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@WhiteHouse vs @POTUS

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Where to look, when you want to catch up with the latest Barack Obama’s tweets? So far, there has been only one place, or better to say an account, to do so: @WhiteHouse. Now, after six years the President Obama has a chance to establish a more personal touch with
this social network.

The new Twitter account is called @POTUS. So, who or what is this POTUS? Just take the first letters of the following words: The President of The United States. Well, if Obama likes it, who are we to complain? Although, it sounds a little bit unorthodox, doesn’t it?

It is hard to believe that all other options, which include the word President, are occupied. Right? For what is worth, this @POTUS is going to write his own tweets. It comes without saying that there has been an entire team of writers behind the @WhiteHouse. Right?

Oh dear, we are so lazy. Can you do us a favor and check on Google what is happening with his Russian colleague? Can you imagine the clash of Twitter titans @POTUS and @PUTIN? We are quite sure that these two are not following each other. Maybe, it is about time for that to change.

Tizen Is Here To Stay

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Is there a room for Tizen under the smartphone sun? It does not seem like a crowded place, with only a handful of major league players, such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. However, you can rest assured that the best seats are already taken. So, what can Tizen possibly hope to achieve?

Well, the busy little bees in the Samsung are extremely patient. They know all too well that an OS of their own can skyrocket them even further where they are right now. Apple has its iOS, and Android is a Google’s trademark. So, how about Samsung and Tizen, for a change?

Well, one serious rumor has it that Samsung has a plan. The mobile OS called Tizen is going to be a perfect match for the next big thing called the Internet of things. Samsung has already set a date. We are talking about 2017. So, there is plenty of time, to fix bugs here and there.

We shall wait and see how this plan is going to work for both Samsung and Tizen. There is a huge potential, but Samsung is fully aware that this is a risky game. What is Samsung without the Android to run its shiny machines? You can use iOS and you cannot borrow Windows Phone. That is the catch.

Meet The Great Suspender

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What is your favorite browser? One thing is more than sure, you have an absolute abundance to choose from. We are not necessarily implying with this story that Chrome should be your number and only choice. However, it is intriguing to see how Google struggles to maintain at the browsers’ Olympus.

We do not know about the other browsers, but for what is worth, Chrome is all about its extensions. The so-called Great Suspender is one of them. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is this extension all about, do you? The name itself just could not be more indicative, could it?

So, how this suspension thing works? Well, Chrome will decide for you, which tabs are running the party. They will be “paused”, although you will see them as apparently still active. That makes us wonder for a while. What is the very purpose of this extension? How opens too many tabs, nowadays?

Based on our humble and unprofessional experience in this matter, we believe that there are some other issues Chrome needs to address, in order to prove its flawless reputation. Otherwise, “kill waiting pages” is still going to be one if its most unpopular signs of recognition.

WhatsApp Business Facebook?

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Facebook is not giving up on its LinkedIn dreams. The busy little bees in Facebook want to come up with an acceptable solution, which is going to be embraced by the business community. So far, they could not find the right thing. Now, they are up to something completely different.

More than one serious rumor has it that Facebook is dead serious about using the WhatsApp for its B2C plans. Is this a good plan? Well, they paid $19 billion for this skyrocketing app. It is about time to see something in return. However, there is a serious danger of losing yourself into a gap between your expectations and the tough reality.

We know that all major IT players have the entire teams, who think all day long where to get some extra profit. Facebook for business users is not a bad idea, but we already have LinkedIn. On the other hand, Facebook is pushing our limits with its annoying attitude, which says, I want you all for myself.

We are not quite sure that this WhatsApp business thing is going to work for Facebook. In addition, we sure hope that Facebook greed-is-good attitude is not going to ruin this excellent app. Sometimes, you just have to know when enough is enough. Isn’t that right Facebook?

New Mobile Search Math

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It is official. It is Google’s mobile way, or the highway. From now on, your tweets will be included in Google’s search results. Oh dear, what is that supposed to mean? To make the long story short, Google has detected a new marketing goldmine. This one is going to be a mobile one.

It is only a matter of time before the volume of mobile searches exceeds the “traditional” ones. People are using their mobile cyber pets more and more, like never before. Live with it and accept it, because there is no other option available. That is only the beginning of the “mobile tyranny”.

In case, you fail to comply with the new Google rules, for the mobile world, you will see your search capital melting. The trouble is that in order to maintain your website’s current search ranking position, you have to make sure there is an appropriate mobile version. Or else… Your search results will suffer.

There is no use to cry over the spilled mobile milk. Right? It is Google’s field, and Google rules are to apply, whether you like it or not. On the other side, you have to embrace the mobile side, which does not have to be necessarily negative for your business. Are there enough quality tweets?

GTA 52

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GTA 5 has crossed a 50 million border line. Yes, cyber boys and girls, there are 52 million copies of this game out there. Our hats off to this unprecedented success in the gaming world. We should also keep in mind that these numbers will skyrocket with an expected PC version.

What is GTA got to do with our blog? Well, it would be nice to admit that our developers are more into the strategy thing. However, there is a thing, you should be fully aware about, when it comes to the highly anticipated PC edition. Can you dare to guess what it is?

For what is worth, there are quite a few very serious and disturbing rumors that your impatience can work against you. There is an entire army of malware and trojan soldiers, which are waiting to attack. How? They will use GTA 5 pirate versions as a disguise. That is not the whole story.

You should pay attention to the game’s extremely popular modes, as well. They come with some unwanted guests, as well. So, what should you do? Paying for an official version does not mean that it is the most expensive option for you. The cyber aftermath after an attack can be much more expensive.

A Poster TV

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This is a mind blowing innovation in the world of smart TVs. The busy little bees in LG are so crazy and creative that sometimes we have troubles believing all what is coming out there is true. This time they have matched even the most optimistic expectations, which go hand in hand with the science fiction.

The new LG smart TV is going to be almost like a poster. With no more than two kilos in weight and not even a millimeter thin this poster TV is an unprecedented technological breakthrough in this field. From what we know, all you have to do is have a magnet on your wall, and you are good to go.

For what is worth, we have not heard a word about the price itself. Yet, we have a strong feeling that this LG state of the art TV is going to be worth of every single cent you are ready to pay for it. Should LG give up on smartphones, and stick to TVs and refrigerators? We have not said that.

If we are not mistaken LG has one of the most important contributors of the so-called curved revolution. The LG guys have proven themselves absolutely worthy of experimenting with all home devices you can possibly think of. Our hats off for this outstanding achievement.