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Yahoo Disconnects China

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It is official. Yahoo is out of China. From now on, Yahoo accounts in China will be covered by its partner Alibaba and Alimail. So, what went wrong in China? Nothing, everything is perfectly fine. There is no crumbling censorship pressure. There are no ridiculous privacy demands of the Chinese government.

However, the Yahoo shareholders are extremely nervous. They do not care too much about China, obviously. One very serious rumor has it that the things are so serious in Yahoo, the shareholders are pressuring up for a merging with the AOL. Are the things that serious for Yahoo or is it something else at stake here?

You can fix a problematic business situation, this way or another, more or less painfully. However, when it comes to the personal expectations, then there is no easy cure. The panic virus has been spreading through the Yahoo shareholder ranks like a wildfire. Who or what is going to stop it for real?

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that no one in the cyber world cannot afford itself a luxury of turning its business back on China, do you? That is the biggest, most promising market at the moment, which can last for an eternity. Mark this dark Yahoo moment. Is this the beginning of the end?

Hey ICQ Where Have You Been?

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The ICQ is back. For all of you a little bit younger cyber bees, this is not some kind of an IQ test. Once upon a cyber time, this was an extremely popular chat and talk stuff. So, what happened in the meantime? We are not quite sure, but nowadays when you blink the app world just moves on without you.

For what is worth, the ICQ is back stronger than ever, improved and with some mind blowing design. On the other hand, we have to ask, it this going to be enough to win the hearts and minds of your once thrilled users? Lots of things have changed in the meantime. There are some new kids on the block.

New rules and new expectations now run the cyber world. Although, the ICQ team has done a nice homework by setting it up for all major platforms, such as Android, IOS, and Windows Phone, we are light years away from the true success. Our fingers are crossed for this chat flower, that is for sure.

However, the creators will have to go through the labor pains every newbie app has to experience sooner or later. If the ICQ guys can survive this unpleasant feeling and get over with their ego, then the sky should be the only true limit for them. Right? Let us see, if there is some ICQ magic left.

Live Smart TV – For You And Me

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The latest egocentric madness, it is out there in the cyberspace, and it is called the Meerkat. So, what does it do, and what is so crazy and addictive about it? Well, let us put in simple words. This app allows you to broadcast your life online with no limitations. A link goes to Twitter and your life is good to go.

This app smells like money. Lots and lots of money. The investors have already recognized a true potential of this quite an unusual app. The money is already raining all over this app. We are talking about three million dollars of support in the first initial phase. A great future, you can tell it already.

On the other side, there are some legal details, which are threatening to spoil the whole party. It is actually quite simple. You are filming yourself and your friends, but what is happening, if by a chance you are in the middle of a game or some music event? Now, you see. It is not that simple as it seems.

The creators of the Meerkat have already figured out that in order to move with their plans, they need to hire lawyers. They are obviously quick learners. You have been warned. Keep your eyes open all the time. You never know when you are going to appear online, with or without your approval.

Facebook Phone

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Oh dear, this one does not sound good at all. Facebook wants to take the full control over your phone. This is why Facebook Phone will take care of all of your phone contacts and calls. Just the thing we need the most. How many hands and fingers Facebook has already? Everywhere you look, there is one.

Facebook plans to send money through our messages. Now, they are after our phone calls. Really, what is next? Are we already in the dangerous mutation zone? Can you recognize Facebook from the beginning of its story? Who or what is that thing called Facebook, which knocks at our door?

At the same time, Facebook has a project called the, which is supposed to introduce the riches of the Internet for South America and Asia. But, there is a catch. You can use the Internet only and mainly for creating a Facebook account. Which reminds us hugely of the SkyNet scenario.

Honestly speaking, we thought that Google is the one to become the first SkyNet label holder. The next thing you know, Facebook jumps in. Maybe, Mark Zuckerberg has the time of his cyber life. Maybe, he has not yet figured it out that he is about to push the red line with this one a little bit too far.

Who’s Gonna Pay For Windows 10?

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Really. Who is going to pay for new Windows 10? Does this sound like a wrong or an unnecessary question to ask? Here is what happened. All guys with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 versions do not have to worry about a thing. Their transition will be a smooth and painless one.

On the other side, the corporate zone will have to show some money. We are talking about the Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise, and Windows RT/RT 8.1 users. Now, here comes the biggest surprise and the most controversial decision of them all. What about all those pirate versions?

For what is worth, Microsoft gives a green light for all pirate versions of Windows. They will have a chance to update with the latest Windows 10 for free. As you might have expected quite a few legal version users were not thrilled with this idea. However, you should be fully aware that there is a catch.

You can upgrade for free and with no troubles. Nevertheless, your pirate version will still be the pirate one. What does it mean? Your Windows 10 will not change its illegal label. We have obviously underestimated our grandpa Microsoft. It still has some lucid and profitable moves here and there.

Cry Baby App

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Every now and then, the crazy and unpredictable world of apps gives birth to a mind blowing new concept. That is exactly what has happened with the Quiet Night baby iPod, and its associated app. This is how we have come up with a solution for the quiet and quality sleep of our adorable babies.

The catch is that the music will begin to play as soon as a baby starts to cry. You do not have to guess twice that the music itself is going to be fully compatible with the most common babies’ music choices. In addition, they will be able to change the music themselves while playing with the gadget itself.

When you put it in this way, then it sounds like a true win-win for both parents and babies. All parents know how trying to have a good night’s sleep with no interruptions can be a mission impossible around babies. On the other hand, growing up with the music around you is a great thing for babies.

For this one, our hats off to the creators of this great thing. Maybe this gadget and app will not save the world or make you ridiculously rich, but they will become someone’s most precious childhood memories and souvenirs. Right? In other words, this is definitely a must have for any baby and parent.

The Right Moment For A Windows Tablet

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Are we exaggerating with a claim that Windows can seriously challenge Apple’s iPad with its own tablet model? Is this possible in the first place? Well, it depends. First, you have to take into consideration that it is Apple’s own blame people are less interested in iPads. Why? This is an easy question.

In order to use an iPhone 6 or what is even better an iPhone 6 Plus, you need both hands. Right? So, why do you need an iPad? On the other side, Windows is offering a much cheaper tablet with a promise of the hottest IT thing in town called the Windows 10. Which one you are going to choose?

That is what we are talking about. The mobile future is going to be quite a profitable one, but at the same time surprisingly cheap, as well. The so-called emerging and developing markets hide a true riches of a billion army of new users, who wish to own more than they can acquire, obviously.

So, who do you think will win in this inevitable popularity contest? What do you know the Grandpa Microsoft still has some moves. Do not forget the Nokia-low-cost-strike, which waits just around the corner. Let us see, if Microsoft can bite enough apples, it can possibly chew. Grandpa Microsoft certainly has some teeth left.