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Small Screens – Big Troubles

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It seems that we will have to be extremely patient with the new iWatch. There is no use, you will have to wait until the mid of the next year to get it. While you are saving money, after the iPhone 6’s attack on your budget, the busy little bees in the world of designers and developers cannot afford a luxury of time.

Everything has to be ready on time. Apple cannot afford to disappoint their iWatch users with the apps, which are not adjusted for the small screens. You got that one right, the user’s interface has to be perfect and flawless. With no exaggeration, all apps have to fit as if they were designed especially for the iWatch.

That is why an entire army of developers and designers works day and night to get it ready on time. We sure hope it is going to be completely worth it. The last thing you need is to work until you are completely exhausted for a product, which walks in a complete dark. Who knows what can happen in the meantime?

It is one thing to repeat or even increase you success with the new smartphone, but it is a completely different thing to try your luck with the new product. Just because it has your logo on it this fact does not give you a guarantee of any kind. Maybe, the new user interface is not the right thing to worry about.

You Smile – You Pay

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Here is a nice example of what apps and technology are supposed to be all about. In Barcelona, a couple of actors comedians were thrilled with an idea of introducing the extra taxes for the theaters by the Spanish government. They have decided to fight this trouble with an intriguing and fun app.
So, how it works? Well, on the back of a seat in front of you there is a tablet with a special app. You enjoy a show and each time you smile the app recognize it while charging you 30 Euro cents for each smile. You do not have to worry and you can smile carelessly all the way up to the limit of 24 Euros.

As you might have expected, this app had a warm welcome among the theater fans. There is this sense of fairness, which is impossible to resist. You smile only if you like it. And, you pay only if and how many times you smile. That means you give your money to theaters, which make you to be happy.

Fair enough? Can you imagine all possible implications of this original concept? Maybe, we should have one of these with us all the time. We are supposed to live in the world that makes us happy. Do not be surprised if we install this app on our blog. Unless you smile, you will not be able to read the next post. Fair?

Social Money Networks

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Just because we did not see it shoulder to shoulder with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it does not mean it is not out there. Something is cooking in Apple’s kitchen. Something that got to do with the money, but in a quite different way. This is supposed to be a new function and entire new chapter for Apple.

Only for Apple? The biggest sharks in the social network sea are up to something, that is for sure. Apple works on its ApplePay, Facebook offers a money transfer option for its Messenger, and now Twitter gives us an additional option BuyNow. The social networks are obviously becoming the financial networks.

Is this a smart thing to do? If you have found the reliable signs on the road that people are looking forward to using the additional ways for transferring the money, then this is a win-win combination. On the other side, if the extra profit is all that matters here, then this can hit back like a boomerang.

At one point, we may easily say that enough is enough. Maybe, the social networks are pushing the very limit of our patience. Unfortunately, if you just cannot get enough whatever you do, then no one can help you. At the end of the day, we may easily forget what the social networks were all about at the very beginning.

Garage Brainiacs

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Every  now and then Eric Schmidt has a need for speed. He likes to rain advice about the cyber universe and IT entrepreneurship. So, let us hear what he has to say this time. When you are that long on the very top, then you can stop thinking about who or what is going to claim your throne sooner or later.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what has been going on with Google. Who or what can jeopardize the indisputable position of Google on the market? Admit it, you are already thinking about the other dinosaurs from the Jurassic cyber park. Yet, Eric is pretty much determined to prove us completely wrong.

Here is the catch. Some brainiac, who works in his garage, will claim the world. He just does not know it, yet. It turns out that our parents’ garages have both sentimental and historical value in our recent IT history. All big things come from the small garages. Even the Google itself started in a garage.

The funny thing about this story is that all major names in the IT business get infected with the nostalgia virus, from time to time. Do you remember the good old days we used to spend in our garage working on the next big thing? This is probably one of the most popular stories on the anniversary cocktails, isn’t it?

Gone In Three Seconds

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What do you know there are some clever busy little bees in Samsung, who obviously know how to make something equally intriguing besides the smartphones and smart TVs themselves. We are talking about the unprecedented 60 GHz WiFi technology. So, what is that supposed to mean exactly?

Well, here is an example on a WiFi for dummies style. With this technology you will be able to download a movie of 1 GB in size in less than three seconds. In plain English, this will introduce in a blink of an eye download technology. Just imagine for a moment. The sky is the very limit here. Right?

On the other hand, we sure hope that Samsung sees the larger picture. We would definitely like to see this technology implemented in our smart devices. That can easily turn out to be the next big thing. Data transfer in the speed of light and thoughts. What a lovely concept for all of you SF fans.

Clap your hands and turn on the TV. Clap one more time and your favorite movie is already there. Clap it to say thank you Samsung so much. Both wireless and limitless give us the same kind of ideas. Our hats off to Samsung for this unusual opportunity. We hope you will use it for something legitimate and useful.

The Li-Ion Battery King

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You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what is the Achilles’ heel of the modern smartphones, do you? The batteries have been crying for a sustainable and reliable solution for quite some time. Can we make them to last longer than a day? Otherwise, we will end in the wall kissing zone.

The Li-Ion battery concept gives you an unprecedented promise worth remembering. The ability to recharge 70% in less than two minutes. The busy little bees from the Li-Ion are pretty much sure they can do a miraculous job for both electric cars and smartphones. Should we believe them blindly?

Well, what other choice do we have, honestly? On the other hand, we sure hope this two super power minutes does not come with a high price we are not willing to pay. We are not talking about the money itself. What is going to happen with our battery? Does it mean, it will last two times less in return?

We are eager to be awarded with the effective solution, rather than to trade one old trouble for a new similar one. We like to brag around about the price or size of our smartphone, but when it comes to the battery itself we suddenly look the other way. We really need battery lions to save the day.

It’s Time For A New Blink Qik

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There are so many takeovers in the IT universe on a daily basis that is very hard to keep an eye on them all. One of them included Skype and Qik app. Skype bought this video streaming service and we thought Skype had forgotten about it. Yet, the Qik is back with a new design and new role planned for it.

Our hats off to Skype for improving its services as it should be. What does it mean? At least Skype is not making a new smartphone or computer. They are offering you a nice chance to share video messages with your loved ones and friends. But, we can do it already with the good old Skype. That is true.

But, it is also true that Qik offers you something quite different. First of all, you will not have to log or use passwords for the Qik. This also applies to your friends. In addition, all video messages will be automatically deleted after two weeks. We are impressed, but we still do not see a point here.

Maybe, the answer is somewhere else. How about the new app called the Firefox Hello? Maybe, this “Mozilla’s Skype” is what makes the Skype to be nervous. What is happening? We can send video messages with no need to create user accounts and passwords. How will this work in the first place? Let us see.