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Cry Baby App

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Every now and then, the crazy and unpredictable world of apps gives birth to a mind blowing new concept. That is exactly what has happened with the Quiet Night baby iPod, and its associated app. This is how we have come up with a solution for the quiet and quality sleep of our adorable babies.

The catch is that the music will begin to play as soon as a baby starts to cry. You do not have to guess twice that the music itself is going to be fully compatible with the most common babies’ music choices. In addition, they will be able to change the music themselves while playing with the gadget itself.

When you put it in this way, then it sounds like a true win-win for both parents and babies. All parents know how trying to have a good night’s sleep with no interruptions can be a mission impossible around babies. On the other hand, growing up with the music around you is a great thing for babies.

For this one, our hats off to the creators of this great thing. Maybe this gadget and app will not save the world or make you ridiculously rich, but they will become someone’s most precious childhood memories and souvenirs. Right? In other words, this is definitely a must have for any baby and parent.

The Right Moment For A Windows Tablet

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Are we exaggerating with a claim that Windows can seriously challenge Apple’s iPad with its own tablet model? Is this possible in the first place? Well, it depends. First, you have to take into consideration that it is Apple’s own blame people are less interested in iPads. Why? This is an easy question.

In order to use an iPhone 6 or what is even better an iPhone 6 Plus, you need both hands. Right? So, why do you need an iPad? On the other side, Windows is offering a much cheaper tablet with a promise of the hottest IT thing in town called the Windows 10. Which one you are going to choose?

That is what we are talking about. The mobile future is going to be quite a profitable one, but at the same time surprisingly cheap, as well. The so-called emerging and developing markets hide a true riches of a billion army of new users, who wish to own more than they can acquire, obviously.

So, who do you think will win in this inevitable popularity contest? What do you know the Grandpa Microsoft still has some moves. Do not forget the Nokia-low-cost-strike, which waits just around the corner. Let us see, if Microsoft can bite enough apples, it can possibly chew. Grandpa Microsoft certainly has some teeth left.

BlackBerry Back In Black

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Someone is not telling us the truth. Supposedly, BlackBerry is in a safe way to its full and glorious recovery. So, what went wrong? It seems that its new models Passport and Classic cannot ensure even the basic business survival. To make things even worse, the software solutions failed, as well.

According to some estimates, BlackBerry needs to sell at least two to three millions of Passport and Classic models including at least $500 million from the software deals. Honestly speaking, this sounds almost like a mission impossible for BlackBerry under the current set of events and development.

This is so disappointing and a truly heartbreaking story. Why? Well, it is not an easy thing to see one of the very first mobile pioneers struggling for a basic survival. Now, we see how insignificant was the most recent deal with Google. In exchange for some effective security software solutions BlackBerry has teamed up with Google.

BlackBerry users can access the Play Store and its absolute abundance of available apps. Is it too late, already? What is next? BlackBerry will have to join the other recycled mobile pioneers, such as Motorola or Nokia. Is this BlackBerry’s inevitable destiny? Our fingers are crossed. Is that enough?

Remote Friendship

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Chrome Remote Desktop is out there, ready to be installed and used. So what? What is the big with this one? Well, this app’s version is specially designed for iPhones. With the new Chrome Remote Desktop you can use your iPhone to access your desktop or Mac computer safely and remotely.

This is a quite unusual hand of friendship offered by Google to all Apple users. So, what is happening with Google? Why all of a sudden this explosion of friendly gestures and team up offers? We have to remind you what happened to the BlackBerry, as well. Google got the access to a security software.

On the other hand, the BlackBerry can reward its users with the access to Google Play Store and its fabulous collection of countless apps. This is surely a win-win for both parties. Is Google playing some game or exercise a strategy we are not fully aware about? We will have to wait and see the end results.

It seems that is much easier and definitely more profitable to make cyber love, than to fight the endless and expensive cyber wars. It sounds like a cliche, but all of the major IT giants actually play in the same team. However, they tend to forget it all the time. Every now and then, they get a nice reminder.

It’s Cool To Be Cool

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Beware all of you notorious overheating troubles, Fujitsu is here to rescue. There is something called the “loop heat pipe”, which is supposed to cool down your smartphone. We do not have to emphasize nor explain why is this extremely important for your smartphone’s health and life, do we?

On the other side, we do not want to bother you with the rocket science details of this brilliant solution. It is enough to say that a special liquid will ensure that your smartphone stays cool all the time. The only trouble, though, is that this liquid is supposed to evaporate sooner or later. Trouble?

We are not quite sure whether or not you are supposed to recharge this Fujitsu cooler, or rather buy a new one. Either way, it is going to be worth it. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this and similar tiny-detail-solutions can bring you a fortune, for real. Taking care means making profit.

Annoying overheating and mortal batteries are the most serious challenges for the growing smartphone empire. Until we solve them successfully, we will not be able to enjoy the abundance of opportunities and features smartphone bring us. There will always be a bitter smile or even a tear in our eye. Till then. Right?

Facebook Pay

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Oh dear, just the thing we need the most and we cannot live without. Facebook allows you to send and/or receive money. We already have Apple Pay and Android Pay. Everywhere you look on the social networks and mobile platforms there will be money, raining money. Right? How lovely, indeed.

So, how is this Mark-Zuckerberg-sends-you-money thing is supposed to work? Well, all is in the Messenger’s capable app hands. First, you have to connect your credit card with your Facebook account. The next thing you know your money is gone. Your friends can like as much as they want once they get it.

So, what is wrong with this picture? Why this fully transparent bitter tone? You do not have to be a rocket scientist nor a Facebook addict to know that this social network has some serious security and privacy issues, do you? Just imagine what the introduction of numerous financial transactions will do.

We dare to say that hackers all over the world cannot believe their ears and eyes what is happening with the online payment systems in the cyber space. We are putting all eggs in one basket, and we hope that we will be lucky enough to avoid all cyber menaces. Good luck with this childish attitude.

Impressive Impresion Pi

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The VR gold rush is on. All major players are here. Microsoft, Sony – Project Morpheus, Facebook – Oculus Rift, Google, and others. Have we missed someone? However, just like with any other groundbreaking IT concept, it is more than likely that the price itself is going to be a limiting factor.

Who could have thought that it is possible to join the Virtual Reality race from the underdog Kickstarter zone. Right? Nevertheless, this is exactly what happened to the busy little bees from the Impression Pi VR Project. They are simple. They are affordable, above all. What does it mean exactly for us?

Well, for what is worth, thanks to the Impression Pi you can have a decent taste of the VR in the privacy and comfort of your own home. For how much exactly? Let is say 260€, give it or take. The only drawback, as far as we are concerned, is the lack of a display. At the later stage this will be solved.

Yet, this additional pleasure will cost you an additional 100€. There has to be a way. So far, we have seen some very primitive and ridiculously simplified VR glasses. This is the early dawn of the VR revolution. So, hold your horses for a moment or two, will you? The best is still to come. Right?