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Samsung Game Recorder

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Are you already recording your games? Yet, you have probably wished to do the same with your mobile games, haven’t you? So, who or what is preventing you to record your most memorable mobile gaming moments? Well, a simple and reliable app for this particular purpose is hard to find.

As soon as you try to record your mobile game, you will experience the true horror called the rooted mobile device. You probably know what are we talking about, don’t you? Luckily for us, Samsung has the right kind of a simple and effective solution for all of you gaming addicts.

The Samsung Game Recorder is not a demanding app, and in return it gives you so many cozy things. You will get the top 1080p resolution, including an option to record all sounds while playing a game on your smartphone. What more can you possibly wish for in this field? Right?

This was a little bit unexpected move on Smasung’s behalf. We did not know that the busy little Korean bees can be so considerable, when it comes to the wishes and expectations of the growing mobile gaming community. Our hats off to this thoughtful move, which will definitely strengthen the loyal Samsung user base.

The Golden Apples Made In China

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What is with Apple’s obsession with both golden materials and color? This was quite an unusual and obviously eye-catching phenomenon that Tim Cook himself had to intervene in order to offer some acceptable explanation. It seems that we have to look for answers all the way to China.

Why? Well, you should probably know by now that China has become the second most important market for Apple, right after the US home field. Yes, dear cyber boys and girls, the old lady Europe just cannot eat enough apples compared the insatiable Chinese appetite.

That is why, Apple has to closely follow the Chinese trends and customer preferences. In Asia, the color of gold is the true color of success. It seems that the Chinese top customers have to have gold everywhere they look and everything they touch. If an Apple does not come in gold edition, then you are in trouble.

On the other side, you can expect more of Chinese trends jumping in the busy Apple’s design schedule. It is more than likely that Tim Cook reads Chinese for dummies, as we speak, or better to say write. The cyber circus is moving toward the East. This is an obvious and inevitable process. Apple is just following the tide.

An iSchool Double Apple

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Can you guess, which city has the highest number of Apple devices? Do you need a cozy hint? Just follow the apples and you will be just fine. The Big Apple is all about the Apple itself. As a matter of fact, more than 75% of all schools in the NYC use iPads on a daily basis for their educational purposes.

So, the New York schools are using iPads instead of traditional blackboards or books. Is it effective? Well, for some subjects an iPad is a perfect match. On the other hand, you cannot use it in each and any case. Right? Yet, this sounds very impressive. Those NY kids are truly the lucky ones, aren’t they?

Should we get iPads for all school kids? To tell you the truth, we believe that the overwhelming majority of modern kids own and use both smartphone and tablets even before they enter the school for the first time. Nevertheless, these shiny gadgets are not a guarantee that they will get the top education.

Here is an ancient example, which can be used to this very day. There was a guy called Alexander. He did not have a chance to use an iPhone. However, thanks to his teachers Plato and Aristotle, he later became a legend. Does a name Alexander the Great ring any bells?

Pepper Gone In Sixty Seconds

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Yes, cyber boys and girls, the latest and cutest cyber-creature called the Pepper was literally gone in less than sixty seconds. What is that supposed to mean exactly? Well, the first 1,000 models of this adorable robot were sold in less than a minute. This was also an impressive profit making opportunity.

Each of these robots costed more than $1,600. You do the math. That is why, the busy little bees behind this small robot, which can apparently correspond with our emotional expressions, are working hard to deliver more of these Peppers for both Japanese and European markets.

When you see the Pepper, then you realize how its appearance and size are not in our prejudicial accordance with the dominant SkyNet and Terminator design and size. How can possibly any harm or inconvenience come from this little cyber-fellow? What is with this emotional component?

This is a field, where we expect the biggest improvements in the future. If the Pepper can recognize a simple smile on our face, this is impressive, but makes it to be more like a toy, and a little bit less than a true AI creature. Keep up with the good work Pepper, but we would like to see more.

Dropbox 400M

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The proud and successful cloud pioneer called the Dropbox is doing just fine. In just one year, Dropbox got 100 million users. In other words, this means that more than 400 million users are moving through the cyber-clouds on a daily basis. This is definitely an impressive achievement. Is there more?

Well, Dropbox is particularly proud of a fact that more than 100,000 corporate users are conducting their business with the help of Dropbox. So, what can we say? Congrats Dropbox, and keep up with the good work. Who knows, maybe this time next year, we are going to talk about a half billion users.

Although, one of its bigger competitors OneDrive offers much more free space to store data, Dropbox is still the most popular and preferred choice in this field. This is undoubtedly an extremely frustrating thing for our good old grandpa Microsoft. But, let us face it, what it can do about it?

In the meantime, we sure hope that Droobox is not going to be drunk with its impressive success for quite a long time. Otherwise, we can witness one more embarrassing CloudGate scandal, just like the one we had a chance to experience with the iCloud not so long ago. Do not forget that Dropbox.

Change The Way You Charge

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The two greatest mobile titans of our times are never bored, that is for sure. Both Samsung and Apple have so many things to say to each other through numerous poisonous messages and quite painful ads. There is an indicative pattern, we just could not help ourselves noticing.

Every time you have something new coming out of your mobile kitchen, you have to share it to the world, while at the same time you have a nice opportunity to rub your competitor’s nose in it. This is precisely what is happening with the shiny new feature called the Samsung wireless charger.

It really looks groovy, when you put your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge on a specially designed circle, which is actually your wireless charger. One of the most recent ads emphasizes this extremely unpleasant fact for Apple. I can do this, can you do that, a childish thing between our titans.

When you are provoked in such an embarrassing way by your biggest competitor, then you have no other choice than to strike back with the fury-cyber-vengeance. This is how we get some of the most intriguing mobile innovations. Go for it Apple. Show us what you can do.

Can You Tweet Me Some Money?

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Here is a great news for all promising startups. From now on, you can use additional channels for gathering the invaluable investments, which are essentials for your business idea realization. How? Well, it has been about time. You can use social networks for these purposes.

Twitter, and other major social networks, got the official green light from the US Government that the SME and small startups can use their infrastructure for money collecting goals and promotions among potential investors. So, this is a clear win-win for all parties involved. Right?

Does this mean that Kickstarter and other fund raising platforms are going to run out of business, inevitably? Well, this is hard and very unlikely to say. It is one thing to promote, but it is a completely different thing to make some business entity or an individual to invest directly in your idea’s realization.

Let us see, how this one is going to work out for Twitter, Facebook and other major social network players. This is just one more confirmation that social networks are among the most influential online cyber-creatures. However, it is not going to be enough to get tweets or likes for your business. You need the full-scale “green” support.