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Twitter Video Ads

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You can run, but you cannot hide. The commercials will eventually find you. And, there is nothing we can do about that. Just when you thought that social networks have finally made enough profit there is a fresh disappointment to prove you all wrong. It is Twitter’s turn to stab you in the back.

Yes, believe it or not, Twitter will introduce the video ads. It is only a matter of time before your favorite blue bird tweet a commercial for the nice day regards. Do they really need something like this? The numbers work just fine for Twitter. However, they need to increase the incomes with this business move.

On the other hand, we have to ask one simple question. In the long run what is going to prevail, more profit or less users? The top social networks are really pushing the limits of both patience and trust of their users. Just talk Facebook as an example. In the middle of the privacy controversy, Facebook launches even more problematic Messenger.

You can rest assured that there is a quiet and modest newbie social network just waiting for the old school players to make all mistakes and ruin all the positive vibes among their users. You can do whatever you like, but not as long as you want. That is the lesson both Facebook and Twitter will eventually learn.

Goodbye Windows 7

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Oh, our poor old Microsoft. So much to worry about. On the one hand, the technical support for the old and outdated platforms. On the other hand, the insufficient number of users for the new versions. The trouble with the Windows curve is that there are more than enough users, but in the wrong place and time.

In addition, Windows users have quite a reputation as extremely stubborn and loyal to the current versions they are using. Microsoft is so much desperate that is willing to offer a free upgrade to Windows 9 for all XP, Vista and Windows 7 users. However, there are no guarantees that this will eventually work.

Microsoft has obviously lost its patience. Starting January 13th, 2015 there will no longer be technical support available for Windows 7. The message just could not be clearer. All Windows 7 users are more than encouraged to start using Windows 8. Again and again, there no guarantees for this one either.

It is worth mentioning that the users themselves have some intriguing ideas of their own. Among them is an appeal to treat Windows XP as an open source and allow interested developers to provide necessary security updates. Microsoft will need all of its ingenuity and creativity for this one, that is for sure.

Free Web Design – Unlimited Opportunities

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how an eye-catching web design can improve the awareness about your business. However, there were two obstacles preventing you to take some serious actions about it. In the first place, you would like to know how your website could look like with a certain design.

In the second place, you worry about the price itself. You just can’t stop asking yourself whether or not you can afford a certain web design. Well, having all of these said, the Donau Next SA has come up with a solution, which can easily turn out to be a win-win solution for all of you. Here’s how it works.

All you have to do is to email information about your company and website to In return you can expect an intriguing free web design. Although, it will include only some basic web design forms, it can represent an excellent starting point for future upgrades and additional features according to your ideas and wishes.

The Donau Next SA expects to overcome successfully an existing gap between the web design companies and interested parties, which is often filled with hesitation and doubts. Hopefully this can become a new business model to improve both aesthetic and financial opportunities for all interested parties.

Internet Explorer Explores New Names

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Seriously? This is huge and so unlikely for Microsoft. Our perception of Microsoft is that it is a grandpa, who is not used to change the things so dramatically. Changing a name for Internet Explorer means breaking up with the tradition or extremely compromised reputation. Which one of these two?

Well, it depends on your point of view. The IE is still the most popular web browser in the world. On the other hand, it is also the most popular destination for the absolute majority of hackers and cyber attacks. The second dark side of the popularity generates this idea about the new name.

It is more than obvious that Microsoft tries to ensure a new life for IE 11 with a new name. Nevertheless, we should be fully aware that Microsoft’s users can easily turn out to be the most serious obstacle for these efforts. Why? Well, it is not a secret that they are loyal, but also extremely stubborn when it comes to new versions transition.

Microsoft is being stretched away against its own will. It wants to focus its technical support on the new versions of Windows and IE. Yet, the users are still using older versions with no signs that they are willing to move to the next big things in the close future. What a puzzle for Microsoft. Can it be solved with a simple name change?

IOS + Android = 96%

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Let us play with numbers, shall we? On the other side, from the way you present certain information, someone else’s perception depends on it. This is actually a very nice example. Yes, when you combine IOS and Android you get 96% of all smartphones in the world, which use one of these two mobile OS.

For what is worth, we have to admit that Android takes 85%. This fact leaves us with only 11% for IOS. So, why the title of this post is not Android rules with 85%? Well, we already have such a post. In addition, we would like to ask some questions. Above all, what is happening in the minority percentage area?

You may say, oh what is the big deal with the remaining 4%. Well, in the world of smartphones every single percentage really matters and it can bring you billions. In this 4% kingdom Microsoft’s Windows Phone is the undisputed ruler. However, it will have to work real hard to pass the 5% boundary.

So, what is going to happen next? Is Android going to consume all other remaining percentages? Are IOS and Windows Phone are going to become a statistical error? You have to be completely aware that there is no such a thing as a grateful prediction in the world of smartphones. So, do not you even dare to give one of your own.

Tom Hanks Developer?

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Does this one sound almost as a quiz? Who is Tom Hanks? An actor? A producer? Or, even a developer? It may be a little bit hard to believe, but Tom Hanks has just launched his first app. It is called HanxWriter. It is perfectly designed for iPad. Does it make movies? Provide additional info about Tom’s memorable movies?

Well, here is a new thing you can learn about Tom. He is a passionate admirer of the traditional typing machines. Yet, it seems that he cannot live without the modern technology gadgets. This is how this app has been born. It is supposed to give you both visual and sound feeling of the old typing machines.

This is definitely an intriguing idea. In addition, it is free and available in the App Store. On the other side, we cannot tell, if something similar will become available pretty soon for Android tablets, as well. One thing is certain. Tom does not have to worry about the marketing for his app, that is for sure.

It is reasonable to believe that Tom has hired someone to make this one for him. Eventually, does it really matter? The apps have become the inevitable parts of our lives. So, here is a motto for Tom’s app. Type me if you can. And, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio should be among the first to use it.

The War of Ads Continues

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There is no better way to damage your competitors than with a devastating commercial. On the other side, you have to surgically precise with your advertising content. Otherwise, it can hit you back like a boomerang. It seems that Samsung has done a proper job with its last add. Who is intended for? Who else than Aplle itself.

Samsung very carefully targets two weakest points on any iPhone. The first target is to emphasize the rumors about the peculiar and egocentric behavior of Apple’s users. I do not need anyone except my iPhone attitude is incorporated into this ad. You do not have to be a direct with this one. All you need is an indicative suggestion.

The second even more important message of this poisonous ad is associated with the iPhone’s battery. Therefore, the Samsung marketing team picked the airports as the main location for their commercial. You will see people sitting or standing next to the walls while trying to recharge their iPhones as soon as possible.

Will it work for Samsung? Well, maybe the very goal is to provoke Apple to hit back with an ad of its own. It seems that in the merciless game of prestige all means are allowed. As always, the users themselves will be the best judges of certain marketing efforts. Let us see what Apple has prepared as an adequate answer to this advertising challenge.