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Cheap But Prosperous Future

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Sometimes we simply cannot see the forest for the trees. Ask Microsoft, they have quite a story to tell you all about it. Or, maybe you need an additional pair of eyes to examine the problem from the completely different point of view, you simply could not do yourself. So, who helped the Microsoft?

It seems that Microsoft has been looking in the wrong direction all of this time. Luckily for Windows Phone there were some voices of reason to point out some things worthy of serious consideration. The busy little mobile bees from China believe that the very future of Windows Phone lies somewhere else.

In a cheaper unexpected, but extremely profitable field. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Windows Phone has one advantage that makes it to stand apart from its competitors especially the IOS, do you? Windows Phone does not care about the strength of your smartphone for a successful work.

On the other hand, the iPhone gives, but also asks too much. If you want better features, you have no other choice than to acquire a newer and better model. Windows Phone is equally successful on both $600 and $100 worth smartphones. This is something IOS cannot possibly provide you with.

Windows 10 Technical Preview

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Have you seen it? Have you downloaded it? According to Microsoft more than one million people have already done it. We are not talking about the invited testers, but rather about the impatient busy little bees, who cannot wait to fly through the new kind of a window. So, what are the results with this one?

It is worth mentioning that the absolute majority of these pioneer users have decided to install the Windows 10 on their desktop computers and laptops. On the other side, only 2% of the first users were ready to install it on their tablets. It seems that Windows will never be regarded as the mobile solution.

For what is worth, Microsoft does not need one million, but rather hundreds and hundreds of millions of users, who will gladly accept this new version. This number is both respectable and inductive one, but it is still merely a drop of water in an endless ocean. So many things for Microsoft to worry about.

With so many stubborn and loyal customers, but to the old and almost outdated versions of Windows, Microsoft will need all of its strength and skill to turn the tide. You are introducing the new Windows 10, but you still cannot get rid of the “ancient” XP. This simply cannot work in the long run. Microsoft is on the move.

Apple Pay And Google Wallet Not Welcome?

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Here is an interesting news. It seems that Apple and Google are good to go with the new mobile payment option. However, the reception from the significant number of important stores and chains in this matter is definitely not an enthusiastic one. Why? Is this important? Can the two IT giants do something about it entirely on their own?

The trouble with the curve in this story is that with the new payment option you have to ask for blessing from all parties with the primary interest to participate. On the one side, you have the end users, who are always appreciating an opportunity to buy quicker, safer and above all much cheaper.

On the other side, in order for your newbie payment system to truly works you need the unreserved support of the places where your customers will be able to conduct a purchase. This is something both Apple Pay and Google Wallet cannot ensure at this moment. So, what could be the reason for this unexpected trouble?

Maybe, the market of available mobile payment solutions is already too crowded? Or, Apple and Google were too busy with the technicalities that they have completely forgotten about the human factor in these situations? It is about time for both of our heroes to do some recapitulation of the lessons long forgotten.

Android Wear Willing To Share

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Google is in the win-win zone for quite some time. The newcomers are only confirming its indisputably leadership role. The newbie smartwarches are not an exception in this matter, that is for sure. Android Wear has already found some extremely fruitful ground in the Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

Yet, for what is worth, Google is up to something more. It may be a little bit hard to accept, but Google is dead serious about launching the mobile OS, which will be fully compatible with the IOS. The calculation is quite a simple one. Why do not we try to offer a choice to the Apple users? In the field of smarwatches.

Who says that an Apple user has to necessarily buy and use an iWatch? On the other side, we have to see what Apple itself has to say about this intriguing proposal. Not so long ago Apple has accepted that Microsoft enters the iStore with the specially designed office for the IOS users. This is not the same.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Apple cannot afford itself a luxury of allowing its next golden goose eggs to end up in someone else’s basket. It is more than likely that the most probable Apple’s answer to the Android Wear initiative will be: dream on my friend. Android Wear will have to wait for the next share.

Twitpic Tweets No More

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This is what happens when you get too close to the sun. You get burned, sooner or later. On the other hand, you should not build your business “symbiosis” on someone else’s superpowerful brand. As you can see there are always two sides to each story, if not even more in this one. So, what happened?

Well, the Twitpic just got acquired by its name neighbor – no more, no less than the Twitter itself. For quite some time, Twitpic has enjoyed the powerful shade of the gigantic blue wings. However, it seems that Twitter has more than enough of this brand name similarity in its own backyard.

This takeover is closer to the subtle business elimination, than a fruitful teaming up. For what is worth, all you can do is to download your photo archive from the Twitpic, and say one last goodbye. The Twitpic should have known better, that is for sure. Now, its founder has to start with something completely different.

Do we have to provide some additional explaining for the moral of this story? If you are already planning to invest both your time and energy in a life changing startup make sure it is absolutely unique. Otherwise, you will never be quite sure that your idea, which relies on some existing well-known concept, has not already expired.

He’s In Google Control

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There is no better way to celebrate your golden decade in a company you are working for, than to be assigned with some additional and vital development responsibilities. This is exactly what happened to Sundar Pichai. This Indian IT wizard is very likely to shape the Google’s future landscape.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this decision has not come out of the blue. Sundar had a nice opportunity to become the number one Microsoft’s window into the future. Yet, he preferred the Google much more, obviously. Why? What is there for him, in the very first place, worth of all the risk?

It sounds like a boring cliche, but you do not get a chance to influence the IT future so often. For what is worth, this quite an educational story for the other busy little IT bees. How come? Well, you definitely need some fresh blood to examine your current affairs from the different perspective. Enough?

It depends on your goals, you are trying to achieve. You know how it goes, don’t you? For Google there is no such a thing as a simple objective, which has no seed of greatness in it. Luckily for Google, the vanity of its founding garage fathers is definitely on the menu list for the years to come. Good luck Sundar!

What Tesla Has To Say About The Internet?

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You know how it goes, don’t you? The more you hear about certain statistics, the more likely is that you will become more pessimistic. This is exactly what is happening with the Internet in our story. Let us begin, shall we? There are approximately seven billion people living on this planet, give it or take.

Unfortunately, only 1,7 billion of them can have an opportunity or a luxury to actually use it. On the other side, we have 8,7 billion devices, which are connected to the Internet. It is also worth mentioning that the Internet consumes the energy in a way a fat kid will certainly do in a candy store during a Christmas season.

There are so many countries, not cities, which could certainly appreciate the unexpected power at their disposal. Yet, what the Internet users would have said about the worst case scenario to spend a couple of minutes, not hours, who dares mention the days, without the good old Internet? Do you dare?

We sure hope that you are using the Internet for something useful and completely worthy of the energy being spent. Who knows, with the introduction of the Internet, maybe Tesla would not have been motivated enough to do his immortal research. Who knows? Can you imagine him being stuck for hours on Facebook or playing an online game?