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Google vs Nude Blogs

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Is nude rude for Google? Apparently, it is or was. Huh, there is no easy way of saying and explaining this one. So, let us start from the beginning. No one knows for sure, what can be found on Google, accidentally or intentionally. Well, Google looks as it has been infected by the Disney’s family friendly virus.

There was a rumor, as a matter of fact a serious one, that Google is going to fight the nudity among bloggers. The explicit content on Google platforms will be practically made invisible or heavily shaded. However, the so-called nude voices were surprisingly loud, strong and numerous against this one.
As a result, Google has decided to run a low profile in this field. There will not be severe sanctions against the bloggers, who favor and publish the explicit content. We dare to say, the compromising solution was to demand a fully transparent note “adult” on these websites and blogs. Is this enough?

We dare to say again, it is a little bit too much. Why? Let us face it. No one pays unexpected or accidental visits to these websites and blogs. Nowadays, even the children know what it means to be naughty online. Therefore, Google should worry about our privacy, and we will take care of nudity.

The Age Of Spartan

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There is so much symbolism in the new Windows 10 that it can steal away a tear from your eye with a surprising ease. The grandpa Micosoft lives in the new cyber world. The landscape has been changed tremendously beyond recognition. So much is at stake now. Not just a new Windows version.

So, what are we going to check first as soon as we start Windows 10? Internet Explorer, of course. For quite a few reasons, which we simply do not have the time nor the nerves to discuss right now, the IE has a notorious reputation among the users themselves. If you want to be new, you have to be really new.

This means that the new Windows has to come up with the brand new solution for the Internet search. For what is worth, Internet Explorer has been too much in the field and at the first front lines. It has to retire, this way or another. On the other hand, we need a magnet for the spoiled users, don’t we?

And, we are where we are right now. Microsoft’s eyes filled with hope and so much expectation. Can the Spartan solve all of these problems, which patiently stand and wait in a line? Our fingers are crossed for our dear old grandpa Microsoft. This is its to-be-or-not-to-be situation, which cannot be avoided.

Skype For Business

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What is that? If you are a corporate busy little bee or a brave young entrepreneur, each time you are clicking on Skype, you are making to be business oriented. Right? So, what is the catch with the so-called Skype for business? Well, either Skype will come with new options or a new app will be created.

One serious rumor has it that the Lync is to be used as the Skype for business. Now, we are even more confused. So, what are we talking about? Merging or improving? This is so confusing and a little bit uncertain, when it comes to the promise of an unparalleled business efficiency. Other options?

Not quite sure, there are any. Skype Corporate Edition. How this one sounds to you? On the other hand, we have to ask, what is so magical about making something that is specially designed for business? Are you expecting money from the business users? Just look what happened with Facebook.

We are literally one breath away from the Facebook’s edition for companies. It seems that someone is missing the main point here. It does not matter, who is going to be your app’s user. As long as you can deliver an extremely useful app. Then, the money will start raining, but not before. Business. A magical word for app developers.

Apple Pay vs Android Pay

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There is a new guy in town, ready to join the mobile payment party. Right now, we have Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Then, what is the catch with the new Android Pay. In plain English, this is supposed to be an Apple Pay app for the Android users. Right? We are confused. We already have the Wallet.

It seems, that Google Wallet is not enough, and obviously Apple Pay is on the right track. So, let us follow and copy it. It is a cozy thing to be able to pay by using your smartphone. That is what both Apple Pay and Android Pay are all about. So, this is where the mobile money waits our IT giants.

Nkw, it makes sense. We do not want to spoil the party, but we need to warn you about a couple of allegedly trivial and extremely obvious things. When you agree to use an Apple Pay or an Android Pay payment platform, you are actually putting all eggs in one small basket. Do you really need this?

Smartphones are already taken all of our privacy, and now, we are gladly giving our wallet away. This does not sound good. All what is left for the hackers to do is to get their hands on our smartphones. All is there, just waiting. With a convenient addition of all of our finances. How cozy, indeed.

An Apple Needle In A Pinterst Haystack

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Apple has had one of the earliest starts in the world of apps. As a result, we have one extremely successful money making machine called the Apple Store. Unfortunately, this golden moon has its dark side, as well. The trouble with the Apple apps is that there are so many of them. How many exactly?

Around 1,4 million, give it or take. Now, finding the right one can be a time and nerves consuming task. Luckily for you, Apple has asked for an additional help. Pinterest comes to rescue. As a result of their cooperation, you can find some cozy galleries with the profound selection of apps.

So, what is this supposed to mean? Instead of disappearing into the endless ocean called the Apple Store, you are supposed to easily find your way around the Pinterest’s galleries dedicated to IOS apps. Our hats off to this brilliant idea. Is there something Apple can do in return for this nice favor?

Maybe, there is no need, in the first place. This is a win-win situation for both parties. We have to take into consideration the fascinating number of Apple users, who are going to pay daily extensive visits to the Pinterest website. Can we do something similar for the Play Store? For Windows Phone it is still too early.

Spring Forward With An Apple

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Only a couple of days left. This year’s Spring Forward is supposed to bring us more than one golden apple. March, the 9th. The iWatch will officially hit the market. At the same time, we can expect to see IOS 8.2 update. Is this enough for the Spring Forward to be a successful and memorable event?

For what is worth, after the two smartphone giants, such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the expectations are reasonably unreasonable high. You should also bear in mind that the IOS 8.2 update is available after a series of the five beta versions. Do not forget that the IOS 8.3 update is on the way.

Unfortunately, the busy little bees in Apple will have to go through four planned beta stages before the 8.3 is allowed to pay a visit to our iPhones. Now, does our previous question make any sense to you? You are going to open an additional pair of eyes and ears, including some extra cash to spend.

That is why, we have every reason to believe that some of the Spring Forward visitors will ask, sooner or later, is this all? Let us face it, the iWatch promotion is a major event, but it is still light years away from the VIP iPhone 6. Our fingers are crossed for this event. That is the best we can do. Right?

One Second And Billion Troubles

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You have probably heard all about it, haven’t you? One single second is going to cause us so much trouble. Especially, for all of you busy little bees, who fly around the cyber world. We are not rocket scientists, and we have no intentions of becoming ones, but something we just do not get it. Can you guess?

We have done so many amazing things so far. However, we just cannot manage to handle one single second. Here is the catch. Every now and then, a couple of years more or less, you have to add or eliminate a second. Or, you can just ignore it. Really, our computers have nothing to do with it.

Our planet’s rotation is to be blamed. Here is one more solution. You can wait one hundred years, and then deal with the an entire minute. As always, it is your choice. The sad thing is that we are risking it, for an entire system to collapse. We keep repeating the same mistake, all over again. And again.

Well, we cannot handle one single second, then we have not deserved any better. In the meantime, what are we supposed to do? Business as usual, that is all we can say about it. We sure hope that someone will eventually solve this one second puzzle, sooner or later. We have had more than enough of these extra seconds. Right?