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Double Bubble BlackBerry

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BlackBerry is in the trouble deep. The busy little bees in Canada have tried anything and everything. No use, there is only time for sad business blues. Somehow, we got used to hear only bad news coming from this once a proud mobile pioneer. So, what is happening this time?

Well, instead of 3 to 4 new models per year, BlackBerry is very likely to deliver under the current painful circumstances, 1 to maximum 2 new models. For a quick comparison, both LG and Samsung deliver from 4 to 6 new models each year. Yet, this is not the whole picture.

On the other side, we have Apple, which is more comfortable with the one-to-two new models rule. So, BlackBerry thinks it can make it better with the Apple’s model. Good luck with that. Yet, let us face it cyber boys and girls. What are the alternatives? Are there any other choices?

BlackBerry can either go on with its stubborn survival game, or share the unfortunate fate of other mobile pioneers, such as Nokia or Motorola, for instance. Either way, is going to hurt. We sure hope, we will not hear it that there are no new BlackBerry phones. That would be such a sad news.

Google + LG = ?

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Oh dear, this is a ground shaking rumor. Google is dead serious about taking over the LG. However, to be a little bit more honest, and less consumed by the overwhelming sensationalism, we have to say, Google is after only one part of LG. That is the catch. Can you see it?

In the world of smartphones, there is no such a thing as a small piece of pie. According to this rumor, we strongly advise you not to believe to, Google is supposed to pay $2.15 billion for 35% shares of LG. So, how are we supposed to feel about this numbers?

There is no need for thorough investigations. This amount is more realistic. The same can be applied for the cooperation between Google and LG. Don’t look surprised. For quite some time, LG has been making Nexus devices in Google’s name and for Google’s account.

Therefore, this seems like a natural and expected form of partnership, doesn’t it? Google can afford it. LG can only benefit from it. So, it is a win-win. Right? Both Google and LG are not into mood to comment on this one. For them it is only a rumor. How about you?


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This fight is over before it has already began. How? Well, when you have Apple, Samsung, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Vodafone, and Telefónica, working on something together, then it is definitely a done deal. It is only a matter of time before the traditional SIM card becomes a part of history. Officially.

Why? Well, for what is worth, it is much convenient to use the so-called eSIM card, which will do pretty much the same as the one we have used all of this time. The only difference is, this electronic one, is going to be an invisible one.

This is supposed to make our mobile user’s life much easier. On the other hand, the manufacturers of mobile phones are going to love this change so much. Just imagine, what they could do with the additional space, which if being “liberated” in this way.

For you, it does not seem as much, and you may ask, what is the big deal? Yet, in the mobile world, where every single millimeter truly matters, this is a huge gain to take advantage of. So, is this a good or a bad news for us, the users? Well, we will fist have to try it to know it, for sure.

An Apple Under The Sun

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Apple Solaris – how this sounds to you? The busy little bees in Apple are all about minimal power consumption and energy efficiency, these days. Are we to blame them? Both iPhone 6 and IOS 8 have not proven themselves to be extremely battery-friendly. Something has to be done.

That’s why Apple is looking toward the sun. There is more than serious rumor about the latest Apple’s patents, which aim the Icarus path, no more – no less. Allegedly, the new iPhone 7 is going to be extremely sun oriented. This is where we will get some essential extra energy.

In addition, IOS 9 is supposed to be a thoughtful host, which will go around and eliminate background processes and apps, when we are in a desperate need for some extra power. Those are extremely beneficial things for the smartphone community, but how much of them are real?

The economic puzzle of making a smartphone, which has to rock the mobile market, is quite a complex one. Somewhere and for something, you simply have to compromise. Some feature or some component has to pay for the ultimate success and survival in the market. So far, the battery has paid for all of that.

AeroSense And Sony (Non)Sense

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0705_DONAU-5Sony is in the drone business. No, Sony is not going to make a deal with the military. No, Sony Pictures is not going to make a movie about drones. Yes, Sony will provide you a corporate oriented full-scale drone service. Does it make any sense to you?

Well, for Sony this is supposed to be a win-win with the drone veteran in this field called the AeroSense. Now, all what is left for these two (un)usual business partners is to find corporations, which will be interested in some aerial videos brought by drones.

Maybe, this is something Sony has to take care of. Finding the corporate clients, who share the same drone enthusiasm. We have nothing against Sony’s drone adventure. We just have a couple of concerns here and there that this major IT league player is a little bit too big for this small aircrafts game.

We do not even dare to advocate Sony, how it should run its own business. Yet, we have this funny feeling that its mobile and entertainment department deserve much more attention than these “trivial” drones. Or maybe, that has been the plan all along. More flying entertainment.

Windows 10 Superman

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Maybe, the more appropriate title for this blog post would have been: The New Windows And The Old Computers. Why? Some busy little bees in the cyber world had an intriguing idea. They wanted to test a welcome Windows 10 committee of one, almost ancient laptop. What were the results?

As a matter of fact, surprisingly good. By default, we expect from Windows 10 to pay an announced visits to all machines, which previously run Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. However, what is going to happen with those old ones, which barely hit the 1 GB RAM borderline or cyber decency?

Well, for what is worth, in this experiment Windows 10 was able to do both, survive and provide more than acceptable performance. Does this mean that we can throw anything and everything at Windows 10, with no fears of crashes and annoying bugs? Well, somehow we have a feeling that is not all that charming and blue.

Grandpa Microsoft is desperate about Windows 10 questionable success. In other words, it is going to do and promise everything in order to assure us that this latest OS is just the thing we have been waiting all of this time. It is an election year for grandpa Microsoft, isn’t it?

Where Are Your Flagships Grandpa Microsoft?

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Windows 10 is going to be a success. More or less. This way or another. However, there is this tiny dark cloud, which threatens to ruin the celebration party. Why? Grandpa Microsoft is not an average IT player. It wants to have it now, and most importantly, it wants it all.

So, what went wrong? Well, nothing and everything. Its mobile adventure is the most responsible for the bitter mood among its busy little bees. Grandpa Microsoft is desperately trying to catch up, when it comes to the prestigious, but extremely merciless smartphone field.

Takeover of Nokia was nothing more than a drop in an endless mobile ocean. At the same time, grandpa Microsoft has been positioning its Windows Phone at the perfect choice for the so-called emerging markets, such as South America, Africa and most of Asia. Is that enough?

Sometimes, the whole world is just not enough. Grandpa Microsoft wants more, but how to achieve such a thing without the prestigious so-called flagship smartphones. It is not an easy thing to look at Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6 all the time, with no decent chance to get to them closer in terms of competition. Dream on grandpa Microsoft, dream on.