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Word Lens: The Whole World At A Glance

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Google Translate is never going to let you down, no matter where and how far you go. One of its most appreciated mobile features is called the Word Lens. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know how it works, do you? Here is a quick reminder.

When you find yourself in a foreign country, it is of crucial importance to read the sign around you. That is the biggest problem. What if you need to challenge yourself to a foreign language written in a specific alphabet, such as Japanese or Chinese, for instance?

Just point you smartphone in the right direction, and then thing you know, you will get a first-hand translation in more than 27 languages. This is definitely a great thing and improvement, having in mind that so far, we could only use only 7 languages.

Our hats off to Google for this lovely improvement, which is going to be your best traveling companion, for sure. So, what is next? We need more languages to include and accuracy to improve. But, for what is worth, this is the best thing we have at our disposal.

The New #3

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There is a game, where the most interesting and difficult position to be won, is not the top one, or the second, but actually the third. We are obviously talking about the smartphone arena. There is no excitement in the epic battle between Apple and Samsung.

We have every reason to believe, they have become the best friends over this long period of time. They must have some kind of a gentlemen’s agreement. This year I am going to be the number one, and the next year, you can have the honor.

That is not entirely true, but we have every reason to speculate. On the other side, or maybe, it is better to say the third side, the things are not that easy and simple. You really have to work hard in order to reach the bronze medal in the smartphone world.

Just ask Xiaomi, because it has certainly a lot to tell you all about it. Unfortunately, this so-called “Chinese Apple” had to sped down and admit that Huawei is the next number three. Yet, we just cannot avoid asking, for how long? There are no guarantees in the merciless world of smartphones. Right?

Windows 10 X 67M

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It is in our nature, and apparently, there is nothing we can do about it. Windows 10 is out there. It is real, but is it successful? For some unexplainable reason, we like to measure the success with the number of people, who are using it at the moment. Is this a smart thing to do?

In the first 24 hours, more than 14 million people installed Windows 10. The latest estimate has it that almost 70 million Windows users have joined the July party organized by our dear old grandpa Microsoft. Undoubtedly, this is an impressive figure.

On the other side, it is a little bit early to celebrate with ten champaign bottles. Did you know that you can get back to your earlier Windows version within the 30-day period? Yes, cyber boys and girls, you can say to grandpa Microsoft, thank you, but I prefer the old Windows version.

It is also worth mentioning that grandpa Microsoft has huge ambitions and hopes about its latest crown jewel called Windows 10. In 2 to 3 years, they hope to reach almost one billion users. That is not going to happen without stubborn XP and Windows 7 users. Do you know that grandpa Microsoft?

Facebook Eagle For The New Internet Legions

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Facebook concept of Internet for all, and cyber-justice for all, has its silent and highly effective “executor”. Its name is Aquila, and it is a drone. It can spend up to three months in the air, by feeding itself entirely and only on the generous sun energy. What can we expect in return?

Well, an area of 80 kilometers will get the Internet access, more or less. The trouble is how many of these cyber-eagles you need to cover the are of an entire country, or the entire continent. Africa, for instance. Yet, for what is worth, this is a great start for a revolutionary idea.

In the meantime, Facebook has to solve a couple of more important problems in this field, which has nothing to do with the technology itself. We are talking about the true motives for Facebook’s involvement. Are you ready for a huge disappointment?

If you want to use this drone-connection, you will be “gently” urged to access only Facebook apps and services. Yes, cyber boys and girls, this new Internet freedom comes with a price to pay to its “generous” provider. Sorry Facebook, but no hats off for this one. You do not deserve it, this time.

A Trouble Before The Trouble

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The most serious obstacle any AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept or design has to solve is associated directly with our limited and disappointing average intelligence. We have an entire army of “usual suspects in this field”. Quite a few scientists and entrepreneurs with dark thoughts.

They keep complaining, criticizing and whining about the potential AI dangers, as if we have already developed the full scale SkyNet super-computer with all of its loyal and deadly Terminators. Hey guys, could you possibly hold your horses for a while? How about that for a change?

This way, we are extremely worried that it would not be possible to develop a thing in this field, while being bombarded with all of these, more or less problematic critics. Let us first jump, and then we will see, what can happen, if we fall, eventually and accidentally. Isn’t that right?

Just imagine what could have happened, if we were to use all those powerful minds for inventions, rather than criticism. Otherwise, we will be trapped in this ridiculous endless loop of premature criticism. Too many SF movies are to be blamed. Now, we know it, for sure. Terminator will be back, either way, this way or another.

Who’s A Rotten Apple?

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Every now and then, you hear a story from a former Apple employee about the troubles in this cyber-paradise. Then, you just cannot avoid asking yourself, what am I supposed to think about it? Maybe, Steve Jobs was an unparalleled visionary and a brilliant entrepreneur.

However, what are we going to do with his employees? Most of them do not have nice “souvenirs” from working in Apple. What is this supposed to mean? Sometimes, you just need to crack a few eggs in order to make a delicious omelet. Is this the moral of our story?

When you translate these words and replace them with more appropriate corporate terms, it means that you have to break a few hearts here and there, ruin someone’s life or career, in order to make a successful product. At the end of the day, you ask yourself, was it worth it?

Now, we know for sure that working in Apple was not a fairy tail at all. We also know that Steve Jobs was a funny and interesting presentation figure, but definitely not an idealistic boss to work with. No, there is no blood on your iPhone, but there are definitely a couple of tears, here and there.

Free Again, Free At Last

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Here is an educational story, Nokia should read at least two or three times each night before going to bed. What story, and why? PayPal is free again to do whatever it likes in the business and IT world. The eBay has no longer PayPal service in his strong cyber arms.

Their love story has lasted since 2002. Now, it is time for them to part ways. The eBay, for what is worth, has had quite a business time with the help of this extremely popular payment service. Now, it has almost one billion dollars of extra reasons to decide what to do next.

On the other hand, PayPal has plenty of time to decide, whether or not, it will continue with its solo act, or to search for a new powerful partnership. It is easy for PayPal to examine the independent concepts all over again. For Nokia it is quite a different situation.

Online payment services cannot be outdated so easily, which cannot be implied for the Nokia models, from the dawn of mobile era. That is why, we like to think that it much more wiser for Nokia to stick around grandpa Microsoft for some additional time. Right?