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EU, TVs and Vacuum Cleaners

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It seems that the EU bureaucracy is dead serious about the energy efficiency. We thought that the new regulations about the vacuum cleaners were a joke. Wait until you hear what they plan to do with the TVs. Are they exaggerating with this green technology and energy stuff? Well, you should be careful here.

Here are some figures you simply cannot allow yourself a luxury of neglecting. We can save up to eight billion euros, not dollars, each year. How? By making sure that our TVs are more energy friendly. Do you still think this is funny and ridiculous to mess up with? How about 60 million TVs being sold each year in the EU alone?

This is an entire army of energy eaters. Yes, we like to use these large screens, with huge energy needs. That is about to change. In addition, for an average household in Europe the TVs claim almost 10% of the entire energy consumption. How about that for a change? Is it going to be really worth it?

What is the use, if you are a good guy, when all you see around you are the bad guys, who do not care about energy saving needs? Our hats off to the EU, but what about the China, for instance? How many Europes you can put there? We sure hope that the Chinese themselves do not like gigantic TVs.

The Crazy A

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So, how do you like to call it? The “@”. It is such an inevitable symbol we take for granted by default. For the absolute majority of nations and cultures the monkey is the very thing to cross the mind. In numerous forms and variations, of course. The monkey tail, very often. Or, the little monkey, which is a simpler form.

For some people this is a crazy letter A. Yet, it seems that we are completely unaware that this is an ancient symbol. Long before the computers begin to roam the planet this funny letter was doing its homework. Where and for whom? Believe it or not, the monks in the sixth century used it for some other things.

The @ was used to make a clear distinction between the Latin phrases such as “ad” and “AD”, which was a huge deal back then. Why have we decided to use it again centuries later for something quite different? This is at least to say a mystery, but it works just fine. This is how the little monkey has become our best friend.

What is the moral of this story? Well, we could not find one that would be suitable at this moment. How about you? Any ideas? For what is worth, let us question some of the most recognizable concepts in our good old cyber world. We would be surprised for sure what is there waiting for us to find it.

The Right Moment To Invent

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Although, we still have a couple of weeks until the official end of this year, the Time Magazine has come up with the list of the most significant technological inventions in 2014. It comes without saying, that you can find quite a lot worth admiring on this list. Yet, we only want to talk about these two.

It is worth mentioning that the most decisive moment to get on this list was not the sales result, but actually the level of achievement. How about the iWatch? It is not a rocket science, and it is not a revolutionary thing. Yet, it is a computer on your wrist. That was more than enough for Time to enlist it.

Here is one interesting list’s participant. The Blackhone was quite an achievement. Why? Well, this smartphone gave us a smart hope that we can actually do something about our privacy. Maybe, it is not bulletproof, but it is supposed to fight the bad guys wearing black suits, who are spying on you.

The best and the most honest thing to say is that each any of us has his or her own list. You should invest a couple minutes of your time to think what has been the most important technological thing to happen for you in this year. Let yourself go, and let us hear something intriguing and original from you.

The Most Expensive Games Of All Times

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There is a parallel Hollywood for gamers and gaming. They have virtual superstars, and what is even more important they have the fascinating production budgets. This is what captured our attention. Unless you are not a gaming fanatic, or even if you really are, there is no way you can guess what is going on here.

The production budget for the top three games includes more than one billion dollars. Yes, you heard this information well. The latest versions of the Destiny, GTA and Call of Duty had the one billion dollar budget, when combined together. The Destiny alone almost $500 millions. What does it mean?

This makes the Destiny to be the most expensive game in our history. There is no Hollywood blockbuster movie that can match the Destiny with its production budget. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that gaming is not an industry. This is an empire. And, here is one more interesting fact.

So far, we have witnessed a trend that Hollywood borrows stories from the most popular games for its movies. Now, for the very first time one gaming company will create a movie about its own game. The Blizzard is apparently very close to making a full length movie about the World of Warcraft. The games have begun, for quite some time.

Uncle Amazon Wants You

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Amazon is hiring. If you love to fly, not literally, but rather virtually, then Amazon is the right place for you. The entire fleet of drones is ready to be launched for Amazon’s commercial purposes. All we need is to find the proper number of drone pilots, and we are good to go. Are you interested to join?

What kind of qualifications you need to have in this case? Here is the catch. You need to have enough experience as a drone pilot. Or, to be a little bit more precise, you need to have a five year experience as a pilot of automatic aircrafts. Where are we supposed to find these people? Here is the first possible idea.

Straight from the military uniform, where else? As it seems, we will have killer drone pilots delivering Amazon shipments all over our heads. Here is an additional trouble. We can expect for our sky to become an extremely crowded place. Amazon drones, Facebook balloons, and Google satellites.

Do we need more? How they plan to ensure the acceptable level of efficiency of their flying objects and quality of services? You just cannot fight the feeling that the Terminator and SkyNet scenario is becoming even more a real one. And, there is nothing we can do about it, can’t we? Beware of the drones.

A Bitter Taste Of Lollipop

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There is only one thing certain about the Android 5.0 or better known as the Lollipop. Instead of sugar it is filled with controversy. Google is saying one thing, but we are experiencing something quite different. Let us start with the battery first, shall we? It comes without saying what is this for each smartphone.

It is the Achilles’ heel, that is what it is. It is not a rocket science, but it is extremely painful. Ask any smartphone user, if you want to know more. On the one side, we have quite a few reports, which are describing the Lollipop as a battery killer. On the other side, Google wants to assure us that this is a battery’s best friend.

What about the security? With the new Android 5.0 you can simply forget about the rooting of your device. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, we are quite worried about the problematic message. It is just like Google is saying to us, relax, we will take care of it all. You are not supposed to do a thing about it.

So, what is the real truth about Lollipop? Well, as always you will have to try it first-hand, and then see for yourself, if it is worth it. In this case, and this one comes as an unwritten rule, our expectations are our worst enemy. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. It is in our nature.


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We are not surprised. We are not surprised at all. Let us be honest with ourselves for a change. It was only a matter of time before someone would come up with an idea such as this one. The only thing left to do now is to create the fully independent national Internet. Why Russian version of Wikipedia?

Well, this is a completely unnecessary question to ask. Pay attention to what is going on in Ukraine, and all will become crystal clear for you. On the other hand, this does not have to be necessarily bad. Who are we daring to say something blasphemous, such as this? Well, the situation is quite a critical one.

The Wikipedia has quite a few problems of its own. The moderators on Wikipedia have deeply involved in something that already has an official title the Wiki-wars. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has become one of the least likable places for your search of the truth. We are fabricating the truth on Wikipedia, aren’t we?

The Balkanization syndrome is all around us. The brave new cyber world will be its first victim, that is for sure. We will nationalize the Internet and all of its most distinctive features. We will try to come up with the local versions of all major online services. Oh dear, we are about to ruin the best thing that happened in our history.