. These busy little microscopic robots have a task of fixing our body and organs in the most unimaginable ways. What do we have to do in return? Are they going to ask us to tattoo a Google logo on our bodies?

The Most Dangerous Experiment In The History

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One extremely brave journalist conducted an experiment unprecedented in the human history. She dared to go through the five-day period with an old, traditional and conventional mobile phone instead of the modern smartphone. So, what was so dangerous about this intriguing experiment?

Honestly, do we need to answer this question? Can you imagine an entire hour, not to mention the whole day, without your most favorite cyber-pet called a smartphone? Now, you get it. Therefore, imagine that you lost your smartphone, and that there is no other option than using this ancient model.

You are ready to ask the right questions. What are the cons, and are there any pros in this reverse worst case scenario? We have to admit that typing a message can be quite a challenge on an ancient phone. In addition, you can forget about the shiny games and especially about the social networks.

On the other side, it is a refreshing and surprising discovery that your battery can survive to see the next couple of days. We have realized, why we had to evolve to the next level of smartphones. At the same time, we know what needs to be fixed in order to move forward. The battery is still the greatest mystery.

The Story About Selfie Stick

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At one point in time the selfie-mania developed a consciousness of its own. That is how, we ended up with the smartphones specially designed for making selfies. The latest notorious “hit” in this field is the so-called selfie-stick. You do not have to guess twice how you are supposed to use it. Right?

Nevertheless, the background story is much more interesting. It is really hard to believe that this newbie selfie tool actually has a history more than three decades long. Seriously? The selfie-stick was actually designed to be used as the camera-stick back in the 1983 for the Minolta Disc-7 camera.

Here comes the most intriguing part of this quite unusual story. Believe it or not, this camera-stick had the “honor” of being enlisted in a book called the most useless and meaningless inventions in Japan. Who could have thought that more than thirty years later, this crazy tool would find its perfect match.

Where exactly? Well, in the growing and demanding selfie community. For what is worth, these users obsessed with the strong impulses of the overwhelming narcism just could not resist this surprising gift. They found themselves a perfect tool. The rest is becoming a selfie history as we speak.

Disconnecting People By Facebook

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Are you willing and ready to admit it? Facebook controls only one part or your entire life. Regardless what you may think about it, Facebook has a special place in the bizarre news section. More than once, we have had a chance of hearing some hard to believe things associated with Facebook.

Here is a quick reminder. For quite some time we have been thinking what to do with the live accounts of people, who are no longer with us. On the other hand, our relationships are tremendously and dominantly shaped by this most popular and most influential social networks in the cyber world.

Very often, we tend to share it with the world, when we are in love. On the other side, Facebook is the first one to know when our love ends badly. What is the next logical step in this emotional direction, which includes Facebook? It is a romantic thing when you propose on a social network.

But, how about a divorce? Believe it or not, one US court is dead serious about acknowledging a Facebook message as a legitimate divorce statement. Is this too much? The next thing you know, you will have to consult Mark Zuckerberg as a marriage counselor. Till Facebook do us part. Is that right?

On The Beautiful Cyber Danube

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Blame it on all Hollywood. Why? Because, our very first impressions about the robots are inevitably associated with the notorious SkyNet AI and the scary Terminator. Well, the busy little enthusiastic cyber bees in Vienna, Austria have decided to change all of that. So, what is the catch with this one?

Although, you would probably think of Tokio, Japan as the most suitable host for the international robots related competition, Austria has boldly accepted the organization of the world biggest Robot Challenge in 2015. In addition, there will be plenty of categories to present your robots and their skills.

On the other hand, we just could not help ourselves noticing the overwhelming fascination with the robots, who can play a piano. If the Artificial Intelligence has to prove its capacities in playing chess, then the top skilled robot has to demonstrate its power by playing a piano. As simple as that.

Our hats off to Vienna cyber enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, the ultimate joy would have been hearing robots playing Johann Strauss masterpiece On The Beautiful Blue Danube. Or even better, to see them dancing to the tacts of this immortal waltz. This is a true robot challenge for any robot. Right?