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Music is the key. It has always been. Ask YouTube. There is a new service in our cyber town, and it is called the YouTube Music Key. This key is supposed to unlock the music door for “only” $9,99 a month, or $7,99 in beta version. So, what are you supposed to get in return for this money?

Well, first of all, you can listen music or watch your favorite video ads free, which is definitely a great thing. On the other side, you can enjoy music with or without the Internet. Even when your screen is licked the music will play in the background. Let us not forget to include the Google Play Music.

More than 30 million songs are supposed to make this choice of being easy for you. Will the YouTube Music Key work for real? That is not the right question to ask. How much is enough for Google to earn, and for us to pay, in order to make both sides happy? Now, you see what is the trouble with this one.

Who knows, maybe this musical trouble will give birth to some brand new music service. This way it sounds almost like a blackmail. Either you will pay, or it is the ads highway. Let us wait and see, what the users themselves have to sayy about this one. That is the only thing that truly matters. Right?

The PutinPhone

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What kind of ingredients you need in order to make a PutinPhone? Well, first of all, you need a picture of Putin. You can use a portrait or a profile, which is more suitable for coins. Then, you take a little bit of gold or titanium, or both. Finally, the iPhone 5 is to do the rest of the job in this story.

This is how you get a product with an interesting price from $3,500 to $4,500. Of course, only the limited series are the acceptable ones. That is the catch with this one. On the other side, the funny thing, though, is that you use an iPhone as the construction material for something called a PutinPhone.

For what is worth, the first series has already been sold. One of the very serious rumors has it that we are very likely to expect new PutinPhones in the more suitable package, which will include both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. What do you know, the preordering process is already flashing red.

We do not what is Putin’s own opinion about branding of his name and face. In addition, there is an avalanche of criticism heading toward Russia. However, no one is even thinking about making an ObamaPhone, not to mention Frau Merkel phone or tablet. We already have Putin T-shirts and coffee shops.

The Legend of iPad Pro

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The 12.9-inch iPad is definitely one of the highly anticipated apples. Yet, we are kindly asked to wait a little bit longer. How long? Well, instead of beginning of the 2015, we should hold our horses of huge enthusiasm until summer 2015. Why? Is everything OK with Apple and its tablet concept?

For what is worth, we have nothing to worry about. Except for the two small things. The first one is associated with a reasonable fear that a screen this big certainly asks for the huge performances in terms of colors and picture quality. On the other side, there is something happening with the tablet’s market.

What? Well, it is too crowded. Let us add to this the Apple’s collateral effect. As soon as you got yourself iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in order to express your loyalty and appreciation you cannot leave a 12.9-inch tablet out, can you? How many people can afford such a serious double strike on their budget?

And, this is how we are where we are right now. Although, it can be extremely profitable, it is definitely a tricky thing to have to produce different products with the same logo. The more different things you include, the harder it becomes for you to score with each and any one of them. Huh, it is not an easy thing being Apple.

A Gift For Lumia

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It is official. All Lumia smartphones will get the Windows 10. Obviously, Microsoft has played all of its cards. It really wants for the new Windows to work for real. Yet, maybe this new name Windows 10 or Windows X will make the Windows Phone brand to retire too soon. Microsoft is now all about proper motivation.

It is a sad thing that you have to convince someone to use the latest OS. We are supposed to be eager and impatient about the new opportunities. However, we like to be stuck with some of the older Windows versions. We have an entire army of loyal, but stubborn XP users, who are perfectly fine with where they are right now.

It is not a secret that Microsoft has given a serious thought to an idea of giving the Windows 10 for free to all Windows 7 and XP users, just to get them to the other side. Now, Lumia booster is supposed to give the additional wind under the Windows wings. Will it work? We do not even dare to speculate.

Somewhere there is this subliminal message in all what Microsoft does about the Windows 10, and it goes something like: We have done our very best to leave you with no other choice than to use Windows 10. There are no excuses. Nevertheless, what happened to the excitement, which is supposed to push us toward this one?

Back To The BlackBerry Basics

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Maybe, the BlackBerry has found its soul. Again. It is not an easy thing to see your logo on one in two available mobile phones in the USA, and the next thing you know you are surrounded with the merciless and disrespectful smartphone newbies. This was embarrassing in the same way for Nokia and Motorola, as well.

Basic survival. That has been the BlackBerry all about recently. Desperately seeking Susan, who is willing to use the BlackBerry, this way or another. This is how we got ourselves the depressing Passport model. It was everything, but the Blackberry itself. We thought that was the very end for BlackBerry.

Then something happened. BlackBerry with a touch screen. That is the Classic model is all about. Well, it was about time. That is all what we can say. On the other side, it is a new rock-solid direction or a survival break for BlackBerry. That is not quite clear. The response is a very positive one. We love the Classic, that is for sure.

But, is it enough for BlackBerry to survive and go on with its business? How this new situation will influence Lenovo takeover plans? Who knows, maybe we are witnessing an entire back in black revolution. The classic look with a touch of modern features is supposed to be a win-win combination. Let us see.

The First Tango In Paris

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What happened with the last tango? Go and see the movie. If you are eager to find out what happened with the Google’s post, stay here and read this post. To tell you the truth, we are not quite sure. We have heard some rumors that the Tango can be found in the Google Play Store. Yet, you still cannot buy it.

Why? Ask Google. The Tango project was supposed to be something really special. For what is worth, all elements are here for your special so-called customer’s experience. The most important feature of them all is the 3D ride. With Tango you can map your environment by using the special 3D tool.

However, some things are obviously lost in translation. The trouble with the curve in this matter is the way in which Google likes to operate. Whatever they do, it has to be not big, but rather gigantic. Which does not have to be necessarily a bad thing, as long as it works. Every delay sends a troubling message.

The last thing Google needs is to add one more item for the graveyard of projects, which suffered from megalomania. Just take the Google Glass as an obvious example. You cannot build an empire made of huge and ear-catching announcements, can you? Some of these things have to actually work, for real.

Steve Wozniak Brainiac

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It has been a while since we had a chance to hear something life changing from one the first Apple’s golden apples Steve Wozniak. So, what he is up to this time? Well, in plain English, he has one good and one bad news for us. Which one you want to hear first? Let us start with some good news first.

The introduction of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been just the thing we needed the most from Apple. Unfortunately, they appeared a little bit too late according to Wozniak. Why? For what is worth, the iPhones with large screens should have hit the market years and years ago. What more?

To tell the truth this is not such an original concept. One rumor has it that back in the Steve’s age of heroes there were some apples, who were thinking that the large screen smartphones are the next big thing. However, Steve Jobs himself was not among them, and the rest is a well-known Apple history.

You cannot never be too late with a good smartphone. Can this be true in Apple’s case? Hard to tell, that is the only certain thing in this story. We are still processing the statistical data about the new sales records. In the meantime, let us see what Wozniak will say after he is done playing with iWatch.