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The Future App For Your Ex Love

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We have a bad and a good news for you. Which one you want to hear first? The bad news is that love pains hurt with no difference in both our real and a virtual one. The good news is that you will never be alone in the cyber world, even if your love is gone. For this one you have to thank your smartphone.

There is a new app in town. It will not allow you to feel lost in the love misery abyss. Not even for a moment. So, what is the catch with this app? Well, for what is worth, it is supposed to act as your invisible boyfriend or a girlfriend. For no more than 20 bucks you will get messages, letters and even phone calls.

From your smartphone’s perspective love business is as usual. Your friends will not be able to tell a difference, whether or not you are in the real relationship or a virtual one. Do you really need an app, such as this one? How is the true victim of your deception? Your friends or you yourself?

Let us be painfully honest, shall we? This app can give you a helping hand and an invaluable comfort when you are vulnerable the most. On the other hand, you can avoid your friends’ questions, when you are going to move and find a new boyfriend or a girlfriend. This app is not as bad as it seems.

We Want Users To Love Windows

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All manufacturers and providers want from the users to love their products and services. When it comes to this simple business fact, Microsoft is not an exception. Yet, its CEO Satya Nadella wants to give a new meaning to this meaningless phrase. How? With the help of new Windows 10. What else?

Windows 10 is supposed to be so much more than an OS update. Let us dare to say a new way of life. It has a mission to run smoothly on all Microsoft devices regardless of their screen sizes. Yes, it is an ambitious plan. And yes, Microsoft has not too many options available at the moment. It isnthat serious.

Dear old grandpa Microsoft has to prove to itself and others that it is far from being treated as a cyber dinosaur. The brave new mobile world, we live in, is everything and anything, but a compassionate one. Microsoft itself can write a book about it. So, we are back to our users. The most important component of them all.

Would they love Windows 10? No one can tell for certain, and that is the only certain thing. Maybe it was easy to win the users’ hearts at the very beginning of the cyber revolution. Unfortunately, in the meantime the users themselves have become more picky and extremely spoiled. How about you?

The Apples Made Of Gold

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For what is worth, Apple has the time of its business life. In 2014, the new models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were the undisputed rulers of the smartphone world. In addition, during the first week in January iTunes apps alone brought $500 million more. So, what about people behind apples?

It comes without saying that Apple employees have no reason to worry about their impressive financial situations. That is even more true for the top managers. However, if you think that Tim Cook is the biggest golden apple in the Apple, then you just could not be possibly more wrong. Here are some numbers.

Angela Ahrendts is richer for more than $70 millions, she got in 2014. This is what Apple thinks about her potential to improve business development and sales. On the other hand, Tim was able to earn not even $10 millions during the same period. So, what is the catch? What happened with the meritocracy principle?

You do not have to worry about Tim. You do not have to borrow him some money. You also do not have to buy an iPhone out of compassion. Tim has more than $350 millions in the company’s shares. He has a right to sell them in the next ten years. Angela will have to earn her shares in the time to come.

Samsung In The Wonderland

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Samsung has serious thoughts about the Windows Phone OS platform for its smartphones. What in the world is that supposed to mean? It is not a secret that Samsung has always looked for a way to ensure, let us say its independence. From whom or what? From Google and Android, who else.

Do not get us wrong. It is not all black and white in the world of smartphones. The things are a little bit more complicated. There is nothing wrong in a relation between Google and Samsung. For what is worth, this is an extremely fruitful partnership and win-win situation for both parties. Obviously.

On the other side, Samsung is eager about Windows Phone, but it is in the middle of a serious patent legal battle with Microsoft itself. Yes, it sounds and looks a little bit weird, but this the reality of the merciless business life. Eventually, Samsung tried something on its own. This trynwas called Tizen.

And, we are where we are right now. This unusual love triangle has to end up this way or another. Samsung is a golden goose every mobile OS provider can only wish for. At the same time, Samsung cannot give you both hardware and software, just like Apple is doing, can it? Really tricky, indeed.

2014: Apps vs Hollywood

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Are you the biggest Hollywood fan? Do you admire your favorite movie stars and dream about their salaries? Well, for what is worth, the brave new cyber world is about the change the old rules. Nowadays, the apps industry can challenge the traditional Hollywood without blinking in the first place.

You can choose your most desirable parameters for the comparison purposes. We can talk about both profit and popularity between apps and Hollywood. Did you know that the apps have earned much more than Hollywood industry itself in 2014? Just take Angry Birds and Minecraft as an example.

If you talk about popularity, we can say that some game presenters and commentators are the true celebrities with the millions and millions of loyal and devoted followers. Beginning with the 2018 apps have earned more than $25 billion on the iTunes platform alone. Not to mention Play Store.

The start of 2015 has shown us that no surprises will be allowed in this field. During the first week of January in 2015, Apple has become richer for more than $500 million thanks to the IOS apps. If you are thinking about the promising movie career, you better think twice. An app can make your dreams come true.

Rescue Drones

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What is your first thought when someone mentions drones, or you hear about them in the news? You are probably imagining drone strikes in Irak or Afganistan. Or, even worse, you are seeing spy drones all around you. Either way, there are no happy and careless thoughts that can go hand in hand with drones.

When it comes to technology and humans, the business is as usual. What does it mean? Both technology and latest innovations are completely indifferent and tasteless. We are shaping them, and what is even more important, we are giving them the very sense of purpose. Do you see our point?

Finally, someone has figured out that drones can be used for something positive, instead of firing rockets or spying. How about rescuing people for a change? Imagine a rescue team, which launches a drone with a life saving set of tools. This would certainly make you think differently about drones.

As you can see, the story about drones is still an open book. Rescue drones are only the first step in the right direction. We need more of positive applications to change the tide and negative public perception. Drones to the rescue. We can get used to this life changing and saving idea. How about you?

100 Million Reasons For The 32-bit Windows 10

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It turns out that Microsoft has proven completely wrong all this busy little cyber bees, who thought that Windows 10 is to end the 32-bit platform. Why? What happened? Well, Microsoft’s officials have confirmed that Windows 10 will come with its appropriate 32-bit version. What is their justification?

For what is worth, they have found more than 100 million reasons for such a decision. Apparently, there are more than 100 million Windows users, who work in the 32-bit environment. You just cannot leave them alone in the dark corner of the Windows 10 angle, which is still under construction.

Microsoft has figured out nicely what it could mean for the business, if one hundred million users suddenly use the ability to use the OS as they once did. They could easily move to some of the older Windows versions, or what is even worse, they could ask themselves what is going on the different platforms, such as Linux, for example.

Now, you see why Microsoft is more than eager to meet its customers’ wishes. What other option does Microsoft have in a situation such as this one, other than to comply? Does it mean that all you have to do is to find one hundred million friends and Microsoft will make you what you want? Not sure.