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Alibaba And 40 Apples

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Apple Pay is out there. However, in order for this new service to play for real, you have to do a couple of additional things, here and there. That is why we are not surprised at all, when we heard about Tim Cook’s decision to make friends with the Chinese financial wizard called Alibaba.

Apple is dead serious about introducing its iPhone on a much larger scale in China. On the other hand, the sound of mobile money is too strong to ignore. This is how we have ended up in this Alibaba and Apple story, in the first place. We have every reason to believe that this can be a win-win for both parties.

There are so many mobile pay things out there that you can easily get lost. You can rest assured that Samsung is not just going to sit and wait for Apple to take the lead in this field. Do not forget Google, and its highly advanced Wallet, which already has a strong time advance.

The only trouble is, though, that we can easily lose a fine boundary between the IT giants. One fine day, you can easily wake up and realize that Apple has transformed itself into a bank. On the other side, do not be too surprised, if Alibaba offers you its own smartphone at some point in time.

The Shining Apple

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It is not extremely difficult to achieve all wonderful things Apple has done so far, when you have a blind user base. There is more than one serious rumor that the new iPhone 7 is going to hit the market by the end of this year. Rest assured that there is an entire army of buyers already standing in a line.

On the other side, you are not going to believe what is the most important thing for Apple fans of all the potential improvements and new features. Believe it or not, the shiny Apple logo on iPhone 7’s back is the most important reason for fans to acquire it as soon as possible.

You can raise your eyebrows as much as you like. Samsung and other most serious competitors can hit a wall in anger. All of that is in vain. The shiny apple is going to rain money for Apple like never before. And, there is nothing we can do about it. This is a complete madness.

Yet, it is an extremely profitable one. That is why no one is complaining. On the other hand, we have every reason to believe that there have to be quite a few people, who have an Apple logo tattoo. If you think that a powerful log is an overrated thing, you better think twice, for a reason.

Back To The Basic Basics

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Is it too much to say that we have reached the ultimate limits of our smartphones’ development? Maybe, it is about time for us to go back to our basics. We should remind ourselves, what a mobile phone was primarily all about. There is such a thing, which can be found on Kickstarter.

It is called the Light Phone. This phone is not smart at all, but it asks for a smart person in order to use it properly. With the ultra-weight of only 30 grams, it can be used only for phone calls. You can memorize up to ten phone numbers, and that is it, no more, no less.

For what is worth, there is a call forward option, which can bring its smarter cousin into the game. That is all folks. It is simple. It is efficient. It is affordable. What is even more important is its mind blowing battery, which can last for up to twenty days with a single recharge. Have you heard enough?

The busy little bee behind this project has collected around $50,000 so far. The ultimate goal is to collect $200,000. Therefore, our fingers are crossed, but not for the financial contributors, but rather for the future users. Is it really going to be a tough call for all of us, after all?

Minecraft SuccessCraft

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Who says that you need to get old, in order to become one of the most successful games of all times? Even a newbie can make something amazing, almost in a blink of an eye. This is exactly what has happened to Minecraft. According to YouTube this game truly rocks.

Based on YouTube statistics videos associated directly or indirectly to Minecraft are indisputable the ones with the most views. Not even the Grand Theft Auto or League of Legends cannot shake the popularity throne reserved for Minecraft. What is that supposed to mean?

Well, it seems that people love to play, but also to watch Minecraft gameplay videos, as well. This is a huge surprise. Do we have to emphasize that among others Call of Duty, FIFA or The Sims cannot get even close to Minecraft in this sense. Dota 2 also had to call it a day when compared to Minecraft videos.

So, what is the moral of our sweet gaming story? As it seems, you do not have to create a game with the tons of blood and disturbing images of an unparalleled violence, in order to rule the gaming world. Our hats off to this discreet and modest gaming newbie hero. Hits Its First Billion

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We are not referring to dollars, but rather to one billion new users. is supposed to be a non-profit and yes-philanthropic organization. With it, not a single person on our planet should be left without an adequate Internet access. How to achieve such a noble thing?

Look for both Facebook balloons and drones, which are supposed to deliver the Internet even to the most remote parts of our world. This really sounds great. We were ready to say our hats off to charming Mark Zuckerberg. We were, but there was a catch, which ruined the whole party.

It turns out that translates as, or in simple words, you will get a free internet access to open a Facebook account. Just when we began to question this social network’s altruistic motive, we got an uninvited and painful answer. Nothing is for free. Obviously.

Under the crumbling avalanche of numerous critics, Facebook has announced that will be transformed into an open network with no favorites or privileged services as it is supposed to be, in the first place. So, what is happening with Google internet balloons?

“Google Review Policy Is Crap”

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There is no need for you to lift your eyebrows in an unnatural way. These are not our own words. This is actually a quote borrowed from one of obviously extremely frustrated Google Map editors. Now, it all becomes to make a perfect sense to us. Do you have a clue, what are we talking about?

Here is a quick reminder. Do you remember how one particularly embarrassing Google Map Maker used to look alike? You have a picture in our blog post, which tells a story of thousands of words. Right? Yet, there were some consequences for this inappropriate form of expression.

For what is worth, Google has cancelled the Map Maker option. If you can control it, then you are left with no other choice than to kill it. Google Map Maker in theory sounds like a lovely thing, where everyone is free to contribute. However, in the real life the things are little bit different. 

The so-called editors or moderators can do something on their own. We have already mentioned the shameful example. So, here is our one million dollar worth question. Who will guard the guardians? Or, maybe these “guardians” of Google Maps were a little bit bored. Nothing more.

Through Reflection To Pure Perfection

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How says that the top innovation has to be rocket science oriented? How about the trivial details and seemingly unimportant problems that matter so much to us on a daily basis? Luckily for us, some busy little scientific bees have devoted a little bit of their precious time for the reflection problem.

Reflective pictures can be breathtaking and great source of almost endless creativity. However, in the normal life situations your pictures, which include glass surfaces in between, can easily ruin a perfect moment due to the reflection problem. Luckily for us, there is a solution.

There is an algorithm, which removes the annoying reflective areas of your perfect photo. This is an excellent example, how it is possible to invent a fascinating thing with no need to win a Nobel Prize in order to get the well deserved appreciation for your contribution and hard work.

Look around you. There have to be quite a few discrete cyber heroes around us. There are so many things we take for granted. We sure hope that our brilliant cyber minds are not going to be discouraged by the difficulties and initial ignorance. Sooner or later, they will get what they truly deserve.