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Instagram Bigger Than Twitter

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Instagram is all about the numbers right now. Based on its unofficial, but more or less reliable statistics, there are more Instagram than Twitter users. Let us be a little bit more precise. More than 300 million Instagram users versus a little bit more than 280 Twitter birds. How could this be possible?

Well, we are a little bit lazy when it comes to googling about the history of social networks. But, we are pretty much sure that Twitter is older than Instagram. Now, we can go back to our most important question. What went wrong with Twitter? Well, to tell the truth Twitter was doing just fine.

However, in the same time Instagram has done better. As a matter of fact, since the March relatively new guy in the neighborhood has been able to achieve an impressive jump of new users from 200 to the current 300 million. On the other hand, Twitter was fighting hard to record new 40 million users.

Twitter has a new homework. The trouble with the curve is screaming for some thorough analysis in this case. What was so special about Instagram, and obviously so ordinary about Twitter? For what is worth, we sure hope that Instagram counts only the truly active users. Otherwise, what is the use?

MS Joins The Bitcoin Family

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It is official cyber boys and girls. From now on, you will be able to pay for Microsoft products and services with Bitcoins. So, what is this supposed to mean? If Bitcoins are good for the Microsoft itself, they should be acceptable for us, as well? We can relax and enjoy the great world of Bitcoin opportunities.

What is going to happen with all those Bitcoin related controversies and scandals? It seems that we are supposed to put them all behind. We sure hope that Microsoft and all other major IT players, who have accepted this virtual currency, know what they are doing for the sake of all of us. Right?

Maybe, it is not a good thing to be stubborn or skeptical in the cyber world. The Bitcoin concept can prove us all wrong. Let us wait and see, how this will work eventually. Either way this is a win-win situation for us. No matter what happens with Bitcoins, we will end up with reliable MS products and services.

Whatever you take from Microsoft, you do not have to worry that the inflation or some other financial trouble could jeopardize the software solutions younare using. All you have to do is to ensure power to run them. That is all. On the other hand, Microsoft has to worry what is going to do with all those Bitcoins.

Google VR

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The VR (Virtual Reality) race is on. It would be ridiculous or even naive to think that this life changing technology could have proceeded without Google’s involvement. This is how the Google Cardboard is being introduced. Yet, it is worth mentioning that the very approach is all that matters in the VR field.

A Google VR concept is definitely oriented toward mass production. The VR for everyone, this is how we could describe it. On the other hand, we have the pioneer Oculus Rift, which will be oriented toward the development of the VR related apps. We should also not forget to mention the Sony’s concept.

Morpheus project by Sony will cover the VR gaming area, that is for sure. From this point of view, it seems very clear and simple. The roles in the future VR world and business are assigned. Google mass production, Sony entertainment and eventually Facebook development. Is that all we have?

Apparently it is. Or, maybe somewhere in some small garage a busy little VR bee is about to come up with the ground shaking concept. We just have to be a little bit more patient. That is all. In the meantime, let us wait and see what the major IT players can do about the VR in the real business world.

IOS 8 63

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What is this? IOS 8 63. Is this some kind of a code? Well, to be quite honest that is the current acceptance rate of the IOS 8 among Apple’s users. So what, you may ask, what is the big deal? As a matter of fact, it is a small deal. The IOS has an impressive acceptance rate by default. So, what went wrong?

In order to give you a proper answer for that, we have to remind you what happened with the IOS 7. This Apple fellow was the bringer of rain. New design and impressive new features. No wonder the users were more than eager to get it as soon as possible. Now, what is the situation with the IOS 8?

Let us face it. All you can get is a new design with some bugs, as well. That is something 8.1 is supposed to solve. In addition, Apple does not have to deal with the device compatibility trouble, which is the case with Android. Now you see that 63% is simply not enough for Apple and IOS 8. Right?

If you want to increase the rate, you have to give something useful on a plate. Right again? Otherwise, you may end up like Microsoft with Windows version where the numbers do not mean a lot. When you give a new OS version people expect something that can change their so-called user’s experience. Right?

2015: The Year Of iWatch

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Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have marked the 2014. So, what is going to happen in 2015? If you closely follow the signs, then iWatch can easily turn out to be your best guess. Why? Well, according to some serious rumors, Apple has just ordered 24 million iWatch devices from one of its suppliers.

On the other hand, this does not mean that Apple has won the battle before it has officially begun. According to some estimates, up to 10% of iPhone users are very likely to acquire an iWatch without any hesitation or a second thought about it. For the extremely powerful brand such as Apple this is a little bit disappointing.

Or, what is worth, it is not an easy thing selling a smartwatch. You just took $600 or $700 from a guy, who adores your brand, and you are asking for approximately $500 more. For what exactly? For a cozy feeling of not being required to hold your smartphone all the time. Is not this a little bit too much?

Let us see, how this one will work for Apple. So far, it has been an easy task to live and earn on the ground of Apple’s former glory. However, the time has come to offer something unique and innovative. Can we describe the iWatch as such? Well, that is not very likely, is it? Apple you can do better than that.

YouTube You Animate

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It is not yet official, but this rumor is definitely worth mentioning. YouTube is about to introduce a GIF animation video option. So, what is this supposed to mean? Perhaps YouTube is trying to cheer us up after the devastating ads blow? Some kind of a balance to restore our faith in good and free features.

Yet, YouTube will have to do much better than that. Our confidence is seriously shaken by the ads ultimatum. You know how it goes at the moment, don’t you? If you want to watch your favorite videos without ads or delays you have to pay for it, this way or another. This way new option looks like a compensation.

For what exactly? For our trust and troubles, that is for sure. When it comes to the social networks, you simply cannot apply the rule – my way or the highway. It simply does not work in the long run. Before you know it you start losing users, and some brainiac comes up with an alternative for your platform.

Let us see how this one will work for us. Would it be enough to forget about all ads related torture, we have to deal with on a daily basis? It is up to you to decide. After all, there is always an option to save your privacy and dignity by terminaing our user’s account. Who would do such a painful thing?

The Dislike Saga

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Here we go one more time. Do we really need it? The dislike button. One of the most controversial dilemmas Facebook has recently encountered. What are we trying to achieve with it? When you like you like. When you do not like it, write something about it, or just leave it be. As simple as that.

Yet, for what is worth, one of the recent Mark Zuckerberg’s statements managed to keep the flame about the dislike button burning. The trouble with the curve in this case is the influence on our already heavily compromised social relationships. Who is going to like the dislike option, for a change?

If you recall, there was a short experiment withbthe dislike option. It was not a glorious one, but it was certainly educational and extremely indicative. With the like button the world can be quite a simple place to live in. On the other hand, the dislike button has opened the Pandora’s box, literally.

So, what is the moral of this story? We are not advising you to dislike the dislike button, that is for sure. Of the entire complex and beautiful world of our emotions has to eventually come down to one button, then let it be. Maybe, that will trigger an alarm that we have reached a critical point as a society.